This is the script for episode 39 of Travrinity's series.

The characters in this film will be: Traver, Noah, Jerry, Fabrice, and Leopold

Minor characters: Random teen, Cole Phelps, and black citizen

The voice actors will be:

  • Traver as himself
  • Noah as himself
  • Jerry as himself
  • That British kid as teen
  • Justin Buckner as Cole Phelps
  • Connor Marini as the witness
  • Fabrice as himself
  • Leopold as himself

Here's the Script:

(Angry German kid intro)

Traver: *reads newspaper* Hey Noah

Noah: Yes?

Traver: Could you go downstairs and check up how those baby blue agave plants are doing?

car driving

Noah: Sure thing *walks out of room*

car parks next to sidewalk

Traver: *continues reading off the daily news*

door knocks

Traver: *gets up from couch* *opens door*

Persona - Daily Life

Jerry: *eats apfelstrudel* (Mouth full) Ohhh my god, this german pastry is the best I have tasted. But my most favorite foreign food is this Malaysian chicken katsu shishkebab *eats the chicken*

Traver: Well well well, it's been a long time

Jerry: Oh! *swallows down food and throws away the stick* Hái yǒu jìnglǐ (Salutations there), my good friend. How is life doing here on Earth?

Traver: Oh I'm doing fine. Learnt more religion, saw America defeat Baghdadi, I even got these sweet weapons of mine.

Jerry: Oh that's cool. But I have some that are different

Traver: Let's see

Jerry: *takes out a baton* As I was on Jalan Ara over at Kuala Lumpur, some cop left his baton on the ground and drove away. so I took the weapon and brought it home. I enhanced this to shock and stun. Don't you think that's cool?

Traver: Wow. You must be like Noah. He's an inventor too.

Jerry: Not only that but I even used a piece of my mind to create this gadget: a high-tech plasma pistol. It shoots a bolt of superheated plasma that can gooify a person. 

Teenager: Hey dude, that's some-

Jerry: *shoots teen in the face*

Teenager: *Wilhelm scream* *turns into goo*

Traver: Whoa! What was that for?!

Jerry: He startled me!

Traver: Yeah, but that doesn't mean you have to kill him

Jerry; Look, I did that so that my secret remains untouched

Traver; What do you mean by-ohhh I forgot. We're different beings.

Jerry: Glad you still remembered. Now then, *takes out Western Bacon Cheeseburger* I have another project I have worked on *takes a bite*

Traver: Okay

Jerry: *swallows* *takes out controller* *moves joystick*

P-38 Lightning robot flies in

Traver; Well I'll be. You just made your first robot.

Jerry: That's right. This is one of my most favorite. It is the P-38 coded model. Comes equipped with an electrified blade and two submachine guns that shoots fire and missiles.

Traver: Pretty genius I would say

Jerry: Of course. I can make you one if you like. 

Traver: No thanks. I've seen too many already. But you can visit the Caro-Tower if you like.

Jerry: Boy would I ever! Let me park my robot so I could shut it down *controls robot to the back of the tower

P-38 turns off

Jerry: Done. *takes another bite out of burger*

Traver: Alright you can stop stuffing your face with that much calories

Jerry: Calling me fat?

Traver: No. You feel like a big eater. What's wrong?

Jerry: It was a very long flight to get here. I didn't have any euros and I literally starved. But when I got here, I was loaned like 250 euros, which was the equivilent to 1108.45 in ringgits. And now I have 234.01 after buying that apfelstrudel.

Traver: But where did you get the chee-you know what, just come in here. I don't want any time wasted.

Jerry: Okay *walks inside*

Traver: *closes door*

Noah: I checked on those plants. I've sliced off those spikes, slowly baked the pinas, and mashed them into fibers. And I even- 

Jerry: You guys have your own brewery? So cool!

Noah: Traver

Traver: Yeah?

Noah: What the hell is he doing here?

Traver: He's here to visit us. He feels pleased to see our faces again.

Noah: *takes out laser pistol* Get that little runt out of here!

Traver: *removes gun by telekinesis* *grabs Noah by the collar* Listen to me. I'm not going to have that kind of attitude around here. I'm introducing this kid while you guys are being arrogant fools to him. You better give this guy some respect, or I will have to blow your fucking head off. You got me?

Noah: *gives a grumpy look* Fine

Traver; Thank you *lets go of Noah* Sorry that you had to experience that Jiunn Lin

Jerry: No worries. He's just jealous that I have a bigger brain than him.

Noah: That's a lie. He's just annoying and-

Traver: What did I tell youuuu?

Noah: Sorry 

Traver: Now then, let me introduce you to this place. This place is known as the Caro-Tower and we are the Caro-legion. We are named this after the carolingian cross. It's also means that there's four rooms here. Let me show you the first one.

Fabrice: *reading book*

Traver: *knocks on door*

Fabrice: Come in

Traver: *opens door* Hello

Fabrice: What is it you need?

Traver: I'm here to introduce a friend

Fabrice: Is it Bruno?

Traver: No. It's someone else

Jerry: *walks in*

Fabrice: Jerry Khor? What are you doing here on Earth? I thought you died in that explosion?

