Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~ is an upcoming crossover movie between AGK Parodists' universe

that created by Adrenaline21, Jayden Montoya and GeneBernardinoLawl.


"In this universe, all of the population have their peace but what's behind of this meaning."
-AGK: FM~The Movie~ Intro quote.

Before Valkyria enters another universe

In the earth, all of the creatures are doing their peace before Valkyria invades the earth as himself to think his greatest plan on his throne. Before he finishes his greatest plan thinking, a message from Alvaro De Vance to Valkyria as Nova and Alvaro's defeat by Leopold and his allies. So, Valkyria responses as agreement and he continues his greatest plan to destroy all of AGK Universe by World Merger.

Adrenaline21's AGK Universe

After Alvaro's defeat, Leopold has his training with Adrenaline21, Johnny Fort Spieler, Jack Randolf (Angry Sims Kid) and Vanessa to prepare to defeat stronger enemies. While, Alisa has full-month vacation by visiting Mueggelberge Mountain that being located in Berlin. A brighter shiny silhouette of a girl has hurting Alisa's eye and blocks her eye with her hand, the silhouette of a girl to be revealed as Valkyria's Disguise Form. He flies towards her and tells her where's Leopold, she answers to Valkyria and he brings her up into Leopold's place.

Jayden Montoya's AGK Universe

In Classic Timeline, Alvin has been defeated by Leopold for ruining GoAnimate websites and he tells about the company will be closed quickly due to Valkyria will be invade into this universe while in Modern Timeline, Mannerheim has been defeated by Leopold and The Bastards member has been taken-down by The Slikks but Kaeru asks Leopold how about Valkyria will merge the world and creating his biggest plan as "Leopold Slikk" War but Leopold answers, "I have already taken down Saddam Hussein in the Alternate Iraq War" (AGK Movie 2 reference).

Valkyria has finished his job on Classic Timeline, he'll shift into Modern Timeline which the war of The Slikks and The Bastards happens. A portal of Valkyria represent himself as he defeats Classic Jayden Leopold and Modern Jayden Leopold treats Valkyria as a new member of The Bastards, then command his comrades to defeat him but the results has failed and he reveals himself that he's not a member of The Bastards. So, Valkyria gives the message and moved into GBL's Universe.

To be continued and this section will be edited by Jayden Montoya...

GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Universe

This movie occurs after AGK vs Grizzly Bear episode as he apologizes to Leopold and accept to become Leopold's crew but something wrong when the silhouette has back into his revenge against Leopold and revealed to be Barry, which revived by Valkyria using Seal of Resurrection as he's inside of German Headquarter building. Leopold has a chance to kill Barry but Valkyria fails him, Valkyria kisses Barry's face and leaves GBL's AGK Universe, Valkyria turned back into his default form and the World Merger has started.

Merged World

War between Leopolds from different universe

Togsy's return

Togsy aka Toguro "The Older Brother" has return into his seal by Valkyria, who release him from Spencer's seal within on Johnny. Valkyria commands him to kill Leopold's friends while himself to keep watch over Leopold fighting with his clones from other universe. As Togsy's attempt to kill Vanessa as his 1st target, soon he has been interrupt by Johnny Fort Spieler to fail Togsy's. Prohyas and Vambre appeared to help Johnny Fort Spieler fight Togsy while friends of A21's Leopold have team-up with friends of Jayden's Leopold and GBL's Leopold to stop Valkyria's plan.

Valkyria's defeat

Valkyria's Flashback

After Spiel-Restore has executed by Johnny, Valkyria hopes that he can tell the flashbacks of him to A21 Leopold and his allies, He lets Valkyria tell to the story of him. The story of him starts as Alvaro's childhood, he brought the 2 unused robots named Nova and Valkyria into the manor to repair because of his obsession with robot shows on 1970s-1990s. Several years later, Alvaro invented his scale laser to grow or shrink the objects he found. Turning the useless 2 robots into newly-modified giant robots for his purpose to surpass his dad's job.

Before he got his unnamed wife, he had successfully to create the giant robots with some modifications from their unused action figurine-bots. Further went on, Alvaro launched his 2 newly-modified robots into the space for his trial. As of Alvaro's current situation, Nova and Valkyria nowhere to be found as they lost on space. Because of it, Nova and Valkyria create their different plan to destroy Leopold, Nova has come up ideas to kill Leopold by creating Dark World portal that he resides now as season 2 and 3 of A21's AGK Series. While, Valkyria creates the throne to react his brother's success or failure.

Prior to ~The Movie~, Nova has been destroyed by Leopold and his allies from Comic and Animated series that Alvaro tells Leopold about him to invade the earth and use World Merger to destroy all of AGK Universe by Leopold Slikk war on his idea during Alvaro's defeat. Valkyria's story telling is end and the systems will be shutdown for minutes during World Merger deactivation, as all of Leopold Slikk have escape themselves to save their life before lost. So, Valkyria moved into the throne as the battlefield area has vanished and shift into his throne.

Farewell, Leopold Slikk from another universe

A short after Valkyria's defeat, A21's Leopold will say goodbye to Leopold and his allies from other universe as Valkyria's World Merger has de-activated. A giant energy ball of light shines the world to repair the ruined world that World Merger caused. After that, Leopold returns to his house along with his friends.


The scene of Valkyria's systems has been shutted down by itself to avoid explosions due to damage of his armor as of now-deactivated World Merger has brought him into the throne.


Adrenaline21's AGK Universe

*Note: All of A21's AGK Universe Characters are now from Original World, instead of respective worlds like; 2011, 2014 and 2017 World.

Jayden Montoya's AGK Universe

  • Leopold Slikk (Jayden)
  • Kaeru Otoko (Jayden)
  • Jake Randolf (Jayden)
  • Alvin Hung
  • Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim

GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Universe

  • Leopold Slikk (GBL)
  • Grizzly Bear
  • 40T10
  • Jake Randolf (GBL)
  • Barry
  • Norman
  • Hoppus
  • Leonard Slikk (GBL)
  • Leonidas Slikk (GBL)
  • Harold Slikk (GBL)
  • Prohyas Warrior
  • Vambre Warrior

Merged Universe

  • Leopold Slikk (Classic, Modern, Deviantville, PrinceStickFigure and Atarster)
  • Valkyria


AGK: FM~The Movie~/Script


  • This marks as the end for Adrenaline21 (AGK: FM) and Jayden Montoya (AGK Reloaded) but GeneBernardinoLawl (AGK: Power-Up) isn't end until AGK plays Mugen episodes.
  • This is similar to Dragon Ball x 1 Piece x Toriko special episode collab as the creator trio are collab with their own respective medias.
  • This is only feature Deviantville, Atarster and PrinceStickFigure's Leopold as cameo, to defeat Valkyria.
  • Also, this is similar to Kamen Rider Decade x Double-Movie War 2010 because of the main topic of this film is war.
  • This is the 1st movie created with 2 or more AGK Parodists instead of 1 like Atarster's Noah Movie: Sailor Moon's Revenge for the example.
  • This movie will use Rockman 0, Sonic the Hedgehog and Kingdom Hearts Themes due to Adrenaline21 is the main script writer but GBL and Jayden can use their own favorite music themes into this movie.
  • This is the 2nd time to use "Final Mix" title from Adrenaline21's AGK OVA which the 1st.
  • This is the 1st time to use "Final Mix" title along with Season OVA, which used since "Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix" released at 2002.