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Best Story-Based Parody
Angry German Kid goes back in time by SBPTS
Best Video Game Parody
Haunted the Trapped Soul by Pauladrian360
Most Innovative Parody
Angry German Kid finds out Windows XP Support has ended by TheAGKGenerations2000
Best parody by a newcomer
Angry German Kid plays The Impossible Quiz by Ivan187
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  • BlueNewton

    The Wiki was hacked!

    July 28, 2015 by BlueNewton

    Ok i know what happened in the wiki networks, i'll tell you what happened: some idiot just hacked the wiki networks and added FNAF stuff in the wiki networks and added Golden Freddy in the wiki and this hacker did hacked it for no reason, but it's back for now, and i know who did this, it was Chica…

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  • Yhynerson1

    What is UTTP

    July 27, 2015 by Yhynerson1

    I heard many people talking about UTTPs... what is it actually?

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  • Theo999

    message to Steven1991

    July 20, 2015 by Theo999

    Hi! I miss you in 5 years ago. You need to come back on youtube

    now i see your wikia pages but i miss you today, just come back to YouTube or else!! It will earth ends. So please cheer me up for the 2nd times!

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  • Theo999

    I done with you! Because you make me sad and it think it not old, why did you think it old?! I hate you until you just back for AGK Series! GET BACK TO AGK SERIES NOW!!!(sorry we have aploagies) and I'm sad for you I was trying to be your helper. And your wikia pages said that you had enough AGK Se…

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  • Flutterbutter724

    Hello guys, im PokemonStar/Flutterbutter724 and here is another opinion/rant from me!

    In the light of recent events involving the UTTP; i have decided to talk about its counter opposite;

    THE VGCP! (Video Game Cartoon Police)

    Now, since i hate the UTTP as much as the next guy, you would think that i wo…

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