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Leopold Slikk
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: The Angry German Kid/Keyboard Crasher (in Japan), Der Echte Gangster
Birthplace: Mannheim, Germany
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 30th November
Height: 5'4"(163 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs.(65.8kg)
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Posting: Everything
Position: Age 14-16
Rank: 15
Mother: Mary/Linda Slikk
Father: Harold Slikk
Brother(s): Leonard Slikk (alive), Leonidas Slikk(alive), Leopold Slikk Jr (alive), Leopoldian Slikk (alive), Aerial Slikk (alive)
Sister(s): Tracy Slikk, Lenora Slikk, Leona Slikk, Jasmine Slikk, Katrina Slikk (Former, Christie Slikk
Maternal Grandmother: unknown
Maternal Grandfather: unknown
Paternal Grandmother: UNKNOWN
Paternal Grandfather: unknown
Personal Weapons Systems
Primary Projectile Weapons: Can Be So In Parodies Of Him.
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: 100km
Energy Manipulation: 100 lives
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: Sausage Eggs, Keyboard, Diet Coke And Mentos, Pencil, Scream(Sandwich,Egg,Bottle Of Water See In AGK CDiFan237 User).
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): Present Day

Future (pauladrian360)

Allies: Jake, can be any in parodies of him (ex: Fegelein, His Girlfriend, TheShawnDawsonFan)
haruhi suzumiya
Toad (Sometimes)
Toadette (Sometimes)
Eric Harris(deceased in real life)
Dylan Klebold(deceased in real life
Ronald (Sometimes)
PlayStation 2 (Alive in NajibTheChamp parodies, discontinued in January 2013)
Potato (Formerly, Until he heard she has diabettis)
Stephen Quire (Sometimes)
Nintendo Company
Mega Man
Proto Man
Mr Game and Watch
Fegelein (Sometimes)
Angry Video Game Nerd (Most of the time)
Foamy the Squirrel
Osama bin laden (Sometimes (in parodies), deceased in real life)
Jodi (in AGK KirbyMSC)
Damian (Makemebad35)
Future Leopold
Micky Lazlo
Josh Lazlo
Leopold Lazlo
Brian Chiem
Karen Mui
Priscilla Chan
Vivian Chow
Shirley Kwan
Leslie Cheung
Alan Tam
Danny Chan
Teresa Teng
Linda Wong
Winnie Lau
Karen Tong
Vivian Lai
Hacken Lee
Chris Wong
Leon Lai
Samuel Tai
Faye Wong
Jacky Cheung
Dave Wong
Daniel Chan
Kelly Chen
Sandy Lam
Jeff Chang
Sammi Cheng
David Lui
Nicky Wu
Kevin Cheng
Aaron Kwok
Andy Lau
Sam Hui
Julian Cheung
Sally Yeh
George Lam
Paula Tsui
Dicky Cheung
Andy Hui
William So
Edmond Leung
Delphine Tsai
Annie Leung
Alex To
Wakin Chau
Ken Choi
Sarah Chen
Michael Kwan
Kenny Bee
Veronica Yip
Cally Kwong
Ekin Cheng
Eason Chan
Ronald Cheng
Cass Phang
Miriam Yeung
Jimmy Lin
Charlie Yeung
Raymond Choi
Angus Tung
Kevin Lin
Fei Yu Ching
Chang Fei
Jackie Chan
Vic Tsoi
Sheriff Woody
Razor Callahan
(On Maxim Tutchik parodies)
Zug (Deceased)
Sage (HWBF5)
Kyburi (Sometime)
Cesillia (Sometime)
Spika (Sometime)
Arin (Pangya) (Sometime)
Carl "CJ" Johnson
Fix-It Felix, Jr.
Traudl Junge
Captain PS(pauladrian360)
Richter Belmont(pauladrian360)
Marc Clark(pauladrian360)
Jak and Daxter(pauladrian360)
Ratchet and Clank(pauladrian360)
Jomy Marquis Shin(pauladrian360)
Shiroe Seki Ray(pauladrian360)
Sly Cooper(pauladrian360)
Carl Clover(pauladrian360)
William Oshawott
The Undertaker
Planet Express
The BLU Team
Sector V
Sion Eltnam Atlasia
