This is the script for the episode 61 of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series written by GeneBernardinoLawl (for the entire script and involved battle) and Adrenaline21 (for the rest of the ending), while the episode itself created by GeneBernardinoLawl. Some of the scenes are inspired on the Mighty Magiswords episode "Hoppus The Hunted".


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Madeleine Meanwhore (debut)
  • Jake Randolf
  • Kervin Nienatterson
  • Croyt (debut, voiced by Adrenaline21)
  • 40T10
  • Barry (We Bare Bears, voiced by Adrenaline21)
  • Fabrice Laroche (now, in zombie mode)
  • Harold Slikk (cameo)
  • Leonard Slikk (cameo)
  • Leonidas Slikk (cameo)
  • Leorich Slikk (cameo)
  • Sean Slikk (cameo)
  • Danny Randolf (cameo)
  • Ronald Ramirez (cameo)
  • Eric R. Sims (cameo)
  • Kaeru Otoko (cameo)
  • Raesu Otoko (cameo)
  • Monster Kid (cameo)
  • Hoppus "The Rabbit-Slut" (cameo)
  • Nom Nom (cameo)
  • Dave (We Bare Bears, cameo)
  • Adolf Hitler (cameo)
  • Stephen Quire (cameo)
  • Gerald Slikk (cameo)
  • Kyle (cameo)


*GeneBernardinoLawl/IcyAGKMaker2001 Productions Logo (New Intro)*

*Adrenaline21 Presents*

*AGK Season 4-5 Opening*

*Title Card Theme*

Part 1: In Leopold's House

Cue: Rockman Zero 2-Momentary Peace

Leopold: Alright, time to play Unreal Tournament. Load it up.

door knocks

Leopold: Who's there?

door opens

Madeleine: Hello, german kid. I'm Madeleine Meanwhore. Sorry if my last name have a bad word

Leopold: I'm okay of that.

Madeleine: Did you seen the kid? He got away from 5 months. Here's a picture. holding the picture of Angry Sulu Kid

Leopold: You mean Kervin? He's not in my house. I will ask him if he's ready to go back.

Madeleine: Oh, thank you, german kid.

Leopold: Just call me Leopold.

Madeleine: See you tomorrow, Leopold.

Leopold: I need to call Jake.

Leopold calling Jake

Jake: *sigh* What did you want?

Leopold: I need you to go ask Kervin if he's ready to go back.

Jake: Sure but don't ever woke me up by your calling.

end call

(Leopold walking away)

Part 2: In Kervin's House

(Kervin sleeping)

(Leopold and Jake appeared)

Jake: Did you think you-

Leopold: (turn back) Shhhhh... I tried to wake him up. (turn back to Kervin) Kervin... Kervin... Kervin!!!

Kervin: *sigh* What is it?

Jake: We need to tell you something.

Kervin: Tell me what?

Leopold: Madeleine wants you to go back to your old home.

Cue: Rockman Zero 1-The Ruins of Lab

Kervin: WHAT?!? Are you fucking cunts crazy? Did you guys remember something about her highness?

Leopold & Jake: No.

Kervin: OCH! It's the the Memory Wiper. It will erase the minds of each people.

Leopold: What did it look like?

Kervin: It looks like Neutralizers from the Men In Black film series but very dangerous for your brain cells.

Leopold: So you don't mean to go back, right?

Kervin: Yeah.

Leopold: Just wait for a second. (To Jake Randolf) He don't want to leave on Mannheim because that?

Jake: Yeah, you didn't know about that?

Leopold: Don't tell me if I didn't understand it.

Kervin: Did you guys shut up already? This is really annoying and by a way, you two cunts better get out before I'll kick your asses.

Part 3: Meeting Croyt

(Leopold and Jake appeared)

Croyt: Hi there, guys.

40T10: How are ya guys?

Leopold: We have to talk to you guys.

Croyt: It's alright, we're listening to you guys.

3 minutes of explanation later...

Croyt: WHAT?!?! Did you mean -

Leopold: Yep.

Croyt: ...and he's -

Leopold: Yep.

Croyt: ...and -

Leopold: Yep.

Croyt: Aw shit! I have to go to my girlfriend's house quickly!

