“Stop Calling me mister. I have a name, the name's Captain PS.”
―Captain PS introduced to Carl Clover

Captain PS (Peter Sundler) was the secondary protagonist of the AGK Series. An original character created by a youtuber pauladrian360. He is a parody of Captain N and Captain S of the PBC Series but with different appearance from the other video game characters (Such as Jak, Leon, etc.).


Captain ps 2

Captain PS in Episode 20

Captain PS wears a white shirt and white pants with a black trim and a Playstation logo on it, wearing blue Wrap-Around sunglasses(he wear Oversizes sunglasses in Episode 20) and borrow the same outfit as Jak ,his hair is brown and undercut. He is also slightly tall as Jak. In Leopold and Peter Show he wears casual clothes.


Peter is somewhat kindhearted person especially to Leopold. He has alot's of Playstation console (this is why his name was Captain PS) which explained to Leopold during their conversation in Huerta Memorial Hospital.


Main Weapon

  • Playstation Move

Weapons from InFamous

  • Positive Karma Lightning Bolt

Weapons from Ratchet and Clank

  • Omniwrench Millenium 12

Appearance in Angry German Kid Series

Pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Series

Captain PS was a member of PS Team and worked as a bartender in Episode 20 he was also a friend of Jak which he mention in a first place despite Leopold doesn't know him yet. He later help Leopold and return to save the Haven City. His past life was unknown.

In Episode "Let's face the Baron" He became a close friend to Leopold after the fight with Baron Praxis.

He appears in Leopold and Peter Show he only reffered himself as Peter Sundler than Captain PS this was because he doesn't play Playstation.

In AGK in the Future Christmas Special, he finally got a PS4 w/ 2 games Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag and Battlefield 4.

In Episode "The Fegel Alliance" he was revealed to be Fegelein's friend. He also convince Fegelein how to perform Antics like he did.

He appears as a cameo in Hitler Pros and Cons about him.

Captain PS made a solo appearance during the Ice Bucket Challenge, challenging Harold Slikk, Micky Lazlo as well as AGK Makers and Untergangers such as TheKewlOne96, TheAGKMisadventures, AlphaSkyRaider, Staedty86 and AKO675.

MohdAKSnake Angry German Kid Series

Captain PS Made an appearance in Angry German Kid Trilogy. He was going to appear in the future series before he closed his account.

NajibTheChamp Angry German kid Series

Captain PS appears in his series. He was a member of Angry Gang.


  • pauladrian360 already created him in 2009 before his AGK Series but only in his traditional art even though he doesn't show it before.
  • Captain PS was the first fictional character created by pauladrian360.
  • the name Peter Sundler was a pun of the Playstation short name PS.
  • Unlike Captain N and Captain S, Captain PS name came from the name of Console instead of name of Developer.
    • However he is the only Captain person who doesn't wear a varsity jacket.
  • the color of his outfit resembles to the color of the playstation console.
    • Light Gray - PS1
    • Black - PS2, PS3 and PS4
    • Blue Lining and Shades - PS4
  • It is possible if he will had his own show.
  • His background on his wallpaper is a XMB background use for Playstation.
  • In Episode 25 "Leopold in Elysium" he wears an Arctic Rig from Dead Space 3.
    • He also mentioned Isaac Clarke the main protagonist from Dead Space Series.


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