• Adrenaline21

    Features Keyboard Master Super KeyPower
    Appearances Adrenaline21's AGK Series GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series
    • Leopold Slikk
    • Johnny Fort Spieler
    • Jack Randolf
    • Adrenaline21
    • Ronald Suez
    • Spencer Grave
    • Kaeru Otoko
    • Vanessa Nakamura
    • Alisa von Dreissig
    • Jade Adelia Hopper
    • Steve Fort Demir
    • Judy Hopps
    • Nick Wilde
    • Gene Bernardino
    • Fabrice Laroche
    • The "Dark Weapon"
    • Hermann Fegelein
    Leopold Slikk only
    Forms Tier 1

    • Proto Form (Only Season 1 Original)
    • Default Form
    • Unreal Tournament Form
    • 2nd Form
    • Sharp Form
    • Classic Form

    Tier 2

    • Accel Form
    • Bullet Form
    • Dark Form

    Tier 3

    • Penultimate Form

    Tier 4

    • Final Form

    Keyboards Used

    For Leopold's Forms:

    1 (Tier 1)

    • Black
    • White (Classic)

    2 (Tier 2)

    • Black and White
    • Dark Blue and Dark Purple (Dark Form)

    3 (Tier 3)

    • Black, Silver and White

    4 (Tier 4)

    • Black, White, Gold and…

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  • UsefulAGKHelper

    Hello everyone! I'd like to say that i have an announcement related to my series. Episode 4 is finished! However, sadly it's still rendering and it's gonna take like 7 hours and 24 minutes... I hope you're patient enough because the evening will come after the rendering is finished. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

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  • UsefulAGKHelper

    Hello everyone, i'd like to point out that we need to do a big change which is related to the transcript pages.

    The change is about making the scripts more organized.

    From now on any script page's name ending with "/script" must be changed to begin with "Script:" instead.

    If you don't do this change, your script (if whose article name doesn't start with "Script:" will be deleted because it's outdated and sorting scripts makes it harder.

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  • GiveMeCovfefe

    Only admins can use this feature. Go to Admin Dashboard and click "Announcements". Insert a title and a link (within domain). Users can receive announcements from the bell icon on the top right.

    More info here.

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  • Adrenaline21

    In Adrenaline21 and GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series, most of the episodes contain battles with specific themes, usually characters what they fight. For the lists, see below.

    • Tales of Destiny (Director's Cut ver.)-I Miss You: Barney (part 1)
    • Rockman X5-Zero Space 2: Barney (part 2): Barney
    • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)-Wishing Upon Chaos Emeralds: Barney (part 3)
    • Hokuto no Ken-You are Shock (Instrumental): Adrenaline21
    • Sonic Unleashed-Eggman Land~Day ver.~: Sonic.exe
    • Kingdom Hearts 0.2-Wave of Darkness: Adolf Hitler (plus AGK Remake Episode 5)
    • Rockman Zero 3-Cold Smile: Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps
    • Sonic Mania-Egg Reverie: Justin Bieber
    • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories-Lord of the Castle~HD 1.5 ver.~: Adolf Hitler (AGK Remake Episode 13)
    • Kingdom Hearts …

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  • UsefulAGKHelper

    If you didn't noticed yet, the Leopold Slikk page is too long. So i need to split it in two separate pages, one about Leopold in real life, his career and videos. And other about the parody version of Leopold. The main page was protected temporarily.

    So, if you have any feedback, don't hesitate! Feel free to discuss about the change here!

    Also, i am bringing back blogs to the community.

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  • Mustafa yankı gürsel

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  • Adrenaline21

    In this series, japanese translation always appears with Biodata bumper in the middle of episode since season 2.

    • レオポルトスリーク, Leopold Slikk
    • ジャックランドルフ, Jack Randolf
    • ジョニーフォルトシュピーレン, Johnny Fort Spielen
    • アドレナリン21, Adrenaline21
    • ロナルドスエズ, Ronald Suez
    • スペンサーグレイブ, Spencer Grave
    • 男カエル, Kaeru Otoko
    • 仲村バネッサ, Vanessa Nakamura
    • アリザフォンドライシー, Alisa von Dreissig
    • ジェイムズ マックスティック, James McStick
    • スティーブフォルトデミル, Steve Fort Demir
    • ジェイドアデリアホッパー, Jade Adelia Hopper
    • ジュディーホップス, Judy Hopps
    • ニックワイルド, Nick Wilde
    • ズイフォンドライシー, Sui von Dreissig
    • カリフラワー, Cauliflower
    • グレイブ/デベンスの家族, Family of Graves/De Vances
      • レイブングレイブ, Raven Grave
      • ケーチーグレイブ, Katie Grave
      • アルフォンソグレイブ, Alfonso Grave
      • アメリアデベンス, Amelia De Vance
    • スリークの家族, Family of Slikks
      • レオナードスリーク, Leonard Slikk
      • レオニダススリーク, Leonidas Slikk
      • グラディススリーク, Gladys Slikk
      • ハロルドスリーク,…

