Adrenaline21 is a new AGK Parodist since 2017, this channel's originality was existed before he was creating a google account for YouTube. The original channel of this was retired in YouTube but there's only 1 video in this original channel. The channel was created by the name "Aldo Fitrian" in his Junior high school age (around 13) before June 2017. In June 2017, the channel went change from "Aldo Fitrian" to the new "Adrenaline21" for reviving the original one.

In AGK Parody, the series goes name "The AGK Parody Show" since June 2017 before he goes to his Senior High School. He uses the "Gaia Avatar Creator" for characters in his AGK Series.

List of Characters in Adrenaline21's AGK Series



List of Episodes

Season 1 (AGK Parody Show)

Note: This is just the summary, all of remaining episodes are created as soon.

No Title Summary Link
1 AGK meets Johnny Fort Spieler This episode tells about Leopold's first day in school and meet Johnny at the first time. At break time, Johnny plays his Antic games with Leopold until finished.
2 AGK watches Flying Fish of Doom Leopold joins Johnny to watch Madan Senki Ryukendo in his PC but he tells Leopold about copyright permissions about the show

they watch. After several episodes end, Leopold gets angry until he smashes Fegelein's head.

3 Vs Barney part 1 Similar to Episode 2, Leopold watches JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with Johnny in his house. After the show has changed into Barney,

he comes from the TV that makes them shocked. Then, Johnny goes to outside with Leopold and Barney to fight on outside of his house. Until the end, Johnny says "that damn dinosaur" has high HP

(100000 HP).

4 Vs Barney part 2 In episode 3, Leopold and Johnny are trying to prevent Barney from their 0 HP with their weapons. Before the end of this episode,

Johnny successfully tricks him with his Viacom BND of Doom antic prank (Mentioned from Episode 1) from Barney's hug to Leopold and himself.

5 Vs Barney part 3 After Episode 4, Barney (now, in BND of Doom form) scares Leopold and Johnny in the garage. Then, Johnny joins Leopold to finish

him with their Overdrive. Next, Leopold wants Johnny finishes him off with Spiel-Exploder. On their victory, they'll go to the TV room.

6 AGK meets Adrenaline21 Adrenaline21 has his activities from his school while Leopold and Johnny, they're enjoying JoJo comics from Johnny's house. What happen if Adrenaline21 meets both Leopold and Johnny in 2011 using time portal?
7 Adrenaline21's


Opposite from Episode 6, Leopold and Johnny are travelling to 2017 using Spiel-Portal for a quest from Adrenaline21.
8 AGK meets The Newcomers in his school Similar to PrinceStickFigure's AGK Rebooted Episode 3 but the story is different a bit. After all of A21's quest are finished, Leopold and Johnny are going back to 2011 World. Next day of 2011 World, Leopold and Johnny are greeted by AKs (Spencer, Ronald and Kaeru) in Platanus School.
9 AGK goes to KFC Leopold and Johnny are tired due to Hitler punishes them by doing chores in Platanus School. So, Johnny and Leopold goes to KFC for their dinner.
10 AGK reads Bleach Leopold still bored due to Hitler being an annoying teacher. So, Johnny lends him a bunch of Bleach comics to Leopold.
11 World Tour Concert of AGK's dad Harold says bye to his sons and his wife (Gladys) when he gets his world tour concert in 2011 World. So, Leopold and all of AKs are invited to Johnny's house to watch Harold's world tour concert on his TV.
12 AGK and Friends' reaction to Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala When Harold still has his world tour concert until 20 December 2011, Leopold and friends are going to A21's house for watching GGS on his laptop.
13 AGK makes Baumkuchen After many horrible reactions of all boys about GGS, Leopold wants A21 and others help to make a perfect baumkuchen for all.
14 The Antic Games When A21 gets his final examination of 1st semester, AGK and friends are going back to 2011 World to waiting his father but he must waiting 10 days for his dad. So, Johnny lets them play his antic games until over.
15 The return of AGK's dad Harold goes back to Germany after a month of World Tour Concert in 2011 World. So, what happened to him when Leopold and friends react?...
16 AGK's Winter Vacation After a week of A21's final examination of semester has finished, A21 wants himself go to 2011 World's Germany.
17 Adrenaline21's Birthday. 21st December, Adrenaline21 has his

birthday plan. He puts his birthday list paper into Johnny's house. So,

Johnny and his friends are go to the 2017 for

find the items that on the list.

