God Of Destruction Leopold Is a Strongest Form of Leopold Slikk. Never Seemed to be the most strongest but Really Powerful And Also. Even Stronger than ever. He used it in fanfiction and can Also Stop Time, Fast Foward time and Slow down Time.


He likes to get bored, Destroying Bad Computers! and Also Smashing Keyboards Forever

He also Likes

  • Leonard (Sometimes when giving leopold Pudding)
  • Himself
  • Leonidas (Sometimes)
  • Leorich
  • Harold Slikk (He often likes to punch him more)
  • Smashing Keyboards
  • Sonic


He doesn't like

  • Harold Slikk (Sometimes)
  • Sonic.exe
  • Barney
  • Demons
  • Bad Computers
  • Be In Hell
  • Others

Mastery of A God

Leopold Simply Mastered That Form and Use it to his own. Then Became a true god. And even Unlocked Super Rose and get bored