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  • KurwaAntics


    October 15, 2017 by KurwaAntics

    Most AGK parodists are now studying in middle school or high school. Some goes to college, and some already have a job.

    College education in Hong Kong has radically changed since 2000, the percentage of college students soared to 60% few years since the introduction of the associate degree. Prior to 2000, people who are not eligible for a degree could only choose from a few higher diploma courses or get a job.

    Now with a glut of college students, many industries have excessive supplies and some students could not get their desired job. Meanwhile, some jobs such as surveyors are in short supply. A fresh graduate of surveying could immediately apply for a government job and earn about US$2600 a month (median salary in HK = US$1990).

    Here are so…
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  • Adrenaline21

    Forms are initially introduced in GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series and continued again in Adrenaline21's AGK Series. Leopold has his different form in each series and many abilities are come up with its form.

    • Proto Form (Season 1)
    • 1st/Default Form
    • Unreal Tournament Form (Season 1)
    • 2nd Form (Season 2)
    • Bullet Form (Season 2)
    • Sharp Form (Season 2)
    • Accel Form (Season 2)
    • Final Form (Season 2)
    • Classic Form (Season OVA)

    • Default Form
    • Dragon Fire/Fiery Dragon Form
    • Powerful Wind Form
    • Blue Water Form
    • Keyboard of Doom Form
    • TBA

    Proto Default/1st UT 2nd Sharp
    Keyboard Boomerang


    SMG-Type Keyboard gun


    Keyboard Boomerang

    Keyboard Strike

    Keyboard Throw

    Keyboard Slide

    Pencil Stab

    Pencil Throw

    Knife Throw

    Knife Stab


    Spinning-Edge (FM)

    Aerial Rave (FM)

    Ground Breaker…

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  • GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo

    Here are the list of the episodes that we see Angry Sulu Kid crying.

    1. Angry Sulu Kid HUNTED!
    2. AGK's Girlfriend
    3. TBA
    4. TBA
    5. TBA
    6. TBA
    7. TBA
    8. TBA
    9. TBA
    10. TBA
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  • KoopaGalaxain

    So, hello everyone! I know I've been very inactive recently, and it kinda sucks. Fortunately, I've come up with some plans to make the next episode in my series! I was close to having episode 8 done last year, but a broken hard drive made me lose all my hard work and my resolve for quite a while. Over a year later, I am back, and here we go!

    Since you guys are probably wondering what the episode will be about, I'm not gonna spoil the whole thing - rather, I'll give you this teaser image I whipped up to whet your appetites!

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  • Pyschopasta

    My last offer.

    May 4, 2017 by Pyschopasta

    To all of the AGK Parodists on the Angry German Kid WIKI:

    You all haven't been keen with me since I have made my offer to make the Angry German Kid battle with the Yelling at Cats Guy, well. I have expected more from you guys. Guess I'm an idiot for 'this' as well...

    For this hypocritical decision ; I'm making my own WIKI, and we'll see who has the upper hand. I'm not just doing this out of jealousy of your talents, I'm doing this out of frustration of the fact that I'm "The New Guy", and needed encouragement, but you all didn't give that encouragement to me. So don't try and say that 'I'm gonna get over it' or 'I'm not all tough', cause I can do bad all by myself.

    This is my last offer, so if you want to make this new episode of the Angry G…

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  • GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo

    Coming soon.

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  • GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo

    Coming soon.

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  • GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
    • Season 1 (on Google Drive)
    • Season 2 (on MEGA)
    • Season 3 (coming soon)
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  • Tctrain2

    A masage to the Angry german kid fandom 

    rember this kind regards Tctrain2/fastforwardtt on devainart /tom collins on youtube

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  • BlueNewton

    Well... I'm sorry everyone but its my time to retire on AGK for now...