18 The Truth about Supreme King of


Back again to 2011 World, Al and Leopold are finding his antics in Johnny's house until they finally found the scroll about Supreme King of Antics' truth. In the end, Johnny becomes possessed by Supreme King of Antics.
19 Vs Supreme King of Antics part 1 In this episode, Johnny teleports Leopold, Adrenaline21, Spencer, Kaeru and Ronald into the ruined stadium (References to KoF

96). Both of them are trying to defeat him with their own weapons.

20 Vs Supreme King of Antics part 2 After episode 19, Kaeru, Adrenaline21, Spencer and Ronald got Knocked Out by Johnny. Until the last part of their fight,

Leopold remembers about the flashback about Overdrive then he performs it alone.

Season 2 (The AGK Show)

No Title Summary Link
21 Meet PrinceStickFigure After Leopold and friends are celebrating their New Year 2018 in 2017 World, PrinceStickFigure from 2014 World arrives in 2017 World.
22 Welcome to 2017 Berlin
36 Ruins of 2014
40 Goodbye, Nova

Season 3 (The AGK Show Finale)

No Title Summary Link
41 The Missing AGK Parodists After Nova was defeated in 2014 World, he attempts himself to kidnap AGK Parodists other than Adrenaline21 due to he's being listed by Nova as an enemy to him. So, AGK and Friends are go to Nova's World to find all AGK Parodists are around from all world.
42 Vs Prince Stick Figure

part 1

When all of their teams are being separated, Johnny's team are in ruined temple to find any missing AGK Parodists but they're shocked due to PSF approaches to them with suddenly. So, they fight him until his HP drains into 0
43 Vs Prince Stick Figure part 2
44 Vs Atarster part 1
45 Vs Atarster part 2
46 Vs Gene Bernardino LAWL part 1
47 Vs Gene Bernardino LAWL part 2
48 Vs Travrinity part 1
49 Vs Travrinity part 2
50 Vs Jayden Montoya
51 Vs AGKandRockman2001
52 Vs AGK&VM2000 part 1
53 Vs AGK&VM2000 part 2
54 Doppelgänger match After the defeat of all missing AGK Parodists, suddenly the violet-black colored portal hole appears behind them each. So, they fight their doppelgänger or they become slaves by their doppelgänger self.
55 Farewell, Highbunker HxH In episode 54, their doppelgänger are finally defeated by themselves. Highbunker HxH goes to his homeworld due to his parody projects are so many, so he attempts to have an excussion to A21. After his agreement, A21 and friends are saying goodbye to him before he enters into the portal.
56 The chamber to the Robot God Nova AGK and friends are finally reach into their destination also the route to his chamber is too high. So, they must walk until the chamber. At the chamber, the ray from the chamber shines that make them crouch instead. Then, they enter to the chamber.
57 Vs The Robot God Nova part 1 After they entering the chamber, Nova is waiting them to fight. In the middle part, Nova transforms himself into a giant robot with wings that wears his shield and sword at his hands.
58 Vs The Robot Nova part 2 In episode 57, Judy and Jade's HP drains into 0 while others are drained into 15% of their maximum life but they still continue their fight with the God Robot Nova.
59 World Peace After all of the party's life into 0 except Adrenaline21, Nova wants to destroy him with his ultimate attacks and his goal is success if all of them are defeated. In the middle scene of this episode, Adrenaline21 finishes him off with bigger potential power to defeat the God Robot.
60 Happy New Year 2020 The city got ruined due to the Robot God Nova, Johnny has only 1 available of his antics from his mind to repair the world that had been destroyed by Nova the Robot God before the world going worse. Leopold, Johnny, Kaeru, Spencer and Ronald are going back to the 2011 World also with Judy, Nick, Steve and Jade are return to their 2014 World while Adrenaline21, he stays in 2017 World. Long moments after their separation from him, he celebrates New Year to his friends through his phone, the end.

The AGK Remastered Parody Show

This show is different than the original series. This series usually remasters from other AGK Parodists, also he remasters episode from his own original series.

*Note: This show's episodes are taken from Adrenaline21's favorite episodes of AGK Parodists also his own videos that can be remastered.


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