Adrenaline21 is a new AGK Parodist since 2017, this channel's originality existed before he was creating a google account for YouTube. The original channel of this was retired in YouTube but there's only 1 video in this original channel. The channel was created by the name "Aldo Fitrian" in his Junior high school age (around 13) before June 2017. In June 2017, the channel changed from "Aldo Fitrian" to the new "Adrenaline21" for reviving the original one.

In AGK Parody, the series goes name "The AGK Parody Show" since June 2017 before he goes to his Senior High School. He uses the "Gaia Avatar Creator" for characters in his AGK Series.

If his youtube channel got suspended, here's the link:



  • Leopold Slikk: The heroic angry german kid that uses his keyboard as his weapon and he hates if someone tries to kill him. In AGK: FM, Leopold is more courageous, bravery, violent than the original and remastered. In AGK: FM~The Movie~, A21 version of Leopold still same from Final Mix and he's the leader of Team Alpha while Jayden Montoya's Leopold is the leader of Team Beta of Leopold Slikk wars also he's the member of Valkyria Hunters.
  • Leonidas Slikk
  • Leonard Slikk
  • Johnny Fort Spieler
  • Jack Randolf: Jack Randolf's debut is in the 1st chapter of AGK Comic Series. He's the best friend of Leopold.
  • Adrenaline21
  • Jade Hopper
  • Steve Demir
  • Ronald Suez
  • Spencer Grave
  • Kaeru Otoko
  • Harold Slikk (Adrenaline21 ver.)
  • Gladys Slikk
  • Judy Hopps
  • Nick Wilde
  • Vanessa Nakamura: She's a transfer student from Japan and Adrenaline21's girlfriend. She has same school as Adrealine21 does.
  • Alisa von Dreissig: Similar to Vanessa Nakamura but hers is different than Vanessa's. She's usually has her trash picking job by her father due to he's an employee of trash picking company also she hangs out with Adrenaline21 and Vanessa in 2017 World.
  • Zoey von Dreissig
  • Jonathan Joestar
  • Joseph Joestar
  • Jotaro Kujo
  • Josuke Higashikata
  • Giorno Giovanna: The main protagonist of Golden Wind (5th part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure). In AGK, He's seen at cafe with Yuma Tsukumo and Yuya Sakaki.
  • Jolyne Cujoh: The main protagonist of Stone Ocean (6th part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) also she's the only girl "JoJo" on JoJo series. In season 2, Jolyne escapes from the NYC prison by her "Stone Free" stand and meets Leopold and friends.
  • Johnny Joestar
  • Sailor Josuke Higashikata
  • Yugi Mutou
  • Yuki Judai
  • Yusei Fudo
  • Yuma Tsukumo
  • Yuya Sakaki
  • Yusaku Fujiki
  • Alpha:
  • Beta
  • Gamma
  • Delta
  • DanyRoar: A new YouTuber since 2017 after Adrenaline21 joined YouTube. His debut is the 7th episode where he meets with Adrenaline21 and the ??? chapter in comic series.