Jerry: Nah. I made it into the last escape pod before the explosion

Fabrice: But there was only 25 that escaped out of those pods

Jerry: Precisely. I was able to make my own personal escape pod in case all of them were filled. What's best is that it comes with supplies that teleports inside depending on which destination I land.

Fabrice: Impressionnant (Impressive). The others I think work like that too. And I never expected one person to create one on their own. You must be very genius.

Noah: Genius? Ha! I wouldn't get carried away Jerry: You know, you're as horrible like Cole Phelps with short term memory loss 

Cole: So how did this woman die?

Citizen: She was mauled and crudely sliced open 

Cole: Innnnnteresting. And when did this happen? 

Citizen: Just now 

Cole: And do you remember the last time you saw the murderer ran? 

Citizen: Of course, he ran all the way over there

Cole: Let's find him *takes out magnifying glass and walks down*

Citizen: *follows Cole*

Both: *stop next to Cole's house*

Cole: Alright, thanks *opens door*

Citizen: Wait, I thought you were going to find clues for the investigation?

Cole: What do you mean?

Citizen: Aren't you supposed to be the detective?

Cole: Oh yeah, sorry. You see I have an impaired ability where I forget shit almost instantly.

Citizen: But you do know where the murderer went

Cole: No. And I don't even know who you are and what the hell you want, so goodbye! *slams door*

at Leopold's house

Traver: *knocks on door

Leopold: Hello? 

Traver: Hello Andreas. I have a friend long ago that you should hang out with someday. Say hello 

Jerry: Nǐ hǎo (Hello) 

Leopold: Another asian person? 

Traver: Of course. He's also just like Noah because he uses science, chemistry and mathmatics to build his creations.  

Leopold: Cool! I bet he even made a robot 

Traver: He did, but unfortunately, someone might have tampered with it 

OJ Simpson: *hides in bush

Traver: Feel free to visit him sometime.  

Leopold: I will 

Traver: That's great. Well, goodbye  

Both: *leaves

Leopold: Bye! .....Dickhead *closes door

back at the tower

Traver: So down here, we make at least 5 flavors of Tequila, such as: silver, amber, strawberry, cola, and vanilla

Jerry: How are you able to make the fourth one?

Traver: We added 30 liters of sucrose, 15 ounces of phosphoric acid, natural flavors, and 60 coca leaves to make a distilled Coke. *grabs cup* *pours Teqola in cup* *takes a sip* Mmm. Tastes just like Tequila and Coca Cola. Give it a try *hands cup to Jerry*

Jerry: No thanks. I'd rather not drink that

Traver: Okay then. No one has to drink these, they are just for testing. But feel free to have some if you have an urge. *walks upstairs*

Jerry: Nice. My friends have built their own place for socializing and now they made a brewery. This is going to be the best life one Earth! And I can't wait any longer for this! *runs upstairs*

camera switches to the roof of the tower

Jerry: *opens latch* *walks over* Whoa. This view is so neat. ....*shrugs head* I am truely home! *laughs*

The next day...

Traver: Let me show you what we do in order to join. You have to face your fears, study your knowledge, and even get stronger. So since you fight by using technology, there's no worry to make you work out. But we do need you to be brave. What is the one thing that you fear?

Jerry: Uh...water?

Traver: Good. Today you will dunk your head into this wooden tub of water. You have to hold your breath and open your eyes slowly during this task. Can you handle it?

Jerry: I don't know. Water can make me nervous.

Traver: You'll be fine. It's not like chlorine can give you a rash. Start when you are ready.

Jerry: ....... *takes off hat* *inhales through nostrils and holds* *dunks head into water*

underwater view

Jerry: *struggles* (I..can't hold on...for much...longer. This amount of pressure is gonna make my mind go white). (No. I must do this!) *slowly opens eyes* (I did it)

Traver: Jerry? You okay? Are you dead?

Jerry: *rises head out of water*

Traver: Nevermind

Jerry: *heavily breathes*

Traver: Congratulations, you just passed the first test. The next one will get harder. Are you up to it?

Jerry: *nods*

at the pool

Traver: Here is our pool tank

Jerry: This looks easy

Traver: Don't get ahead of yourself. This is a special kind of tank. This has effects that make fish look real but are holographic.

Jerry: *gulps* You mean that...

Traver: That's right. You will see sharks.

Jerry: Dì nà zhǒng shì! (No. Anything but that!)

Traver: I'm sorry man but it's the only way for you to be the best. Now get in there and show them who's boss.

Jerry: *climbs ladder* *jumps into tank

shark appears

Jerry: (Stay back! I don't want to be chow!)

Traver: It's okay Jerry! Sharks only attack because they receive less food. This hologram is not real.

Jerry: (You are right! I am not afraid of this!) *pets holographic shark* *swims back up to surface* *gets off tank*

Traver: That was brilliant! Well done. 

Jerry: Do I get a reward?

Traver: Sure. Let's get you some ice cream.

Both: *walks down the sidewalk and enter car*

Traver: *turns on car and drives

Jerry: Hey Trav?

Traver: Yes?

Jerry: Thank you. You are the best leader to have.

Traver: *smiles*

car drives out of scene


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