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“Was ist das denn? Oh mein Gott, was ist geschehen?! (What is that? Oh my God, what happened?)”
Leopold Slikk
Sausage Eggs!”
Leopold Slikk
Leopold Slikk (IPA: /leːoːpɔlt slɪk/) is the main protagonist of the Angry German Kid series.

He is mostly known as the Angry German Kid or Keyboard Crusher. He was born in Mannheim (Some people suggested Bergisches Land), Germany, and became famous because of a YouTube video he made (the assumption that he was a butthead). He was a teenager at the time the original video was made. In Germany he was known as "Der echte Ganster" ("The real ganster") He is also known by other YouTubers who made parodies consist of him.


Early Videos

Leopold's main style is to make satirical videos of stereotypical people (wannabe gangsters and game addicts). His first video was him speaking that he is a real gangster and then saying a few ridiculous things that "prove" that he is, for example, when he eats a bag of Potato crisps loudly and messily. He also reveal his real name: Leopold Slikk[1]. Leopold's second video was also of this kind. His third and fourth video was Metaler, where Leopold acts like a person who likes metal music and Karten spielen where he attempts to play cards with his toys, but he kills them instead.

PC spielen

Many people think that the "Angry German Kid" video was the first video Leopold has published, but it was actually the fifth. That video was actually called PC spielen. It has been first posted in a now defunct URL "", which is seen in the first four seconds of the video.

Currently the earliest surviving upload found on YouTube is uploaded on February 17, 2006.[2] It was not until September 20, 2006 when the name "Angry German Kid" was titled over the person in the video, Leopold, by another version of the video titled "Angry German Kid" by another YouTube user named jwfis10690. The video has been uploaded to YouTube and other video sites.

The video centers on a supposedly mental boy abusing his computer for its slow loading times and later in the video, him losing in Unreal Tournament. He goes to great lengths of abuse such as laughing maniacally, smashing his keyboard, having some of its keys fall out by it, the boy having his own abnormal mental problems such as shouting frequently if unnecessarily and everything more. At the end, he starts to smash his keyboard after he loses the game, then starts to screams out from the hidden computer monitor and finally runs out of the room.

Popularity and subsequence

Despite mostly negative reception, PC spielen had been one of the most popular internet memes. Numerous versions having been seen over a million views on YouTube and parodies spawned of the eponymous person and using him as a character for entirely new videos. Viewers had often criticized the nature of the actor, Leopold, from the video. Believing that the video is a footage despite it being purely an act of entertainment.

Subtitles are frequently added as PC spielen is primarily in German, having been derived from a German website. Some which had attempted to translate it to English as it had reached to multilingual yet primarily English video sharing sites such as YouTube. Some of which are used to produce dialogue for satirical Angry German Kid videos, using Leopold's voice to generate it.

In his sixth video he sings and so forth. He also made action videos with his friends, including the first debut Jake Randolf. The most famous of these being Die Mörderische Jagd 2, where Leopold and Jake got into a gun battle against Fucktucker!991 (Dave Tucker).


There are many doubts regarding Leopold. One is why Leopold made PC spielen and one is when it was uploaded.

Leopold agreed to give the rights to his video to Focus TV, a German news network. They made up a backstory, but said that Leopold was mentally ill and is undergoing treatment. Leopold obviously didn't like this, but he continued. The backstory goes a little like this: a father secretly recording his angry son playing his favourite violent video game.

In Know Your Meme, there are some people claiming that PC spielen was actually related to a school shooting in Emsdetten, Germany in November 2006, where one man was killed. Some other people claim that PC spielen was uploaded in 2002, which is related to a shooting in Erfurt in 2002, where 17 people were killed. Some people also claimed that at the gunman's house the police found: Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike, World of Warcraft and so forth. This might be what Leopold wanted to parody.

However, the Emsdetten shooting actually happened after PC spielen was uploaded. The earliest AGK video was uploaded in around February to April 2006. The earliest archives about AGK were also in 2006. And there are no evidences that there were games found in the gunman's house, as well as this is the reason Leopold made PC spielen. Therefore, we are neither able to tell when PC spielen was actually uploaded, nor why Leopold made it.

