This is the script for episode 25 in Travrinity's AGK series

The characters in this film are: Fabrice, Jake, Traver, Noah, and Alex

The voice actors will be:

  • Fabrice as himself
  • Jake as himself
  • Traver as himself
  • Noah as himself
  • Alex as himself

Here it is:

(Angry German Kid intro)

school bell rings

Jake: Hey Fab, what are you going to do today?

Fabrice: Don't know. Haven't planned something.

Jake: Since you are one of Traver's friends, why not hang out with him?

Fabrice: Hmmm *thinks*. You just gave me an idea. I will ask him to join his team!

Jake: Pfft, good luck *leaves scene*

at the Caro-Tower

Fabrice: *enters tower*

Traver; Oh hi. Are you here to drop by?

Fabrice: Trav. Can I ask you a question?

Traver: Sure. As long as it is important

Fabrice: What can I do to join your alliance?

Traver: Well, first you need to have very positive strength and abilities. And you also need to follow these 10 commandments.

Fabrice: Okay

Traver: Then, you must read half of 50 Shades of Grey to prove you can stand up to sex

Fabrice: Gross. As much as I hate that novel, I am willing to read if it can get me registered

Traver: And finally you must accomplish every task that involves pain and strength. Can you handle that?

Fabrice: Oui (yes)!

Traver: Then let's do this. First, you will meet us at the simulator chamber. See you there. *leaves*

Fabrice: Heh, my first test. I can do this confidentally. 

at the testing room

Traver: (Intercom) What we are going to have you do is you will have to use your Mad form to defeat that pig carcass

Fabrice: I thought you sealed that?

Traver: I did, but only the middle part of your brain that makes you lose control. The tricky part was infusing souls together to ward it out. If you use your form now, you won't have to lose sanity. Go ahead and try.

Fabrice: Okay? *tries to rip a piece of flesh* Ugh! Why is it so hard? It was easy enough to tear!

Traver: I should mention you cannot do that to transform. You have to channel your anger.

Fabrice: How do I do that?

Traver: Use your mind to send signals around your body 

Fabrce: I'll try. *focuses* Hnnngh. *hair spikes up* *canines become sharp* *eyes open as red with black pupils* Whoa. This is beyond something I ever imagined.

Traver: Good. Now attack that target.

Fabrice: Got it. Uhhh.......What do I do? My hand? *hand imbues in darkness and forms into a claw* Heh. This'll do *slashes*. Ha!

Traver: Great job. We'll have to give your more training in order to join. Join us for dinner if you want.

Fabrice: *smiles* *reverts to normal form*

at the dining table

Alex: Here is today's dinner: Clam Chowder *sets each bowl down*

Noah: Thank you. You make a great chef.

Alex: No worries. I am glad to have friends who admire my cooking.

Fabrice: Are there clams in this?

Alex: Only the meat but not the shells

Fabrice: *shrugs* *scoops but looks at others*

Alex: *repeatedly scoops and eats*

Noah: *takes a bite* *takes out clipboard and writes results

Traver: *takes a bite* Hmm. Needs a bit more salt. *sprinkles kosher salt on chowder* *takes a bite* Better

Fabrice: *raised eyebrow* *lowers eyebrow and puts an oyster cracker on chowder* *looks for pepper* So what do you exactly do here?

Traver: Not much. We just try to make money by uploading videos on Youtube and all that. You should try it for yourself.

Fabrice: I will one day. But what caught me off guard is how our......I forgot.

Noah: Something wrong I suppose?

Fabrice: No, it's just...our home. It's...changed over these years. We have no where to go anymore, except this big tower that runs on solar energy. Do you find it hardly fair to build this while others can't?

Traver: I don't see why that's a problem

Fabrice: But do you see how this can be almost a bad thing? What if there's a mob out there that wants to shut us down? What if we go bankrupt?

Traver: Don't you worry man, we have a system that unlimitlessly produces sheets of foreign currency. Ranging from USDs, to Euros, to Pounds, and even Yen. And the best part: It's not counterfeit! We learned about economics and how money is made. Our GDP is balanced enough for both our economy and our chances of survival in tiptop shape.

Fabrice: And how is that, possible?

Traver: It's the brain that makes the plan, not our hands. We usually invest for ourselves on mortgages and trading. So let's not talk about this anymore. Get ready tomorrow.

the next day...

Traver: (Intercom) I want you to do what you did yesterday to that carcass except without transforming

Fabrice: Okay. *focuses on hand* Hnngh! Haagh! I can't do it.

Traver: Focus harder

Fabrice: *focuses much harder on hand* *hand turns into a dark-imbued claw*

Traver: Good. Now deliver the blow.

