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“Copying names and trying to be them is stupid to do, like something I used to do when I first joined the AGK fanbase, I started off as AngryGermanKid83 but after a number of questions, I changed my name to Thunderpenguins101 but I was told to use a different name from Mitchell Productions so I went with Icepenguins101 to avoid any similarities with Thunderbirds101. After a major feud with 4 people, this caused my 3rd name to be exposed by NeoCorp and PG9185, so I decided to go use my real name.”
Jayden Montoya on the evolution of his channel names
“Grand Theft Auto V is, and will still be my favorite thing to this date.”
Jayden Montoya
This guy pretty much made me a Grand Theft Auto freak way back in 2015...”
Jayden Montoya on explaining his huge GTA interest

Jayden Montoya, formerly known as AngryGermanKid83, Thunderpenguins101 and Icepenguins101, was a parodist since June 11, 2014 from California, born on November 10, 2001. Aside from being a Slikker, he is also a Text-To-Speech parodist, a site developer (unlike any other Slikker) known for running an extremely popular website named Bloodstreams Corporation, a game developer (both JavaScript and SmileBASIC) and a Mannerheim parodist who goes under by the name of Mannerheim Rants Parodies. Since he doesn't know what to describe his content he uploads on his channel, he declares his content as "radical".

Like Ivan187, his video editor is capable of doing better animation than in his early episodes and in old school AGK parodies, but it can be very problematic at certain times because of memory limitations (thus resulting in most of them being short, although as of November 10, 2016 they have been made longer because he got a new external hard drive)


Early Era

Jayden only remembered a little regarding his status before becoming an AGK fan or a Slikker. He signed up sometime in 2006 as "JaydenMontoya" (which ended up getting closed years later) and he only interacted with Animal Crossing videos, most notably this one.

Before the Beginning

He became interested in Angry German Kid parodies while his username was "JaydenMontoya" in 2012. Influenced by MichaelsiCast at that time, he also made a rather unfinished AGK parody on Windows Vista using Movie Maker. Unfortunately, that project was never touched again or uploaded publicly, since he ended up crashing Vista with AlienGUIse sometime later.

Beginning of Jayden's 2nd, and current channel

After closing his "JaydenMontoya" channel sometime in 2012 (he can't remember when he closed his channel), he decided to take up on a new channel in October 20, 2012 under the username "JaydenWilliamMontoya". He never uploaded on his channel until September 20, 2013, where he posted "Mayu's Adventure I: The Adventure Begins", which happened to be misleading (the thumbnail displays an Animal Crossing girl attacking a car with a golden axe, but the video happened to appear as a wide-screen and almost-sepia-toned version of one of the videos he tends to watch for adorableness)

He also posted numerous soundtracks from a fake game, but they were only 26 or 27 seconds long until uploading another with an extended length, at December 1, 2013 around 6:58 AM.

As AngryGermanKid83

A 12-year old Jayden, feeling lonely and hated about his breakdowns on Nonie and Deanna in 2013, uploaded a channel trailer in May 30, 2014 calling himself "Bloodstreams Corp.", featuring "AGK parodies", "ACNL videos", "soundtracks" and "Facebook Classics". This channel trailer hinted the start of Adventures, which wasn't uploaded after an antic video that was uploaded on June 3, 2014.

In June 11, 2014, he unexpectedly joined the AGK community by changing his name to AGK83 Productions and uploading his first episode of Adventures as a part of his plan to completely reboot the then-retired AngryGermanKid82 to trick viewers into thinking he was Nick Skiles.[2]

After episode 9 launched, in June 23, 2014, he decided to switch away from YouTube Video Editor to Windows Movie Maker to improve his series and it continued to be in use until episode 14 after mistakenly frying his Windows 7 computer with soup broth.

After several episodes that were poorly-edited with YouTube Video Editor, he unexpectedly changed back to Movie Maker in episode 21, but this time he used it with Windows 8.1. He continued to use Movie Maker up until October 13, 2014, the release date of AGK S2EP8, where it utilized VideoPad to again improve his series.

He announced his first retirement on September 27, 2014. However, he quickly turned down the idea, saying that he was going to put Adventures on hiatus until his 13th birthday, but his hiatus was ultimately rushed to have S2EP3 released on October 1, 2014.

In November 7, 2014, 3 days before his 13th birthday, he decided to utilize Sony Vegas Pro 13 with the release of AGK S2EP13, however it was met with with negative results, as it constantly flashed his video. At that time, this was where he turned neutral on Cansin13 for criticizing that "Sonic.exe won" (this comment is no longer available) due to a request by a fan suggesting that Sonic.exe should win in Part 3. This occurred some time before he changed his name after he was getting sick of the amount of complaints he has received about him being AGK82.

As Thunderpenguins101

After a wave of complaints, he eventually changed his name to "Thunderpenguins101" but sadly this name change was only in use until November 8. He barely did anything under this name.

As Icepenguins101

Following a conversation with AceofSpadesProduc100 on Facebook concerning about his name, he changed his name yet again in November 8, 2014, this time being known as "Icepenguins101" to avoid people thinking he was going to rip off a popular TTS video maker known as Thunderbirds101.

His first video with this name change was in AGK S2EP14. While it was still flashy, it still managed to hit the spot as the first AGK video of him playing Soul Calibur V.

In December 13, 2014, the release of AGK S3EP3, he switched back to VideoPad after his Sony Vegas Pro 13 trial expired. He continued to use Windows 8.1 for most of his episodes up until S3EP14, released in March 14, 2015 as a result of his laptop being crashed by 5 viruses (which caused him to cry heavily about it), all which were identified as Peek by his father. This caused him to sadly revert back to YouTube Video Editor, going back to the standard screen resolution and eliminated his intro and outtro.

In August 1, 2015, he obtained a new computer with ran Windows 10 and uploaded AGK S4EP3, which was a massive improvement over S4EP2. He continued to make more episodes up until he quit in August 12, 2015 with AGK S4EP13.

Following many random videos, he eventually started to air a new Angry German Kid series, called Rebooted, in August 30, 2015 which only consisted of nine episodes. However, episode 9 was badly-made as Jayden, known as Icepenguins101 at that time, had to record the video after finding out he was using a limited version of VideoPad. This caused him to meet Ivan187 while he was taking some time to do some other things.

He retired again on December 5, 2015 due to him running out of ideas for the show. 20 days later, he returned with Rebooted episode 9.