In parodies

UsefulVideos 's Portrait of Leopold (Not in real life)

This is how Leopold looks like in some AGK Parodies.



Leopold is portrayed as dimwitted, neurotic, hotheaded and very pushy. Basically he's the German human version of Invader Zim or Donald Duck.

He is extremely unintelligent and/or misinformed, he is often abusive towards others and has little to no respect to anybody, not even his family, he has an extremely short attention span and at times has problems controlling himself, he seems to be antisocial as he plays on his computer everyday, mostly playing Unreal Tournament, his school reports are terrible, and are always poorly written and are never thought-out, Leopold always believes his reports, essays, homework, etc. to be the best in all the classes he has attended, no matter how immature, pathetic, ridiculous or frivolous they are.

His anger, hate, his usual failure in intelligence stems from the fact that his family, especially his dad, physically abuses and sometimes emotionally abuses him almost everyday and nobody in his family cares, which shows he is also being neglected by his family.

In most parody series, he is a victim of child abuse. He always gets beaten up by his dad and nobody cares.

He uses his keyboard as his weapon of choice. His dad and brother hate him. He has friends who are parody makers. Despite them making crude videos of him, he owes them and Fegelein his life.

He likes

  • Playing video games on the computer, Xbox, PS and Wii U (mostly Unreal Tournament)
  • Tamagochi (Strongproblems' AGK series)
  • Watching TV and reading comic books.
  • Having sausage eggs.
  • Hanging out with Jake
  • Hanging out with Noah (AGKFan1994's AGK series)
  • Spending time with his wife (AGKFan1994's AGK series)
  • Watching Regular Show (AGKFan1994's AGK series)
  • Listening to AC/DC musics (AGKFan1994's AGK series)
  • Watching jacksepticeye,Pewdiepie and Markiplier videos (AGKFan1994's AGK series)
  • Watching Ren & Stimpy (Atarster's AGK series)
  • Ponies (IronLeopold387's AGK series)
  • Hanging out with Cohen (xX_JessicatheMLGfan_Xx's upcoming AGK series)
  • Watching Larva TV series and plays LBP3 on PS3 (BlueNewton's AGK series)
  • Spending time with his friends (AGKandRockman2001's AGK series)
  • Watching South Park (xX_JessicatheMLGfan_Xx's upcoming AGK series)
  • Playing Battletoads (Atarster's AGK Series)
  • Listening to Hardstyle and Hardcore (Travrinity's AGK series)
  • Brokencyde (GetScaredGaming666's AGK series)
  • Get Scared (GetScaredGaming666's AGK series)
  • Pierce The Veil (GetScaredGaming666's AGK series)
  • Breathe Carolina (GetScaredGaming666's AGK series)
  • Hanging out with Audrey Vanity, & Gabrielle Randolf (xX_JessicatheMLGfan_Xx's upcoming AGK series)
  • Leorich (In UsefulVideos's AGK Series)
  • Germany Wins On FIFA World Cup 2014
  • Downfall Parody Music Videos (GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series)
  • We Bare Bears (GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series)
  • Watching Danganronpa (Kiara Megumi the Danganronpa Fangirl's AGK series)
  • Playing Far Cry 4 (Privateer Bounchers AGK Series)
  • Listening to Blood on the Dance Floor (xX_JessicatheMLGfan_Xx's upcoming AGK series)
  • Watching Future Diary (xX_JessicatheMLGfan_Xx's upcoming AGK series)
  • Hanging around with Tailsko & Emerald (Atarster & AGKandRockman2001's AGK Series)

