1. REDIRECT Template:Parodistikesmash97 is an American AGK Parody maker who is currently not making any new videos due to being in active service in the American military. He has a harsh sense of humour and sharp wit, but this means that he tends to troll other users. His videos normally feature excessive profanity and fast-paced animation sequences - common for parodies nowadays, but his episodes are reasonably original compared to other parody series.



Title Description
1 Leopold kills a spider Leopold and Harold have trouble dealing with a spider.
2 Leopold has a doctor's appointment Leopold and Harold go to the doctors, and Leopold has to have a Prostate Exam, amongst other treatments.
3 Leopold has a bad day Leopold has a strange day at school which results in him getting high, getting beaten up by other students and other such weirdness.
4 Leopold takes the final exam Leopold goes back to school to take the final exam. Will he pass, or will he fail?
5 Leopold hates dubstep Leopold has to put up with his Dad's obsession with dubstep.
6 Leopold goes to Sea World Leopold and Harold go to the aquarium and get scared by Sharks.
7 Leopold's dad gets a new job Harold gets a new job, much to Leopold's amusement.
8 Leopold goes to Pablo's house Leopold goes to Pablo Sanchez's house to get high and play video games after he accidentally blew up a house with a Sandwich.
9 Leopold goes to jazyua's house Leopold goes to Jazuya Kitomishi's house to get rest of the lifes!