Sometime later, he came back to air AGK Unleashed in February 23, 2016. However, he unexpectedly quit Unleashed for some time due to problems with his computer and a feud with AlphaSkyRaider that occurred on April 2016.

He retired yet again in April 7, 2016 to go back to his personal life. A month later, he returned with Unleashed episode 2, which seemed to be completely different from how it was planned to look like.

Eventually, after watching this episode by POKEGAMERZ 9185 (with poor editing, similar of that of Brian Chiem's and NeinCatAGK's), he became highly enraged immediately after POKEGAMERZ repeatedly kept turning him down on his negative review and Jayden started to aggressively feud POKEGAMERZ 9185. Unfortunately to Jayden himself, he became hated by IaD after Jayden aggressively ranted on POKEGAMERZ 9185's channel using Microsoft Sam, and ignored POKEGAMERZ for some time while he was feuding IaD after learning about IaD's 20th AGK episode, which made Jayden even more angrier that he made a Microsoft Sam rant on him and went on to work on Unleashed episode 5: "AGK watches suicidemouse.avi" which would eventually become released in June 11, 2016.

Jayden's extreme rage caused him to face backlash from POKEGAMERZ, IaD, AlphaSkyRaider and NeoCorp in June 5, 2016, which made him completely drop the Icepenguins101 name to use his real name as a result of the backlash.

As Jayden Montoya

After killing his 3rd name, Jayden continued to feud POKEGAMERZ and IaD until July 19, 2016, when he suddenly stopped feuding him and apologized to him as well as AlphaSkyRaider at one point, ending his controversial insanity incident in both the AGK and Downfall community.

11 days after the incident, he began to make YTPs in a similar fashion with PrinceStickFigure and AGKandvideomaker2000, but he only made "Patrick hates" videos during his time as a YTP video maker.

In September 28, 2016, following huge waves of subscriber purges, he prompted GeneBernardinoLawl to give him a chance to prevent it. It's unknown what happened after that, but Jayden became a big fan of Gene after that.

In October 2016, he announced AGK Reloaded, making it his official fourth series. Reloaded premiered in June 11, 2017 for his 4th anniversary.

He joined Dailymotion in October 30, 2016 to provide backups for blocked episodes (and also YouTube reuploads) in response to copyright problems.

In March 3, 2017, he became a Mac user after 2 and a half years, switching away from Microsoft Windows to become an anti-Microsoft person.

On the evening of May 15, 2017, during the nomination of the sixth AGK Parodist Award (prior to its cancellation in June 2017), he announced his plans to retire on his G+ profile due to him losing interest on AGK because of clichés, saying that "Unlike TheCrazinessCat and Cansin13, I'll still keep episodes from all four series on my channel to be available to watch after the retirement, including the two AGK movies, All in One and the totally random ones."

In August 26, 2017, along with Adrenaline21, Jayden silently revealed a comic version of Reloaded which is due to be out sometime.

In June 23, 2018, Jayden announced in the AGK community and his Twitter account that he was quitting due to his stress over clichéd concepts and grown interest on Splatoon SFM videos.


The Slikks

  • Leopold Slikk - The main protagonist of all of Jayden's series — even in the movies.
    • Adventures: A misbehaved boy who repeatedly smashes keyboards, gets suspended/expelled from schools, swears like nothing else and constantly gets in trouble.
    • Rebooted: Same as Adventures but Leopold does not get suspended/expelled.
    • AGK Movie: An aggressive boy who defeated Cyborg Mannerheim.
    • AGK Movie 2: In the sequel, Leopold behaves like a combination of him in The Angry German Kid Movie and his Modern side in Reloaded although he is not a hypocrite — but is rather a skilled hacker who hacks the Bastards' base computers to retrieve information about Saddam Hussein.
    • Unleashed: Same as Adventures - but he is a true gangster in the episode The Formation of The Slikks - Part 1.
    • Reloaded: In Reloaded, Leopold is split into two forms:
      • Classic: This Leopold has the same behavior as in Adventures and Rebooted - being a misbehaved boy who smashes keyboards, gets suspended/expelled (only in the remastered episodes from Adventures), swears like nothing else and constantly gets in trouble.
      • Modern: This Leopold is the leader of The Slikks — an extremely violent gangster team that was meant to find and kill most of the members of The Bastards.[3]
    • Final Mix: In the crossover movie by Adrenaline21, Jayden's Leopold character behaves the same like he does in Modern episodes of Reloaded - but a lot more aggressive because he thinks Valkyria is the only member of The Bastards after Leopold fatally wounded Mannerheim in their last fight in Reloaded S4EP22 Modern.
    • Remastered: In this show, A21's version of Leopold is used instead of Jayden's because of fully-remastered episodes. His friends are AGK Parodists named Adrenaline21, Atarster and PrinceStickFigure. For the favorite episodes, Leopold chooses Jayden's episode instead Jayden himself unlike Adrenaline21, Atarster and PrinceStickFigure that choose their favorite episodes from their own.

The Bastards

  • Mrs. Sukscox - Leopold's second teacher, who sends Leopold to Principal Diknoz's office.
    • Adventures: A teacher who often gets Leopold in trouble. She was replaced with Mrs. Damhead in S3EP7 and Mr. Penguin in S3EP12.
    • Unleashed: While Sukscox does not appear in Unleashed, she is mentioned in Angry German Kid watches Osama bin Laden by Leopold.
    • Reloaded: To be confirmed
  • Mrs. Damhead - Leopold's third teacher.
    • Adventures: Damhead was a successor to Sukscox after her retirement, who tried to send Leopold to Diknoz's office because Leopold refused to do an essay on Thunderbirds101 (the most popular TTS video maker at this date.) She was later replaced with Mr. Penguin (now called The Trapper as of Unleashed) in S3EP12.
    • Reloaded: Damhead was originally not going to be part of the cast because Jayden had lost the site to where she came from. In November 2016 he found the site and claimed she would be recorded off Bandicam because "it doesn't have .mp3 downloading", resulting on her confirmation on the Classic timeline.
  • New Angry German Kid - An imposter.
    • Adventures: Portrayed by Daniel Kääs, New Angry German Kid impersonates (and copies) Leopold, which makes Leopold extremely furious.
    • Unleashed: Appears in a flashback during a phone conversation with Mannerheim about his newly-developed inventions in Angry German Kid vs POKEGAMERZ 9185.
    • Reloaded: New Angry German Kid is a member of The Bastards who still impersonates (and copies) Classic Leopold.
  • Principal Diknoz - Leopold's principal who suspends Leopold.
    • Adventures: A principal who annoyed Sukscox before the two were forcefully captured and turned into robots to kill Leopold.
    • Reloaded: To be confirmed
  • Adolf Hitler - The leader of the Nazis.
    • Adventures: An antagonist who always plans to kill Leopold.
    • AGK Movie: Hitler is one of the Cyborg Mannerheim minions. Harshly beaten by Harold for calling him fat.
    • AGK Movie 2: After the events of the first film, Hitler travels to Iraq to meet the movie's main antagonist, Saddam Hussein, and becomes a Saddam Hussein Minion for the Alternate Iraq War. Confirmed in December 2016 by this reveal poster.
    • Unleashed: While Hitler does not appear in Unleashed, he is mentioned in Angry German Kid watches Osama bin Laden by Leopold.
    • Reloaded: In Reloaded, Hitler returns to the Modern world after being dropped from Adventures as a member of The Bastards.
  • Roland Slikk - Leopold's second father.
    • Unleashed: An abusive father who abused Leopold in episode 13.
    • Reloaded: Roland's role in Reloaded is the same as Harold's from Adventures and Unleashed - he is an abusive father who refuses to do work and grounds Leopold in certain occasions.

