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This article is about the game, you may be looking for the character from GeneBernardinoLawl's series

Angry German Kid.exe (aka Leopold.exe) is a game based on Sonic.exe, programmed by The Angry German Kid XD.

The PC beta version was 720p but it changed to 4:3 due to the big game size. Same goes with the mobile version.

On 7th March, The Angry German Kid XD made the page of Angry German Kid.exe on IndieDB and GameJolt.

The Android version was developed in GDevelop but it got cancelled due to many glitches that occured but after he got the developer version of ClickTeam, he made the Android version of the game and it got removed after a while.

Characters, Other Profiles

Version Changelogs

1.0.0: First release.

1.0.1: Fixed music/sounds and some missing sprites.

1.0.2: Japanese text added and fixed Hitler's floor.

1.0.3: Fixed Hitler floor again and a bug when Leopold.exe doesn't face Jake.

1.0.4: Fixed Hitler floor again, Improved performance and fixed Leopold.exe doesn't face Jake again.

1.0.5: Fixed Leopold.exe doesn't face Jake again (This version got deleted because of an another bug!)

1.0.6: Fixed a bug which you can't go to the next level, No need to install at all and Fixed the bug when Leopold.exe doesn't face Jake.

1.0.666: This version was made in scratch! Featuring walk cycles, animated backgrounds, higher screen resolution and lots of bug fixes. However, there's some missing sprites which will be there on the next version! However, the bug of Leopold.exe not facing Jake is finally fixed and also tested!

1.0.7: Fixed the bug where Jake is flying while walking when he meets Leopold.exe, added back the fire sprite on "Hide and Seek" level, Leopold.exe sprites in Harold levels are updated, fixed the bug where the timer stop on 0:00 and no "PC" animation in Hitler level, the title screen animation of the game is now fixed,added the final zone and fixed the bug when Leopold.exe doesn't face Jake.

1.0.7 (Re-upload): Fixed the bug where Jake movement is broken when he meet Leopold.exe and fixed the bug when Jake keeps crying for endless time!

NOTE: Version 1.0.7 is the final version, there is no version 1.0.8 or above.

Easter eggs

Secret level

To access the secret level, the player must head left on the 'Hell' level. Once this is done, a red screen will be shown. This will stay for a few seconds, then the level will load. Four platforms are seen, Jake is standing on the first one and Leopold is standing on the fourth one. Proceed to make your way up to Leopold. Once you do so, however, you will find out that he's really Leopold.exe. You'll fall through the platform and land on spikes. Then the game will close.

Beta screenshots and gameplays

File:Character Select Sneak Peek.png
Screenshot TitleScreen

Title Screen by YouTubeWare (Beta)

Selection AGKexe

Final zone