40T10: Yeah. Let's go.

(Croyt and 40T10 ran away)

Leopold & Jake: Wait for us, guys!

*music stops*

Part 4: Croyt and Kervin talking to each other

Cue: Rockman Zero 4-Holy Land

Kervin: Thanks for letting me in. You're kinda hot.

Croyt: Holy shit! You guys are totally right. What should I do now?

Leopold: Alright. Go inside and tell him this is your girlfriend.

Jake: And show him what you got.

Croyt: Right! *enters his girlfriend's house*

Kervin: So, you wanna smoke some weed tomorrow?

Croyt: I think you should never do that, fag.

Kervin: Wha- Wha- Who's there?

Croyt: It was I.

Kervin: Oh, Mr. Croyt. I didn't know you're here but is there something for me to ask?

Croyt: Sit your ass down and tell me what is this all about.

Kervin: ...Okay then. *sits*

Croyt: So tell me. You're just stealing my girlfriend, right?

Kervin: Wait! WHAT? You gotta be kidding me?

Croyt: Yes, I did. I saw you in the windows

*Scratching Disk*

Cue: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2-Wave of Darkness

Kervin: Listen. You and me having a battle. So you're better get ready, Mr. Croyt.

Croyt: Bring it on!

40T10: *enter the house* Did someone tell me what's going on?

Kervin & Croyt: *growls to each other*

40T10: Shit! This is bad.

Leopold: I know right?

40T10: Maybe. Ms. Meanwhore was an asshole!

Leopold: *slaps to 40T10* Don't call her like that, you idiot!!

Kervin: Soon. You're be crying like a baby! *close the door* *open the window* LIKE A BABY!! *close the window very hard*

*music stops*

Part 5: Croyt needs Leopold, Jake, and 40T10's help

Croyt: *collapsed down*

[A horrible sound of feedback is heard against a background of darkness. Slowly, Croyt's eyelids creak open, and he looks up at Leopold and Jake.]

*Continue the que*

Leopold: So this is weird! Are you okay?

Croyt: *sigh* I need your help, guys. If that Sulu Kid going to win, he thinks I'm a crybaby and a fag.

Leopold: Don't worry, we will help you.

Croyt: Really?

Leopold: Yes.

Part 6: Creating the team

Leopold: But first, we need to create our team. ... *idea!* I know. Our team will named as "Team Germans"

40T10: That's the great idea. Now, let's go for the training, Croyt.

Croyt: Alright then.

*music stops*

Part 7: Croyt's Training

Cue: Rockman Zero 2-Red Time

*training footage*

Croyt: In the name of the Germans, I'll never blow it up.

Leopold, Jake & 40T10: *thumbs up*

Croyt: *thumbs up* Thanks y'all for helping me, guys.



Part 8: Croyt vs. Angry Sulu Kid

*cuts to night*

Cue: Rockman Zero 2-Supreme Ruler

Croyt: Hello, sulu kid.

Kervin: Hello, Croyt. How's your training?

Croyt: Really good.

Kervin: Very well... Well I have a training earlier too.

Leopold: This is gonna be great.

Jake: Yeah.

Kervin: And now, try this! *throw a ninja star* *misses*

Croyt: You're an... ....EVIL NINJA SULU KID!

Kervin: Yeah! Now you're going to be defeat!

Croyt: NEVER!

Involved Battle Starts

Line 1

Kervin: Give up now, Mr. Croyt! You're responsible for this!

Croyt: NEVER!

Line 2

Madeleine Meanwhore: Give up now?

Kervin: No!

Line 3

Kervin: *crazy laugh* Do you think you're gonna stop me, huh?


Kervin: What? *defeated* Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

*Kervin got defeated and the victory goes to Croyt*


Involved Battle Ends

Part 9: Madeleine's death

Cue: Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning - Suicide Hill

Croyt: Are you okay?

Kervin: Yuck! Yeah.

Madeleine Meanwhore: Your time's up, Kervin.

Kervin: No.

Madeleine Meanwhore: You're going back to your old house now.

Kervin: ... *sad* Fine! ... You idiots don't care about me anyway.

Croyt: No! *hugs*

Kervin: ... This is for my own good now. Please leave me alone.