Supporting characters

  • Harold Slikk - The father of Leopold.
    • Adventures: An abusive father who refuses to do work and grounds Leopold in certain occasions.
    • Rebooted: Voice cameo only, heard in Angry German Kid vs Annoying Chicken Part 2 via transceiver.
    • AGK Movie: Ally to Leopold, who beat up Hitler for being called fat.
    • AGK Movie 2: Harold returns as Leopold's ally in the sequel.
    • Unleashed: An abusive father who beats up Leopold and insults Mr. Penguin (he also shot him off-screen in Angry German Kid watches Osama bin Laden.)
    • Reloaded: In Reloaded, Harold is split into two forms:
      • Classic: This Harold is an abusive father who refuses do work and grounds Leopold in certain occasions.
      • Modern: This Harold appears to have been radically toned down from his appearance in Unleashed (similar to Ivan187's and Red Bloony's series). Instead of being an abusive father (this role was given to Roland Slikk), he is a part of The Bastards who turned away from being a member of The Slikks after Leopold killed Saddam Hussein in AGK Movie 2.
  • Mary Slikk - The mother of Leopold, Leonard, and Leonidas, and the wife of Harold.
    • Adventures: A mother who is much more sane and less abusive compared to her husband.
    • Reloaded: To be confirmed
  • Leonard Slikk - Leopold's little brother.
    • Adventures: Leonard is more mature, intelligent and easier to approach than Leopold. Leonard sometimes uses words like "Please" and asks nicely if he can play together with his big brother, but is always denied that allowance.
    • Unleashed: He was planned to be in an early version of episode 2 but was quickly cut later in development. A year later, he was planned for Angry German Kid and the blackout but he was cut again.
    • Reloaded: To be confirmed
  • Leonidas Slikk - A new character from Jayden's series who has been planned to appear only in Movie 2 and Reloaded.
    • AGK Movie 2: Leonidas was a part of an unknown family. However, Leonidas was forced out of the house after going so hyper upon discovering about The Slikks.
    • Reloaded: Leonidas is Leopold's second brother who behaves exactly like his counterpart in AngryGermanKid82's series - he is an Xbox gamer after Leopold gave him his old Xbox One (the one that he used to play Soul Calibur V and the first two Five Nights at Freddy's games in Adventures) who has an obsession of robots.
  • Jake Randolf - Leopold's best and arguably, but most likely his first and only real friend in existence.
    • Adventures: Appears as a voice cameo, then appears in Angry German Kid vs New Angry German Kid briefly.
    • AGK Movie 2: In the sequel of 2015's AGK Movie, to replace the deceased Mannerheim, Jake was chosen as the other ally of Leopold.
    • Unleashed: Jake was mentioned in The Formation of The Slikks - Part 1, but was planned to appear for said episode.
    • Reloaded: In Reloaded, Jake is split into two forms:
      • Classic: This Jake is an ally of Classic Leopold and has a father named Stan Randolf.
      • Modern: This Jake is a part of The Slikks, who aims to command Leopold anytime, anywhere. However, unlike his Classic form, this Jake doesn't have an actual father.
  • Ronald Ramirez - A friend of Leopold.
    • Adventures: He was expelled from his school, and moves to Germany. He meets Leopold Slikk and becomes friends with him, as they have obvious similarities, though they have some differences, making Ronald a little more original.
    • Reloaded: To be confirmed
  • Microsoft Sam - 
    • Adventures: One of the few people Leopold fought, then appears as a voice cameo in S4EP3.
    • Rebooted: Makes a cameo in Angry German Kid vs Annoying Chicken Part 2.
    • Reloaded: Microsoft Sam is a member of The Bastards, wishing to eliminate Classic Leopold.
  • Kaeru Otoko - 
    • Adventures: One of the few people Leopold fought.
    • Unleashed: Kaeru appears briefly in The Formation of The Slikks - Part 1 when he learns that he is not suitable for the Alternate Iraq War.
    • Reloaded: Was confirmed in a poster published in October 2016.
    • Final Mix: Kaeru's first movie appearance in Jayden's series, he reacts to some news by his leader about merged worlds.
  • Mayu - 
    • Adventures: Although not seen, she was heard speaking in S1EP32, along with Jake and Shona Rose.
    • Reloaded: Mayu is set to return to Reloaded S1EP32c.
  • Shona Rose - 
    • Adventures: Like Mayu, she was not officially seen nor heard speaking in S1EP32, along with Jake and Mayu.
    • Reloaded: Shona Rose is set to return to Reloaded S1EP32c.
  • Stan Randolf - Stan is Jake's father.
    • Adventures: Appears as a cameo in Angry German Kid vs New Angry German Kid.
    • Reloaded: Stan is Classic Jake's father.
  • Mr. Penguin - Leopold's fourth teacher. He, unlike Sukscox and Damhead, does not send Leopold to the principal's office (or at least try to).
    • Adventures: A nice teacher who seems to have interest in Actorio64 (referred as "Anthon Prower" in S3EP11).
    • Unleashed: Now known as The Trapper due a brainwash over the US terrorist Osama bin Laden. After becoming obsessed over terrorists, The Trapper forcefully had to retire from Leopold's school as revealed in episode 6, who was succeeded by Principal Eric (which, ironically, despite his name, is a teacher)
    • Reloaded: Was confirmed in a poster published in October 2016.
  • Unnamed gamer - An unseen character that only appears in Adventures. His voice is taken from this video.
  • Mannerheim - The main antagonist.
    • Adventures: Replaced Hitler later in the series and always plans to kill Leopold.