Enemies: Dr. Claw
Lilyncookies (Alive)
AlbertKirby45 (Alive)
AT&T Mike (Throught Alive)
BeanKirby78 (Throught Deceased)
GameWizard92 (Deceased)
JeffKirby58 (Deceased)
Jovi (Alive)
Kirbysoft Robert (Throught Deceased)
KirbyWizard95 (Disguise Deceased)
Matrix Overseer Trinty (Throught Alive)
Matrix Overseer Agent (Active)
NWizard666 (Active)
PsiPaula4 (Deceased)
Funai Electric Company, Ltd
Cree Lincoln (Alive)
Fluttershy (Sometimes)
RubberWizard (Deceased)
Tux clones (Active)
Weegee (Deceased?)
Zombiemingo0088 (Deceased)
MrBean35000vr (Alive in real life, but deceased in parodies)
Adolf Hitler(Alive in parodies, but deceased in real life)
Fred (Alive in first time deceased in second time)
FUUUComics400 (Deceased
Stephen Quire (Deceased)
Jedy Foxx (Deceased)
Sabrina Mendoza (Alive)
Ms. Suxcox (terminator, deceased/hacked by Fegelein)
Principal Diknoz (terminator, alive but trashed by Leonidas)
ChristianU2Uber (Deceased)
Mr. Stevenson(alive)
Twilight Sparkle
Principal Lixadik
Microsoft Sam
Toadette (Sometimes)
Toad (Sometimes)
Ryder White
Annoying Orange
Justin Bieber (alive)
Principal Dikshitt(Dead, Killed by Justin Bieber)
Ms. Texchief
Virus Minnion
Rebecca Black
Bowser Jr
Dr. Wily
Falcon Punch Guy(As A Bully In MarksterStudios's AGK Series)
Potato's Dad(sometimes)
Ronald (Sometimes)
Rick Astley
John Laurinaitis
Ms. Ryder(terminator, deceased/hacked by Mega Man, Bass and Proto Man)
Principal Brown (terminator, alive but trashed by Leonidas)
BEN (Appeared in TheAGKMisadventures and Still Apocalypse)
Drew Pickles (Alive)
Raffine(Puyo Pop Fever)(Deceased)
Vladimir Natasha (extremely decreased)
Fake Dipper (Alive)
Jared TakerTV1 (alive)
Jared Shirey
Chris Jericho (alive)
Hatsune Miku (sometimes)
Tunak Tunak Tun Group
mr's poopsfart
The gross dude (deceased)
Bill Gates
Six Flags (Making him sick on the rides/ Caught from Bombing superman the escape from krypton after Riding X2)
Slender Man
Eduard Khil (Alive In Parodies, But Deceased In Real Life)
Pacifica Northwest
'Lil Gideon
Pinkie Pie
Lucy Van Pelt (deceased)
Mark (TehAGKSeries)
Mecha Sonic
Barney the dinosaur(Alive)
Iggy Koopa
Krytus (Alive)
Kyburi (Sometime)
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Arin (Pangya)
Lucia (Rivals)
Tom Chang
Quattro Bajeena (Char Aznable)
Wreck-It Ralph
Nikki Minaj
Izumi Akizawaa (Sometimes)
Charlie sheen
3.0 Robloxians
Haruhi Suzumiya (sometimes)
Twilight fans
Talibans (Sometimes)
The Police
Mei Misaki (sometimes)
Rena (Sometimes)
Viacom (Extreme Hatred of them)
Google (Biggest Enenmy)
Ludacris (Sometimes)
Skrillex (Sometimes)
Turbo/King Candy
Supermarioglitchy3 (arch nemesis of Supermarioglitchy4)
lolhikiwi (Deceased)
Nana (sometimes)
Army of Gay Weegees
Slender Lazlos
Hitler Lazlo
Count Bleck
Optimus Prime
Jeff The Killer
Harold Slikk
Mary Slikk
Victor Crowley
The Seven Hells
Lunamaria Hawke
Warren Cook (a.k.a. FunandFancyFree1990)
Eva Lee (Nein Cat AGK)
Nicole Westbrook
Yuno Gasai
One Eye (Hated him for killing speckles's family)
Sakuya Nogami (Sometimes)
People who make clamshell packaging
Yukiteru amano
N.W.A (sometimes)
The kidz bop kids
Selena Gomez
Mwa Mwa Penguins (Club Penguin)
The RED Team
Boss Skua

Was ist das denn? Oh mein Gott, was ist geschehen?!:—Leopold Slikk trying to boot up Unreal Tournament.

