Boom Blox is a hell of a person and almost wanted on every country. And he is an Enemy of Leopold (now friends) in FallenAGKvideos's AGK Series. He may be a child molester


When Boom Blox was just a baby. He was Beaten up by his own parents and almost on his 1st birthday. He was thrown into a wall and almost died. He ran away from his parents and his hometown. So he became crazy and moved to the same country Leopold Slikk lived in and then later he teams up with Leopold so he can find his real parents

Things he did (From Baby to Adult)

  • Pissing in Jaidens coffee and made him drink it
  • Showed his penis to impress the ladies
  • Rubbed his penis into a used condom later on
  • Became a fucking asshole
  • Pooping on the carpet
  • Somehow became a girl
  • Kidnapping hippies and made them join ISIS
  • Kidnapping Children so he can rub his penis in the children's mouths
  • Snuffed 536 nails up to his asshole
  • Blowing up the whole town
  • Used his penis to drink coffee
  • Pooped Pants
  • He Sucked so many drugs that he sucked himself on a womans vagina and killed himself later on

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