He hates

  • Inna
  • Justin Bieber
  • School
  • Tunak Tunak Tun
  • Barney
  • His parents (specifically his dad)
  • His brothers
  • Being trolled online
  • Aliens
  • Getting RickRoll'd
  • Getting AvrilRoll'd (SuperMarioZaki's and xX_JessicatheMLGfan_Xx's series)
  • Rebecca Black
  • Meghan Trainor
  • Scary NathanDesignerBoy7 (SuperMarioZaki's series)
  • Sonic.exe
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Mickey Mouse (AGKandRockman2001 and UsefulVideos's AGK series)
  • Jessi Slaughter (Atarster and AGKFan1994's AGK series)
  • Sailor Moon (Atarster and UsefulVideos's AGK series)
  • Clowns (Atarster's AGK series)
  • Demons (Travrinity's AGK series)
  • Fallen Angels (AGKandRockman2001's AGK series)
  • Noah.exe (UsefulVideos's AGK series)
  • John Cena (UsefulVideos's AGK series)
  • The Scary Maze Game (UsefulVideos's AGK series)
  • Mr. Areku (UsefulVideos's AGK series)
  • People hating on him for no or stupid reasons (AGKandRockman2001's AGK series)
  • Aladdin.exe (GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series)
  • Monokuma, Junko Enoshima, And Izuru Kamukura (Kiara Megumi the Danganronpa Fangirl's AGK series)
  • Flowey.exe (xX_JessicatheMLGfan_Xx's upcoming AGK series)
  • Mannerheim (Jayden Montoya's AGK series)

His Favorite Video Games

  • Unreal Tournament (definitely) (BEST GAME)
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Overwatch (Never make a video)
  • Call of Duty
  • Halo
  • GTA 4
  • GTA 5
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 (In NajibTheChamp's AGK series)
  • Jak & Daxter
  • Battlefield
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Melty Blood
  • Minecraft
  • Roblox
  • PAYDAY 2
  • WWE (on mysterioepic's/BluJayPJ's AGK series)
  • LBP, LBP2, and LBP3 on the PS3 (in BlueNewton's AGK series)
  • M.U.G.E.N
  • FIFA 15 (AGKFan1994's AGK Series)
  • Street Fighter (AGKandRockman2001's AGK series)
  • Kingdom Hearts (Travrinity's AGK series)
  • Fallout (Travrinity's AGK series)
  • Danganronpa (Kiara Megumi the Danganronpa Fangirl's AGK series)
  • Undertale (xX_JessicatheMLGfan_Xx's upcoming AGK series)
  • Persona 4 (xX_JessicatheMLGfan_Xx's upcoming AGK series)
  • Far Cry 4 (Privateer Bouncher's series)

AngryGermanKid82's series

In Episode 44, Leopold was bored after playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, then decides to watch Angry Video Game Nerd's review of said game until tonight his father Harold heard the Angry Video Game Nerd cursing and swearing, then disallows him to watch it.u

In Episode 45, Leopold then decides to get revenge on his father by posting videos of him on YouTube which made Harold angry and wanted to beat up his son, but then he was arrested by the cops.

In Episode 54, Leopold refuses to come downstairs, only to be beaten up by Harold and sent to bed. In his dreams, he encountered his old computers and three ghosts. The next day, he got clothes for Christmas, but got a special present from his mother, Unreal Tournament III.

In Episode 56, Leopold cuts class, but unfortunately, Principal Diknoz calls Harold and informed him his son was skipping class, which led to Harold beating up his son and then brought to the office. At home, Leopold got Unreal Tournament III taken away.

In Episode 57, Hitler was hired by Harold to babysit Leopold because Harold had to pick up his wife. Hitler gets a call from his soldiers, then he tried to kill Leopold, but failed because Leopold told his father that Hitler tried to molest him, which Harold became angry and made Hitler leave the house and Harold gives Leopold back Unreal Tournament III.

One of his rivals was Stephen Quire, the Freakout Kid. One time they were taking a quiz, Stephen called him a retard, then Leopold was about to beat him until Mrs. Sukscox ordered him to go back to the quiz.

