The Angry German Kid Wiki is a wiki that is free to edit. However, we require fellow users to follow the following guidelines.


Users want to see real stuff, So If you don't own a series, you should not add irrelevant information. The only official place to chat nonsense besides chat rules is the Fun And Games section within the forums. Posts that fail this rule will be either a candidate for deletion or instantly deleted as soon as somebody/admin notices.

The following should be included:

  • Pages on creators and their series, as like it or not, they are a part of the meme's history.
  • Character pages, provided that they make an actual appearance in the series and aren't simply 'planned'. Planned characters should be added to the spoilers category (see below).
  • Weapons used by Leopold/Other characters, such as Leopold's Keyboard and the Blue Orb.
  • Notable subcomponents of the AGK Meme, such as Let's Get Lost and Sausage Eggs.


Writing information that are irrelevant to AGK are strictly prohibited. This is an AGK wiki, a wiki for everyone, not only for you, your AGK series or your characters.

Completely bizarre fluff that does not fit the general impression of the subject is not advisable and will be removed.


All pages (unless specified otherwise), especially new ones, are subject for review on notability. Subject matters not qualifying notability checks are eligible for deletion or merger with a related article. Similarly, a group of pages lacking notability in its own right, but are related to each other, may get merged into a single, new article. The following lists the article categories, and their notability criteria:

  • Characters: Recurring character who appears in multiple parodies/series by either one or several AGK parodists, NOT merely mentioned, OR being a notable cast of its own Parody Theme. Do not create your character's own page unless they are as notable and popular as Sukscox's. New users often break this rule.
  • Parodies: Has well-defined plot and popular (in terms of views).
  • Parody Themes: Notable (many parodies, many views)
  • AGK parodists: Has 1000 collective views or higher (on parodies only!)
  • Events: Has an associated Series and NOT speculatory or a fanfic.


Trivia should only included hidden facts not limited to that regarding the user himself/herself. Excessive personal facts will be deleted.


Upcoming information and appropriate level of fanon are regarded as spoilers. If your page contains spoilers, make sure that users know they are spoilers by adding the page to the spoilers category. If you put a lot of upcoming information while nobody knows about you at all, they will be referred as nonsense and will be challenged and deleted.

The following should include the spoilers category:

  • Scripts
  • AGK series pages with both planned parodies and less than 50% planned episodes uploaded
  • Character pages of upcoming AGK series
  • Comparison pages

AGK series article

Creating your own user article is allowed, but is now subject to the clause on notability.

  • All user articles must include an infobox, the Characters section and the Episodes section.
  • On the page you can give a brief bio on yourself, the list of parodies you have made, and ones you're planning to make.
  • Do not make separate pages for these items (unless they're a subpage) or else they will be moved or deleted.
  • If it is a spoiler, be sure to add it to the spoilers category as mentioned above.
  • Once here, it stays here. Do not blank your own user page, or any page for that matter.

User conduct

Everyone here must be respected the same way the (admins for example) treat you, So we don't wish to see any horseplay, hate, negativity (this does not apply to improve on's) or demanding to anybody's pages that they have created. Any comments that break this rule will be given a normal chat punishment and the comment will be deleted by the admins.

No personal attacks

People here are very sensitive to harsh stuff to them. People like PVMAGKVIDEOS want to just have a normal time on AGK and starting a flame war to him is just wrong, this is just an example to this rule.

DO NOT claim or accuse anybody for causing hate when you actually did it. And claiming something that isnt yours is a thing you DON'T want to do, Breaking this rule will result in a punishment revolving around posting and chatting.

Do not make hate pages at all to anybody, doing this will make you get a posting punishment.

Left users

We will not delete pages related to any left AGK parodists. Any requests to delete them will be ignored. Other users should not approach, mention, or blanking pages regarding that user. Offenders may have the related pages reverted and the user blocked.

Other things include:

  • Excessive bad words,
  • Flooding article comments;
  • Exposing too much of your personal details,
  • Keep asking the same question(s),
  • Using all caps in all edits,
  • Wall of text

are not allowed. In some cases, the user may get a brief block.


Images about AGK Series are allowed on the wikia, just make sure that they are 100% accurate and if you are posting it from somewhere else, make sure you get the owner's permission before posting to a page that is a bit or not related to the main topic that you are getting the image from.

Videos that are not parodies, or are not used on any page will be deleted.

Images uploaded with filenames that are against the naming rules (e.g. using filenames such as 'Image', 'Photo' or 'Avatar') run the risk of being deleted without be renamed-and-redirected by admins.


Don't expect everyone to do good here, that's naturally a part of maintaining a community. But don't expect us admins to tolerate such imbecilic acts. We have the big guns here, you know.

Reasons for blocking

Users may be warned or blocked due to (but not limited to) the following:

  • Page-blanking or content removal for no foreseeable reason.
  • Vandalism.
  • Spamming.
  • Harassment, personal attacks or cyber-bullying.
  • Creating articles that contribute nothing.
  • Recreating deleted articles without permission.
  • Deliberate disregard to warnings or notices sent by administrators.


Abusing multiple accounts to avoid punishment such as a block (or ban) using sockpuppets can result in the main account's block being extended and the sock being blocked permanently.

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