As long as the guidelines and policies are well understood by the users, the Angry German Kid Wiki will remain safe, peaceful and organized. This is the reason why this wiki must also have guidelines (rules).

Breaking any rule (either the first or second time) will prompt an admin to leave a warning on your message wall. Warnings cannot be negotiated with, but they can be appealed. Different admins have different styles of moderation, so don't always expect a second offense to only yield another warning.

Circumstances exist in which an admin is prompted to skip warnings and immediately block the user. In most cases, this approach is restricted to troll and vandalism-only accounts. However, everything works on a case-by-case basis.

Any warning or block can be appealed. Providing an understandable reason or apology will result in a shortened or removed block length most of the time. However, admins hold the ability to deny and discuss any appeal.

Any violations will result in punishments depending on the severity of the guideline violations, as well as the user's past accords.

Do you want to improve the guidelines and policies? Feel free to discuss them on the blogs or discussions.

Content Policy

Users want to see real stuff, so If you don't own a series, you shouldn't add any irrelevant informations.

The only official place to chat nonsense besides the comment rules is the Fun And Games section within the discussions. Any posts that fail this rule will be either a candidate for deletion or instantly deleted as soon as somebody/admin notices.

The following should be included:
  • Pages on creators and their series, as like it or not, they are a part of the meme's history.
  • Character pages, provided that they make an actual appearance in the series and aren't simply "planned". Planned characters should be added to the spoilers category.
  • Weapons used by Leopold or other characters, such as Leopold's keyboard and the Blue Orb.
  • Notable subcomponents of the AGK Meme, such as Let's Get Lost, Computers, and Sausage Eggs.
  • Characters that are not popular and well-known by the community should have the "Characters that lack popularity" category and the Unpopular Character template on top of the page.
  • Transcripts should be added to the Scripts category and may use the new script format.
  • Article pages that are very short or lack information should have the stub template.


Writing information that is irrelevant to (or has nothing to do with) AGK is strictly prohibited in the article pages.

Every contributor (including you obviously) must know that this is a wiki for everyone, not only for you, your AGK series or your characters.

Completely bizarre fluff that does not fit the general impression of the subject is not advisable and will be removed.


All pages (unless specified otherwise), especially new ones, are subject for review on notability

Subject matters not qualifying notability checks are eligible for deletion, merger with a related article, or will be converted into blog posts.

Similarly, a group of pages lacking notability in its own right, but are related to each other, might get merged into a single, new article.

The following lists the article categories, and their notability criteria:

  • Characters: Recurring character who appears in multiple parodies/series by either one or several AGK parodists, NOT merely mentioned, OR being a notable cast of its own Parody Theme. Do not create your character's own page unless they are as notable and popular as Sukscox's. New users don't know and often break this rule.
  • Parodies: Has well-defined plot and popular (in terms of views).
  • Parody Themes: Notable (many parodies, many views)
  • AGK parodists: Has 1000 collective views or higher (on parodies only!)
  • Events: Has an associated Series and NOT speculatory or a fanfic.

Trivia Policy

Trivia (or personal facts) should only include hidden facts not limited to, that regards the user themselves. These should also be used only for information that is not necesarry/essential to know.  Excessive amount of personal facts will be deleted.

Spoilers Policy

Upcoming information and appropriate level of fanon are regarded as spoilers
If your page contains spoilers, make sure that users know they are spoilers by adding the page to the spoilers category.
If you put a lot of upcoming information while nobody knows about you at all, they will be referred as nonsense and may be challenged and deleted.

The following should include the spoilers category:

  • Scripts
  • AGK series pages with both planned parodies and less than 50% planned episodes uploaded
  • Character pages of upcoming AGK series
  • Comparison pages
Restrict spoilers to where they belong
While we allow this information to surface on future event pages, unconfirmed information shouldn't be added to other pages, such as upcoming characters or upcoming weapons (this doesn't apply to the parodist himself. only the content) until the events are confirmed in a video linked to the page.
  • However this doesn't extend to the comments, talk sections and message walls; so you can discuss spoilers on any page but don't add the information (on other article pages) outside of where they are allowed to appear (unless the source is confirmed as mentioned above).