In Episode 61, Leopold was told by his teacher Mrs. Sukscox that he will work on the Civil Rights Movement Poster, or he will go to detention. Leopold then decides to work on the poster, but Mrs. Sukscox caught him playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles on one of the school computers instead of doing the poster and sends him to detention. In detention, Stephen Quire is sharing detention with Leopold. Leopold then tries to beat the second boss on Sonic 3 and Knuckles and fails. Bored, Leopold drew a picture of his teacher being murdered and watched porn on the computer, then Principal Diknoz calls him into the office and tells him that he was told on, and Leopold vows that Stephen will pay for it.

In Episode 62, Leopold plans to get revenge on Stephen. First he rick rolled Stephen, then Stephen retaliated by pranking Leopold with the Tunak Tunak Tun video, but Leopold retaliated by sending him the Justin Bieber music video, then Stephen sent Leopold the Rebecca Black video. Leopold goes to Stephen's house.

In Episode 63, Leopold has arrived at Stephen's house, Stephen put him in a microwave oven but got irritated by his brother Jack Quire, then Leopold broke from the microwave, and battled Stephen. After he won, Leopold demanded that Stephen apologize, but Stephen refused, and Leopold was about to deliver the final blow, but Stephen stopped him and told him that he didn't tell the principal. Suddenly, Leopold's keyboard flashed blue and shot Stephen with a laser, knocking him into a coma, then Leopold ran away from the Quire house.

In Episode 69, Leopold watches suicidemouse.avi, then gets scared of it.

In Episode 73, Leopold became friends with Ronald (Angry Dominican Kid) after the fight.

Strongproblems' series

AGK is a 14 year old Kid who has a few friends and enemies, in Episode 1 "AGK Pranks his family" , both AGKandvideomaker2000 and KillerNinja65 came to his house to prank Leopold. On episode 2 he decides to get revenge with Jake and a Pegasus Named Feather flame. With hot boiling water, They Poured it on them without looking and that's how they got into a battle in episode 3.

Pauladrian360's series

In Season 2, Leopold and his friends were sent in the Future by an evil Organization known as the Seven Hells. The only missions they have is to defeat all of the members of Seven Hells to go back in their own time.

In Episode "Let's face the Baron" he and Peter Sundler(Captain PS) became later a close friend.

NeinCatAGK's series

In Some Episodes, Leopold just plays Melty Blood: Actress again (he does like Unreal Tournament in this series)

Margaretka4356's series

In Episode 16, his dad said that he was born in November 30, 1997. He pretended to be Gerald (his enemy) in episode 49. His girlfriend in this series is Emily Snivy. He also has a future son named Leopold Slikk too, but he is stated as Leopold Jr. Slikk. It is unknown if Emily is his future wife, but more then likely not.

Angry German Kid Strikes Back

In the series, Leopold is portrayed as the unintelligent person who likes playing video games and sending graphic content (TV related content name) to his teacher. He has no respect, gets always grounded and usually by his dad, but rarely by his mom.

He gets bad grades and his school reports, essays and everything he writes are unreadable, and him using the very poor grammar on his PC (while writing a list) ever seen in the entire series. However, he likes playing on the computer for 24/7 (nonstop), usually by Unreal Tournament, in which he always loses.

In episode #1, The School Day Confirmation, Leopold and Leonard talk from 4:35 am to 6:45 am about school day confirmation. However, his dad wakes up at 5:21 am, while Leopold and Leonard woke up at 4:15 am.

In episode #5, The New Kid Rises, Ronald and Leopold meet again (as the first time was in AGK82's 73rd Angry German Kid episode), after a neighbor meeting which was done by Leopold and Leonard.

In episodes #19 and #20, Leopold quits Germany, while nobody heard that he left and every person in Leopold's city thought "that Leopold is going to be in some gang turf", but however, he returned back to Germany after his dad warned him due to the new sausage eggs made by his dad and Leonard.

Tulio Sheihee's series

Episode 1: "Leopold vs. Talking Angela"

Anyways, Leopold is bored and plays Talking Angela. While he starts playing, He had typed any dirty languages and Talking Angela got mad. But, Angela tries to claim her revenge to Leopold by teasing him and making him angry because he also insults Tom.