Leopold Andreas Slikk (Chinese: 鍵盤粉碎機), (Cantonese: Gin Pun Fan Seui Gei), (Japanese: キーボードクラッシャー, Kībōdo Kurasshā) (jibberish: urgsiuteyhgudhgdrujhgdxujg) is the main protagonist of the Angry German Kid series. He is the main antagonist of the iMichael series and in the first four episode of the pauladrian360 series. He is mostly known as the Angry German Kid or Keyboard Crusher, he was born in Germany, and became famous because of a YouTube video he made (the assumption that he was a butthead). He is 15 (16 in Brian Chiem's series and 12 in CDiFan237's series) years old. In some parody series, he is a victim of child abuse, Tom Chang and other trolls (for example, he always gets beat up by his dad and nobody cares). In Season 2 of pauladrian360 Angry German Kid series he became a less angry person in later series to avoid using his Dark Powers.


What Leopold likes.Edit

He likes to played video games on the computer, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS2, PS3 and PS4. He likes watching TV and reading comic books.

i like turtles

one direction

What's His Favorite Video GamesEdit

Unreal Tournament (definetly)

Call of Duty



Metal Gear Solid 2 (In NajibTheChamp series)

Team Fortress

Jak & Daxter


Assassin's Creed

Melty Blood


Jizz yourseft

For the episodes of Leopold SlikkEdit

Leopold is portrayed as dimwitted, neurotic, hotheaded and very pushy. Basically he's the German and human version of Invader Zim. In most peoples' series, Leopold sometimes masturbates for entertainment.

In AngryGermanKid82's YouTube Angry German Kid Series, Episode 44, Leopold was bored after playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, then decides to watch Angry Video Game Nerd's review of said game until tonight his father Harold heard the Angry Video Game Nerd cursing and swearing, then disallows him to watch it.

In Episode 45, Leopold then decides to take revenge on his father by posting videos of him on YouTube which made Harold angry and beat up his son, but was arrested by the cops.

In Episode 56, Leopold cuts class, but unfortunately, Principal Diknoz calls Harold and informed him his son was skipping class, which let to Harold beating up his son then brought him to the office. At home, Leopold got Unreal Tournament III taken away.

In Episode 57, Hitler was hired by Harold to babysit Leopold because Harold had to pick up his wife, then Hitler gets a call from his soldiers, then he tried to kill Leopold, but failed because Leopold told his father that Hitler tried to molest him, which made Hitler leave the house and Harold gives Leopold back Unreal Tournament III.

In Episode 54, Leopold refuses to come downstairs, only to be beaten up by Harold and sent to bed. Then later, a ghost of his old computer tells Leopold that three ghosts will visit him. After the ghost disappeared, Leopold tried to go back to sleep, then is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, Gwonam from Link: Faces of Evil, who takes Leopold to the past where his anger started, and after watching the past, Gwonam returns Leopold to his bedroom and tells him now he knew what caused his anger, then Gwonam disappears. Later, Leopold is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present, King Harkinian, who takes him to the present and shows his family eating dinner, and Harold tells his wife that Leopold is always breaking stuff in the house, and his wife protests that her son doesn't break everything, and King Harkinian tells Leopold the problem is that he keeps getting angry and breaking things and his father has to buy them again, and if it keeps going, his family will be poor and starve to death, then he disappears. Later, Leopold is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future, Ganon, who takes him to his family on next Christmas, and explains to him his parents are out of money, his brothers dead, and Leopold kicked out of the house and dead, then explains to Leopold, "If you do not change your ways, all of this will be true. Your family will be poor and suffer, you will get kicked out of the house and you will die." Leopold promises to change, but Ganon protests, "No! You must die!" Leopold awoke on Christmas Day and explains that it was a nightmare. He got clothes for Christmas, but got a special present from his mother, Unreal Tournament III.