  • Johnny Fort Spieler (Episode 1, Supreme King of Antics)
  • Barney: An annoying dinosaur that interrupts both Leopold and Johnny from watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in Adrenaline21's AGK Season 1, Season 2 as Leopold's nightmare and Final Mix as Indosiar's friend to ruin Leopold and others.
  • Nova (Both Original and God mode): The main antagonist in AGK Season 2 and Season 3 (both Original and Remastered Trilogy).
  • Alvaro De Vance
  • Victoria De Vance
  • Prince Stick Figure: The AGK Parodist that he had join AGK Community by creating AGK videos at first time on 2012. PSF is a member of missing AGK Parodists that being listed by Leopold and his friends).
  • Atarster: Same as PSF, but he creates his AGK videos on 2014 also he's the part of missing AGK Parodists.
  • Joey Slikk: Adrenaline21's most hated enemy because he's annoying as Toguro for Leopold.
  • GeneBernardinoLawl
  • AGKandvideomaker2000
  • AGKandRockman2001
  • Jayden Montoya: His debut is in Season 3 of Adrenaline21's Original AGK Series as the member of all missing AGK Parodists and in 1st episode of AGK: FM, Adrenaline21 stays at his universe and he usually hangs out with Jayden. In AGK: FM~The Movie~, Jayden Montoya himself is now an ally to Adrenaline21 and his friends from his universe when their universe being merged by Valkyria also he's a member of The Slikks.
  • Justin Bieber: In AGK Remastered Show, he's treated as the being hated person other than Hitler by Adrenaline21, Johnny, Leopold, Alisa, Vanessa, Judy, Nick, Jade, Steve, Zoey and Jolyne due to his sound is girly and the young girls are like him as his fans.
  • Fred Figglehorn
  • Sailor Moon: An annoying girl that Sailor Josuke and Johnny Joestar's hate due to she annoys them at their coffee time.
  • Adolf Hitler: A downfall movie version of Hitler that treated as Hitler cosplayer by Adrenaline21 because the original Hitler died at 1945 and he's treated as the evil teacher by Leopold and Johnny in Platanus School. In AGK: Remastered Show, He's shown in remastered version of Adrenaline21, Atarster and PrinceStickFigure episodes.
  • Roxas: An original Kingdom Hearts character that made by Square Enix. In AGK: FM, Roxas tries to interrupt Leopold and his friends by killing them but Johnny Fort Spieler fights him instead of Leopold Slikk and in AGK: Remastered Show, Leopold founds a portal battle of him and fights him.
  • Toguro: The demonic brothers in this series. The older brother Toguro can be seen as the episode 22 when he jumpscares Leopold at hotel roof. He returns in season 3 when he got defeated by Leopold and helping Nova to kill him. Finally, he appears both of Final Mix series as he's jumpscaring Leopold (FM)/Killing Johnny (FM~The Movie~). The younger brother Toguro can be seen in the comic version only as he punishes Hitler for handcuff Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru. Then, in The 2nd... He appears as a minor character on AGK goes to Concert chapter. Lastly, in Finale... The younger brother Toguro can be seen as he fighting with Nova but he's burnt to death by Nova instead as a results.
  1. The younger brother Toguro has calm, quiet and careful personality as he's not being interrupt by something. He has violent personality if Hitler makes something annoying to the students. His role is a replacement for Hermann Fegelein in Animated Series (AGK: Parody Show), a guard (AGK: The 2nd), a slave (AGK: Finale).
  2. The older brother Toguro has sadistic, insane and violent personality. His role is the major antagonist in each AGK Animated Seasons and Series.
  • Valkyria the holy robot: The main antagonist of A21, GBL and Jayden Montoya's AGK: FM~The Movie~. He's also the culprit who makes disaster of chaos by his World Merger ability and his plan directs the results of Leopold Slikks war.


Season 1 (AGK Parody Show)

Note: This is just the summary, all of remaining episodes are created as soon.

No Title Summary Link Release Date
1 AGK meets Johnny Fort Spieler This episode tells about Leopold's first day in school and meet Johnny at the first time. At break time, Johnny plays his Antic games with Leopold until finished. 22 June 2017
2 AGK watches Flying Fish of Doom Leopold joins Johnny to watch Madan Senki Ryukendo in his PC but he tells Leopold about copyright permissions about the show

they watch. After several episodes end, Leopold gets angry until he smashes Fegelein's head.

23 June 2017
3 Vs Barney part 1 Similar to Episode 2, Leopold watches JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with Johnny in his house. After the show has changed into Barney,

he comes from the TV that makes them shocked. Then, Johnny goes to outside with Leopold and Barney to fight on outside of his house. Until the end, Johnny says "that damn dinosaur" has high HP

(100000 HP).

25 June 2017
4 Vs Barney part 2 In episode 3, Leopold and Johnny are trying to prevent Barney from their 0 HP with their weapons. Before the end of this episode,

Johnny successfully tricks him with his Viacom BND of Doom antic prank (Mentioned from Episode 1) from Barney's hug to Leopold and himself.