    • AGK Movie: An ally of Leopold and Harold who shot Sanic in the second part and was killed by his cyborg counterpart in the fourth part.
    • AGK Movie 2: Despite not appearing in The Angry German Kid Movie 2, Hitler mentions "...Mannerheim is dead." to an unnamed Saddam Hussein Minion during his conversation, before the title card rolls.
    • Unleashed: A serious, yet angry leader. He is the leader of the newly formed The Bastards, a team full of baddies.
    • Reloaded: Mannerheim is still the leader of The Bastards wanting to kill Leopold and other members of The Slikks.
  • Annoying Chicken - 
    • Rebooted: The main antagonist of Rebooted, who always says "Clock! Ce cluck. Ce cluck!" (his subtitles are in brackets to show what he is actually saying) and was tracked by Leopold in the first part of Angry German Kid vs Annoying Chicken.
    • Reloaded: Annoying Chicken is a member of The Bastards and is an enemy to Classic Leopold.
    • Remastered: Annoying Chicken will likely behave the same as he did in Rebooted.
  • Angry Sims Kid - 
    • Adventures: Fought Leopold in Angry German Kid vs Angry Sims Kid.
    • Rebooted: Appears as both a flashback cameo and fought Leopold again in Angry German Kid vs Angry Sims Kid II: Crashing the Keyboards but he lost to Leopold.
    • Unleashed: Appears as a character and a flashback cameo in Angry German Kid vs Angry Sims Kid III: Worst. Players. Ever.. Like in Angry German Kid vs Angry Sims Kid II: Crashing the Keyboards, Sim is foul-mouthed, but what differentiates him from Crashing the Keyboards was that he was very scared to begin Round 3. Leopold eventually mocks him, and is later hit by Leopold's keyboard, told that Round 3 was beginning now, and eventually starts battling.
    • Reloaded: Sim is a member of The Bastards and is an enemy to both Leopolds. In the Modern timeline, he will fight Leopold one more time in Angry German Kid vs Angry Sims Kid IV: Roads to Tomorrow.
  • Cansin13 - 
    • Unleashed: Portrayed as an Unreal Tournament 3 hacker, he is one of Leopold's enemies.
    • Reloaded: Was confirmed in a poster published in October 2016.
  • Sonic.exe - 
    • Adventures: The evil hedgehog who had been fought exactly four times.
    • Rebooted: Scrapped character who was supposed to appear in an early version of Angry German Kid vs Alvin Hung.
    • Reloaded: Sonic.exe is planned to be included in the Modern episode Angry German Kid vs Sonic.exe Part V.
  • Alvin Hung - 
    • Rebooted: One of the two people Leopold fought.
    • Reloaded: Alvin is a member of The Bastards and is an enemy to Classic Leopold.
  • Dr. Sbaitso - 
    • Rebooted: An awkward principal who says completely random stuff.
    • Unleashed: A loud-mouthed and aggressive principal who suspends Leopold.
    • Reloaded: Was confirmed in a poster published in October 2016.
  • Principal Eric - Leopold's fifth teacher.
    • Rebooted: Appears as a cameo in Angry German Kid vs Alvin Hung.
    • Unleashed: He is a teacher who takes the role of Mr. Penguin. Before episode 3 premiered, Principal Eric was confirmed to appear in a sneak peak made by Jayden.
    • Reloaded: Eric may appear as a minor character in Angry German Kid vs Angry Sims Kid IV: Roads to Tomorrow.
  • Jaycee - The diaper dancing kid, who only makes three appearances.
    • Adventures: Appears as a video on Angry German Kid watches The Nappy Dance.
    • Rebooted: Appears as a cameo in Angry German Kid vs Annoying Chicken Part 2 only to be beaten by Leopold off-screen.
    • Reloaded: To be confirmed
  • Cyborg Mannerheim - 
    • AGK Movie: The main antagonist, who hijacked Leopold and Harold's computers to show a rather threatening message. He also shot Mannerheim and was defeated sooner by Leopold.
    • Reloaded: While Cyborg Mannerheim does not appear how like he did in Movie 1, he is more of an armor suit for Mannerheim just in case if his mission is too dangerous. (e.g, searching for Leopold in a damaged, burning city)
  • I am Dead - One of the antagonists in Unleashed who was replaced with POKEGAMERZ 9185 due to Jayden now liking IaD. (Unleashed only)
  • POKEGAMERZ 9185 - 
    • Unleashed: A robot with a bunch of tech-like powers (as shown in his video, but near the end he doesn't), POKEGAMERZ 9185 is the replacement for IaD and debuted in episode 19.
    • Remastered: In this show by Adrenaline21, he's a member of The Bastards because Leopold hates him so much. Plus, he may also behave the same as how he did in Unleashed.
  • Sanic Hegehog - 
    • AGK Movie: A Cyborg Mannerheim minion with an odd-looking appearance, killed by Mannerheim.
    • AGK Movie 2: While Sanic makes no appearance in The Angry German Kid Movie 2, he is mentioned by Saddam Hussein after he threatens to hang Hitler for failing his task.
  • Gangster Team Former - He appears in The Formation of The Slikks - Part 1 as a minor character, who helps Leopold, Jake and Kaeru form their new gangster team.
  • Lizzy - Leopold's very first teacher.
    • Adventures: An awkwardly-young teacher that had nothing to say but "Wow, Leopold is doing his assignment." Sadly, she was replaced with Sukscox in S1EP33.
    • Reloaded: She is still the first teacher for Classic Leopold.
  • Saddam Hussein - Was confirmed in a poster published to the AGK community (later deleted, but was reposted) to be in The Angry German Kid Movie 2.
  • Unnamed Saddam Hussein minion - Was teased in one of the four previews to be in The Angry German Kid Movie 2. Supposedly a voice during the first scene with Hitler and Saddam talking to each other.

