Critizone is an AGK parodist since 6/17/15 from Atlanta.

Hello! I enjoy YouTube videos and hate the UTTP (One of them are finally are gone...)

So I have an weak computer but can still handle video editing software, Also right now

I am dealing with this computer crashing at random. I will have the first Episode of my series

up by 6/17/15. I got inspired by alot of people to make my own Series. Like Atarster, AngryGermanKid82, AGKandvideomaker2000. I love to play video games But when it comes to

horror I am very picky at the game most of the time I think most horror games are bad.

Like for an example Five nights at Freddy's an trend going on the internet I don't like the game or

I hate the game so much! >_< So what else about me is that AGK (aka Leopold) Is pretty

funny to see him break his keyboard or computer! So i game him a nickname "Keyboard Smasher"

So i think that's it.



Season Episode Episode Name
1 1 Angry German Kid's New Computer
1 2 Angry German Kid's Virus
1 3 Angry German Kid's Brother 1/2
1 4 Angry German Kid's Brother 2/2
1 5 Angry German Kid's Father Meltdown
1 6 Angry German Kid Plays UT