29 June 2017
5 Vs Barney part 3 After Episode 4, Barney (now, in BND of Doom form) scares Leopold and Johnny in the garage. Then, Johnny joins Leopold to finish

him with their Overdrive. Next, Leopold wants Johnny finishes him off with Spiel-Exploder. On their victory, they'll go to the TV room.

2 July 2017
6 AGK meets Adrenaline21 Adrenaline21 has his activities from his school while Leopold and Johnny, they're enjoying JoJo comics from Johnny's house. What happen if Adrenaline21 meets both Leopold and Johnny in 2011 using time portal? 8 August 2017
7 Adrenaline21's


Opposite from Episode 6, Leopold and Johnny are travelling to 2017 using Spiel-Portal for a quest from Adrenaline21. 28 August 2017
8 AGK meets The Newcomers in his school Similar to PrinceStickFigure's AGK Rebooted Episode 3 but the story is different a bit. After all of A21's quest are finished, Leopold and Johnny are going back to 2011 World. Next day of 2011 World, Leopold and Johnny are greeted by AKs (Spencer, Ronald and Kaeru) in Platanus School. 2 September 2017
9 AGK goes to KFC Leopold and Johnny are tired after they finish their chores. Principal Fegelein comes to bring Hitler into his office. Ronald, Spencer, Kaeru, Leopold and Johnny are going into KFC together at afternoon (probably 3 PM or 4 PM). 9 September 2017
10 AGK reads Bleach After eating KFC, Leopold and Johnny are go into his house by reading comics. Viacom BND of Doom scares him and beaten by Harold. Then, Leopold apologizes Harold and go to dinner. 15 September 2017
11 World Tour Concert of Harold Slikk Harold says bye to his sons and his wife (Gladys) when he gets his world tour concert in 2011 World. So, Leopold and all of AKs are invited to Johnny's house to watch Harold's world tour concert on his TV. 19 September 2017
12 Reactions of Scary Logos from AGK and Friends/Reactions of Sonic Mania from AGK and Friends (Jayden Montoya's AGK Episode) When Harold still has his world tour concert until 20 December 2011, Leopold and friends are going to A21's house for watching Scary Logos on his laptop. 22 September 2017
13 AGK makes Baumkuchen After many horrible reactions of all boys about Scary Logos, Leopold wants A21 and others help to make a perfect baumkuchen for all. 25 September 2017
14 The Antic Games When A21 gets his final examination of 1st semester, AGK and friends are going back to 2011 World to waiting his father but he must waiting 10 days for his dad. So, Johnny lets them play his antic games until over. 29 September 2017
15 The return of AGK's dad Harold goes back to Germany after a month of World Tour Concert in 2011 World. So, what happened to him when Leopold and friends react?... 2 October 2017
16 AGK's Winter Vacation After a week of A21's final examination of semester has finished, A21 wants himself go to 2011 World's Germany. 6 October 2017
17 Adrenaline21's Birthday 21st December, Adrenaline21 has his

birthday plan. He puts his birthday list paper into Johnny's house. So,

Johnny and his friends are go to the 2017 for

find the items that on the list.

10 October 2017
18 The Truth about Supreme King of


Back again to 2011 World, Al and Leopold are finding his antics in Johnny's house until they finally found the scroll about Supreme King of Antics' truth. In the end, Johnny becomes possessed by Supreme King of Antics. 14 October 2017
19 Vs Supreme King of Antics part 1 In this episode, Johnny teleports Leopold, Adrenaline21, Spencer, Kaeru and Ronald into the ruined stadium (References to KoF

96). Both of them are trying to defeat him with their own weapons.

18 October 2017
20 Vs Supreme King of Antics part 2 After episode 19, Kaeru, Adrenaline21, Spencer and Ronald got Knocked Out by Johnny. Until the last part of their fight,

Leopold remembers about the flashback about Overdrive then he performs it alone.

