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Angry German Kid Looks Up The New Evangelion Movies

Angry German Kid Looks Up The New Evangelion Movies

Gunter Adia Slikk Aka Gunter Slikk is An Angry German Kid Charater That Appers in Angry German Kid Looks Up The New Evangelion Movies.

Who Is Hybrid Of A Japanese African American Ancestry Who a Cousin of Angry Japanese Kid And Leopold Slikk

Adia A Parody of Kensuke Form Evangelion   And Rapper Eazy-e.
Kensuke in opening

Kensuke Adia


Gunter Was Born in 1963 in Compton California in When

When Harold Slikk Went a Hospital Harold Mother Willam Kensuke Leorich Slikk Had Baby And Named it Gunter Slikk And At The Age of 5 He Went To Compton Elementry School From 1st Grade To 5th Grade Then He Attened Comton Middle School

From 6th Grade To 8th Grade Then Gunter Went Compton High School 

Form Freshman To Senior Then Gunter Went To UCLA and Stanford And MIT And Harvard Until He Got A Job As A  Worker AT Jersy Mikes Until He Travel Abroad To Meet Harold Slikk Until He Met With Leopold Slikk.

Gunter's Family

Sweet Slikk-Gunter Mother Who Loves Ice Cube and Eazy-e.

Ryder Akagi Slikk-An Member Of N.W.A and Father Of Gunter

Harold Slikk-Ryders FatherTonya Kensuke Silkk-Kensukes Sister Leopold Sister

Kensuke Aida Leopold And Leonard Nepthure.


Gunter Has Mention His Appernce With Leopold In

And Gunter Make An Cameo Apperence in Pvmagk Videos.


Gunter Is Similar To Leopold Slikk He Has The Same Blond Hair And

Blue Shirt As Leopold Slikk and Wears A Compton Cap Black Shade

And He Carry A Old Ghetto Blaster And A Sony Camcoder And An AK-47 And Rifle And A Glock And Snipper Rifle Just Like Kenuske.

Obsession With Rap/Hip Hop And Kaiju And Mecha Anime

Since Gunter Always Rides A Low Rider And Blast Out Rap Music On A Radio Channel For Rap Music Playing Rap Mostly Ice Cube Or 2Pac or Snopp Dogg And Loves Watch Anime.

He Could Like R&B and Soul Music

From The Late 80s-Early 90s To Mid 90s To Late 90s To Early 2000s.