Episode 2: "Leopold watches Frozen and gets jealoused with Princess Anna "

Leopold is bored again. He wants to watch movies online. When he found the movie "Frozen", he chose it. On the beginning of the movie ("Do You Want To Build A Snowman" part), he found that Anna is so cute and lovely in there, so he tries to have a crush on her. When he sees a part that Kristoff and Anna are together, he gets mad, especially when they are kissed, he smashes a keyboard, and he assumes that the keyboard is Kristoff.

Episode 4: "Leopold Plays Teen Lovers Kiss"

He found a game called it, "Teen Lover's Kiss" in When he found it, he started to play that game. But in the game, when he sees two lovers are kissing, he makes the kiss horny and dismayed. But when he lost the game, he gets mad and tries to smash a keyboard. After he played the game, he sent it first to Stephen Quire. Stephen got pissed in the game. And then, he also sent the game to his father, Harold Slikk. When Harold played that game and he lost, he reacts very furiously. 

Episode 5: "Five Leaf Clover"

Leopold finishes playing the game "Teen Lover's Kiss". And next, he plays card games with his stuff toys and assumes the stuff toys are Mark and Mona. Meanwhile, Mark and Mona are noticed by their apprentice, called him Cyriel, that they played their created game. They went over the Leopold's house. When they arrived at Leopold's house, they suggested to talk to each other. While Leopold, Mark and Mona are talking and arguing, Stephen was next to arrive at Leopold's house. When Stephen arrived at his house, he attempted to beat and maul Leopold, but he did it anyway. And then after that, his father was last to arrive. Harold outcasted the three tramps who entered the Slikk house. And then Harold beats Leopold. (NOTE: Beating of Leopold by Harold has been shown unlike the other series :))

Episode 7: "Leopold's Birthday"

He writes his birthday wishlist for his birthday but he didn't get what he want for his birthday

Episode 8: "Leopold Watches Jelsa (Jack Frost and Elsa) Videos" (episode inspired by TheNamelessDoll and many Jelsa Fans)

When Leopold was watching videos in YouTube, he accidentally found the Jelsa video. He is throwing a temper tantrum on watching that video. Also, he actually gets mad at Jack Frost and Elsa.

Episode 9: Leopold cuts class Episode 10: "Leopold goes to Jared and Jade's Restaurant"

AGKandvideomaker2000's series

Leopold is a regular trouble maker that doesn´t give a fuck about anything or anyone (Except his friends), just UT. Anyway, he is not responsible for his work or actions, and he lives with an abusive family. Weirdly enough, Leopold goes on adventures (Ep 8 and probably future episodes) to defeat anyone but almost all of these episodes take part on his house, regular places or school. Leopold here is just a 14-year-old troublemaker that has problems with life.

BlueNewton's series

Leopold Slikk is a PS gamer that only likes LBP, LBP2, and his favorite LBP game is LBP3, he is not a trouble maker who doesn't like shooting games like UT, COD, and other shooting games he doesn't like and he is nice with his brothers, his dad, Hitler, Jake, Angry Japanese Kid, Angry Dominican Kid and His friends. Leopold Slikk also like his Grandpa Barry Slikk who helped him to get Fries for him and he also like Larva on Netflix. He is a 14-year-old boy who doesn't like shooting games, doesn't beat up his brothers, and doesn't like hard work in his house (Note: This AGK series maybe reference to his dad who doesn't like violent games). He meets his friends and being nice to his friends, his brothers, his dad, Jake, Hitler, Angry Japanese Kid, Angry Dominican Kid, and his friends in his next door. NOTE: This is the only AGK series that doesn't have a episode called AGK goes to school in it.