25 October 2017

Season 2 (The AGK Show)

*Note: This season, Adrenaline21 uses caption style for his episodes.

No Title Summary Link Release Date
21 Meet PrinceStickFigure After Leopold and friends are celebrating their New Year 2018 in 2017 World, suddenly PrinceStickFigure from 2014 World arrives in 2017 World. 3 January 2018
22 AGK's Nightmare Leopold and friends are going to the hotel in 2017 World Berlin. Before it, Toguro jumpscares Leopold by his sadistic behavior and he says that Toguro will only fuels his nightmare when he's sleep. In his dream, Leopold meets his worst nightmares that he have experienced. Leopold wants to try escapes himself from his worst nightmare; Indosiar's Flying Fish of Doom, Viacom Sonic.exe of Doom, Viacom BND of Doom, Adolf Hitler and Toguro. 7 January 2018
23 The Transferred Students 11 January 2018
24 A Fox in the Forest 15 January 2018
25 Case Breaker 19 January 2018
26 Beginning of the World Tour 23 January 2018
27 AGK in Europe part 1 27 January 2018
28 AGK in Europe part 2 31 January 2018
29 AGK meets JoJos and Duelists After several hours from England, all of them are arrive in Washington DC. 4 February 2018
30 AGK goes to the Concert 8 February 2018
31 AGK in Asia part 1 12 February 2018
32 AGK in Asia part 2 16 February 2018
33 AGK in Africa 20 February 2018
34 AGK's last day of World Tour 24 February 2018
35 End of the World Tour 28 February 2018
36 Door to the Darkness 4 March 2018
37 Fragments of Past 8 March 2018
38 Vs Nova part 1 12 March 2018
39 Vs Nova part 2 16 March 2018
40 Nova's defeat 25 March 2018

Season 3 (The AGK Show Finale)

No Title Summary Link Release Date
41 The Missing AGK Parodists After Nova was defeated in 2014 World, he attempts himself to kidnap AGK Parodists other than Adrenaline21 due to he's being listed by Nova as an enemy to him. So, AGK and Friends are go to Nova's World to find all AGK Parodists are around from all world. 5 June 2018
42 Vs Prince Stick Figure

part 1

When Team Pair (Judy, Nick, Jade and Steve) are searching for missing AGK Parodists, there's a silhouette of PrinceStickFigure and approach to them quickly. All of Team Pair members are shocked about PrinceStickFigure being an evil humanoid demon that think him as their friends but he's brainwashed and turned into evil by Nova to kill the heroes. 9 June 2018
43 Vs Prince Stick Figure part 2 13 June 2018
44 Vs Atarster part 1 17 June 2018
45 Vs Atarster part 2 21 June 2018
46 Vs Gene Bernardino LAWL part 1 25 June 2018
47 Vs Gene Bernardino LAWL part 2 29 June 2018
48 Vs Joey Slikk After AGK82's defeat, Joey Slikk appears to head-butt Adrenaline21 to the abyss. 2 July 2018
49 Vs Jayden Montoya After Adrenaline21's team are defeating Joey Slikk, they go to the other section of Nova's World to find any missing AGK Parodists. After they go to the left branch of ruins, Jayden Montoya comes to kill Adrenaline21 because his mind is change and the appearances are the succubus (girl version of demon). 6 July 2018
50 Vs AGKandRockman2001 10 July 2018
51 Vs AGK&VM2000 part 1 14 July 2018
52 Vs AGK&VM2000 part 2 18 July 2018
53 AGK Vs Toguro After Toguro being defeated by Leopold both reality and dream he has, Toguro comes back to work with Nova and kill Leopold and his allies in Nova's World.

*Note: This episode will be inspired from AGK vs Aladdin.exe Trilogy from GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series.