Adrenaline21's AGK Universe

  • Adrenaline21 - An ally to A21's Leopold Slikk. In the first episode of AGK: FM, Adrenaline21 hangs out with Jayden Montoya. In AGK: FM~The Movie~, he's the member of Valkyria Hunters along with A21's Leopold, Johnny, Vanessa and Alisa.
  • Johnny Fort Spieler - An antic lover other than Hermann Fegelein in A21's AGK series. In AGK: FM~The Movie~, Johnny usually uses his antics to fight with Valkyria while A21's Leopold have to fight with Jayden's Leopold.
  • Vanessa Nakamura - A young spy that his father teaches her when she was a child. In AGK: FM~The Movie~, She waits when A21 has his training for fighting but Alisa informs that Valkyria the robot wants to merge all AGK Parodists' Universe into 1 and the results of the Leopold Slikk war.
  • Alisa von Dreissig - A member of Valkyria Hunters in AGK: FM~The Movie~.
  • Valkyria - The main antagonist of AGK: FM~The Movie. In Adrenaline21's AGK Universe, Leopold and Johnny are thinking that Valkyria is just new Nova that destroys the world meanwhile in Jayden Montoya's AGK Universe, Leopold thinks that Valkyria is a member of The Bastards (but he's actually not a member of The Bastards)


Episodes with a bold text means the episode is in progress, and in italic means it's finished (and being processed by Jayden's MacBook Pro)


Angry German Kid Adventures aired in June 11, 2014.

Season 1

# Title Watch Backup
1 Angry German Kid watches two of my videos
2 Angry German Kid plays the Scary Maze Game
3 Angry German Kid and the New Computer
4 Angry German Kid gets Rick Roll'd
(Dailymotion exclusive)
5 Angry German Kid's YouTube Account gets Suspended
6 Angry German Kid goes to School
7 Angry German Kid plays Animal Crossing: New Leaf
8 Angry German Kid orders Sausage Eggs
9 Angry German Kid gets a Virus
10 Angry German Kid gets a New Computer
11 Angry German Kid Makes a Twitter Account
12 Angry German Kid gets Revenge on his Dad
13 Angry German Kid goes to Burger King
14 Angry German Kid looks at ACJakeJS' and AJPcrosser's Channels
15 Angry German Kid vs. Sonic.exe Part I
16 Angry German Kid tries to Go onto Another YouTube
17 Angry German Kid plays Action 52
18 Angry German Kid Babysits His Brothers Part I
19 Angry German Kid Babysits His Brothers Part II
20 Angry German Kid Babysits His Brothers Part III
21 Angry German Kid goes to 666's Channel
22 Angry German Kid's Ultimate Nightmare
23 Angry German Kid plays Sally.exe
24 Angry German Kid installs Windows 8.1
25 Angry German Kid goes to
26 Angry German Kid vs. His Dad
27 Angry German Kid goes to Another YouTube
28 Hitler finds out about AGK
29 Angry German Kid watches Bovoid Marathon
30 Angry German Kid vs. Microsoft Sam
31 Angry German Kid films his Dad at Work
32 Angry German Kid's Dad Returns
33 Angry German Kid cuts School
34 Angry German Kid makes a Downfall Parody
35 Angry German Kid goes Camping
36 Angry German Kid's YouTube Account gets Hacked
37 Angry German Kid vs. Angry Dominican Kid
38 Angry German Kid goes to McDonald's
39 Angry German Kid watches The Nappy Dance[4]
40 Angry German Kid sees Himself on YouTube
41 Angry German Kid vs. Angry Sims Kid
42 Angry German Kid takes the Stupid Quiz
43 Angry German Kid plays Pokémon Lost Silver
44 The Season Finale

Season 2

# Title Watch Backup
1 Angry German Kid plays Cat Mario
2 Angry German Kid goes to TeacherTube
3 Angry German Kid vs. Mannerheim Part I
4 Angry German Kid vs. Mannerheim Part II
5 Angry German Kid vs. Mannerheim Part III
6 Angry German Kid plays Sonic.EXE
7 Angry German Kid vs. Sonic.exe Part II
8 Angry German Kid goes to Summer School
9 Angry German Kid goes on Xbox Live
10 Angry German Kid vs. Angry Japanese Kid
11 Angry German Kid watches The Wyoming Incident
12 Angry German Kid visits Work
13 Angry German Kid vs. Sonic.exe Part III
14 Angry German Kid plays Soul Calibur V
15 Angry German Kid plays Five Nights at Freddy's

Season 3

# Title Watch Backup
1 Angry German Kid vs. Sonic.exe Part IV
2 Angry German Kid plays Five Nights at Freddy's 2
3 Angry German Kid plays Slender: The Arrival
4 Angry German Kid watches The Nappy Dance 2[5]
5 Angry German Kid goes to the Movies
6 Angry German Kid gets Trapped on an Elevator
7 Angry German Kid gets Expelled from School
8 Angry German Kid keeps getting the BSoD
9 Angry German Kid encounters the Crazy Windows Errors
10 Angry German Kid goes on eBay
11 Angry German Kid makes a Video
12 Angry German Kid and the Essays
13 Angry German Kid gets annoyed by Mario Head
14 Angry German Kid plays Five Nights at Freddy's 3
15 Angry German Kid and the return of Microsoft Sam

Season 4

# Title Watch Backup
1 Angry German Kid's Computer Crashes
2 Angry German Kid plays Five Nights at Freddy's 4: The Final Chapter
3 Angry German Kid retakes the Stupid Quiz
4 Angry German Kid vs. New Angry German Kid
5 Angry German Kid plays Ninja Battle Vengeance
6 Angry German Kid plays Game Boy Camera
7 Angry German Kid watches The Relaxing Sound of Typing
8 Angry German Kid watches my GoAnimate videos
9 Angry German Kid goes to Jail
10 Angry German Kid escapes out of Jail
11 Angry German Kid watches Ben's videos[6]
12 Angry German Kid plays Ninja Battle: One More Time
13 End


Angry German Kid Rebooted aired in August 30, 2015[7].

# Title Watch Backup
1 Angry German Kid plays Sonic Adventure 7
2 Angry German Kid vs Annoying Chicken

3 Angry German Kid plays Grand Theft Auto V
4 Angry German Kid watches Candle Cove
5 Angry German Kid plays Splatoon
6 Angry German Kid watches Stickman Screamer
7 Angry German Kid vs. Angry Sims Kid II: Crashing the Keyboards
8 Angry German Kid and the New School Year
9 Angry German Kid vs. Alvin Hung


Angry German Kid Unleashed aired in February 23, 2016.