TheCrazinessCat's series

Leopold Slikk is a severely misbehaved boy who likes to watch YouTube videos, he eats sausage eggs, he swears so much, it can drive someone to insanity, he doesn't bother doing his school work, he gets suspended for school a lot, he got expelled once, he destroys dozens of keyboards and he gets in trouble by his parents and even his brother Leonard A LOT! Despite all this though, Leopold can be a independent boy in this series as he goes through plenty of adventures including two big adventures that took some time to finish; those two being AGK Simulator and AGK and the Magical Mystery Museum. Leopold also has a battle with enemies RPG styled. Leopold fighting somebody in an RPG styled battle scene is pretty common in this series nowadays, especially in AGK and the Magical Mystery Museum, where all 6 parts of it had Leopold fight two baddies or more. Leopold is rather lonely in this series as well, since we only see him hang out and talk to two friends so far; those being Jake and a weird finger like thing called Nuna who is a strong, muscular character who has only appeared in two episodes. Nuna is also an original character since TheCrazinessCat, the creator of this series, created Nuna himself. While Leopold is horribly behaved, he does show some rare but good signs of behavior, especially in a lot of the adventure episodes. So this series may not show the worst signs of Leopold's behavior, but he stills shows and knows how to misbehave in this AGK series.

Ivan187's series

Leopold is 14 years old and he's not as bad as in other series, but he isn't that good either. He likes to watch YouTube videos that are funny, especially the Greatest Freakout Ever series. He actually tries to succeed at games and doesn't go all butthurt over them, especially in games like the Impossible Quiz. His parents are much less abusive, so Leopold can get grounded for up to only a week which is already enough for him to get bored as heck. He isn't a lot better at school than in other series, but neither his teacher or school principal know Leopold's dad's phone number.

UsefulVideos's series

In this series, Leopold is a 17-year-old teenager who lives in Germany. Unlike other parodists, his behaviour is way normal than most AGK Parodists.

He is not even gonna give up, and he is doing pretty good at school just like normal people.

He has an handsome friend named Jake Randolf who helps him sometimes. In Episode 1, Leopold protected Leorich from Leonard's abusive beatings! And Leopold and Leorich listen music that Leonard hates that music and Leonard opens the door to stop that music!

AGKandRockman2001's series

In this series, Leopold is a 15-year-old teenager who lives in Germany. He has an aggressive father named Harold, an ordinary mother named Mary & 2 annoying brothers named Leonard and Leonidas. He's a 9th grade student (3ème in french).

He has a lot of friends who never let him down (I'm not gonna list them all).

In Episode 2, it is revealed that he had a fight against Stephen back in 7th grade. He uppercut Stephen in the chest, leaving a scar.

In Episode 35 (Season 2 finale), it is revealed he went to a school with 2 other kids with difficulties: Ronald Ramirez & Dimitri France. He kept getting bullied by Dimitri everyday.

He has a girlfriend named Tailsko and will do his best to protect her. He is easily attractive to girls because they love how agile, badass, brave and kind he is. You can say he is a serial "tombeur". Despite using his keyboard, he has been practicing ansatsuken with Ryu.

Unlike other AGK series, Leopold doesn't get suspended a lot. He hates school because his principal threatens him to send him to a mental hospital.

His arch-nemesis is Raynare as she killed him on their first date. But his worst nightmare is M. Bison, the one who sent Raynare after him.

Joey Slikk's series

Leopold appeared in the first episode "AGK Watches Carlos.avi Part 1" In this series Leopold is a 15-year-old teenager who lived in Germany. He has a friend named Jake Randolf. In Episode 6, He met Joey Slikk once he helped Leopold up. In Episode 10, He went to speech therapy with Jake and Joey.

xX_JessicatheMLGfan_Xx's series

Leopold Slikk is a 15 year old German Kid Who Watches South Park, Future Diary & FLCL & Plays Unreal Tournament, He appears in the first episode "AGK Plays Undertale" But, Leopold is Alone, & Leopold Are Friends with Cohen, Carly, & Gabrielle.