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  • Peter Sundler

    I'm too old for this.

    November 17, 2016 by Peter Sundler

    Dear Admin,

            I would like to delete all of my pages that I created, because I don't belong here in this Wikia anymore and besides I'm too old for this community and I don't deserved it. Thank you.

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  • Icepenguins101

    With the end of the short episode era coming, it's time to flip it around. Now that I've got my external hard drive, I can make longer episodes... so I can make people quit complaining about it :D

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  • KurwaAntics

    Election day

    November 8, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    If Donald Trump wins the election I will change this Wiki red.

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  • Honda1334Parodies

    The AGKMV contest has been replaced to the AGK Animation Collab. Please be reminded that you will need to watch this video.


    No nudity or pornography is allowed.

    No holocaust refrences.

    No Hitler and Nazi lovers.

    You can use other sources for your entry. Like Downfall etc.

    You can use AGK green screen effects.

    Your entry must be 0:30 to 8:00 long.

    Your entry must have subtitles.

    You can use your entry from previous collabs.

    Your entry must be less than 6 months.

    You cannot copy other people's entries.

    No entries more than 8 minutes.

    You can submit only 3 entries.


    1. Your entry must be good enough to qualify.

    2. No racism or semitism.

    3. No saying bad things about AGK Parodists and characters.

    4. It cannot be a YTP.

    5. Your entry must not …

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  • KurwaAntics

    Wipe Harris's mess off Wikia!

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  • Honda1334Parodies

    I have created an AGK Parodies Discord chat. Here is the link if you would like to join.

    Don't forget you will need an account to get inside the chat.

    BTW, please reply to me if you have joined the chat.

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  • KurwaAntics

    AGK Parodist Award 2017

    October 31, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    The AGK Parodist Award hasn't been running for half a year. During this period more people had joined the community and make AGK parodies, so I think it's time to resume the award.

    The new award will run once every 9 months.

    • Anyone can nominate up to three parodists, including yourself.
    • Nominees must be, or have been actively making parodies.
    • Nominees must have sufficient parody views. (Depends on notability)
    • Winners can no longer be nominated again since they win the award.
    • All qualified nominees will enter the first round voting. If a candidate received ≥50% votes, he/she will be inducted.
    • Otherwise, The candidates with more than the average votes will enter the second round voting. The candidate with the most vote wins.
    • 1st…
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  • Icepenguins101

    It's aggravating. We're all vandalized by Haris18 who is a huge vandal on the AGK wiki and other wikis. We should have someone ban him for REAL...

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  • Benwellzs28

    The AGK Wiki was created on 29 July 2009 and today is 29 July 2016. Now the AGK Wiki is 7 years old, even though it doesn't feel like it's been 7 years. Ah well, happy 7th anniversary Angry German Kid Wiki.

    Also, on a side note, I'm back to making AGK videos after a 4 month retirement.

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  • KurwaAntics

    Lua modules

    July 29, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    (Assume you have never heard of Lua)

    I have implemented some Lua modules.

    1. Module:Demo
    This module is only used on documentation of templates. It automatically format the output of a preformatted code. Example

    2. Module:List
    Used on listing AGK episodes. Some episodes are separated into several seasons. Each season succeed the previous one. This module is to enable users to start from a specific number. Example

    3. Module:Transcript
    Used on scripts. Example

    4. Module:Tempnotice
    Creates self-expire messages. Used on some notice templates like this.

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  • DrLuigiGamer2001

    i said i will not continue my Youtube career? i mean i will not shut down my youtube account by tomorrow. That means i will post nothing until september 6th 2016. also i did not kill myself these russians will still targeting at me with their vandalism ability and they are not giving up as i said before remove YOUR REAL NAMES AND PROTECT YOUR PAGES AT ALL COSTS if you don't they probaly vandalise your page and your profile!

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  • KurwaAntics


    Chinese companies tried to destroy stuff once again. This time is the Opera browser, which added free VPN in recent versions that can bypass the Great Firewall. Chinese firms want to prevent the Chinese people from bypassing the wall so that they try to acquire Opera browser and remove the free VPN, and there may be security and privacy concerns afterwards.

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  • Flegelein

    AGK World Domination

    July 12, 2016 by Flegelein

    Oh goodness....

    Looks like Angry German Kid's world domination plan is complete....