# Title Watch Backup
1 Angry German Kid sees himself on YouTube
2 Angry German Kid plays Sonic2.exe
3 Angry German Kid returns to School
4 Angry German Kid starts a YouTube channel
5 Angry German Kid watches suicidemouse.avi
6 Angry German Kid watches Osama bin Laden
7 Angry German Kid plays Dr. Sbaitso
8 Angry German Kid vs I am Dead
9 Angry German Kid plays Yandere Simulator
10 Angry German Kid plays Sonic3.exe
11 Angry German Kid plays Hong Kong 97
12 Angry German Kid watches The LJN Defender
13 Angry German Kid gets locked in his room
14 Angry German Kid vs Cansin13
15 Angry German Kid watches Five Little Minions
16 Angry German Kid watches the K-Fee commercials
17 Angry German Kid plays Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location
18 Angry German Kid searches "gagababa" in Yahoo Japan
19 Angry German Kid vs POKEGAMERZ 9185
20 Angry German Kid plays Superman 64
21 Angry German Kid vs Angry Sims Kid III: Worst. Players. Ever.
22 Angry German Kid and the blackout
23 Angry German Kid tries to make sausage eggs[8]
24 Angry German Kid plays Minecraft[9]
25 Angry German Kid plays Slender: The Eight Pages
26 The Formation of The Slikks - Part 1


Angry German Kid Reloaded aired in June 11, 2017, with a comic series by Adrenaline21 due to be out sometime.

# Title Watch Backup
1c Angry German Kid watches two of my videos
2c Angry German Kid plays the Scary Maze Game
3c Angry German Kid and the New Computer
4c Angry German Kid gets Rick Roll'd (canceled)

# Title Watch Backup
1m The Formation of The Slikks - Part 2 (canceled)
2m Angry German Kid plays Splatoon 2 (canceled)
3m Angry German Kid plays Bloodstreams Battles: Zero Hour[10] (canceled)
4m Angry German Kid plays Five Nights at Antonio's (canceled)
5m Angry German Kid vs Angry Sims Kid IV: Roads to Tomorrow (canceled)
6m The Beginning of The Slikks' Adventure (canceled)
7m Angry German Kid plays Bloodstreams Battles Online[11] (canceled)
8m Angry German Kid plays Cookie Clicker (canceled)
9m Angry German Kid plays Typer Shark Deluxe (canceled)


Movie 1

The Angry German Kid Movie was released in October 12, 2015.

Title Watch Backup
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Movie 2

Teased in October 25, 2016 with a poster showing Leopold, Harold and Jake against Saddam Hussein, The Angry German Kid Movie 2 was released in September 25, 2017.[12]

Title Watch Backup
Part 1
Part 2 (canceled)

Final Mix

Teased in July 27, 2017 by Adrenaline21, Final Mix is the third movie that was planned to start sometime after Reloaded S4EP22c (AGK vs Alvin Hung) and S4EP22m (AGK vs Mannerheim II: The Final Fight), but due to Jayden's retirement, there may be effort it might take someplace after the series' cancelation.

Behind the scenes

Angry German Kid Reloaded

to be added


Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~/Script

Opening themes


More to come...

to be added...

to be added...



  • Back when he was Icepenguins101, he revealed in the comments from Unleashed Episode 9 (Angry German Kid plays Yandere Simulator) that he made short episodes because "it will waste his memory to make it longer".
    • However, as of November 10, 2016, Jayden will make them longer thanks to his new external hard drive.
  • Upon switching to Sony Vegas Pro 13, the last 2 episodes of Season 2 and the second episode of Season 3 got so flashy. This has been resolved in December 8th, 2014, 5 days before the release of AGK S3EP3, which utilized VideoPad.
  • He, TheKewlOne96 and Brian Chiem have really crappy PCs.
    • Since March 3, 2017, he no longer uses Windows 10 as his primary OS, but he now uses macOS High Sierra with a refurbished Mac Mini from mid-2010. See his tweet for more details.
      • However, his Mac has been suffering huge performance issues around late 2017. To better resolve this, he now uses a 2017 MacBook Pro (albeit without the Touch Bar) for video making since February 22, 2018.
  • He and CDiFan237 are the only AGK parodists to have Dailymotion.
  • He is the only Slikker to be mistaken as a female shown in I am Dead's 20th AGK episode, POKEGAMERZ 9185's GoAnimate videos and in the description/ending card on GeneBernardinoLawl's shoutout video.
  • He is often confused with PVMAGKVIDEOS because of their similar names.
    • Also, his girly name also caused other people to ask him about his gender. Jayden himself calls this moment "a repeat of 2014" because in the same year, he got numerous users asking him if he was AGK82.
  • He used to contribute on the wiki as "FlamingSkull773" back in 2014, but his account was inexplicably disabled in November 6, 2015 which resulted on him going insane and making this.
  • Like IaD and TheCrazinessCat, Jayden cancelled his series twice. His first retirement was in September 27, 2014, before retiring again in December 5, 2015 and once more in April 7, 2016. However, he is planning his fourth and actual retirement after Reloaded S4EP22 releases.
    • Jayden has even shown stress to do Modern episodes for Reloaded saying that the lack of certain ideas for Modern episodes of Reloaded caused him to "mark Reloaded as the last AGK series he might ever do". His post about it can be seen here.
  • He and KurwaAntics are the only Slikkers to do HTML coding, but Jayden is far more advanced if his "Mico" gadget is included, which was mentioned in this video from his other channel.
  • He was going to rename himself as "themackid2001" in June 1, 2017, but his negative reaction on macOS High Sierra during the Apple WWDC 2017 event in May 5, 2017 and fan requests in his poll on the AGK community caused him to instantly drop the name.
    • Despite the negative reception he expressed on it, he also had shown fear on his Twitter tweet about getting his mid-2010 Mac Mini going obsolete, but later found on Wikipedia that it will still support it.
      • He was also going to rename himself as JAYDENPARODYVIDEOS - but he decided against it due to similarities with PVMAGKVIDEOS.
  • Jayden is the first one who used Mannerheim in an AGK series, the second was TheCrazinessCat.
  • Jayden is the first person who works with Adrenaline21 for AGK: FM~The Movie~ - and, for the most part, Modern episodes of Reloaded.
  • Jayden's AGK series are based on Sonic the Hedgehog series. For the storyline, Adventures and Rebooted are based on Classic Sonic while Unleashed is based on Modern Sonic. Finally, Reloaded is based on Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces which the classic and modern form of main protagonists are meeting together. For the name, Adventures is named after the Sonic Adventure series and Unleashed is named after Sonic Unleashed.
    • Modern episodes of Reloaded can also be considered to be based on the Grand Theft Auto series. For the characters, Modern Leopold is heavily based on Trevor, while his gangster attitude is based on Franklin (without the racist behavior)
  • Like PVMAGKVIDEOS, Jayden also owns a Nintendo Switch since his 16th birthday.
  • Besides parodies, he manages the Bloodstreams Wiki, a wiki about his own game works. However, this wiki has already been started, so it's mostly empty. But due to his works on other things, he takes longer times to move every article from his older wiki site, Waripedia.
  • Hinting to his Google+ cover photo, his other best friend besides Gene Bernardino is Annalena Schick[14].

