Darkiplier is a name that the fans described Youtube personality Markiplier when he is not behaving normally, instead opting for a more creepy personality and actively trying to scare his fan base. He is the main antagonist in half of season 1 in Travrinity's AGK series.


Darkiplier is described to have light beaming below him with a creepy smile towards the screen with his head down and his eyes up to emphasize the fear factor of his expression. The fan base described Darkiplier to be a separate being from Mark, making varied appearances in several Markiplier videos, and occasionally interrupting a recording with a foreboding message to the audience.

In the fan base, he is portrayed to have grey skin and red eyes. This has been seen in pictures and even in a game that Mark has played called Markiplier Adventures where Markiplier raced him and acknowledges his personality. He made another video game appearance in Markiplier: Dance With Caution only as a female version of Mark.


He first appeared in episode 49 during Leopold's gameplay of MARIO where Darkiplier appears next to Mario with a message above saying "Congratulations on making this far into the game. Now I can be free to leave this place. Time for you to die." and an image of Mark staring at Leopold pops up and begins to slowly enhance as the laggy scream from Error 53 is heard along with split second parts of October of Terror ends of Markiplier's screams and a Slender game over animation, then the TV goes black. Leopold takes the cartridge out and the TV turns white and an explosion happened.

In episode 50, Dark appears and Leopold questions him. The entity doesn't respond and instead plays a creepy ambience from Don't Blink. Leopold, agitated, tells him to listen but the entity emits a red aura around him and attacks Leopold. Leopold fought back but his punching became ineffective against Dark and was blasted to a wall. Dark goes up to him and tells Leopold about him. Leopold gets up and fight but misses. Leopold ran away to his room to grab his weapon and fought against the alter ego. Just when Leopold was about to finish, Dark did a jumpscare effect and sent Leopold's Board-Blade into space and defeats Leopold. Leopold lies on the ground and blacks out.

In episode 51, he appears in the sky next to the city in Traver's view when he looked outside. He is also seen on the news where he crashes to the ground and kills the news reporter along with the cameraman.

In episode 52, Leopold meets Dark face to face on mid-air and battled. Dark lands to the ground with injuries and sees Traver and the crew with guns pointed. They fought in an RPG style battle and defeats Darkiplier. Dark disappears and turns into The Mark. The crew defeats the enemy and rams him inside a computer where he will never get out of.

He comes back again in episode 128 when Leopold and his teammates found three television sets lying straight up when static induced on both screens and stops as everything went white when Darkiplier and the two creepypastas: Ben Drowned and Sonic.exe appeared. They were fought in an RPG battle and Leopold defeats them. After which, Darkiplier and his friends promised not to do any evil but will definitely fight Leopold another time. Then the trio went back inside the TVs.


  • This is the only official picture of Darkiplier:
  • There has been instances of Darkiplier in Markiplier's lets plays as brief flashes
  • Mark can summon Dark by dancing dangerously. If done inaccurately, he can hurt himself.
  • In Markiplier RETURNS, Mark thinks Darkiplier is an emo vampire
  • In episode 157 of Travrinity's AGK series, he mentions that when Mark had his powers, he also released his half that caused catastrophic harm to Youtubia.
  • Markiplier created a blog post about the existence of Darkiplier saying that he does not know who Darkiplier is and he does not understand why his fans called him that.