One of his rivals was Stephen Quire, the Freakout Kid. One time they were taking a quiz, Stephen called him a retard, then Leopold was about to beat him until Mrs. Sukscox ordered him to go back to the quiz.

In Episode 61, Leopold was told by his teacher Mrs. Sukscox that he will work on the Civil Rights Movement Poster, or he will go to detention. Leopold then decides to work on the poster, but Mrs. Sukscox caught him playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles on one of the school computers instead of doing the poster and sends him to detention. In detention, Stephen Quire, also known as: the Freakout Kid is sharing detention with Leopold. Leopold then tries to beat the second boss on Sonic 3 and Knuckles and fails. Bored, Leopold drew a picture of his teacher being murdered and watched porn on the computer, then Principal Diknoz calls him into the office and tells him that he was told on, and Leopold vows that Stephen will pay for it.

In Episode 62, Leopold plans to get revenge on Stephen. First he rick rolled Stephen, then the Freakout Kid retaliated by pranking Leopold with the Tunak Tunak Tun video, but Leopold retaliated by sending him the Justin Bieber music video, then Stephen sent Leopold the Rebecca Black video. Leopold goes to Stephen's house.

In Episode 63, Leopold has arrived at Stephen's house, Stephen put him in a microwave oven but got irritated by his brother Jack Quire, then Leopold broke from the microwave, and battled Stephen. After he won, Leopold demanded that Stephen apologize, but the Freakout Kid refused, and Leopold was about to deliver the final blow, but Stephen stopped him and told him that he didn't tell the principal. Suddenly, Leopold's keyboard flashed blue and shot Stephen with a laser, knocking him into a coma, then Leopold ran away from the Quire house.

In AngryGermanKid82's YouTube Angry German Kid Series, Episode 69, Leopold watches suicidemouse.avi, then gets scared of it.

In Episode 73 Leopold became friends with Ronald (Angry Dominican Kid) after the fight.

In Brian Chiem's Angry German Kid Series, he developed a crush for Karen Mui, who was much nicer, caring, kind, and sweeter to him.

In Episode 48, Leopold was trying to watch some girly videos, but it showed up to Justin Bieber and he hates it. NORMHORROR told Leopold to watch Justin Bieber, or else he will start his series and kill everyone.

In Episode 65, Leopold plays the hairdressing of Justin Bieber after his first time to play hairdressing game.

In episode 73, Harold, Leopold's father, was hired by Mr. Humberfloob, because he had to pick up Joanne and go on a date with her. Harold tries to kill Leopold, but Leopold kills him by throwing him into a meat grinder.

In Season 2 of pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Series Leopold and his friends were sent in the Future by an evil Organization known as the Seven Hells. The only missions they have is to defeat all of the members of Seven Hells to go back in their own time.

In Episode "Let's face the Baron" he and Peter Sundler(Captain PS) became later a close friend.

In Some Episode of NeinCatAGK Series Leopold just play Melty Blood : Actress Again (He Does Like Unreal Tournament In This Series)

Abilities (Exclusive to Brian Chiem)Edit

Keyboard Smash (Deals damage.) (Auto)

Black Magic (Auto, but as long enough MP)

White Magic (Auto, but as long enough MP)

Time Magic (Auto, but as long enough MP)

Blue Magic (Auto, but as long enough MP)

Summon Magic (Auto, but as long enough MP)

Spellblade (Auto, but as long enough MP)

Scream (Deals minimal damage and sometimes inflicts ear rape.) (Level 2)

Steal (Steals from an enemy.) (Level 3)

Knife (Deals damage.) (Level 4)

Keyboard Throw (Deals moderate damage.) (Level 5)

Cover (Protects allies when someone has low HP.) (Level 6)

Pencil (Deals damage from distance.) (Level 8)

Coke (Deals large damage from distance and inflicts paralysis.) (Level 10)

