1. REDIRECT Template:ParodistCollaterale1 (Or SuperCollaterale and UltraCollaterale in Derviantart) is the newest AGK Parodist joined in August 2015 after watching most of the AGK videos since 2008 before his account creation near the end of 2009. He is also the founder of the Smash Bros. Lawl Community, which the game was created by Chincherrinas and creator of The John Show which starres most his creations from Go!Animate and Xtranormal characters such as John and Robo.

It has been confirmed that he will make his series in early 2016. But due to got a second strike on his youtube channel, the series is delayed for possibly March or April.

He is not only the third italian AGK parodist, but he is also the first person who use characters from other series.

This upcoming series stares Leopold and his friends fighting bad guys and have a normal life on school. However, a new group of Leopold's ressurected old enemies called The Anti-Leopold Group are plan to get revenge and kill him.


All of this characters so far where confirmed by the trailer.

Bold: Member of The Anti-Leopold Group.

Main Series

  • Leopold Slikk: Like his other selfs, the protagonist of the series who hates going to school and fails at studing because he always playing with the computer everyday. He is a target of child abuse, always gets beating by his dad for bad things he done. In this series, he is potrayed more of a jerk and less scared.
  • Jake Randolf: Leopold's best friend. He is seen often using variable of guns of desposal, he also has a Medical Kit, a Bazooka (Which he used in The John Show Bonus Episode - Horror Mansion), and a ancient Roman Shield.
  • Harold Slikk: Leopold's abusive father. He is seen pissed off and angry to his son, and also plays on his computer doing work, resulting to almost getting fired from his Boss. He is also a true Brony and likes his Grandfather.
  • Mary Slikk: Leopold's mother. She always comes down Harold by giving him a My Little Pony DVD Set.
  • Leonidas Slikk: Leopold's 1st younger brother. He is a crazy brother who often talking to "Internet People".
  • Leonard Slikk: Leopold's 2nd younger brother. He is more mature than his brothers and he is too young to watch horror movies, instead he watches kid shows that Leopold hates.
  • John Di Micco (from The John Show): The main protagonist of The John Show. He is a 31 year old American-Italian who's a martial arts skilled, an otaku, and a genius (Not really). He originally appeared in Go!Animate videos.
  • Robo (from The John Show): The side character of The John Show. A comedic robot who has the ability to stop time using his clock from his chest. He is created by John in 2004, which also happens to be his best friend. He originally appeared in Xtranormal videos.
  • Cosmo the Seedrian: From Sonic X. She is a 8 year old deceased species of Seedrian who is the last of her kind. After sacraficed herself, she is later reborn in Dr. Eggman's Lab, where he uses her to clone. But she eventually escaped, and finds a man named John, who will later become her friend and roomate. She is now 10 years old and acts like a typical teenager, likes hanging out with her newest friends, and texting. She acts as John's daughter-in-law and tries to find her powers again.
  • Mr. Dawes: From Mary Poppins. One of the main villains who has the power to summon fat pigeons and can transform into a half-pigeon himself. His son is Dawes Jr.
  • King Harkinian: The King of Hyrule who likes to go adventure with some of his friends, like Solid Snake, Otacon, and others. He is famous for shouting "Mah Boi" and "Dinner" and burps after drinking vine.
  • I.M. Meen: King's rival. He is a pedophile crazy librarian who hates goody-goodies and traps them into a book. He has a betrayed minion called Gnorris. His wife is Ophellia Chill.

AGK82 Series

  • Mr. Stevenson: Leopold's teacher, replacing Mrs. Sukscox, who is much nicer than her. He teaches Leturature.
  • Principal Lixadik: Leopold's principal, replacing Principal Diknoz, who is much nicer and funnier.
  • Adolf Hitler: A Nazi Leader and Leopold's greatest nemesis. He is a old man who has a flaming hatred of Leopold and Fegelein. He has a magic pencil that does random effects. He was once a Leterature teacher, but he got kicked for abusing Leopold.
  • Ronald Ramirez: Leopold's Dominican friend. He is his rival at first, but later became his ally. He is a complete opposite of Leopold, likes to play Team Fortress 2 and nicer. But still has angry problems.

TheDrapocalypse Series

  • Potato the Annoying Girl: Leopold's annoying friend and one of the minor villains. She is very socially inept and daughter of actor and The Frollo Show true antagonist Wilford, who revealed to share powers like her father, but rarely use it.
  • Wilford Brimley (With his Chincherrinas' The Frollo Show personality): Actor and the true antagonist of this series and The Frollo Show. He ofter abuse his daughter and the creator of Diabeetus. He is the creator and leader of The Anti-Lepold Group.
  • Principal Madwoman (as Mrs. Madwoman): Leopold's black teacher in this series. She teaches Science.
  • Gerda Hartmann: Leopold's girfriend.
  • Demon AGK: Leopold's demonic self who originally hosts him while wearing the Mask. But is later being a seperate person in this series, he is one of the main villains.

Atarster Series

  • LeVar Brown (minor villain): Father of Cleveland Brown and Leopold's minor enemy. He breaked out of jail recently.
  • Felicia (minor character): Originally a villain in Atarster's series, but now an ally in this series.
  • Noah: One of Leopold's friends.

RobertChamp Series

  • Tunak Tunak Tun: One of Leopold's greatest enemies. They are a group of 4 Indian dancers who uses the power of Tunak Tunak Tun to torment Leopold to death.
  • Manager of WallMart: A former member of The Gang of 7, now resumes work on WallMart.

TheKewlOne96 Series

  • Justin Bieber: Everyone's hatable singer.
  • Stephen Quire: Leopold's arch-rival. A screaming teenager who battles Leopold.
  • Numa Numa Guy (adressed by his real name Gary Brolsma): A famous fat guy known for Numa Numa dance.

Jeeves476 Series

Agito90 Series

  • Mrs. Wasp (as Mrs. van Dyne): Leopold's teacher. She teaches Biology.

Pauladrian360 Series

  • Captain PS (adressed by his real name Peter Sundler): A warrior from the future.
  • Albert Wesker: Former leader of S.T.A.R.S. and member of Umbrella Corporation, now a member of The Anti-Leopold Group.


LeopoldXTailsko10120 Series

  • Oishi Kawaii: Leopold's schoolmate. A hypoeractive japanese-american girl.

CDiFan237 Series

Trollo97 Series

  • Marco Bartucci: Known for inventing the word "Nabbo", now a member of The Anti-Leopold Group.

SuperMarioGlitchy4's Guards n' Retards

  • Swagmaster: Former guard of the now debunked Spaghetti Factory.
  • Chris: Former guard of the now debunked Spaghetti Factory.


Season 1

Title Description Aired Watch
T A new series coming soon.... Leopold deciced to play Unreal Tournament, until a message arrived from his computer. It says that his friend John is making a new series based on him. Leopold is not happy at first. but he accepted it. 08/18/15

1 Leopold sees himself on Youtube After a bad day at School, Leopold decided to watch a video on Youtube, only to find himself in various videos. 2016 N/A
2 TBA TBA 2016 N/A


  • Despite SuperMarioGlitchy4 not a being a AGK Parodist, he is a Super Mario 64 machinimist, he also uses material from Minecraft, Garry's Mod, and other media.