22 July 2018
54 Doppelgänger match After the defeat of all missing AGK Parodists, suddenly the violet-black colored portal hole appears behind them each. So, they fight their doppelgänger or they become slaves by their doppelgänger self. 26 July 2018
55 Farewell, Highbunker HxH In episode 54, their doppelgänger are finally defeated by themselves. Highbunker HxH goes to his homeworld due to his parody projects are so many, so he attempts to have an excussion to A21. After his agreement, A21 and friends are saying goodbye to him before he enters into the portal. 30 July 2018
56 The chamber to the Robot God Nova AGK and friends are finally reach into their destination also the route to his chamber is too high. So, they must walk until the chamber. At the chamber, the ray from the chamber shines that make them crouch instead. Then, they enter to the chamber. 3 August 2018
57 Vs The Robot God Nova part 1 After they entering the chamber, Nova is waiting them to fight. In the middle part, Nova transforms himself into a giant robot with wings that wears his shield and sword at his hands. 7 August 2018
58 Vs The Robot Nova part 2 In episode 57, Judy and Jade's HP drains into 0 while others are drained into 15% of their maximum life but they still continue their fight with the God Robot Nova. 11 August 2018
59 World Peace After all of the party's life into 0 except Adrenaline21, Nova wants to destroy him with his ultimate attacks and his goal is success if all of them are defeated. In the middle scene of this episode, Adrenaline21 finishes him off with bigger potential power to defeat the God Robot. 15 August 2018
60 Happy New Year 2020 The city got ruined due to the Robot God Nova, Johnny has only 1 available of his antics from his mind to repair the world that had been destroyed by Nova the Robot God before the world going worse. Leopold, Johnny, Kaeru, Spencer and Ronald are going back to the 2011 World also with Judy, Nick, Steve and Jade are return to their 2014 World while Adrenaline21, Vanessa and Alissa are staying in 2017 World. Long moments after their separation from A21 and his friends, he celebrates New Year to his friends through his phone, the end. 22 August 2018

The Angry German Kid: Final Mix

*Note: This Series' episode will be released every week instead of 4-5 days from 1st episode and 7 days for 20th episode (8 days for 20th episode of 2nd season).

No Title Summary Link Release Date
1 AGK and the summer vacation Part 1: After AGK and friends are going back into their original world (except Adrenaline21, Alisa and Vanessa, that stay in 2017 World.), Adrenaline21 says goodbye to Alisa and Vanessa when he goes to USA to hang out with Jayden Montoya.

Part 2: After the hangout part is over, Leopold Slikk is invited by Johnny Fort Spieler along with Ronald Suez, Spencer Grave and Kaeru Otoko in the basement to play shooting game in reality.

Part 3: After AGK and Friends are playing reality shooting game, Judy, Nick, Jade and Steve are in the Zootopia City to chatting in cafe.

Part 4: From part 1, Alisa and Vanessa are going to the beach for their summer vacation in Berlin.

Part 5: After the separation of Leopold and Friends, The unknown person named "Alvaro De Vance" is planning to destroy Leopold and friends after their returning.

29 August 2018
2 AGK Returns Part 1: In the 2nd part of 1st episode, a gigantic flying fish named Indosiar invades into Hitler's basement to destroy Leopold Slikk and Friends. After the retiring battle with Indosiar a.k.a Flying Fish of Doom, Leopold has an attempt to go adventure. 5 September 2018
3 AGK's Adventure Part 1: After 18-year old Leopold Slikk goes back into the 2017 World with his friends, Adrenaline21 informs them that Alvaro De Vance will destroy him if he meets also Adrenaline21 gives the quest paper to all for the instructions to accomplish the quest.

Part 2: Adrenaline21 informs to all that Mushroom 13 are scattered around Turkey city. So,

12 September 2018
4 AGK vs Johnny Fort Spieler Data Replica Part 1: After all of them goes to the unknown basement, Johnny wants all of them try to defeat the data of him in portal and Leopold goes 1st.

Part 2: After Leopold got defeated by his Data Replica, Alisa and Vanessa are try to defeat his Data Replica in the portal.

Part 3: Alisa and Vanessa are failed to defeat the Data Replica of Johnny Fort Spieler. So, Adrenaline21 goes into the portal last.

