Commenter of Comments is a YouTuber who makes 2 series of videos, Angry German Kid and MS Sam plays.

He has a bad reputation of failing to stay alive.



Commenter started his internet life as a redditor (randomredditor123458).

He made comics on f7u12 and also browsed a few other subreddits.

He eventually deleted his reddit because he couldn't take it.


No less than a month later, he came back as randomredditorreturn.

He made a few more comics, then realized the f7u12 rules were horrible.

He created /r/EverythingRage as a movement against them.

He also created a million other subreddits, including /r/Angry_German_Kid

His account is still around, and is used from time to time.

Commenter of Comments (the beginning)

Commenter was simply a generic account for commenting on videos at first.

Then he made a video called How i feel about Windows XP discontinuation.

It was his most viewed video at one point, which then the most view would soon be MS Sam plays Happy Wheels.

Commenter of Comments (the start of a channel)

Commenter had made his first AGK episode and had offically started his carrer in YouTube.

Later the same month, he made his MS Sam plays Divine Intervention video.

Things had just begun, and he would lat

Commenter of Comments (Nov-Dec 2015)

He gained control of everything. For 5 seconds.

His brother had deleted all his files and was put on a massive hiatus.

School also stopped him, but he got things back and began again.

Things were back the way they should.

Oep, no. Things fuck up again and he stopped existing for longer, said multiple times he was trying to rise, and even said he would be dead until 2020!

Then... he stuck to his word about being back...

Commenter (reborn)

Commenter has finally come back and is making weekly videos!

It seems so far this will keep up. This seems to be the beginning again.

Let's all hope Commenter can keep his word.


Commenter has made some friends and partners during his time.


Mario Beccera (Captain Sniper)

Mario is one of Commenter's friends, who's been around since the beginning.

Mario also makes AGK videos, but he doesn't seem to make them too much.



MVN AGKVIDEOS was kinda partners with Commenter.

Commenter had remade his icon, and intro.

The remade icon was used almost instantly, however the intro remake was never used.

It is currently believed MVN is currently deceased, but there is no proof.


Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts is a starting YouTuber with only 2 videos, which is an intro to his channel and his Top 10 favorite superheros of all time.

Jason is actually real life friends, and knows Commenter personally.

bb rr

bb rr has no subs and only one video called "Minecraft" where he plays Minecraft Pocket Edition.

bb rr is also knows Commenter personally.


The current schedule is a new video every Saturday at 12:00 Dallas time.

It alternates between AGK and MS Sam every week.

Note: Future Episodes are in Bold Italic and have no date or link

Angry German Kid

Episode Name Watch Episode Episode Date
Leopold reacts to /r/leopoldpeoplehate Oct 22, 2015
Leopold realizes it is Halloween Oct 30, 2015
Leopold finds out about Commenter Nov 6, 2015
Leopold reacts to Chromebook Nov 14, 2015
Leopold downgrades to 3.1 Sep 3, 2016

MS Sam Plays

Episode Name Watch Episode Episode Date
Divine Intervention Nov 5, 2015
Happy Wheels Nov 20, 2015
Ozee (Limex Games) Aug 22, 2016

AGK Shorts

Episode Name Watch Episode Episode Date
Nightmares Dec 19, 2015

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