Harvey Slikk (born on December 5th, 1872) is Hermann's father, Barry's grandfather, Harold & Gerald's great-grandfather, and Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas's great-great-grandfather.

He appears in Episode 198 of AGKandRockman2001's AGK series. M. Bison shows up at the cemetery, revives Harvey and tells him to kill Leopold and his family. Harold told Leopold the news is on, and it was about Harvey wandering around the city yelling "Slikk brains!". Terrified, the family decided to hide in Leopold's room. Harvey rushed to Leopold's house and found them. As he was about to kill the Slikk family, Tailsko shot Harvey and saved them. But Harvey got up and a battle starts. At the end of the battle, Leopold shoves him into a Fredbear suit which kills him.

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