Croyt: No! Please no!

Leopold: Just let him go, Croyt.

Croyt: ...Kervin?

Kervin: Yeah?

Croyt: The truth is I'm sometimes scared. At least, you want her back. What you say?

Kervin: ... *shaking hands* Oh, thanks for counter me.

Croyt: Ow! Be careful when you're shaking hands. You're really acting like a psychopath.

Madeleine Meanwhore: ........ *get stabbed by Barry*

Cue: Sonic.EXE Nightmare Beginning: Hide And Seek Act 2

Kervin: Noooooooo!

Barry: Hello there. It seems you're created your own team earlier, Leopold.

Leopold: I thought you're dead.

Barry: *laughs* Oh yeah. That Polar Bear and that Russian Girl tried to do what seems impossible for the battle. But thanks to the devil, I'm now back! And ready for more destruction!

Leopold: You traitor. You won't get away with this! *charges towards Barry but failed*

Barry: I thought you have learned by now, Leopold. I'll always be one move ahead of you.

Leopold: I'm gonna find you one day.

Barry: *chuckles* Good luck. *disappears*

Kervin: No. No. *echoes* Noooooooooooo!!!!!


*Loading Screen (Adrenaline21's AGK Series Episode 7-16)

*Fades into black*

Part 10: Ending and the first ending credits

*Screen fades into the scene*

Cue: Rockman Zero 4-Promise Next New World

(*Croyt and Kervin are going into Madeleine's graveyard*)

Kervin: *cries* Madeleine, you're such my best girlfriend only rivaled with this wizard.

Croyt: Yeah, Madeleine. We're just fighting for non important thing at all.

Kervin: I still need you and I'm useless if you're DEAD.

Croyt: *sobs* That's OK, Kervin. Back to your home to discuss something.

(*Back to Kervin's home*)

Croyt: So, Kervin. Are you still desperate because of Madeleine's death?

Kervin: *cried* Yes and this is your fault to win against me, asshole!

Croyt: That's OK, I'm feel sad too and Leopold will tell something.

Leopold: Kervin, because of you're rivalling with Croyt and bullying him to claim that Madeleine is belong to you.

40T10: Yeah, Kervin. Cheer up and join into us.

Kervin: Like an idiot.

40T10: No, Kervin. We'll need some people to join Team Germans' crew.

Kervin: Like what?

Leopold: Zombie guy Fabrice.

Kervin: Leotold Slip! He's evil because he's a zombie! *cries*

Leopold: Sorry, Kervin. Fabrice has tried to kill you on Halloween and Jake will give you a last advice.

Jake: That's OK, Kervin. Leopold's right and he'll not hurt you unless your act of hurting him.

Kervin: Thanks, everyone. *faces to Croyt, 40T10, Jake and Leopold* The Germans' crew will be the best and I'll join into your team. *his cries stopped*




Fabrice: Uhm... Hello...

*credit roll* (This credit is similar to Adrenaline21's AGK Episode 1-5)














* continue credit roll*

Part 11: After credits bumper

(*Fades into the after credits and the screen goes black*

Cue: Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - ... .. -- ..- .-.. .- - .. --- -./-.-. .- ...- .

Leopold: Anyone, we need to defeat the Evils.

Barry: Heh, Leopold. Did you need this?

Leopold: What DAFUQ!?






Leopold: You bastard!

Barry: *laughs* We are the Evils. We going to defeat you soon.

Hoppus: You never get away from this!

Barry: Too bad, we already have. *He and his crew disappeared*

Croyt: We're gonna stop them.


  • The death of Madeleine Meanwhore in GBL's AGK Series is similar to Annabelle Moreau's death of suicide and Fabrice's death of Leopold's kill but revived again in the OVA, also this is similar to the death of Alfonso Grave and Adrenaline21's dad in A21's AGK Series.
  • This episode is the 1st to be subtitled for all english speaking characters on GBL's AGK Series since season 2 ended.
  • also from the above, the new sprite for 40T10 and Fabrice and Harold Slikk's voice for Hoppus is going to be used at this episode and onwards.
  • Croyt's sprite will be drawn by Adrenaline21 to get better quality of art.