Kimmyfinster2476pro's Series

Leopold appeared in the first episode "AGK Plays Unreal Tournament" Only was 15-17 years old! in Teenager

and the 18 years old! in Adult!

on Season 0,

GetScaredGaming666's series

In the GetScaredGaming666 series, Leopold is 8 at the start of the series, and turns 9 in episode 6. He is dim-witted, and easily irritable, and lives with an abusive and alcoholic father who is constantly physicially hurting him. However, Leopold is fairly decent when it comes to first person shooter games. He also seems to like post-hardcore and metalcore and electronicore bands such as Get Scared, Pierce the Veil and Breathe Carolina.

PrinceStickFigure's Series

Leopold Slikk is a neutral 16 year old German kid who lives with his brothers Leonard and Leonidas, his father Harold Slikk and his mother Areal Slikk. He loves to play Unreal Tournament all the time and he hates going to school. He is sometimes good like in BlueNewton's series, other times he is bad like in every other series. His best friends are Jake Randolf and Ronald Ramirez. He is also friends with Kaeru Otoko and Sean Turner as well. He is also allies with Steve the Cat, Jade the Rabbit, Ruby the Dragon, and Gum the Yoshi, who were former enemies of his.

DrLuigiGamer2001's Series

Leopold Karl-Ovinton Slikk Born in December 19th 1999 He is very agressive to his father his older brothers Leonard and His Grandpa Jeremy Slikk he gets really mad throwing is keyboard like a Guitar and using a flamethrower he is friends with Fegelein Jake Sonic and more Leopold is a retarded Puking Keyboard smasher kid 16 years old

Having Arguing about his Oldest Brother Harold Jr. He Really Doesn't give a shit about his family (especially His Dad) He really hates school but his dad knock him out to the school

He Really Hate his bully Dimitri France(AFK)

He Really likes to being suspended(Sometimes he hates being suspended)

He planed to make a robbery when he turns 18 in Late December 2017 (and no i am not doing criminals activity)

Travrinity's series

Leopold in this series is a 15-year old sophomore who goes to Mannheim University High along with his friends except the director himself. In episode 2, he gets trained by Kaeru Otoko who knows a lot about fighting. In episode 52, he obtains two keyboards with a mythical and ancient power and gained the ability to "dual wield" in combat. In episode 146, he was trained to endure pain and grow as much stronger and faster at the same time.

Almost like Atarster, his father, Harold Slikk, is a bit aggressive but promised not to hand Leopold an "ass-whooping" ever again after the second fight. His mother, Mary Slikk, looks out for Leopold anytime. Leopold also has two annoying brothers Leonard Slikk and Leonidas Slikk who are also behaved.

He has a girlfriend named Tailsko who also aides Leopold in battle.

BradTheCoolAnimatingGuy's Series

Leopold In This Series Meets Cool Object Characters From Inanimate Insanity, Object Overload, Object Havoc, And Other Object Shows......................You Can Figure Out The Rest Of It.

Jayden Montoya's series

In Jayden Montoya's series, Leopold is the leader of The Slikks (Unleashed and Reloaded), a misbehaved student and a true gangster (again in Unleashed and Reloaded), who swears too much. Unlike other series, Leopold has another father named Roland Slikk who abuses him as shown off-screen in Unleashed episode 13 if Harold is unavailable, and has came face-to-face with his most hated videos such as Bovoid Marathon (Adventures), Cortana: The Fox (Rebooted) and Five Little Minions (Unleashed) that really piss him off.

GeneBernardinoLawl's series

In the series, Leopold is the leader of The Germans (season 4, 5, the first movie) , sometimes he's a misbehaved person and sometimes not.

