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CDiFan237's AGK Series revolves around Leopold, the protagonist in the series. It follows Leopold in his adventures, and misadventures. This series is notably tamer than the others, with no cursing or strong violence.

CDiFan237 has left his YouTube account and switched to dailymotion as he announced. However, he has since suggested that he may well return, as Google+ is no longer mandatory for YouTube accounts.



Series 1

  1. Angry german kid plays Sonic Adventure 7
  2. Angry german kid calls tech support
  3. Angry german kid and the power cut
  4. Angry german kid plays Project64
  5. Angry german kid has a nightmare
  6. The season finale (This episode is divided in 2 parts)

Series 2

  1. Angry german kid plays Conker: Live & Reloaded (This episode is divided in 2 parts)
  2. Angry german kid plays Michael Jackson`s Moonwalker
  3. Angry german kid gets banned from Xbox LIVE
  4. Angry german kid plays Cybermorph
  5. Angry german kid`s PC gets a virus
  6. Angry german kid does some illegal downloading
  7. Angry german kid vs Microsoft Sam (This episode is divided in 5 parts)


  • Angry german kid: Halloween special
  • Angry german kid: Christmas Special (This episode is divided in 2 parts)

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