FallenAGKvideos is an AGK parodist since July 2016. Most of the time. He can create his own ideas. And he likes ROBLOX an online MMOG created and marketed toward children and teenagers. So he made ''Boom Blox'' and then he made his own AGK Series.



Episode Name Style Watch
Leopold's Bad Day Boring
AGK And the Trash Can Mishap WOT
AGK's Trip to Japan Storyline Based
AGK and the Haruhi Toy Trend Funny
AGK meets Boom Blox Somewhat Dark
AGK makes a shock website WTF
AGK and the news oh crap a storyline
AGK Goes crazy XDDDDDD
AGK and the Pedophile Mishap NO
AGK V.S ??? (soon.) NO NO


  • AGK and ROBLOX
  • Winter.
  • Boom Blox
  • Youtube Videos
  • Connor Marini.


  • The UTTP .
  • Nolan B
  • Go!Animate
  • Noobs
  • School Bullies
  • School...
  • When the Internet broken
  • Ivan187

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