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  • Flegelein

    Fegelein's Polls

    July 11, 2016 by Flegelein
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  • KurwaAntics

    I have just reverted my system from Sierra to El Capitan, and theoretically I can make videos again.

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  • KurwaAntics

    Attention Mac users!

    If you have installed macOS Sierra public beta 1, please tell us what abnormal behavior of the system you have encountered. I have encountered a critical bug - When the screen turns off, it cannot get back on unless I logout and login, or perform a hard restart.

    Other things include:

    • Adobe CC apps and some other third-party apps take significantly longer time to start
    • Microsoft Office 2016 apps crash and cannot start
    • App Store update is stuck (even though all packages have been downloaded but not yet installed)
    • LibreOffice takes forever to verify

    The next public beta release is expected to be released 2 weeks later.

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  • KurwaAntics

    Fuck that.

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  • GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo
    • Hi, dude! What's your name?
    • My name is Gumball Watterson, and you and me go to New York for a few days.
    • Yeah, dude! And Leopold, I'll be here for a few minutes, so pack up. Okay?
    • I'll see you later, dude! Bye!
    • Hey there, Leopold!
    • Are you ready for the trip to New York?
    • Okay. Let's go!
    • I know, dude. I know.
    • Yes, Leopold.
    • Heh! Heh! I agree with you, Leopold. Nice job, Grizz.
    • We're almost there, Leopold!
    • Yeah, Fuck off!
    • Okay! Okay! Enough already!
    • Hey dude! We're getting closer!
    • Dude. We will find a hotel to stay on night when the plane stops.
    • Are you excited, dude?
    • It does look cool, now let's go find the hotel.
    • Yes, This is the hotel, Leopold. Let's go inside.
    • Okay Leopold. I got this.
    • We would like to have a few days, please?
    • Yeah! This room is so neat!
    • Me too…
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  • KurwaAntics

    Exam month

    May 27, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    June is coming soon, and that means we have to deal with exams again. In June we will have the following arrangements:

    • A change of the wiki's color, wordmark, background and icons.
    • A video on the main page
    • More coming soon...
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  • DJACFan

    Last week is the worst week I've ever had. I got bullied by fangirls for not liking Justin Bieber and One Direction. On May 17, which is the worst day I've ever had, I announced my retirement from YouTube. During my retirement period, I posted hate comments about myself. On May 23, I post my video, which is an apology to people I respect, the story about the week, and an announcement where my popular subscribers will do either a shout-out video to me or a short salute on me (5 sentences), ending with #AllHailTanzim. The latter is the major subject and what I will talk about. Most of the rules I'm talking about are recommendations. Some are required, like no shout-out videos made with YouTube Video Editor, GoAnimate, or Plotagon. If someone …

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  • BlueNewton

    Anyone who ask what has happened to me, I been inactive for months because I had to deal with life and much more I had from these years. I will make a return in the summer time and continue the series I would make and the following episodes will be some elements from Family Guy, The Clevand Show, etc. Episode 50 is going to be Dik Namreg Yrgna (Angry German Kid) which is in reverse. As of episode 45, the episode is going to narrate Leonard and Leondias which is the first 2 AGK characters goes to multiverse which is based of Road to mulitverse from Faimly Guy.  Now Leonard is going to have clips which he will speak like Stewie Griffin usally in the future. Well that's all for this blog, Hopfully I will come back in the summer soon.


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  • KurwaAntics

    Want someone to make a parody but cannot find one? Here I introduce to you the Parody Requests Desk.

    How it works;

    A table will be created in Angry German Kid Wiki:Parody Requests Desk. Users can add their queries onto the table. They need to provide both the title and description.

    Volunteers who wants to make some parodies can go the the Parody Requests Desk and pick some to make. When finished, write down the user who completes the query.


    Title Description Date of query Finished by
    AGK does doxx somthing....

    AGK plays GTA somthing....
    username Read more >
  • KurwaAntics

    Since most of the spams and irrelevant pages were deleted, the pages created in AGK Fanon & Spoilers Wikia will be moved back to this wiki. They will be added to the spoilers category. AGK Legacy and AGK Fanon & Spoilers will be scheduled to be closed on May 31.

