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AGK's Girlfriend/Script13:01, November 20, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
AGK's Winter Vacation/Script02:55, November 20, 2017Adrenaline21
Vs AGK&Rockman2001/Script12:49, November 19, 2017Adrenaline21
Angry Sulu Kid HUNTED!/Script11:33, November 19, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK meets Angry Polish Kid/script08:09, November 19, 2017F.L. Productions
AGK's grandpa returns/script03:13, November 19, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK's Great-Grandpa/script00:29, November 19, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
AGK and friends vs Springtrap & Kyle/script12:54, November 17, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
The sleepover at Nom Nom's mansion/script12:49, November 17, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
AGK vs. Warriors for Hire/script07:02, November 17, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Fegelein.exe: Continued Nightmare/script08:14, November 15, 2017Adrenaline21
Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~/Script04:20, November 14, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Angry German Kid.exe: Nightmare Beginning/Script04:14, November 14, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
The Purge on Germany/script22:23, November 13, 2017F.L. Productions
The Angry German Kid Movie (GeneBernardinoLawl ver.)/Script04:44, November 13, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK Lost in Space/Script19:32, November 11, 2017Travrinity
AGK's Grandpa/script19:31, November 11, 2017Travrinity
AGK's Friday Movie Night/script19:30, November 11, 2017Travrinity
AGK meets Connor Marini/script19:29, November 11, 2017Travrinity
AGK meets Tailsko/Script19:27, November 11, 2017Travrinity
The Search for Tailsko/script19:26, November 11, 2017Travrinity
AGK vs Darkiplier/script19:25, November 11, 2017Travrinity
Max Headroom Saga/Script12:21, November 10, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK & the tornado/Script12:03, November 9, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK vs Stephen Quire/Script10:49, November 6, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Merry Christmas, Leopold/Script10:39, November 6, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK meets Adolf Hitler/Script09:40, November 5, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Highbunker HxH's Last Journey Saga/Script09:25, November 3, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK, Jake, Gene and Fabrice's Excellently Adventure/script11:00, November 1, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK vs Stephen Quire: Round 2/script11:27, October 30, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Meet PrinceStickFigure/Script03:01, October 30, 2017Travrinity
AGK VS Fabrice: The Aftermath/script08:22, October 28, 2017F.L. Productions
Adrenaline21's Birthday/Script12:11, October 24, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK gets electrocuted by his PC Monitor/script19:00, October 23, 2017UsefulAGKHelper
Angry German Kid: Halloween Special/script08:12, October 22, 2017UsefulAGKHelper
Supreme King of Antics Saga/Script15:41, October 18, 2017Wazzupguys
Vs GeneBernardinoLawl/Script16:45, October 13, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK vs. Aladdin.exe/Script15:45, October 10, 2017Adrenaline21
The Return of Harold Slikk/Script00:45, October 9, 2017Adrenaline21
Antic Games/Script03:38, October 8, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK vs Nazis/Script01:44, October 1, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
AGK makes Baumkuchen/Script13:50, September 30, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK and Leorich vs Leonard/script12:25, September 29, 2017Adrenaline21
Reactions of Scary Logos from AGK and Friends/Script07:30, September 29, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK and his little brother babysits Leorich/script10:56, September 20, 2017Adrenaline21
AGK - The Beginning/script05:45, September 3, 2017Travrinity
AGK meets Steve/Script06:21, August 21, 2017Travrinity
Fabrice joins the Caro-Legion/script16:03, July 2, 2017Travrinity
AGK Meets Lamp From 1 To 3/Script00:35, June 29, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
AGK meets Fabrice/script03:03, June 1, 2017Travrinity
AGK VS Akuma/script15:52, March 13, 2017KurwaAntics
AGK & Flora/script01:18, February 25, 2017KurwaAntics
AGK meets Rias Gremory/script01:14, February 14, 2017F.L. Productions
AGK meets Noah/script20:18, January 17, 2017F.L. Productions
AGK's uncle/script19:03, November 28, 2016F.L. Productions
AGK VS his uncle/script14:52, November 28, 2016F.L. Productions
AGK Goes To Casey's Birthday + AGK VS. Buzz And Delete/Script10:36, November 5, 2016Wazzupguys
AGK and the new student/script02:22, September 30, 2016Travrinity
AGK vs Fabrice/script02:22, September 30, 2016Travrinity
AGK VS Angry Sims Kid/Script21:30, September 26, 2016F.L. Productions
AGK meets Traver/Script17:23, July 25, 2016Travrinity
Traver visits Alex's house/script19:39, May 31, 2016Travrinity

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