Other appearances

  • In Cubsrule2040's AGK Series, Leopold smashes the phone every time he is told the principal will notify his parents that he is suspended.
  • Leopold's Eskimo name is Tukkuttok.
  • In Deception RPG (on YouTube) episodes #2 and #3, Leopold Silkk made a cameo.
  • In the LOL Cite series (on YouTube) Leopold Slikk also made cameos.
  • In Brian Chiem's AGK series, his birth date was August 12, 1996.
  • Leopold is the 17 out of 31 people to get any stat maxed up.
  • In TheFineBros's Youtube video called "50 YouTube Spoilers in 4 Minutes" Leopold Slikk make a cameo.
  • Leopold appears as a protagonist on Alexneushoorn's show The Paper Mario Super Show.
  • In Nein Cat's Angry German Kid Series, Leopold wears a different equipment which is based on:
    • Leopold Atlasia based on Sion Eltnam Atlasia of Melty Blood
    • SOS Leopold based on Haruhi Suzumiya Suit of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    • SB-913LP Mecha Leopold based on SB-913V Side Basshar of Kamen Rider Faiz (555)
  • In pauladrian360's Angry German Kid Series, Leopold wears different clothes which are based on:
    • Evil Leopold based on Dracula of Castlevania.
    • Hurricane German Kid based on Professional Wrestler "The Hurricane".
    • His Current Future outfit based on Jak.
    • His armor is based from Ratchet and Clank a Crack in Time .
  • Later on pauladrian360's Angry German Kid Series, Peter Sundler (Captain PS) was more of his close friend than Jake.
  • Leopold doesn't seem to be Angry in Angry German Kid in the Future.
  • In TakerTV1's Angry German Kid Series, Leopold is 18 years old.
  • In Armordude91122cute's agk series, Leopold Slikk Clothing Is Smiliar To Sniper's From TF2.
  • Leopold is also called Fegelein by Hitler.
  • In Tanzim K's AGK Series, Leopold is of Sinti and Swiss ancestry.
  • In Tulio Shiehee's AGK Series Episode 10, Kristoff Bjorgman, replacement worker of Harold Slikk in Jared and Jade's Restaurant, calls him a Jelsa opposer because he hates Jack Frost and Elsa, and he tries to make an argument and have a big fight on Jelsa fans.
  • In Atarster's series, Leopold seems to be nicer to his parents than in most other AGK series.
  • In BlueNewton's series, Leopold is very nice to his family, friends and his Grandpa, unlike most AGK series.        
  • Leopold is a mature inexperienced fighter in Illuminati 91021's KBC series.        
  • In Illuminati 91021's KBC series, he doesn't care much for Unreal Tournament.
  • In TTCTransitFan1999's videos, he appears in one of his various videos.  
  • In GetScaredGaming666's videos, his family seems to be a lot more abusive than normal, due to his father being an alcoholic and it is mentioned that his mother is addicted to heroin and cocaine, however his mother is far less abusive than his father.
  • In GaminGHD, Leopold made an appearance (in "Top 15 Angry Gamers")

Gallery: AGK Meme Collection

WARNING: Some of the pictures are considered crappy, creepy and weird. Viewer's discretion is advised.

Regular/Outdated Sprites

Updated/New Sprites


  1. He spelled his surname: "S-L...S-L-I-K-K! Ich bin ein echte gangster!" Note that S-L-I-K-K is pronounced /ɛs ɛl iː kaː kaː/ in German.
  2. You can search it on Google. Type german kid (since it ws not called ANgry German Kid in the beggining) and also try "ut kid", "echte gangster" and anything related to him. And then set a custom date range, between 2005~2007, then start narrowing the range until you found the earliest upload.



  • Some people claim that Leopold has a middle name: Andreas. It is probably a reference to the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • Some people confused his hair colour for black or brown in the original video.
  • Leopold used harsher profanity in some episodes.
  • There is a Korean keyboard company named after Leopold, founded in 2006.
  • He made a cameo in one of Angry Joe's reviews (Guild Wars 2).
  • Leopold also appears in some YouTube Poop videos, although this is extremely rare.
  • Almost all AGK parodies with fake subtitles and story plots are made by Anglophones.
    • In Asia, most of the AGK parodies are remixes.
    • AGK parodies are extremely rarely made in Germany.
  • Leopold was actually acting to show the effects of people playing violent video games.
  • Vocal samples of Leopold can be heard in two songs: the first being Skrillex's My Name is Skrillex after 2 minutes and 14 seconds for 14 seconds, and the second being Relapse by M4Sonic.

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