Keyboard laser blast (Deals heavy damage and inflicts sap.) (Level 12)

Gaia (Attack enemies depending with an area.) (Level 14)

Jump (Leaps powerful attack from above and inflicts damage.) (Level 15)

Sing (Sing in various ways.) (Level 16)

Mineuchi (Deals damage and paralyzes an enemy.) (Level 18)

Dance (Performs dance.) (Level 20)

Handgun (Deals damage.) (Level 22)

Revolver (Deals damage.) (Level 23)

Mug (Attacks and steals from an enemy.) (Level 24)

Heal (Restores HP and MP.) (Level 25)

Chainsaw (Deals heavy damage and sometimes inflicts instant death.) (Level 26)

Aim (Increases accuracy.) (Level 28)

UZI (Deals minimal damage per rapid fire.) (Level 30)

Rapid Fire (Attacks enemies repeatedly.) (Level 32)

Shotgun (Deals large damage.) (Level 34)

Mix (Heals allies while damaging enemies.) (Level 35)

Machete (Deals moderate damage.) (Level 37)

Guard (Reduces damage.) (Level 38)

Axe (Deals large damage.) (Level 40)

Focus (Focuses the power, triple damage.) (Level 42)

Pickaxe (Deals heavy damage.) (Level 44)

Drink (Temporarily increase stats or gain positive status effects.) (Level 45)

Bow and arrow (Deals light damage.) (Level 47)

Recover (Removes all negative status effects except KO.) (Level 48)

Minigun (Deals large damage per rapid fire.) (Level 50)

Throw (Throws a weapon and deals damage.) (Level 52)

Revive (Revives KOed allies.) (Level 54)

AK-47 (Deals large damage.) (Level 55)

M16 (Deals moderate damage per rapid fire.) (Level 58)

Katana (Deals heavy damage.) (Level 60)

Rifle (Deals large damage.) (Level 63)

Smoke (Escapes from battle successfully except boss battles.) (Level 65)

Machine Gun (Deals large damage per rapid fire.) (Level 66)

Image (Creates 2 illusions to dodge from attacks.) (Level 68)

Iainuki (Instantly kills all enemies.) (Level 70)

Sledgehammer (Deals large damage.) (Level 72)

Bombs (Deals large damage from explosion.) (Level 74)

Rocket Launcher (Kills enemies instantly.) (Level 75)

Grenades (Deals large damage from explosion.) (Level 78)

Open Fire (Shoots enemies.) (Level 80)

Dark Arts (Powerful magic, but as long enough MP) (Level 82)

War hammer (Deals large damage.) (Level 83)

Cleaver (Hacks enemies into pieces.) (Level 84)

Lohengrin Launcher (Special Attack) (Level 85)

Magic (Exclusive to Brian Chiem)Edit

Fire (Fire damage)

Thunder (Lightning damage)

Blizzard (Ice damage)

Sleep (Put an enemy to sleep)

Dark (Dark damage)

Slow (Takes longer for enemy to launch attacks)

Temper (Increase ally's attack by 10)

Hold (Inflict paralyze)

Fira (Moderate fire damage)

Thundara (Moderate Lightning damage)

Blizzara (Modeate Ice damage)

Confuse (Makes an enemy attack itself)

Haste (Temporarily speed up an ally's actions)

Sleepga (Same as sleep only the effect lasts longer)

Scourage (Heavy Damage)

Slowga (Same as slow only lasts longer)

Quake (Cause an earthquake which KO's all monsters except bosses)

Firaga (Heavy fire damage)

Thundaga (Heavy Thunder Damage)

Blizzaga (Heavy Ice Damage)

Teleport (Send the monsters away except bosses)

Death (Call the Grim Reaper to KO monsters)

Stun (Confuse an enemy from even longer)

Blind (Prevent an enemy from provoking you)

Stone (Inflict Petirfy)

Saber (Increase the power of physical attacks by 10)

Flare (Heavy damage on one foe)

Nuke (Same as Flare, but on all foes and bigger blast radius)

Stop (Make an enemy freeze)

Kill (Kill a foe with a single blow temperarily)

Zap (Shock a foe)

Cure (Restore HP)

