Che Clarke's AGK Series is all about Leopold Slikk. Hitler does not appear in this series. On 20th August 2014, he cancelled his series and deleted all of the episodes because he got a copyright strike.




  • Chun Li: Leopold's first teacher
  • Dick Gumshoe: Leopold's first principal
  • Barry Slikk: Leopold's grandad
  • Mr. Lawrence: Leopold's second teacher
  • Mr. Bullshit: Leopold's second principal


NOTE: All of his AGK episodes are deleted because he got a copyright strike, so they're no longer on YouTube.

  1. Angry German Kid goes to school - May 3rd, 2014
  2. Angry German Kid gets revenge on his dad - May 5th, 2014
  3. Angry German Kid plays Capcom vs SNK W 2.8 - May 11th, 2014
  4. Angry German Kid gets revenge on his school - May 15th, 2014
  5. Angry German Kid escapes from jail - May 20th, 2014
  6. Angry German Kid's dad returns - May 29th, 2014
  7. Angry German Kid goes back to school - June 8th, 2014
  8. Angry German Kid makes a fake VHS opening - June 14th, 2014
  9. Angry German Kid plays Super Smash Bros. - June 17th, 2014
  10. Angry German Kid watches Willy Bum Bum - August 20, 2014
  11. Angry German Kid meets Leonard - 1st July 2014
  12. Angry German Kid watches Hamtaro - 4th July 2014
  13. Angry German Kid's dad vs The Angry Toaster Man - 10th July 2014
  14. Angry German Kid's babysitter - 18th July 2014
  15. Angry German Kid plays Capcom VS SNK W 2.8 again - 25th July 2014
  16. Angry German Kid plays The Impossible Quiz - 26th July 2014
  17. Angry German Kid vs Prince Bo - 31st July 2014
  18. Angry German Kid and the last day of school - 3rd August 2014
  19. Angry German Kid plays F-Zero GP Legend - 7th August 2014
  20. Angry German Kid goes to Russia - 12th August 2014
  21. Angry German Kid goes to a new school - 19th August 2014

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