A list of all the characters in the Angry German Kid parodies. Leopold himself, who is a real person, is also included.

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Danny Randolf17:27, October 14, 2018Shiyamasaleem
Jake Randolf07:23, October 14, 2018Travrinity
Leonidas Slikk15:50, October 13, 2018Shiyamasaleem
Angry Sims Kid07:15, October 13, 2018Shiyamasaleem
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Stephen Quire19:09, October 12, 2018Shiyamasaleem
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Barry Slikk05:35, October 8, 2018AGKFan640
Angry French Kid15:11, October 7, 2018Shiyamasaleem
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Leonard Slikk05:13, October 7, 2018Shiyamasaleem
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The Seven Hells22:21, October 2, 2018Adrenaline21
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Ms. Skateeta02:01, September 26, 2018Mrdavidatify
Steve Demir17:52, September 25, 2018Shiyamasaleem
Stan Randolf20:11, September 24, 2018Shiyamasaleem
Leopold Red01:20, September 24, 2018GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Caillou22:54, September 18, 2018DownfallParodies101
Sebastian Taito08:28, September 5, 2018Ezrayoshi
Dark Leopold21:46, September 2, 2018Travrinity
Mr. Stevenson19:39, August 31, 2018F.L. Productions
Mary Slikk14:29, August 29, 2018Mustafa Yankı Gürsel 2018
Hatsune Miku14:35, August 27, 2018Ezrayoshi
Don Ramirez08:10, August 27, 2018Shiyamasaleem
Principal Lixadik19:06, August 24, 2018F.L. Productions
Principal Dikshitt08:10, August 17, 2018UsefulAGKHelper
Evil Leopold13:03, August 13, 2018UsefulAGKHelper
Leopold Slikk (The Angry German Kid Show NEXT)06:34, August 8, 2018GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Rodney Ramirez23:06, August 7, 2018Adrenaline21
Sonic.exe22:23, August 7, 2018Adrenaline21
Salty Spitoon Guy21:13, August 7, 2018Adrenaline21
Logan Abner16:59, August 3, 2018Loganthekids
Adrenaline21/Announcer's Quotes06:36, August 3, 2018Adrenaline21
Adolf Hitler04:41, August 1, 2018Pointify
Stefan Slikk16:38, July 29, 2018Shiyamasaleem
Leorich Slikk09:54, July 29, 2018UsefulAGKHelper
Angry Sulu Kid09:42, July 29, 2018Shiyamasaleem
Jacob Slikk09:10, July 29, 2018GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Angry Toaster Man07:44, July 29, 2018Shiyamasaleem
Noah Riegel22:24, July 26, 2018Travrinity
Alexis Reiku00:29, July 25, 2018Ezrayoshi
Principal Gestalt19:21, July 24, 2018F.L. Productions
Ms. Batako19:20, July 24, 2018F.L. Productions
The Angry Video Game Nerd17:59, July 22, 2018UsefulAGKHelper
Jade Hopper18:04, July 18, 2018Shiyamasaleem
Logan Underwood17:56, July 18, 2018Shiyamasaleem
Hoppus17:52, July 18, 2018Shiyamasaleem
Principal Madwoman15:46, July 18, 2018F.L. Productions
Pony video maker03:07, July 9, 2018Adrenaline21
Sarah Slikk17:15, July 8, 2018Shiyamasaleem
Johnny Fort Spieler02:17, July 5, 2018Adrenaline21
Hermann Fegelein15:04, July 4, 2018Adrenaline21
Angry Ghetto Gamer08:36, July 2, 2018UsefulAGKHelper
Category:Evil Characters08:28, July 2, 2018UsefulAGKHelper
User blog:Mustafa yankı gürsel/List of JOJO characters (gallery)08:20, July 2, 2018UsefulAGKHelper
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Leopold Slikk/Adrenaline21's AGK Series10:56, June 3, 2018Adrenaline21
Q18:04, May 27, 2018Mustafa gursel
Anne Slikk18:24, May 23, 2018UsefulAGKHelper
Edgar Sims11:59, May 15, 2018Adrenaline21
Akuma Otoko20:08, May 12, 2018Silverpanther2000
Stefan Kaczyński08:37, May 6, 2018Enzogonzales1104
Flowey.exe04:08, May 5, 2018UsefulAGKHelper
Sean Turner23:53, May 4, 2018Travrinity
Danelda (Mighty Magiswords)01:18, May 3, 2018GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Randy Randolf18:24, May 1, 2018Yasshigamer
Randolf family tree18:23, May 1, 2018Yasshigamer
Ronald McDonald13:12, May 1, 2018UsefulAGKHelper
Jeseca Rabswell14:19, April 30, 2018GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Melek Serter16:07, April 17, 2018Mustafa yankı gürsel
Leonard Slikk (The Angry German Kid Show NEXT)02:01, April 1, 2018GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Can Özyörük16:34, March 13, 2018Mustafa yankı gürsel
BEN21:17, March 12, 2018Christopher ruppel 5
Duplicate Hoppus05:05, March 12, 2018GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Sharry00:30, March 7, 2018FourFanatic7889
Lucy Felicity Monroe00:28, March 7, 2018FourFanatic7889
Huebert Anderson23:51, March 6, 2018FourFanatic7889
Sailor Moon23:04, February 28, 2018F.L. Productions
Mark Slikk05:49, February 26, 2018UsefulAGKHelper
Mallie15:56, February 25, 2018GiveMeCovfefe
Gerald Slikk02:10, January 30, 2018Silverpanther2000
