Clichés (IPA: /kliʃe/), here refers to those predictable and/or unoriginal things (like scenes character behavior, video styles, and others). These make AGK parodies less entertaining, and may make other users suspect you are a copycat.

Angry German Kid is a popular internet meme where people can use their creativity to make parodies about what AGK does, such as playing games, watching videos, going to places, or fighting with enemies, and try to be as random as possible when they make the parodies.

However, there exists a lot of situations that Leopold does or happens to him that are illogical, and those that even if we think through the situation we can't get past the question "How the hell does that happen?!" and said situations are called clichés.

  • Green means that the cliché is close to completely fine for parodists to use, as long as it's not abused.
  • Blue means the parodists need to be careful when using it as it is getting really close to becoming too cliché.
  • Red means the parodists need to stop using that cliché because it got too old, it's really annoying when it happens, or it's just flat-out hateful unless you can back it up.

NOTE: Nobody's the boss around here. You are not REQUIRED to avoid these clichés, these are just RECOMMENDATIONS. You can use these clichés, it's just that it won't make AGK as good as we want it to be. But it's not like if you use ONE cliché you get your YouTube channel terminated/suspended/disabled or anything like that. Remember, using old clichés will create tensions and criticism in the AGK community.

With that being said, here is a list of various clichés in AGK parodies.

Leopold's Behavior

  1. Leopold gets abused by his parents because of something he didn't do, for trying to defend himself, for doing something he didn't know the consequences for, etc. NUMEROUS TIMES. (unless someone decides to divorce or grounds Leopold for up to a week)
  2. Leopold is very impatient. 7 seconds? No! He thinks that's way too long!
  3. Leopold never has remorse after killing his enemies. What an unlikable psychopath!
  4. If there's something that aims to be as futile as possible, Leopold will rage over it.
  5. Leopold has a short attention span. He smashes keyboards for the stupidest reasons.
  6. Leopold is rude to everyone that gets in his way.
  7. Leopold sings Sausage Eggs.
  8. Leopold doesn't get anything he wants on his birthday or Christmas.
  9. When Leopold watches a video, he says unoriginal and boring stuff constantly, or he hardly says anything at all.
  10. Leopold acts like a 5-year-old when he refuses to go to school. (try to be original if you're gonna do this)
  11. If Leopold doesn't get the food he wants in a restaurant, he'll always hurt or kill the employee of the restaurant. Order something that's actually in the restaurant already, and don't ask for excessive amounts either!
  12. Leopold's grammar and handwriting are horrendous.
  13. At the end of some videos involving Leopold watching videos, he sees himself on YouTube and gets furious.
  14. Leopold watches R rated movies and doesn't care about the film rating. Choose a better film!
  15. Leopold blows up his school after he gets expelled from it.
  16. Leopold is never arrested, not even for extremely short periods of time for any crime he committed, from beating up someone to blowing up his school.
  17. Leopold spells English words in a dramatic way.
  18. Leopold calls his enemies "Fat bloated eediots".
  19. Leopold doesn't get jumpscared by a screamer right away. After a few seconds, he complains that he shat his pants.
  20. Leopold can escape prison easily, either using a bomb or finding a hidden tunnel and the cops dont even go on a search for him.
  21. Leopold always brags about his schoolwork being the best in the whole class, or his videos being the best of a specific genre. This implies that he is narcissistic.
  22. Leopold gets punished by his father over a mistake that was not done on purpose.
  23. Leopold is not that crazy, he knows how to control his anger sometimes. This makes the name "Angry German Kid" seem like a misnomer.
  24. Leopold has ripped-off hatred on celebrities, such as the infamous Justin Bieber.


  1. Leopold is the worst student of the whole school.
  2. Leopold is in 8th-11th grade, and he gets assigned a Stupid Quiz or the Math Times Table. Man, you're learning that not until such a high grade?! (as long as he doesn't fail)
  3. Leopold is always assigned an essay on something. There's other things to learn there, you know!
  4. Leopold gets assignments/essays of too many pages/words and he only says that he doesn't want to do it rather than giving an actual excuse.
  5. Leopold is new to the school, but the principal already knows Leopold's dad's phone number.
  6. Leopold's principal suspends him over dumb reasons. For example, being locked in an old bathroom for hours or standing up to a bully.
  7. Leopold can endure minutes playing games and watching videos at school without being caught.
  8. Leopold's teachers or principal mostly have raunchy last names like Suxscox or Diknoz. What kind of parents did they had?
  9. It's unknown whether Leopold goes to school by car, bus, or walking.
  10. Leopold and friends don't wear school uniforms.
  11. In most AGK Series, Leopold doesn't seem to go to school everyday like in real life.


  1. Leopold is obsessed with Unreal Tournament. For hell's sake, play something different, or be satirical about his love of the game!
  2. Leopold plays games like The Scary Maze Game. What's the point? Everyone has already done that and it got very unoriginal.
  3. When Leopold plays a game, he shows no patience, acts like a spoiled brat, smashes a keyboard after losing, and ragequits very easily, making it a waste of an episode.
  4. Leopold plays .exe games like Sonic.exe, AGK.exe. (This is literally overdone and isn't even friendly to sensitive people)
  5. Leopold gets a game cartridge for a console, but he still starts the emulator.
  6. Leopold doesn't bother waiting for an emulator to load.