Dia (Kill undead foes with single blow)

Blink (Rasie evasion by 10)

Blinda (Removes Blind)

Silence (Prevent a foe from casting magic)

Cura (Restore a moderate amount of HP)

Vox (Removes Silence)

Poison (Poison an enemy)

Fear (Remove all MP from a foe)

Poisona (Removes Poison)

Curaga (Restore a large amount of HP)

Stona (Removes Petrify)

Dispel (Foe's postive stats are removed)

Curaja (Restore All HP)

Holy (A white expolsion damages all foes)

Ultima (Very heavy Damage)

Syphon (Steal some MP from a foe)

Drain (Call a vampire bat to deal damage)

Gravity (Deal damage based on the total amount of MP of a foe)

Vanish (Become invisible, being inumune to attacks or magic)

Bubble (Increase HP by 10)

Stats (Exclusive to Brian Chiem)Edit

Note: Leopold's stats are increased to level 100, but rounded to the nearest whole number.

Level HP MP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance
1 50 8 6 2 5 6 1 5 3
2 105 15 8 3 6 7 3 7 5
3 160 20 10 6 8 8 6 9 7
4 210 27 11 8 11 10 9 11 9
5 270 33 12 11 15 13 13 12 10
6 350 40 14 13 16 15 17 13 12
7 410 48 17 15 17 17 20 15 15
8 500 55 20 16 18 18 22 18 19
9 575 62 23 20 22 21 26 22 21
10 650 71 24 22 25 24 30 25 24
11 740 79 25 25 26 27 33 26 25
12 840 88 26 28 28 29 35 28 29
13 955 100 27 31 30 32 37 29 32
14 1,000 111 30 33 31 33 41 30 34
15 1,120 120 34 36 34 34 44 33 37
16 1,225 130 35 37 36 36 48 35 40
17 1,330 139 37 40 39 38 50 38 42
18 1,450 152 40 41 43 42 52 40 45
19 1,570 163 42 42 46 46 56 42 48
20 1,710 170 45 45 50 50 60 45 50
21 1,830 179 48 46 51  51  64  47  51 
22 1,920 188 50 48 52  53  67  49  53 
23 2,030 202 52 50  54  55  69  52  55 
24 2,110 213 53 53  55  57  73  54  56 
25 2,200 225 55 57  58  59  76  56  59 
26 2,350 238 57 61  60  60  80  58  61 
27 2,445 251 59 64  63  62  83  60  63 
28 2,505 258 60 68  65  65  87  61  66 
29 2,595 264 63 73  68  69  92  63 68 
30 2,670 273 65 77  71  72  94  65  72 
31 2,750 280 66 79  73  75  96  66  77 
32 2,845 287 67 81  74 77  99  69  80 
33 2,950 297 69 82  78  80  104  71  83 
34 3,095 310 71 83  79  81  105  72  84 
35 3,235 323 73 84  82  82  107  74  86 
36 3,330 332 75 85  84  83  110  76  87 
37 3,425 342 78 87  85  85  113  78  88 
38 3,520 348 80 88  86  86  120  81  89 
39 3,615 356 83 90  88  88  126  84  92 
40 3,700 365 84 91  90  90  133  86  93 
41 3,810 373 85 92  91  91  137  87  94 
42 3,895 380 86 93  93  93  140  88  95 
43 3,970 386 87 94  95  95  143  89  96 
44 4,080 395 88 95  97  96  147  90  97 
45 4,215 410 90 96  98  98  151  91  98 
46 4,330 426 92 97 99  99  155  92  99 
47 4,500 442 95 98  101  101  157  94  100 
48 4,670 463 97 102  105  105  161  97  103 
49 4,860 484 100 105  109  109  165  100  106 
50 5,000 500 102 110  112  112  170  102  110 
51 5,150 515 105            
52 5,300 533 110            
53 5,500 550 114            
54 5,615 560 118            
55 5,705 566 120            
56 5,790 573 123            
57 5,870 578 126            
58 6,010 587 130            
59 6,115 598 133            
60 6,200 606 135            
61 6,275 611 136            
62 6,355 617 139            
63 6,440 624 141            
64 6,510 629 143            
65 6,605 638 145            
66 6,680 644 148            
67 6,770 651 151            
68 6,855 658 155            
69 6,945 666 157            
70 7,050 675 160            
71 7,135  683  164             
72 7,220  689  166             
73 7,300  695  170             
74 7,380  702  173             
75 7,465  708  177             
76 7,550  715  181             
77 7,660  726  185            
78 7,770  738  188             
79 7,865  747  191             
80 7,960  760  195            
81 8,045 766  198             
82 8,155  776  201             
83 8,275  789  206             
84 8,390  803  210             
85 8,480  818  214             
86 8,560  834  221             
87 8,645  850  225             
88 8,760  870  228             
89 8,915  892  235             
90 9,040  916  241             
91 9,170  927  246             
92 9,300  939  250             
93 9,420  950  258             
94 9,510  971  267             
95 9,600  979 278             
96  9,725  992  284             
97  9,865  1,019 291             
98  9,950  1,031 297             
99  10,170  1,040  303             
100  10,250 1,050 315            
Caps /9,999 /999 /100 /100 /100 /100 /100 /100 /100


