Angry German Kid Goes to is the fourth episode in the first season of Jeeves476's Angry German Kid series. It was posted on YouTube on November 22, 2011. In the episode, Leopold decides to purchase Super Mario Galaxy from Not willing to wait for its release, he pre-orders it, which he then is to order, with unexpected results.


After a series of Unfortunate Events. Leopold steals money from his mom's purse so he could get a new computer from Best Buy then he wants a new Mario game this Super instant and he wants his computer to load then he calls the internet a piece of moose shit then the scene cuts to with an ad with Zelda: Phantom Hourlgass, then he orders Super Mario Galaxy then the computer shows an ad from Super Mario Galaxy then it fades to a website saying that it gets released November 16, 2007 for Europe but 12th for USA then Leopold has to wait a long time then smashes his keyboard after that, he pre-orders it but Nintendo recgonizes him with "You are Slikk" then says that you should give me mario or else i'll kill you and have rats rare your internal organs then Nintendo says "OK OK relax! We know exactly what you want. We'll send it to you now!" then Leopold thinks positive so his game will arrrive then a doorbell noise comes then the game finally arrives then comes back with the game and says ah, let's get started then Mario and Luigi in an old design come up with Tunak then he says "NGYAAAAARGH NOT FUCKIN Rick Roll AGAIN 9000 TIMES" and smashes his keyboard at the end, Then he throws his computer out the window in Bill Gates' head then Leopold starts crying and Bill Gates says "That's it,you're Dead" and Leopold says that I think i hit Bill Gates and he is mad at me Forever cause I always Acting , then a Subtitle says" OMFG AGK IS GETTING RAPED BY CHASKA GATES! then Bill Gates says that he will have a taste of my Metallic Bullwhip, then hurts Leopold and cuts through his insides and his legs. At last The Game over screen Appears . With a credits with Tunak song Reversed.