Joey Slikk is a big fan of AGK Since 2009/2010, On March 8th 2015, He made his very first AGK episode, It was AGK Watches Carlos.avi Part 1, He also made Part 2. Unlike PVMAGKVIDEOS's version of the episode, Leopold Slikk actually watched the whole video, But he skipped some long scenes, Like static, Carlos staring at him in a dark empty room, That disturbing image of Amy.exe (With holes), and red static. Well, He does make MUGEN Videos and play MUGEN sometimes. Unlike PVMAGKVIDEOS, Atarster And other AGK Makers who use Sony Vegas, Joey Slikk uses a 4:3 aspect ratio for his Sony Vegas videos, Same as AngryGermanKid82.

Then unfortunately he cancelled his series due to his mother thinking it's bad for his brain. But then, He came back to AGK in order to finish episode 11. And unfortunately he cancelled his series again because his mother will take his pc away if he doesn't stay away from AGK.

Recently, Fabrice found out he has been working on a new series called "The Leon Smallwood Misadventures". You can check Joey's new wiki here:



  • Mary Slikk (Coming Soon)
  • Leonard Slikk (Coming Soon)
  • Leonidas Slikk (Coming Soon)
  • Noah (Atarster) (Coming Soon)
  • Kaeru Otoko (Coming Soon)
  • Ronald Ramirez (Coming Soon)
  • Adolf Hitler (Coming Soon)
  • Mr. Ted (Coming Soon)
  • Ronald McDonald (Coming Soon)
  • Little Guy (Greeny Phatom, Coming Soon)
  • Hulk (Coming Soon)
  • Barry Slikk (Coming Soon)
  • Sonic.exe (Coming Soon)
  • Angry Sims Kid (Coming Soon)
  • Winxinator (Coming Soon)
  • Trixinator (Coming Soon)
  • Chewy Louie (Coming Soon)
  • Gerald Slikk (Coming Soon)
  • Potato the Annoying Girl (Coming Soon)
  • Papa Joe (Coming Soon)
  • Barney Christ (Coming Soon)
  • Old Man Joe (Coming Soon)
  • Spyro The Dragon (Coming Soon)
  • Stephen Quire (Coming Soon)
  • Arthur Read (Coming Soon)
  • Emily Mason (Coming Soon)
  • Franklin (Franklin And George, Coming Soon)
  • George (Franklin And George, Coming Soon)
  • Barney The Dinosaur (Coming Soon)
  • Hermann Slikk (Coming Soon)
  • Mr. Hinkle (Coming Soon)
  • Caillou (Coming Soon)
  • Gumball Watterson (Coming Soon)
  • Colonel Sanders (Coming Soon)
  • Slenderman (Coming Soon)
  • Baby Bop (Coming Soon)
  • BJ (Coming Soon)
  • Riff (Coming Soon)
  • Darwin Watterson (Coming Soon)
  • Annoying Orange (Coming Soon)
  • Spongebob Squarepants (Coming Soon)
  • Patrick Star (Coming Soon)
  • Curious George (Coming Soon)
  • Rick Astley (Coming Soon)
  • Nanarman (Coming Soon)


Note: Upcoming episodes are in italic. Episodes in progress are in bold.
Title Watch
1 AGK Watches Carlos.avi Part 1
2 AGK Watches Carlos.avi Part 2
3 AGK's Carlos.avi Nightmare Part 1
4 AGK's Carlos.avi Nightmare Part 2
5 AGK Goes to School
6 AGK Meets Joey Slikk
7 AGK Plays Warpath Jurassic Park Part 1
8 AGK Plays Warpath Jurassic Park Part 2
9 AGK Plays Warpath Jurassic Park Part 3
10 AGK Goes to Speech
11 AGK Ditches Speech
12 AGK Watches Happy Tree Friends
13 AGK's Summer (W.I.P.)
14 AGK Goes to Summer School
15 AGK Steals a Car
16 AGK Escapes from Jail
17 AGK Meets Noah
18 AGK Meets The Angry Dominican Kid
19 AGK Meets The Angry Japanese Kid
20 AGK and the Prank Phone Calls
21 AGK tries to become popular on YouTube
22 AGK Watches Animator VS Animation 2
23 AGK Gets a Virus
24 AGK Buys a New Computer
25 AGK Goes to McDonalds
26 AGK's Computer Gets a Funky Virus
27 AGK Tries to get his Revenge on Ronald McDonald
28 AGK Catches a Cold
29 AGK Meets Mr. Ted
30 AGK And Joey VS Mr. Ted
31 AGK Gets Mauled by the Minions
32 AGK VS Ronald McDonald Part 1
33 AGK VS Ronald McDonald Part 2



  • After he cancelled his AGK series, he revived it as "The Leon Smallwood Misadventures".

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