Chun Li is a video game character which is from Street Fighter II. She is Leopold's first teacher of Medina High School in Che Clarke's AGK Series.

No Title
Chun-Li (CFA)


March 1, 1968

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5' 7



Atarster's AGK Series

In Episode 25: AGK & Rocko, Chun-Li made a cameo appearance in the flight to New York part. In Episode 34: AGK Visit to Noah's House, Chun-Li & Cammy are brainwashed by Adolf Hitler because he wants to have revenge with Leopold, so he made them to kill him. Later after Leopold went to Noah's house, Chun-Li and Cammy came up with an idea to stop Leopold, so they wear their Ren & Stimpy costume to hang out with Noah and Leopold. Later that night, Noah is playing Sonic on his Genesis that he got from Leopold, but the game went off. Noah and Leopold didn't know who turned off the game, and Chun-Li and Cammy came to them, so they are about to destroy them. In Episode 54: AGK Meets Ren & Stimpy, Chun-Li and Cammy wants to have revenge with Leopold, and they used the Mecha LeVar Brown to destroy Leopold, Ren, and Stimpy. After the mecha is destroyed, Chun-Li and Cammy decided to fight with Leopold and his friends. After the battle, they are snapped out of it, and they apologized about what they did wrong to Leopold.

She is voiced by Emily Mason