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  • Yhynerson1

    Did you notice that we haven't held an AGK Parodist Award induction for more than 6 months?

    That's right. The 4th induction nomination will start on February the 1st.

    There are some new rules:

    • No matter how many views, videos, likes or subs the nominee(s) have, they must be actively making AGK parodies in the most of 2015. (In other words, their channel must not be marked dormant throughout the year. Official break is allowed.)
    • Users can now nominate up to three parodists.

    The nomination period will end on 28th February and the first round voting will start on 1st March.

    If you wish to nominate, enter the name(s) of user(s) you want to nominate on the box below, separated by commas. Comments on this blog page will NOT be counted for nominations.

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  • Yhynerson1

    Share your thoughts here!

    • Which one you wish to be elected, with reasons.
    • Which one you dislike.
    • Are you pro-democracy or pro-republican?
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  • Yhynerson1

    Serious things

    February 8, 2016 by Yhynerson1

    I have heard someone committed suicide for Cansin13's retirement. That's sad, but it is also hard to believe. It may be someone really concerned with it hates that and try to scare Cansin13 for it.


    Anyway, Cansin13 is a traitor.

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  • BlueNewton

    You remember Nolan B in the wiki? I remember him in the wiki but he sometimes gets angry over people editing his page (Which we are helping him) but he refused too. Then his wikia account was blocked in the wikia networks due to his behavior. Seriously, why would he get mad at other users over thin…

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  • Travrinity

    Sad news

    February 8, 2016 by Travrinity

    Since I saw StarButter's blog about this user on Youtube named Luigi Pineda commented that his little brother died due to Cansin's retirement. This was a tragic event that left one of us feeling heart broken. So I went to Cansin's page on Deviantart and wrote a note to him saying that we should not…

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  • Travrinity

    Announcement 2

    February 8, 2016 by Travrinity

    As you can see, we have made at least seven scripts for mine, Fabrice's, and some other user in which I forgot. I am making this note because I will not make scripts on all of my episodes. Just only certain kinds that are important. With the exception of AGK's 2012, Grand Finale, AGK in SCP Foundat…

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