Blue Orb Leopold is a powerful entity that results from Leopold touching and absorbing the Blue Orb in RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series. When in this state, Leopold's eyes turn red and glow, and strange red markings cross his body, and also glow. Leopold also only has access to the Blue Orb Keyboard in this state. Leopold completely loses all rational thought in the 'Blue Form', and will attack anything that angers him.


RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series

Blue Orb Leopold first briefly appears in Episode 6, Leopold and the Mysterious Orb. Leopold feels ill, and the room goes dark, making him scream. He tries to go to the hospital, but then the Blue Orb takes full effect, transforming him into Blue Orb Leopold for the first time. After some insane rambling, Leopold turns back to normal when Tiny Arstron knocks on the door.

Leopold first utilises this form in combat when fighting Palkia. Without even entering the battle system, Leopold turns into his Blue Orb form, and jumps out of the cargo hold of a Kaiju Airways plane. One powerful blast from the Blue Orb Keyboard completely wipes out Palkia.


  • Blue Orb Leopold's markings and general demeanour is based on that of the Team Aqua leader Archie (when under the effect of the Blue Orb) in the Pokemon Anime.
  • Blue Orb Leopold, while generally insane, is capable of normal speech. In episode #6, he speaks in reverse after realising that he can't understand his own speech.


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