The John Show Title

The title of the series

The John Show is a webseries created by Collaterale1 and premeried on Youtube in 2011 and still goes on, it was later rebooted with full episodes uploaded on Vimeo for being shitty. The plot revolves around John, who fights villains while having a normal life setting in the City of Nowhere, the plot is very similar to Angry German Kid series, especially Jayden's series, despite not being related to AGK.


Main Characters

  • John - Protagonist of the series.
  • Robo - Best Friend and creation.
  • Rosie - She is a american-french woman who was born from a rich family of aristocrats. She is John's main love interest.
  • Cosmo - Acts as John's adopted daughter.


  • Johnstein - John's 2nd creation and butler. He is a homage to Frankenstein's Monster.
  • Frollo - The protagonist from The Frollo Show. He appears in episode 5.
  • Gaston - One of the main characters from The Frollo Show. He appears in episode 5, but he made a cameo in the first episode.
  • Coldor - An italian robot general who acts as the main instructor to his own Military. He debuted in episode 3.
  • Fegelein - The master of Antics and Hitler's rival.
  • Leopold - The main protagonist of his own series. He appears in episode 6.5.
  • Jake Randolf - Leopold's best friend and arsenal of weapons. He appears in episode 6.5.
  • Pulcinella - From the 2003 italian animated movie Totò Sapore e la magica storia della pizza. A midget dressed in a white outift with a white hat and a black mask. He is the main symbol of Naples. He debuted in episode 7.
  • Swagmaster - The protagonist of SuperMarioGlitchy4's Guards n' Retards. He is a guard of the Spaghetti Factory. In this series, he is potrayed less of a goofball.
  • Chris - The side character of SMG4's Guards n' Retards. He is a guard of the Spaghetti Factory and Swagmaster's friend and companion.


  • Mayor - The mayor of the City of Nowhere first appears in Episode 1. Is real name is yet to be showned.
  • Dark Skapokon - The main antagonist of Season 1. He was originally Oellam, Weegee and Eegeew's evil brother who killed his older brother Eegeew to take power, but evetually gets backstabbed by his other brother Weegee, which his wife Heziad seals him in a crystal, 3000 years later, his brain was founded by scientist who created an evil clone of Weegee, which was destroyed by Stocking Anarchy, later, NESTS created a robotic King Harkinian and put his brain into it, but he was destroyed by Morshu launched by Garnet into the Blimp, later Bizarro Swagmaster and Bizarro Chris finded the head in the trashcan and created a body of John how he looked in the early years, but modifided, he was later killed by Weegee with a super powerful Weegee Punch into space. His current incarnation is a Skapokon-like creature who carries around a crowbar and became leader. He is set to appear in Episode 8 and 9 of the Season Finale.


  • Shuma-Gorath - The main villain of episode 6.5. He owned a Horror Mansion which the visitor must complete trials and don't be scared, if someone is trying to escape, the visitor will have its head ripped off and its flesh eaten. He was defeated by the heroes. He was also revelaed to be a member of Dark Skapokon.
  • Green Biker Dude - A one-off character from the beginning of Mega Man X2 got a large role as a member of Dark Skapokon in Episode 7. He made a racing compitation against John.
  • Dolly Twin Sisters - Originally created by ZetaR02 (User). They are a pair of twin sheep scientists and 2nd main antagonists of the hentai game Project X: Love Potion Disaster. They are the main antagonists in the first episode where they are responsable for reprogramming Johnstein into a killing machine, but eventually killed by the heroes.
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's abusive dad. He only appears in the end of Episode 6.5. where beats his own son for abandoned Leonard, despite Leopold and Jake where trapped in the mansion for 5 days. He has yet to appear to have a major role.
  • Charlie - The protagonist from Don Bluth's All Dogs Goes to Heaven. He appeared in Episode 6.
  • Fievel - The protagonist from Don Bluth's another movie, An American Tail. He appeared in Episode 6.
  • The Bizarros - Led by Bizarro John (Who looks like John in his early years), in which consists of Bizarro Robo (Robo from Chrono Trigger, who later make a cameo in Episode 6.5 as a zombie), Bizarro Cosmo (Lumina from Sonic Shuffle), Bizarro Engineer (Vagineer), Bizarro Charlie (The Rapping Dog from the animated Titanic movie), Bizarro Fievel (Sailor Conners from another animated Titanic movie), Bizarro Swagmaster and Bizarro Chris. They are the main antagonists of Episode 6. The only survivors are Bizarro Swagmaster and Bizarro Chris, who revealed that they came from the future.
  • Morshu - He made a cameo in episode 5, where he crashed into King's Blimp.


Season 1

Title Description Aired Watch
1 John's Monster. John, tired of working, decided to create a replacement, which resulted Johnstein, however, two twins are plan to steal everything by reprogramming Johnstein into a monster. So is up to John to stop them. 12/23/11 (Original)
11/03/14 (Remake)
Link (Remake)
2 John goes to the Bar John goes to the bar, getting drunk while watching the monologe, drunkdrives to a car, and crashes into a tree, and later arrested, claiming to have "drug possession". 01/04/12
3 Sexy John John tries to attract Rosie by getting muscles, he entered to the Military instead and after 7 Months, he finally returned with a pair of devoloped muscles, only to find that he contacted AIDS, because he ended up sex with a soldier girl who had AIDS.


10/03/15 (reupload)

4 Street Fighter II in Italy

John returned to Italy with Double D and his italian cousin to watch a Tournament of Street Fighter in the Coliseum of Rome.

WARNING: This video contains 9 minutes of Street Fighter II gameplay, please don't watch!.

5 John vs. The King John is having a chat with Frollo and Gaston, while in a Sex Club. But King Harkinian comes in, went insane and shoots everything with his Dinner Blaster. Now John has to stop it. 03/16/12
6 Bizarro John recieved a mail that he won 1 Million Dollars, only to fell into the trap, now he, Robo, Cosmo, Engineer from TF2, Charlie, (Swagmaster and Chris in the remake), and Fievel where wrapped by the Bizarros, who want to turn Earth into a Pingas world, but Weegee comes in and tries to save the world from them 08/30/12 (Original)
01/15/15 (Remake)
Link (Remake)
6.5 Horror Mansion John and Fegelein goes to an abandoned mansion, where Leopold and Jake implied to the trapped, now is up to 4 heroes to find the exit and get the heck out of here.

Note: It was originally a bonus episode, and takes place before ep. 7 in the original.

08/22/12 (Original)
Link (Remake)
7 A Race with Green Biker Dude John gets challanged by The Green Biker Dude to a race competition. Now he must won the race, or else the Green Bike Dude will win.

Note: It was the last episode of the original series.

8 Dark Skapokon Rises I Dark Skapokon has managed to get a new plan, destroying the entire universe with a powerful laser cannon, but if it fails, he will change the plan by conquering all universes instead. Now is up to John, Robo, Nostalgia Skapokon, Dr. Pandemia, RebelTaxi, allied with General Mordern from Metal Slug, Old John and other characters to defeat Dark Skapokon and his minions before is too late, while he retreives a secret weapon from the past that absorbs every souls of every beings of the universe: Lilith. 05/25/16 (Part 1)
9 Dark Skapokon Rises II TBA Unknown



  • The John Show and AGK shares similar plots, both John and Leopold must defeat a ton of villains with their friends, and wield glasses, the only difference is that John is 31st years old and potrayed serious and heroic, while Leopold is 15th years old and potrayed as a jerk and a childish.