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Welcome to the official wiki of the Angry German Kid!
The place to find info on your favorite characters and AGK parody makers!
94,528 keyboards were smashed since 29th July 2009, and you can help!

Wiki activities

  • TheCrazinessCat

    The AGK Wiki was created on 29 July 2009 and today is 29 July 2016. Now the AGK Wiki is 7 years old, even though it doesn't feel like it's been 7 years. Ah well, happy 7th anniversary Angry German Kid Wiki.

    Also, on a side note, I'm back to making AGK videos after a 4 month retirement.

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  • Yhynerson1

    Lua modules

    July 29, 2016 by Yhynerson1

    (Assume you have never heard of Lua)

    I have implemented some Lua modules.

    1. Module:Demo
    This module is only used on documentation of templates. It automatically format the output of a preformatted code. Example

    2. Module:List
    Used on listing AGK episodes. Some episodes are separated into several seasons. Each season succeed the previous one. This module is to enable users to start from a specific number. Example

    3. Module:Transcript
    Used on scripts. Example

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  • Yhynerson1

    Sometimes you need to use a gadget but don't know how to install it? Even I told them how, someone could still get it wrong, e,g, UsefulVideos.

    So, I decided to make this tool. I started to make this tool a few months ago. At that time I learned how to save cookies using JavaScript. This tool lets you enable extensions and that requires no skills.

    To enable a gadget, simply click "Gadget settings" in the bottom bar, a modal window will be shown. Select the gadgets you wish to use, then save the settings. The page will refresh and the changes will be applied.

    Admin tools section will be hidden if you are not an admin.

    And a few things:
    • I don't provide gadgets which browser extensions can achieve (e.g. ad-blocking).
    • I don't provide gadgets which violates the Wikia Customization policy and/or the Terms of Service.

    This tool is now available. Leave a comment below!

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  • DrLuigiGamer2001

    i said i will not continue my Youtube career? i mean i will not shut down my youtube account by tomorrow. That means i will post nothing until september 6th 2016. also i did not kill myself these russians will still targeting at me with their vandalism ability and they are not giving up as i said before remove YOUR REAL NAMES AND PROTECT YOUR PAGES AT ALL COSTS if you don't they probaly vandalise your page and your profile!

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  • Yhynerson1

    NOTE: This blog post is constantly updated

    Recently DrLuigiGamer2001's page got fucked up by some sockpuppet accounts. The owner of those accounts is not a Russian. He just used Cyrillic letters in his usernames and they are not Russian words. I blocked 2 of them and Red Bloony blocked one. I'm here to recommend fellow admins to install WHAM and MassBlock extensions in order to quickly block those scums, delete their pages and rollback their edits. Here's how you can install it.

    I have requested the Wikia staffs for an IP check. This wiki is currently safe. We will take immediate and decisive actions when needed.

    Update: Staffs responded that they are from a single user with the same IPs.

    Moreover, the vandal has just used a new IP.

    1. Dagny860
    2. Keaton618
    3. Gillmen103
    4. Gillmen74
    5. Robotchicks
    6. Pewdiepie1006
    7. Galley618
    8. MustangLizard
    9. Doomstones
    10. Scrapshooter
    11. Brawlchain
    12. Bucktooth
    13. Luigikid64
    14. Втфкж
    15. Вькфйэ
    16. Хгеозь
    17. Drunkasshole
    18. Оивцгщ
    19. Icemerald
    20. Wyatt Kenoyer
    21. Омвугд
    22. Чешская
    23. RealMrGamerYT
    24. Токдцмолрцкаролцкадлрау
    25. Otoro
    26. Клюква

    • Another example of sockpuppetry
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