“I'm a hard working AGK Maker!”

BradTheCoolMaster is an AGK parodist since September 2015. He uses Adobe Animate A.K.A Flash Profesional, and After Effects to make the animation, Sony Vegas Pro 13 or 14 to render, add music and merge clips each other! He also remakes parodies made by those famous parodists like Cansin13, Cornish Gibs, AngryGermanKid82, TheKewlOne96, Tank202100, and other parodists. Some of them have been sadly retired.


Leopold Slikk

Harold Slikk

Mary Slikk

Leonard Slikk

Leonidas Slikk

Jake Randolf


Upcoming Characters

Kaeru Otoko

Sean Turner

Ronald Ramirez







MePhone 4




MePod Touch 4G






Professor Quigley

Tiki and the family



Adolf Hitler

Hermann Fegelein

Movies and Specials

AGK the movie: The 2nd remake (In remembrance of Cansin13)

AGK the movie 2: The remake (In remembrance of Cansin13)


Note: Upcoming episodes are in italic. Episodes that are done are in plain, Episodes in progress are in bold.

Season 1

  1. AGK Plays MARIO
  2. AGK VS. Dark Leopold Part [1/3]
  3. AGK VS. Dark Leopold Part [2/3]
  4. AGK VS. Dark Leopold Part [3/3]
  5. AGK And Casey VS. Tad And Leap W.I.P
  6. AGK Gets Mauled By The Lighters
  7. AGK VS. Lighter Part [1/2]
  8. AGK VS. Lighter Part [1/2]
  9. AGK Goes To McDonalds
  10. AGK Plays Scary Maze Game
  11. AGK Plays Cat Mario
  12. AGK Does A Math Test
  13. AGK Gets Prank Messages
  14. AGK Meets Baseball And Nickel (Halted)
  15. AGK Meets The Object Show Hosts (Halted)
  16. AGK And The Tornado
  17. AGK's Stupidest Day Ever
  18. AGK Watches The Nostalgia Critic
  19. AGK Cuts School (Inspired by Cansin13, AngryGermanKid82
  20. AGK Watches Zelda CD-i Cutscenes [Part 1/2]
  21. AGK Watches Zelda CD-i Cutscenes [Part 2/2]
  22. AGK Gets RickRoll'd
  23. AGK Has a Nightmare
  24. AGK Plays Sonic.exe
  25. AGK And The Thunderstorm
  26. AGK Watches Fat Kids on YouTube
  27. AGK Accidentally Goes On
  28. AGK Buys A New Computer
  29. AGK Goes To Casey's Birthday
  30. AGK And Casey VS. Tad And Leap Again
  31. AGK Goes On Username 666
  32. AGK's Ultimate Nightmare
  33. AGK Watches Suicidemouse.avi
  34. AGK Meets Lamp Part [1/3] (Halted)
  35. AGK Meets Lamp Part [2/3] (Halted)
  36. AGK Meets Lamp Part [3/3] (Halted)
  37. AGK Gets Detention
  38. AGK Pretends To Be Sick
  39. AGK's Babysitter
  40. AGK Plays Sally.exe
  41. AGK Gets Prank Messages
  42. AGK Plays David
  43. AGK Watches Greatest Freakout Ever
  44. AGK Has A Good Dream
  45. AGK Plays Sonic 2.exe
  46. AGK's New Teacher
  47. AGK Goes Camping
  48. AGK's Babysitter
  49. AGK Meets Angry Japanese Kid
  50. AGK Meets Balloon And Suitcase (Halted)
  51. AGK VS. Lily
  52. AGK Has A Crazy Dream
  53. AGK's Babysitter
  54. AGK's Summer (Inspired by AngryGermanKid82, TheKewlOne96, and Joey Slikk)

Season 2

  1. AGK Babysits His Brothers Part [1/3]
  2. AGK Babysits His Brothers Part [2/3]
  3. AGK Babysits His Brothers Part [3/3]
  4. AGK Gets RickRoll'd
  5. AGK VS. The Fly
  6. AGK Gets Abducted By Aliens
  7. AGK Watches Barney
  8. AGK, Jake, And Casey VS. BJ, Riff, And Baby Bop
  9. AGK VS. Tunip And The Vegimals
  10. AGK Goes To The Hospital
  11. AGK Has Constipation
  12. AGK Gets Tortured By Ran Ran Ru
  13. AGK VS. His Dad
  14. AGK Goes Back To School
  15. AGK Plays Lester the Unlikely
  16. AGK Goes Camping
  17. AGK Plays Sonic Adventure 7
  18. AGK Takes The Stupid Quiz
  19. AGK Visits Work
  20. AGK VS. Stephen Quire Part [1/2]
  21. AGK VS. Stephen Quire Part [2/2]
  22. AGK Meets Angry Dominican Kid
  23. AGK Plays Lost Silver
  24. AGK Has A Good Dream
  25. AGK Plays Silver Surfer
  26. AGK Plays Sanatorium
  27. AGK Meets Annoying Orange
  28. AGK's Birthday
  29. AGK plays Slender
  30. AGK Plays Imscared
  31. AGK Gets False Flagged
  32. AGK Gets Stalked By Slender Man
  33. AGK Gets Stuck At The Old Restroom
  34. AGK Watches Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life
  35. AGK Watches Microsoft Windows Commercials
  36. AGK Meets Annoying Orange
  37. AGK Gets What He Wants For His Birthday (Sequel To AGK's Birthday)
  38. AGK Passes The Test
  39. AGK Sees Himself On Youtube
  40. AGK Makes A YouTube Poop
  41. AGK Has A Power Cut
  42. AGK Plays Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  43. AGK Watches Angry Video Game Nerd
  44. AGK Gets Revenge On His Dad
  45. AGK Plays Donkey Kong
  46. AGK Takes The Stupid Quiz
  47. AGK's Dad Returns
  48. AGK Plays The Impossible Quiz
  49. AGK Plays Insanity.exe
  50. AGK Goes To KFC
  51. AGK and Casey Goes for a sleep over at Jake's House
  52. AGK, Jake, and Casey VS. BJ, Riff, and Baby Bop

Season 3

  1. AGK Lost In Space Part [1/3]
  2. AGK Lost In Space Part [2/3]
  3. AGK Lost In Space Part [3/3]
  4. AGK gets annoyed by Mario Head
  5. AGK Goes To ****
  6. AGK Plays The Worst Sonic Game Of All Time
  7. AGK Goes To An Abandoned Place
  8. AGK Meets The Tikis (AGK VS. Professor Quigley)
  9. AGK Pulls The School Fire Alarm
  10. AGK And The Prank Calls
  11. AGK VS. Dora
  12. AGK Watches More Fat Kids on YouTube
  13. AGK And His Grandfalther
  14. AGK Goes on eBay
  15. AGK Meets The Angry English Kid
  16. AGK's Deadly Nightmare
  17. AGK Against Leonard
  18. AGK Plays Galaga
  19. AGK Gets Traveled In Time Part [1/3]
  20. AGK Gets Traveled In Time Part [2/3]
  21. AGK Gets Traveled In Time Part [3/3]
  22. AGK And The Wrath Of The Cats
  23. AGK And The Mystery Of Long John (AGK And The Wrath Of The Cats Part 2)
  24. AGK Meets Leon Smallwood
  25. AGK And Leon VS. Barney