This is the script for the episode 61 of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series written and created by GeneBernardinoLawl. Some of the scenes are inspired on the Mighty Magiswords episode "Hoppus The Hunted".

The voice actors in this episode are:

  • Leopold Slikk as himself
  • Jake Randolf as himself
  •  ??? as Madeleine Meanwhore & Croyt's girlfriend
  • GeneBernardinoLawl as Angry Sulu Kid/Kervin (only when he speaking English), 40T10 & Croyt

Teasers and Trailers

Teaser 1

Croyt: In the name of the Germans, I'll never blow it up.

Coming soon...

ON The Angry German Kid Show

Croyt: Thanks y'all for helping me, guys.

Teaser 2

Kervin: Hello, Croyt. How's your training?

Croyt: Really good.

Coming soon...

ON The Angry German Kid Show

Kervin: Very well...

Full script

Part 1: In Leopold's House

Leopold: Alright, time to play Unreal Tournament. Load it up.

door knocks

Leopold: Who's there?

door opens

Madeleine: Hello, german kid. I'm Madeleine Meanwhore. Sorry if my last name have a bad word

Leopold: I'm okay of that.

Madeleine: Did you seen the kid? He got away from 5 months. Here's a picture. holding the picture of Angry Sulu Kid

Leopold: You mean Kervin? He's not in my house. I will ask him if he's ready to go back.

Madeleine: Oh, thank you, german kid.

Leopold: Just call me Leopold.

Madeleine: See you tomorrow, Leopold.

Leopold: I need to call Jake.

Leopold calling Jake

Jake: *sigh* What did you want?

Leopold: I need you to go ask Kervin if he's ready to go back.

Jake: Sure but don't ever woke me up by your calling.

Part 2: In Kervin's House

Kervin: WHAT?!? Did you guys remember something about her highness?

Leopold & Jake: No.

Kervin: OCH! It's the the Memory Wiper. It will erase the minds of each people.

Leopold: What did it look like?

Kervin: It looks like Neutralizers from the Men In Black film series but very dangerous for your brain cells.

More coming soon...

Part 3: Meeting Croyt

Coming soon...

Part 4: Croyt and Kervin talking to eachother

Coming soon...

Part 5: Croyt needs Leopold, Jake, and 40T10's help

Coming soon...

Part 6: Creating the team

Coming soon...

Part 7: Croyt's Training

Coming soon...

Part 8: Croyt vs. Angry Sulu Kid

Coming soon...

Part 9: The Death of Madeleine Meanwhore

Coming soon...

Part 10: Ending

Coming soon...

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