Fabrice: *slashes target's head off* That was better than my first one

Traver: Great. Let's demontrate your normal abilities on a ballistic gel torso.

Fabrice: *moves to next target* *takes out Camillus and stabs target in chest*

Traver: Nice move. *looks on tablet* From our calculation, I would say the impact velocity was 81 miles per hour. Take out your gun and shoot those targets.

Fabrice: *takes out Glock and shoots the targets*

Traver: Wonderful. Your pistol took them out in exactly 0.9 seconds. We are going to start the true test. Good luck.

targets appear

Fabrice: *shoots targets* *puts away gun and runs towards moving targets* *stabs and slashes at the same time* Done!

Traver: 8.1 seconds to defeat a unit. I would say you can work out perfectly. Next test!

simulation chamber switches

Fabrice: Now what?

Traver: Now, you will smash those bricks and slabs in under 10 seconds. Go! *whistle blow*

Fabrice: (Easy. With this training I've done since I came to this world, I can harness the power to destroy anything rough using these hands). *concentrates* *yell!* *smashes all bricks in a row* *runs to slabs and arm drops and karate chops the others*

Traver: *stops timer* 9.7 seconds. That's a close call.

Fabrice: *breathing*looks over and smiles* Hm

Traver: You can come out of there now. Let's get you to the final test.


Fabrice: So what is this "final test" that I have to pass in order to join?

Traver: Remember that one torture scene in Casino Royale with the chair and rope?

Fabrice: *shrinks eyes* Oh no, I am not going to do that!

Traver: Relax, this will be the last thing to join, so be prepared *grabs rope* Just get undressed and sit on that chair

Fabrice: Fine. 

Fabrice: *gets nude and sits on chair* How come there's no cover on this?

Traver: That's the point. *lightly swings rope side to side and hits Fab's nuts*

Fabrice: Oh! That felt a bit...hurting

Traver: I know. Oh I forgot! *tapes Fab's whole body on chair*

Fabrice: What was that for?

Traver: Just to make sure you don't escape *swings rope in circle and hits seriously*

Fabrice: AHHHHH! AGH! That flipping hurts!

Traver: Keep calm. This test is to make you resist pain in the lower area. Try not to yell. *swings rope in circle and hits again*

Fabrice: *groan!* Have mercy on me

Traver: I'm not trying to kill you here. I've done this to Alex and he didn't even attempt to scream. Now this time, I will use something else. *drops rope and grabs baseball bat* Be prepeared *swings bat underneath*

Fabrice: *holds breath* Ach! *spits blood*

Traver: Okay maybe I was too hard on this. Buuut at least this bat was cheap *bat breaks off*. Now then, let me get these gloves on and then we'll be close to getting this done.

Fabrice: (I regret making this decision. I'm no man, I'm just a coward! If only I was strong, I wouldn't be stuck in this mess!)

Traver: Now this is our final step 

Fabrice: What the hell are you gonna do with that salt?

Traver: The ingredient to psychological defense *slaps Fab's genitals with the salt*

Fabrice: *scream* This burns! It burns, it burns, it burns, it burns, it burns!

Traver: *slaps Fab's face* Calm down! It's just a small handful of salt! How bad is it to you anyways?

Fabrice: *spits in Traver's face* You''re a lunatic

Traver: ...........I am leaving you to your death *walks to the elevator*

Fabrice: Wait! Don't leave me here! *struggles to get tape off* *bites on tape*

Traver: It's hopeless. There's nothing you can do about this.

tape falls down

Traver: Besides, no one has ever passed this test before. So you are one out of every given number to ever go through it. You, my friend, have became such a great-

Fabrice: *runs to Trav and yells as he raises rebar in the air*

taser gun shoots Fabrice

Fabrice: Gah! *drops pipe and falls to the floor, unconscious*

Traver: Thank you for that. *enters elevator*

camera shows Fabrice's body and fades to black

At his house...

Fabrice: ............. Mmm *opens eyes* *gets up* Where am I? *looks around* This is my room. I'm back here in my house. *looks at his desk* Wait, what's that thing? *gets off bed and walks to his desk* A note. *peels tape off note* *reads* Dear Fabrice, congratulations on passing the Caro-Legion Senior Class Training Test. We are proud to serve you under our ranks to show how we admire your talent on behalf of your destiny to fulfill every task you complete. Under our standards will you follow by our rules and agree with our conditions in order to keep your title as "Lieutenant Fabrice". After reading this, you will be working with us to conquer much of our goal to be seen, as not only a faction, but a political power. Thank you for joining us. Sincerely, your best friend and leader. *drops note* I've done it. I surpassed the test. ....Well, time to get busy.


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