Battle Scenes

  1. Leopold has to start every single RPG battle with a Keyboard Smash.
  2. Leopold gains EXP after an RPG battle, but there isn't a counter showing how much he has. We keep losing track!
  3. Leopold fights characters that represent the parodist's favorites, but he always beats them.
  4. Characters never really die after losing in a battle.
  5. While in an RPG battle, one or two of Leopold's attacks ALWAYS give a critical hit. Take Atarster's Tantrum attack for example; we'll never see how much it gives when it isn't critical.
  6. The amount of damage dealt by someone's attack is not always the same.
  7. In a lot of RPG battles, parodists use music from several Sonic The Hedgehog games, or simply don't pick music outside of one video game franchise.
  8. Leopold fights random characters.
  9. Leopold fights with his keyboard. Seriously! Who does that?
  10. An enemy turns into their true form but turns back to their normal form after one hit. (It's just pointless doing it)
  11. Leopold always wins in a fight against someone, even outside of RPG battles. It's worse if said character should be physically stronger in their source. What kind of teenager can beat up a man and send him flying with just a keyboard?
  12. Leopold defeats someone and saves the world, but the episode ends with him getting grounded or beaten up.
  13. Other fighters like Jake and Noah, and enemies, don't have a battle menu and can't level up, but still earn EXP. How are we supposed to know what moves they have and how they have more/less HP?
  14. Leopold always fights a character after watching their videos.
  15. When Leopold goes to somebody's house, all that ever happens is a battle scene, and usually, a video game is played or a YouTube video is watched beforehand.
  16. Whenever the enemy has low HP, they will always use an ultimate or secret weapon to finish Leopold off, and this attack will always miss.


  1. People make AGK parodies on GoAnimate or Plotagon.
  2. AGK butterfly intros. Another unoriginal concept that has gotten old really quickly.
  3. Leopold and other characters can walk without walking animations, talk without mouth movements, and pick up things without arms. (this is really impossible in real life to walk without animated body parts, talk without animated mouth and even picking up things without your arms!)
  4. Leopold can say different things with the same voice clips thanks to subtitles. (what would happen when parodists will get bored of using the same voice clips on the future?)
  5. Episodes don't always follow the previous one.
  6. Leopold's classroom and other locations look like his room when he shows up.
  7. Parodists overuse music that Leopold hates, such as Tunak Tunak & Justin Bieber, and they're all copyrighted.
  8. Email messages are represented as a blank white screen with the email's contents written on it in black. That's not how receiving emails work.
  9. Windows Movie Maker. This is the cause of many clichés listed here.
  10. Parodists never change the font of the subtitles. It's usually Segoe UI (Vista) or Microsoft Sans Serif (XP), because it's Windows Movie Maker's default font.
  11. Leopold can see what the subtitles look like.
  12. It's unclear whether Leopold does his work by hand or by typing on his computer.
  13. The intro that involves the same Hitler clip, the same AGK clip, a random video, and the same Harold clip, each cut to a TV static noise, then cut to the next clip, and ends with the color bars, the beep in the background and the name of the parodist.
  14. Leopold can easily track someone's house without even knowing the address.
  15. Many school principals in the AGK universe are portrayed by the AGK assistant.
  16. Leopold sees screamers. How do these kind of pranks never get old?
  17. Leopold is able to reference something that happened in the past, by saying what episode number it took place.
  18. Leopold speaks German, and is able to read English. (unless there is a reasonable justification, this counts as a cliché)
  19. Leopold has very little knowledge on how to use his computer. (except in CDiFan's series where Leopold can use floppy disks, fix his PC cables himself and is able to know different Windows OS's)
  20. Leopold is very gullible and gets easily manipulated by email messages, especially from people that he doesn't even recognize.
  21. Leopold uses old hardware. e.g. floppy disks.
  22. Leopold can interact with the characters in videos Leopold watches.
  23. Shorter episodes around 3 to 5 minutes long usually have the most scripting, while episodes longer than 10 minutes usually consist of Leopold playing games or watching videos.
  24. The characters are always seen wearing the same clothes. (it's not a bad thing to use different clothes on the characters)
  25. Parodists overuse the strong punch sound effect from Dragon Ball Z.
  26. Female characters are typically portrayed by Leopold in a high-pitched voice.
  27. Parodists keep using the same music for the episode title cards.
  28. Short scenes/conversations that serve little to no purpose to the episode. Try to make the conversations as long as possible to make sure the episode isn't anticlimactic; inspire the human's realistic conversations. (Write a script in Word or something)
  29. Some parodies are 480p or lower, and in 4:3 aspect ratio. This isn't 2008 anymore, try to make them at least 720p in 16:9 aspect ratio. (60 frames per second isn't required, but the framerate shouldn't be 24 either)
  30. When parodists use an original idea, they add crazy violent scenes on it such as murder and harshly violent fights. (this may not educate children younger than 13, this may lead to an immature fan base, viewer discretion is advised)
  31. Parodists overuse the old face expressions.
  32. Using low quality content, such as pictures with a white background instead of transparent or resizing a picture with a small size may lead to low quality depending on the picture's original size.
  33. The whole plot of an "AGK movie" is about killing an enemy such as Microsoft Sam and Justin Bieber. (Why?!)