Personal facts

What Jayden likes

  • macOS (he revealed his reason why he likes it in this post.)
  • SmileBASIC
  • GeneBernardinoLawl (His most favorite Slikker ever after Gene gave him a shoutout in September 2016, and self-claimed "best friend")
  • Windows 8.1 (used to very heavily love it, but Jayden doesn't really love it that much since January 8, 2018)
  • Mortal Kombat (a lot)
  • Grand Theft Auto V (used to be obsessed over it way too much and was heavily interested on it back in 2015, but since May 13, 2018, he isn't too obsessed over it now)
  • PlayStation
  • Animal Crossing (like Tanzim K, although he hates the Animal Crossing wiki since 2011)
  • Actorio64 (way too much)
  • Splatoon (used to like the original Wii U game, but has since then shifted his interest towards the Nintendo Switch sequel, but since May 13, 2018 he has gotten way more interested in Splatoon)
  • Matt Ezero (The LJN Defender) (was the result of him seeing one of his IUPG reviews about Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis in March 2016, but has been slowly losing interest on him due to personal reasons)
  • I am Dead
  • The Angry German Kid XD (second only to Gene Bernardino)
  • Kirby (since childhood)
  • The "Play to TV" feature from YouTube (since 2016)
  • Anime (much like PVMAGKVIDEOS)
  • His iPhone 5s
  • DamienDaEsketit
  • Apple (said in this post, "positive obsession over macOS Sierra" refers that he is a massive Apple fanboy and a Machead)
  • DC Universe Online (Used to play it heavily after he got his GTA V copy taken away in March 2017)
  • BoredRabbit
  • Puyo Puyo
  • Jazff Gaming (discovered him on a video about desktop assistants, becoming radically interested on his Bonzi Buddy series as a result)
  • Ivan187
  • Mitchell Productions
  • JohnKyle Enterprises
  • Blacklight: Retribution (he was brought into the game in July 1, 2017 by one of his friends)
  • Iron Man (became a fan of him after he thought Spider-Man's taunts were too insulting in the 2011 video game Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds)
  • Kingdom Hearts (since his 11th birthday in 2012)
  • MGWV (since 2014, but he nearly decided to quit liking MGWV after he was rudely betrayed by one member of MGWV on Twitter in 2016)
  • Adrenaline21 (since July 21, 2017)
  • Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (one of his most favorite movies ever)
  • The Tron movie series (interested on them because of Kingdom Hearts)
  • Travrinity
  • Cookie Clicker (he finds it a silly game, but he hates the Grandmapocalypse mini-game from it for being ridiculously disturbing)
  • BonziBUDDY (this lines in perfectly for his huge Jazff Gaming interest)
  • UsefulAGKHelper
  • The Coca-Cola Freestyle machine (lines in perfectly as a soda addict, but ironically he has never used one of these soda machines)
  • Mega Man X series (pretty much like Videoman1443, if he has any connection)
  • Acting very defensive and brash towards people he hates (since 2013, although has been since then worn out on it and will only do so when he is triggered)
  • AGKandRockman2001
  • Spider-Man 2099 (prefers this version of Spider-Man more, due to him having gliding abilities in the 2010 game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions)
  • Hunting Hitler (His favorite TV show)
  • Opera (is one of his favorite browsers since 2014, but one of the things Jayden started to hate in February 15, 2018 was because of crashing, false advertising Chromecast in the Opera 50 release, infinite updating loops on Mac, and a new update completely breaking his browser, causing pages to not render, disabling all but four of his extensions, and having problems syncing. But as of March 14, 2017, the only reason is due to random crashing.)
  • Overwatch (as opposed to Travrinity, the movie Ready Player One caused him to become interested in it, despite being against it back in 2016 when it was overrated)

What Jayden hates

  • Windows 10 (considers it as "a trainwreck of Windows 8.1 that deserves to fail", but has shown to express even more negatively on the Creators Update as seen here, and began to burst out in rage with Feature Update, again seen here)
  • Angry Video Game Nerd (as opposed to Atarster and IaD)
  • His sister, Zoie (because she trolled him in February 2015 thus giving her several nicknames such as "giant troll", "ultimate troll", "gigantic troll", "massive troll", and an "ultra troll", but has reverted back to calling her "giant troll" as of now)
    • However, despite being aggressive towards her, Jayden has once called her over to his room to watch the May 11, 2018 Splatfest (Michelangelo vs Donatello)
  • Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots (since childhood)
  • Tacos (since childhood, a video featuring this caused him to vomit)
  • Firefox (in this post he says that the 2014 design was a rip-off of Google Chrome)
  • Polarity (as said in the same post above, it crashed countless times on him)
  • Vivaldi (as said in the same post above, it kept hiding from his desktop and taskbar while it was running)
  • Fried broccoli
  • Microsoft (since 2016, he has developed an extremely strong and unforgivable hatred towards them calling them "demons")
  • Batman: Arkham Knight (calls it the worst Arkham game he has ever played)
  • Donald Trump (just like Travrinity from the past, and GeneBernardinoLawl)
  • Uncle Grandpa (refers it as "the worst show ever" which was already enough for him to be interested in Angry Grandpa from 2015 - 2017)
  • GoAnimate (used to like it in 2015, but he started to hate it after he found out that POKEGAMERZ 9185 was making grounded videos out of him)
  • Being blamed over something (he says in this tweet that he is not a good artist, explaining why he uses palette-swapped Mallie as his character)
  • When his Mac hangs on him and forces to log out automatically (he enormously refers this as a kernel panic)
  • When his iPhone 5s freezes
  • A dog named "Dreamer" (he finds him to be too annoying)
  • Malfunctioning trackpads
  • Water jets (has a slight fear of being launched upwards underwater)
  • Boredom (He hates being bored SO MUCH. Seriously, he tends to get bored way too often unlike other Slikkers.)
  • When he gets ill at occasionally random times (since Thanksgiving 2015, where he suffered a huge virus some hours after the party)
  • Being underwater (Jayden is too fearful to do this)
  • Fortnite (because of two reasons — it ripped off Genji from Overwatch for one of their DLC packs and stole the Roller-type weapons from Splatoon, and it's WAY too overrated for him)
  • Revealing himself (since 2013, as he is too shy to reveal himself, but he had to do so in one of his old 2014 videos to prove that he was not AGK82)

