Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~ is an upcoming crossover movie between AGK Parodists' universe that created by Adrenaline21, and Jayden Montoya.

The story starts from...

Adrenaline21's AGK Universe

In this universe, Adrenaline21 has his training with Leopold Slikk, Johnny Fort Spieler and Vanessa Nakamura after the defeat of Alvaro De Vance in AGK: FM. Meanwhile, Alisa von Dreissig founds a letter from Valkyria the giant holy robot in the volcano. Then, Alissa tells Adrenaline21, Leopold, Johnny and Vanessa that Valkyria the giant holy robot wants all of AGK Parodists' Universe being merged by him and the results being a war of Leopold Slikks that destroys the world. Next, in Jayden Montoya's AGK Universe.

Jayden Montoya's AGK Universe

After fatally murdering his long-time enemy Mannerheim and demolishing their opposing team by the end of Reloaded S4EP22 (Modern part), this murderous gangster informs his team, The Slikks, about his timeline being merged with one world by Valkyria. However, Kaeru begins to question Leopold about the timeline being split and about his hero title, but Leopold responds, "...I already had taken down Saddam Hussein in the Alternate Iraq War (referencing The Angry German Kid Movie 2) and just now, I have demolished my long-time enemy and completely destroyed my opposing squad!"

More to come by Jayden himself...

Merged World

After Jayden Montoya's AGK Universe part is finished, the universe goes back to Adrenaline21's AGK Universe when Leopold, Johnny, Adrenaline21, Alisa and Vanessa are discussing about their equipments to stop him for their world being merged with others. So, Leopold and friends are ready to go to Berlin to find out what's happened inside. When they reach into Berlin, the city becomes ruined due to Valkyria's World Merge ability that caused. The editing for Adrenaline21 continues...

Back again to Jayden Montoya's AGK Universe.

War between Leopolds from different Universe

After A21's Leopold meets other Leopolds from other universe (including Jayden Montoya's AGK Universe), Valkyria uses the electric cage to trap Adrenaline21, Johnny Fort Spieler, Alisa von Dreissig, Vanessa Nakamura, Jayden Montoya, etc. for not interrupt his plans. So, Valkyria launches a black hole to all Leopold Slikks for his Leopold Slikk war plan. All of Leopold Slikks are vanished instantly and moved to a wasteland as their war area.

Valkyria's defeat

Johnny Fort Spieler and Adrenaline21 are finally free from Valkyria's electro cage and then, they 2 are telling to Leopolds from all universe that Valkyria has his Leopold Slikk war plan. So, they are commanding all of Leopolds to destroy Valkyria.

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