King Kong is the fictional character from the monster movie, King Kong. Kong makes his appearance in some episodes in Atarster's AGK Series. In Episode 7: AGK's Nightmare, he made his cameo appearance, and in Episode 25: AGK & Rocko, he grabs Rocko and climbs to the top of the building, and Leopold and Rocko decided to fight with King Kong. In Episode 47: AGK VS. King Kong Again, Harold took Leopold to somewhere that King Kong is going to fight with Leopold, during the battle, Captain America, Rocko, and Fox McCloud joins the battle to help Leopold to stop King Kong. After the fight, King Kong became Leopold's bodyguard because he doesn't want to kill him anymore. King Kong also appeared on Episode 78: AGK VS. Barney Again because he threw a rock at Barney when he is singing a stupid song to Leopold. He is voiced by Atarster.

King Kong
King Kong (Full Body)

Voiced By



Gigantic Gorilla




Leopold Slikk (Currently)


Leopold Slikk (Formerly)


Evil (Later, Good)

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