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“Although I've only been making parodies of the Angry German Kid since 2013, I have been watching AGK parodies for much longer. I was first introduced to AGK Parodies through the original parody maker, Jeeves476, and the reference to the AGK in DasBoSchitt's GMod Idiot Box. I discovered AGK Parodies for the first time either in 2009 or 2010.”
RCT3Crashes100 (read more...)
“I don't exactly remember how I discovered it, but I guess I was watching random videos and then I saw an AGK parody, so I decided to watch it. Despite the fact I only started making AGK videos in 2014, I discovered AGK around the late 2000s or the early 2010s.”
TheCrazinessCat (read more...)
“I first discovered Angry German Kid in March 2012 when I was 10. The first AGK parody I have ever seen is "Angry German Kid Kills Fred... Again" by an influential Slikker known as AngryGermanKid82. He introduced me to AGK parodies. While I was watching videos by FRED, I saw the thumbnail for this video. I watched the episode and I laughed when Leopold gets annoyed by FRED's screaming and he beats him up. I've started making AGK episodes one and a half month ago.”
Tanzim K (read more...)
“I discovered it when I was watching an AVGN YTP at some point during 2013. I didn’t really care about that AGK clip on that YTP until I became a fan on November 2014. Then on December 2014 I decided to make my first AGK episode as my 150th video special. I stayed with that one episode for 3 months until I decided to make another one.”
Ivan187 (read more...)

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“Leopold, what are you doing at your computer? You're grounded!”
Mary Slikk on TheKewlOne96's Angry German Kid Series

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