Crucial (formerly SBPTSAngryGermanKid) is an AGK parodist since 2009.


Crucial is a long-time AGK maker. His first AGK series started in 2009 under the name "sparkybigp", however, that channel was terminated due to a copyright claim, so he had continued the same series to another channel known as "sparkybigptalkshow". It was until 2010 that he initially quit, since the parodies were getting extremely negative feedback, because of the atrocious editing in Windows Movie Maker, bad dialog, and bad plots. After he quit, he recalls this as his worst and darkest moment of being on the internet. There were people constantly making hate videos about him, constantly disliking all of his content, and constantly reporting his videos. He fell into a deep depression in late 2011 and decided to vanish from the internet.

However, in mid-2012, he came back, better than ever, as "SBPTSAngryGermanKid". He had started learning how to use Sony Vegas Pro 7, and made the parodies much better than before. He had also matured much more than his past self, by staying out of arguments, staying away from being the subject of rants, etc. He'd eventually reach 310 subscribers and 10 episodes and 5 spin-off videos before retiring again in early 2014, trying to pursue a career as a "Let's Player". He'd close his channel and erase almost all of the proof of his past as an Angry German Kid maker.

After a long time, the AGK community forgot about SBPTS. It was not until the "Let's Play" videos failed badly and got negative reception, that he would come back to Angry German Kid once again in mid 2015, this time, completely changing his identity to "Crucial". He stated that this change was to "Put the past behind me, forget about my let's play videos and how bad they failed.". This time, he had Sony Vegas completely mastered, and could, therefore, create videos extremely well-edited and thought-out. His newest series has gotten overwhelmingly positive reception, due to the fantastic editing and interesting plot lines.

2015 Angry German Kid Series

Crucial's AGK series focuses on character development, special effects, plot-lines, and overall, great quality. He states that "Angry German Kid needs someone to bring it back from the depths of internet hell, and I set forth to do that mission. I'd swear to re-invent AGK and make it popular again", meaning that he did not like where people were taking the series, such as being immature, or making terrible parodies.

Leopold's house blank background

Where most of the action takes place.


  • Leopold Slikk (The main protagonist of the series)
  • Jake Randolf (The deuteragonist of the series)
  • Harold Slikk (The main antagonist of the series, Leopold's abusive father)
  • Mary Slikk (The secondary antagonist of the series, Leopold's overprotective mother)
  • Jeffery Slikk (The main antagonist when Leopold travels back to 1966, Leopold's abusive grandfather)


  1. Angry German Kid gets trapped in the restroom
  2. Angry German Kid goes back in time (Part 1)