Team Germans14:04, January 26, 2018GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Croyt (GeneBernardinoLawl ver.)01:40, January 24, 2018GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Mannerheim20:50, January 23, 2018Icepenguins101
Vambre Warrior23:37, January 22, 2018F.L. Productions
Sean Slikk (GeneBernardinoLawl ver.)23:47, January 18, 2018GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Ronald Suez03:29, January 9, 2018Adrenaline21
Jeffery Slikk07:18, January 1, 2018MaZano
King Kong01:42, December 12, 2017Adrenaline21
Category:Main Characters11:16, December 1, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Annabelle Moreau08:13, December 1, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Justin Bieber15:59, November 24, 2017Adrenaline21
Arthur.exe15:52, November 18, 2017UsefulAGKHelper
Zoey the Doxen07:32, November 16, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Aleksander Kaczynski12:00, November 5, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Ms. Bottleneck02:17, November 5, 2017YTP King
Damien14:48, November 4, 2017Logopedia234
Category:Villains who turn into Superheroes04:26, November 2, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Arnold McLeon09:11, November 1, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Kyle (We Bare Bears)21:08, October 20, 2017F.L. Productions
BartTV13:57, October 4, 2017BartT10TV
Category:Villains who turn into Anti-Heroes11:20, October 4, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Blue Orb Leopold09:43, September 18, 2017GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
Harry Slikk07:09, August 4, 2017UsefulAGKHelper
Tank20210019:40, July 24, 2017AGKandvideomaker2000
Ruby the Dragon15:34, July 13, 2017F.L. Productions
Mr. fuxface19:12, June 18, 2017RobloxFan1103
Captain PS15:36, June 8, 2017F.L. Productions
Potato the Annoying Girl19:06, June 7, 2017Ronney3
Harvey Slikk19:05, June 7, 2017Ronney3
Cassie the Fox08:24, June 5, 2017F.L. Productions
Suicide Mouse08:22, June 5, 2017F.L. Productions
File:Chun-Li HD.png14:44, June 1, 2017Shiyamasaleem
Haruhi Suzumiya12:50, May 20, 2017Wazzupguys
Team AGK19:54, May 13, 2017Wazzupguys
Ren16:35, April 3, 2017F.L. Productions
Joey Slikk (Character)16:35, April 3, 2017F.L. Productions
Chun-Li16:33, April 3, 2017F.L. Productions
Gum the Yoshi14:26, March 7, 2017PrinceStickFigure
Ratchet13:57, January 19, 2017Stefipostelnicu
Teresa200019:11, November 25, 2016F.L. Productions
Areal Slikk02:36, October 30, 2016PrinceStickFigure
Rebecca Black20:35, October 29, 2016Dark Yada
Wolfram von Bielefeld20:32, October 29, 2016Dark Yada
Category:Mammals19:35, October 27, 2016Bimini Road
Hurricane German Kid14:18, September 26, 2016KurwaAntics
Jamie Fegelein16:11, September 24, 2016F.L. Productions
Dark Zagi23:16, September 20, 2016KurwaAntics
Ryder White's Squad23:19, September 15, 2016Travrinity
Ashley17:58, September 11, 2016Wazzupguys
Dark AGK14:12, September 10, 2016Wazzupguys
Palkia20:56, August 20, 2016Benwellzs28
Jovi18:45, August 15, 2016F.L. Productions
Scammers21:17, August 5, 2016BlueNewton
Arstron00:10, July 28, 2016Connor Marini
Dialga21:15, July 23, 2016Connor Marini
Alien Baltan17:09, May 29, 2016KoopaGalaxain
Tiny Arstron17:08, May 29, 2016KoopaGalaxain
Vakishim16:47, May 29, 2016KoopaGalaxain
Rocko02:10, May 7, 2016Aliens80
File:Jake leopold and kaeruo.jpeg23:39, April 23, 2016Aliens80
Akako Otoko15:18, April 23, 2016F.L. Productions
Ultraman Belial12:37, March 6, 2016KoopaGalaxain
Angry Catalan Kid15:50, February 7, 2016KurwaAntics
Category:Gerald Slikk Jr.12:19, January 8, 2016Vladohabaj331
Fliqpy.exe01:35, December 27, 2015NewMarioFan65
Pablo Sanchez14:45, December 4, 2015Lenny23456
Category:Scrapped Characters00:18, November 29, 2015DJACFan
Doctor Aufbau12:28, November 25, 2015Vladohabaj123
Suzie Randolf16:06, November 21, 2015BlueNewton
File:Leonard Front View.png05:05, September 12, 2015Nolan2001
Category:Abstract Characters22:33, September 6, 2015DJACFan
DewElr105:27, September 6, 2015KurwaAntics
Ryder White20:02, August 30, 2015Pokebob1
Mario's Head00:43, August 25, 2015NewMarioFan65
StupidWolfie01:45, August 23, 2015KurwaAntics
Category:Enemies02:06, August 20, 2015DJACFan
Category:Characters by national or ethnic origin21:10, August 18, 2015DJACFan
Leopold Tribe10:24, August 18, 2015KoopaGalaxain
Arceus10:15, August 18, 2015KoopaGalaxain
Angry Japanese Kid.exe08:14, August 16, 2015Vladohabaj
FilipHavlicek01:22, August 12, 2015KurwaAntics
Terminator19:26, August 2, 2015Connor Marini
File:ComJacker.png00:26, April 1, 2015KurwaAntics
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