Leopold is one of the best characters in the series. He has maxed high HP, MP, Strength, Magic, Skill, Speed, Luck, Defense, and Resistance. He can KO almost every enemy in one hit, and very powerful abilities. He is stronger than everyone else. He would most likely survive in tough boss battles.


  • Leopold's full name (Leopold Andreas Slikk) Andreas is probably a reference to the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • Some people confused his hair colour for black or brown in the original video.
  • In Margaretka4356's AGK Series, in episode 16, his dad said that he was born in November 30, 1997. He pretended to be Gerald (his enemy) in episode 49. His girlfriend in this series is Emily Snivy. He also has a future son named Leopold Slikk too, but he is stated as Leopold Jr. Slikk. It is unknown if Emily is his future wife, but more then likely not.
  • In Cubsrule2040's AGK Series, Leopold smashes the phone every time he is told the principal will notify his parents that he is suspended.
  • Leopold pretends to be a girl in Brian Chiem's AGK series.
  • Sometimes, Leopold used harsher profanity in some episodes.
  • In Brian Chiem's AGK Series, Leopold has a crush on Karen Mui.
  • In Deception RPG (on YouTube) Episode #2 and #3, Leopold Silkk made a cameo.
  • In the LOL Cite series (on YouTube) Leopold Slikk also made cameos.
  • In Brian Chiem's AGK series, his birth date was August 12, 1996.
  • Leopold is the 17 out of 31 people to get any stat maxed up.
  • He made a cameo in one of Angry Joe's reviews (Guild Wars 2).
  • In Pokebob1's sprite series The Untold Stories Of Paper Mario, he made a cameo (On Episode 19) when he was running with everyone on the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • In TheFineBros's Youtube video called "50 YouTube Spoilers in 4 Minutes" Leopold Slikk make a cameo.
  • Leopold appears as a protagonist on Alexneushoorn's show The Paper Mario Super Show.
  • Leopold also appear in some YouTube Poop videos.
  • Leopold's favourite food is Sausage Eggs.
  • In Nein Cat AGK Series Episode 12 Leopold Just Get First Fight With Katrina Slikk And Yanagi Randolf (Jake Randolf Sisters).
  • In pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Series Leopold wear a different clothes which is base on;
    • Evil Leopold based on Dracula of Castlevania
    • Hurricane German Kid based on Professional Wrestler "The Hurricane"
    • His Current Future outfit based on Jak
    • In Episode 23, his wearing an Armor based from Ratchet and Clank a Crack in Time 
  • In later pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Series Peter Sundler (Captain PS) was more of his close friend than Jake.
  • Leopold doesn't seems to be Angry in Angry German Kid in the Future .
  • In TakerTV1's Angry German Kid Series, Leopold is 18 years old.
  • Leopold was actually acting to show the effects of people playing violent video games.
  • Leopold's Cherokee name is Leyowoli Sligi.
  • In Armordude91122cute's agk series, Leopold Slikk Clothing Is Smiliar To Sniper's From TF2


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