Article Policy

Creating your own user article is allowed, but is now subject to the clause on notability:

  • All user articles must include an infobox. This includes the character pages and the episode pages.
  • On the page you can give a brief bio on yourself, the list of parodies you have made, and ones you're planning to make.
  • Do not make separate pages for these items (unless they're notable pages or subpages) or else they will be moved or deleted.
  • If it is a spoiler, be sure to add it to the spoilers category as mentioned above.
  • Users are no longer allowed to type "Coming Soon" on any page.
  • Once the page is created here, it stays here until the admins will decide whether the page will stay or not. Do not blank or try to delete your own user page like this one, or any page for that matter.
  • If you found an article that doesn't follow the rules and didn't had any changes, consider adding the delete template. You can also add the reason why it should be deleted.

Comment Policy

NOTE: This also applies to Message Walls in the wiki.

Everyone in this Wiki must be respected the same way the Admins (for example) treat you, so we don't ever wish to see any horseplay, hate, negativity (this does not apply to improve on's) or demanding to anybody's pages that they have created. Any comments that break these rules will be given a normal chat punishment and the comment will be deleted by the admins.

Do not discriminate people based on race, creed, color, gender, age, religion, or disability

This hurts, offend and embarrass the contributors, creating social conflicts.

Do not start or be involved in big edit wars

We want the community to get along with each other. An edit warning is when two, four or more users are undoing each other's edits too much. To prevent an edit war, just simply report the situation to an active administrator (if there's one) and just wait for them to sort it out.
Pages suffering from edit wars may end up being protected for a short period of time.

Personal attacks, hate pages, censoring usernames, rants and otherwise cruel actions are not allowed in the wiki

  • Whether a user is blocked or not, you have no right to be rude towards them at all. Also making hate pages out of anyone is strictly prohibited, doing this will make you get a major punishment around posting and chatting.
  • DO NOT claim or accuse anybody of causing hate when you actually did it. And claiming something that isn't yours is a thing you DON'T want to do. People like PVMAGKVIDEOS want to just have a normal time on AGK and starting a flame war to them is just wrong, this is just an example of this rule.
  • Users are no longer allowed to censor someone's name in the comments or rant on anybody in this wiki, not even in the article pages or the comments!
Do not flamebait or otherwise intimidate users
Not only does this create social conflicts between users, it makes the user targeted look bad, along with the account responsible for the attack.
Do not use offensive jokes
Some users may take these jokes personally, and they may be upset by them. If you do a joke, specify before a social conflict is created over it.
Do not impersonate other users
Attempting to use someone's username, or making edits attempting to mock the targeted user is discouraged and is unacceptable. Breaking this rule will probably result in your account to be Fegel-Grounded.
Do not spread rumors or gossip about other users
Also known as drama, this may flood the wiki activity, and may humiliate the targeted user(s).
Do not overuse profanity
Swear words (like hell (this doesn't include the location from AGK episodes), bastard, pussy...) are only allowed when these words are not excessively directed at (or toward) that user. Swear abbreviations and censored words are treated as the swearing had been said. If you accidentally broke this rule, you need to apologize to that user. Intentionally breaking this rule, will result in a minor chat punishment as mentioned above. As a exception, this doesn't apply to transcripts and quotes.
Use English-language content
This wiki uses the English language, native or learned, at almost all times, day and night. Spamming or using international language content is prohibited in comments, chat and of course, article pages. (Unless it's a connection to another language version of this wiki)
Don't incite misbehavior
Provoking or attempting to rally other users into breaking the rules is not allowed. The same goes for threatening to break the rules.
Do not delete or blank pages related to any retired AGK parodists
Unless you have a really valid reason to do so, any requests to delete them will be ignored.
Like we mentioned above, other users should not approach, mention, or blank pages regarding that user. Offenders may have the related pages reverted and the user blocked.

Other things include:

  • Excessive bad words,
  • Flooding article comments;
  • Exposing too much of your personal details,
  • Keep asking the same question(s),
  • Using all caps in all edits,
  • Wall of text

are all not allowed. In some cases, the user may get a brief block.