Other facts

  • Jayden's signature color is purple.
  • Infamously — and yet previously, during a subscriber purge he will repeatedly hide and show his subscriber amount. This is very noticeable in his video in May 27, 2016 and a channel art in September 27, 2016 which caused GeneBernardinoLawl to give Jayden a shoutout.
  • Like Atarster, UsefulAGKHelper and FallenAGKvideos, sometimes Jayden's mood may quickly be enraged, should he be provoked.
  • As of April 2016, he's not pretty active on making AGK or TTS videos because he tries to maintain two of his alternate channels (Montoya TV and Mannerheim Rants Parodies), frequently updates his Bloodstreams Corporation site, takes time to work on SmileBASIC games, attends church on Sundays and gyms on Fridays, and heavily tries to keep on track with his daily MGWV[15] schedule on Twitter. This makes him another Slikker who isn't active at Slikking without retiring (the others are UsefulAGKHelper, Ivan187, Kiddo and Red Bloony)
    • However, in June 23, 2018, he announced his retirement and decided to move on into making Splatoon SFM videos now
  • Jayden remakes his past episodes because he wants to improve the dialogue (especially the typo in Adventures episode 9, where Leopold says "I hope Unreal Tourtement loads up..."), quality, and other things.
    • Another issue with Adventures AGK S4EP12 was that the watermark immediately disappeared before the game video, either as an oversight, or due to his laziness. This will be fixed in S4EP12c.
      • Yet another issue on his series was the buffering issue from Rebooted episode 9. Reloaded S4EP22c is expected to fix these issues.
  • As of June 22, 2017, he tends to use extremely random descriptions that tends to reference his past. A good example is his Robbie Rotten playlist, as it references both his insanity incident in April 2016 and GeneBernardinoLawl's shoutout in September 2016.
  • When he rendered his videos, his original format was WMV, but later changed to MP4 immediately after switching to macOS because of restrictions. This would make Unleashed episode 24 the first time since Rebooted episode 8 to be rendered at 1080p.
  • Unleashed episode 23 (AGK tries to make sausage eggs) is the final episode which uses the Arial font. Episode 24 (AGK plays Minecraft) is the first episode which uses the AppleGothic font instead of using the said font from the past episodes, again referencing Jayden's anti-Microsoft status.
  • Jayden's favorite episode from Adventures was S4EP7 (AGK watches The Relaxing Sound of Typing), likely due to his interest with ASMR videos.
    • He also has two of his favorite episodes from Rebooted, which are episodes 3 (AGK plays Grand Theft Auto V) and 5 (AGK plays Splatoon).
      • And, his favorite Unleashed episode is episode 19 (AGK vs POKEGAMERZ 9185) because of IaD requesting it.
  • He has a scar on his head since 2006, where he fell down backwards from a broken wooden chair giving him a cut in his forehead.
  • Revealed in this AGK episode from August 6, 2017, his voice acting have gotten more worn-off, as he seems to sound like he is tone-deaf. Another example of his tone-deafness is this video. His best explanation for his tone-deafened effect is that his private rambling triggered him to sound tone-deaf, but his father revealed that he was always tone deaf ever since he was a kid.
  • Similar to a fellow Slikker known as TheCrazinessCat, Jayden is often depressed due to a moment on October 2015 that scarred him for life (which he doesn't want to reveal what happened), often having problems trying to forget this.
  • His tendency to say "welp" and follow "lol" without using any commas (e.g, "I won't be so sure about that lol") were inspired by a Let's Player, Zayence. Plus, his tendency to say "mkay" was self-decisional.
  • He tends to oversleep excessively for unknown reasons — usually waking up around at a random time, although 6AM or 7AM is his best choice because of high school.
  • He's usually extremely shy around others, but can get along with them once he knows them well.


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  1. In Unleashed they have been made longer, starting with episode 19.
  2. Nowadays he calls it a "joke" and resulted on a name change in November 7, 2014.
  3. The idea of Leopold being a murderous, dangerous sniper was inspired by Trevor Philips from the 2013 video game Grand Theft Auto V, which is, in fact, one of Jayden's most favorite games ever.
  4. This is his only video which was stolen from another user.
  5. This is the only episode that will not be redone for Reloaded because the original video had been removed.
  6. This is another episode which will not be remastered because of TheCrazinessCat's second and actual retirement.
  7. Despite plans to release it in September 2015, Rebooted was rushed to August 2015 for time constraints.
  8. This is the last episode made with a Windows computer, before he switched to a Mac in March 3, 2017.
  9. This is his first episode with macOS Sierra, as proved by a sneak peak in this post. And, a week after release, this episode was negatively received by an unknown person and a loss of one subscriber thus triggering the infamous subscriber incident. This is further proof that this episode failed to meet its expectations (to lure Minefreaks into his channel and to overtake Atarster as a popular Slikker)
  10. Bloodstreams Battles: Zero Hour is one of Jayden's games from the 3DS developed with SmileBASIC, and it would make it the third time since Adventures S4EP12 to feature one of his games.
  11. Bloodstreams Battles Online is another one of Jayden's games for web browsers.
  12. Movie 2 was planned to air just right after Unleashed episode 26, as revealed in a G+ post.
  13. The updated wallpaper can be found here.
  14. The way how he discovered her was by commenting on a post in the Splatoon 2 group on Facebook. Sometime later, Annalena sent him a friend request on February 2018, leading to him to confirm the request, and the two immediately became best friends.
  15. MGWV is a group on Twitter to gain followers.

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