Sean Larson
Sean Larson Front
Sean Larson Back

Sean Larson Slikk, also known as the Angry English Kid, is Leopold's cousin in Travrinity's AGK series. He is usually angry when around and lives in his own apartment.

He is a lookalike of Sean Thompson (Tailsko's abusive brother in AGKRM2001's AGK series) and Sean Turner from PrinceStickFigure's AGK series

Fergie Slikk 2
Fergie Slikk
Leopold Jr. Slikk (AGKFan640) Wallpaper
Leopold Slikk Jr. Sprite Old

What do you think sprite from Cansin13

Leopold Slikk Jr Sprite
Sean Turner Sprite ArmHD
Sean Turner Back SpriteHD
Sean Turner Front SpriteHD
Sean Turner Sprite HDNoArm
Sean Turner Sprite HD

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