File Policy

Uploading content on this wiki is only allowed if...

  • ...the file about the following series are 100% accurate and if you are posting it from somewhere else, make sure you get the Admins' permission before posting to a page that is a bit or not related to the main topic that you are getting the image from.
  • ...the files are used on (and related about) the following article pages. Any videos/images that are not parodies, or are not used on any page will be deleted.
  • ...the images/videos are uploaded with filenames that follow the naming rules. Name your file(s) properly! Do not use filenames such as 'Image', 'Photo' or 'Avatar', all of these might run the risk of being deleted without being renamed-and-redirected by admins.

Be Aware of Vandalism

Vandalism of any kind is unacceptable in this wiki!

Do not vandalize any articles

Vandalism greatly damages pages' developments and we are more than welcome to revert any vandalism, and take actions against anyone that vandalizes, or encourages it.

Do not spam

Spam is harmful, and will flood the wiki activity. Spamming also makes it hard to view other contributions made on the wiki.

Do not post any Go!Animate content

If you make AGK Parodies only by using Go!Animate, then this wiki is not the right place for you! Posting any videos or images made with Go!Animate may result in a block.

Any parodies or content made with Go!Animate, should be reported to an active admin to remove it from the wiki as soon as possible!

Pay attention to Sockpuppetry

You can test multiple accounts only with a admin's permission. Other than that, please do NOT use this method to avoid punishment such as a block (or ban).

Using sockpuppets without permission can result in the main account's block being extended and the sock being blocked permanently.

Creating an account with an inappropriate username.

Using sexual usernames, hate usernames or otherwise hurtful or offensive usernames is prohibited.

Do not excessively backseat moderate people (mini-modding)

As a regular user, you may tell a vandal to stop once, but if the vandal or rule-breaker still doesn't stop, you must tell an admin immediately! This will be overlooked if your actions were in good faith.

Do not post adult content

This wiki is meant to be read by people between 13 and 18. Nsfw, nsfl, bomb threats, drug use, gore and on-screen pornography will not be tolerated. 

Do not completely reveal anyone's personal information

Including you, you should not reveal anyone's credit card number, social security number, home address, password, phone number.

In case of an accidental reveal, please contact an administrator to remove it as soon as possible.

Revealing another user's personal information is an offense of the highest degree. This will result in an immediate block.

Administration Policy

Even though you have powers, the regular rules will still apply to your account. So, don't expect us Admins to tolerate imbecilic acts. We have the big guns here, you know.

Block with a good and valid reason

Blocking is a serious thing to do to a user to prevent harm to the wiki. Try to give a vaild reason that is detailed for the block, especially if the block duration is over 1 month or Fegel-Grounded (infinite).

Use your powers correctly, and act in good faith

Blocking is meant to be preventive, not punitive.

Try to be serious in wiki conflicts

Administrators, bureaucrats, chat, content, and discussion moderators should be serious in social conflicts, vandalism, and other wiki conflicts. Creating, participating, or otherwise encouraging or kicking up a serious issue is highly unacceptable for a user with given powers.

Do not abuse privileges or powers

Blocking users for no reason, removing certain features for no valid reason (blogs for example), friendship promotions and rivalry demotions are frowned upon, and may lead to privileges being revoked.

Be a good example to other users

As an administrator, not only protecting your wiki, you need to be a good example for other users to learn and might become a skilled and responsible administrator like you.

Be humble and calm towards users' opinions

Try not to be aggressive when a user complains about your attitude or actions they see as wrong.

Blocking Policy

If you keep breaking the rules, you will get banned from this community as soon as somebody and the admin notices.

Reasons for blocking users

Users may be warned or blocked due to (sometimes not limited to) the following:

  • Page-blanking or content removal for no foreseeable reason.
  • Vandalism
  • Spamming.
  • Harassment, personal attacks or cyber-bullying.
  • Creating articles that contribute nothing.
  • Excessive profanity.
  • Deliberate disregard to warnings or notices sent by administrators.

Gained Powers

  • Recreating deleted articles for no reason without permission.
  • Blocking people for stupid reasons or no valid reason

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