Episode Ideas

  1. AGK plays [game] or [game creepyasta]
  2. AGK watches [video] or [video creepypasta]
  3. AGK babysits his brothers (3 Parts all with the same plot, always)
  4. AGK goes to school
  5. AGK cuts/skips school
  6. AGK goes on vacation to [country] (Live concert with copyrighted music, capping off with one that Leopold hates)
  7. AGK clones himself
  8. AGK goes to [restaurant] (Leopold is supposed to eat at [restaurant] instead of fighting with his employee enemy)
  9. AGK makes a Sparta Remix
  10. AGK Vs. Sonic.exe (Even rip-offs of this episode count as a cliché)
  11. AGK Lost on Space
  12. AGK visits Username 666
  13. AGK tries to upgrade his computer
  14. AGK gets revenge on [person]/his dad/his school
  15. AGK pranks his dad/family or AGK records his father at work
  16. AGK vs Angry Sims Kid
  17. AGK pretends to be sick
  18. AGK gets a Virus on his Computer
  19. AGK gets a job
  20. AGK gets scammed
  21. AGK's Nightmare
  22. AGK unboxes [game]
  23. AGK kills [person] or [creature]
  24. AGK breaks his computer
  25. AGK sees himself
  26. AGK watches AVGN
  27. AGK buys a new computer
  28. AGK gets Expelled/Suspended from school
  29. AGK gets banned from Unreal Tournament
  30. AGK goes camping
  31. AGK goes to the movies
  32. AGK goes to the hopsital/doctor/dentist (Try to be more original on this idea if you wanna use this one)
  33. AGK gets Busted
  34. AGK gets arrested or goes to Jail
  35. AGK hates [person] or [thing] or [tv show]
  36. AGK gets Detention
  37. AGK takes the Stupid Quiz/Test
  38. AGK watches Pornography/Porn (Seriously, go watch something else that isn't inaproppriate!)
  39. AGK poops his pants at school
  40. AGK plays The Scary Maze Game (Never make AGK to play such game, it's very scary, you know)
  41. AGK plays FNAF
  42. AGK orders Sausage Eggs on the internet
  43. AGK doesn't want/refuses to go to school
  44. AGK goes to Hell
  45. AGK goes to Heaven
  46. AGK babysits Leonard


  1. Leonard and Leonidas are always abusive towards Leopold, no matter how old they are.
  2. Leopold gets dumped by his girlfriend just because of a disability.
  3. .exe versions of characters/creepypastas are depicted as evil. It's even worse if they're related to Hell, the Devil or the number 666.
  4. When Leopold and his family go on vacation, there are driving sequences, and there are only very short, unoriginal conversations every 20 seconds or so. (unless something happens)
  5. When Leopold and his family go on vacation, they ALWAYS go to a concert with copyrighted music after a long driving session, and always ends with a song that Leopold hates. Go somewhere else or do something different!
  6. Leopold's dad is a brony and he loves girly shows.
  7. Characters like Sailor Moon, Caillou, Barney, Noah & Tailsko. They're quickly getting overrated and unoriginal in this community. Villains who oppose against Leopold just because they're a character from an original source that he hates are frowned upon by some viewers due to lacking character development, realism and are there just to be there. The same goes for protagonists that have nothing distinctive which makes them boring and bland to some people, further decreasing their enjoyment.
  8. The police arrests any character that are against Leopold, the time of which usually takes place after a battle that Leopold wins. Who is he, a boss that has police for his own security? We know he's the main character but some of his opponents do not even deserve prison. (if they didn't commit any crimes)
  9. Leopold's videos get hate comments/negative reviews.
  10. Usage of "Inspired by" when referencing other people's parodies. (if you inspire too many storylines that are not yours, this may count as a cliché)
  11. Leopold has interests, likes and dislikes similar to the parodist.
  12. Parodists tend to mention Leopold's praise towards sausage eggs or Unreal Tournament in the intro. What happened to something as simple as just mentioning the character?
  13. Reusing Noah OC's.
  14. Parodists overall use the same ideas over and over without inspiring or giving credit to the original parodist who made the idea, going as far as using the same exact lines throughout the episode, and it results in unoriginality, copycatting, rip-off storylines, hate and even criticism.
  15. Characters from kid shows are always antagonists.
  16. Leopold cooks something for himself/his family but he fails miserably.

Did you got ideas for clichés which aren't on the list? Leave your suggestions in the comments below, or edit this page.

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