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  • Travrinity

    This blog is about every skill or magic attack in the series. Everyone except Noah and support are featured

    NOTE #1: Skills in red require rage points

    NOTE #2: Skills in yellow require focus

    NOTE #3: Skills in purple require magic points

    NOTE #4: Skills in green require tech points

    NOTE #5: RP is required by using attacks or getting hurt. Focus is required by items or waiting a turn. MP is required by items. TP is required by using refill/reload.

    NOTE #6: Skills without a color font are moves using up ammo or moves that don't consume any points but have a counter on how much you can use it

    NOTE #7: Most of the moves won't be seen in the beginning

    • Scream (Requires 1 RP)
    • Pencil (Requires 2 RP)
    • Tantrum (Requires 5 RP)
    • Browning M1911
    • Power Shot
    • Tri-Shot
    • Flash Shot …

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  • F.L. Productions

    Here are the boss themes that will be heard in AGKandRockman2001's AGK series.

    NOTE 1: I did not plagarize this page!

    NOTE 2: The ones that are in red text are non-RPG battles.

    NOTE 3: If one of the musics I chose doesn't fit to you, tell me in the comments. And if you found a better one, put it in your comment.

    • Akuma (Episode 3): Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold – Akuma Theme
    • Animal Control Officers (Episode 7): The Simpsons (Arcade) – Smithers Battle (Unused)
    • Chantel DuBois Phase 1 (Episode 7): The Simpsons (Arcade) – Final Boss Phase 1
    • Chantel DuBois Phase 2 (Episode 7): The Simpsons (Arcade) – Final Boss Phase 2
    • Chantel DuBois Phase 3 (Episode 7): The Simpsons (Arcade) – Final Boss Phase 3
    • Kirby Loopsy (Episode 10): Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop – Unt…

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  • KurwaAntics


    Some time ago we disabled IP editing on our wiki. There are some pages that only autoconfirmed users can edit, and some only admins can edit.

    We have to prevent new users from creating irrelevant pages. Thus, a "page creation approval" method will be proposed.

    There will be a new input box on our main page. Putting your page title will bring you to a talk edit page. You have to write a summary of your page with not more than 50 words.

    We will reject the request that:

    • Irrelevant to AGK
    • Features less notable users/characters
    • Contains gibberish
    • Contains summary more than 50 words

    This policy will only apply to new users.

    To do: request staffs to protect the whole wiki that restricts the right of new…

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  • KurwaAntics

    Starting from the 5th induction, the voting system will go back to only one round of voting.

    And starting from this induction, the winner's name will be put on the main page.

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  • Travrinity

    NOTE: The ones that are in red text are non-RPG battles

    • Corrupted Rabbit (Episode 4): Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix - The Corrupted
    • Sonic.exe (Episode 10): Slipknot - Psychosocial
    • Bully (Episode 11): Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories - Struggle Away
    • Madrice (Episode 23): Kingdom Hearts BBS - Enter the Darkness
    • Harold (Episode 38): Persona 4 - I'll Face Myself
    • Harold 2 (Episode 43): Persona 4 - The Almighty
    • Stephen Quire (Episode 46): Final Fantasy X - Battle theme
    • Darkiplier (Episode 52): Persona Q - Battle at the Clock Tower
    • The Mark (Episode 52): Persona Q - The Infinite
    • Barry (Episode 54): Persona Q - Laser Beam
    • Ayu Kitamura (Episode 67): Kingdom Hearts BBS - Dark Impetus
    • Alien Queen (Episode 103): Final Fantasy X HD Remaster - Challenge

    • Hermann (Epi…

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  • KurwaAntics

    Why you guys always edit your own articles? The old ones need improvement!

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  • Ivan187

    Top 1000

    April 21, 2016 by Ivan187

    As of April 21st, 2016, we're in the top 1000 wikias, at 906!

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  • KurwaAntics

    I'm making a top ten facts video, with REAL conduct researches. I know doing a research on a 10-year-old meme is difficult, but with your help, we may achieve better results.

    1. Sausage Eggs being the most popular mondegreen among all in AGK parodies;
    2. Various clichés;
    3. Relations with Hitler;
    4. Up to now, who has done any REAL research regarding AGK;
    5. The current status of AGK;
    6. Is the video real, or acted by Leopold, a parody of the Emsdetten school shooting in 2006 (actually not. the shooting is at least 3 months after the video is uploaded);
    7. Envolvement of AGK parodies;
    8. Other (really) untold facts

    Angry German Kid is the nickname given to a boy (supposedly named Leopold) who has become famous online through a viral video in which he experiences intense f…

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