Part 4: Adrenaline21 succeeds this mission to defeat Johnny Fort Spieler's Data Replica and he gives Adrenaline21 a medal to him. All of them applause due to they're being defeated by his Data Replica.

Part 5: After the Data Replica fight is over, Leopold and his friends are go to the castle that located in England.

19 September 2018
5 AGK vs Alvaro De Vance Part 1: After the accomplishment of the quest, Leopold and his friends are finally into the castle and meet Alvaro De Vance and his transgender daughter named Victoria De Vance (Formerly as Victor De Vance).

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5: The ending, Alvaro De Vance tells to Leopold and his friends that new silver-colored giant-winged robot will come to the earth and destroys it. So, Leopold and friends are going to home for their reunion with (Judy, Jade, Nick, Steve and AKs) in his home.

*Note, this is the 1st time of Jack Randolf's debut in Animated version of Adrenaline21's AGK Series.

26 September 2018

The AGK Remastered Show

This show is different than the original series. This series usually remasters from other AGK Parodists, also he remasters episode from his own original series and Final Mix.


  1. This show's episodes are taken from Adrenaline21's Original AGK, AGK: FM, Jayden Montoya, Atarster, PrinceStickFigure, and GeneBernardinoLawl
  2. The footages that Adrenaline21 uses are original (for Adrenaline21, PrinceStickFigure GeneBernardinoLawl and Atarster) but have edited on titles, intros and outros while Jayden Montoya, the episodes are fully remastered.
  3. All of the episodes that from Adrenaline21, GeneBernardinoLawl, Atarster and PrinceStickFigure are 2K (2048 x 1080) HD while Jayden Montoya are 1080p HD because of him switching to MP4 after moving from Windows 10 to macOS Sierra.
  4.  ???
  5. In AGK: Remastered, there are an additional footages in video when Leopold and friends watch and after the show is over.
  6. Adrenaline21 uses Final Distance (M-Flo Remix) for the Adrenaline21, Atarster, GeneBernardinoLawl and PrinceStickFigure's footage trailer, opening, Final Distance (PlanitB Remix) for a replacement only and any Electronic Dance themed musics for ending in this show.
  7. In AGK: Remastered 2, GeneBernardinoLawl is the substitute for PrinceStickFigure because of few episodes of his AGK Rebooted for the late episodes but PrinceStickFigure will be appear.
  8. GeneBernardinoLawl's Episodes will be act same as Adrenaline21 and Atarster's.

Angry German Kid: Remastered Show

No Episodes Summary Link Release Date
1 AGK Returns This episode is taken from the 5th part of 2nd episode in Angry German Kid: Final Mix by Adrenaline21. 1 December 2018
2 Problems in AGK's School This episode is taken from the 3rd episode in Angry German Kid Rebooted by PrinceStickFigure. 5 December 2018
3 AGK vs The Annoying Chicken This episode is taken from 2nd series by Jayden Montoya and the footages are fully remastered. 9 December 2018
4 AGK makes Sausage Eggs This episode is taken from 3rd series by Jayden Montoya and the footages are fully remastered. 13 December 2018
5 AGK and Friends' reaction to Sonic Mania This episode is similar with the 12th episode of Adrenaline21's AGK Series but he gives this episode as Jayden Montoya's AGK Series episodes. 17 December 2018
6 AGK vs Pokegamerz9185 This episode is taken from 3rd series by Jayden Montoya and the footages are fully remastered. 21 December 2018
7 AGK plays Minecraft. This episode is taken from the 3rd series by Jayden Montoya and the footages are fully remastered. 25 December 2018
8 AGK's Computer Quest This episode is taken from the 12th episode of 2nd AGK Series by PrinceStickFigure. 29 December 2018
9 AGK goes to McDonald's This episode is taken from the 125th episode of Atarster's AGK Series. 2 January 2019
10 The transferred students This episode is taken from the 23rd episode of Adrenaline21's AGK Series 6 January 2019
11 AGK in the concert This episode is taken from the 30th episode of Adrenaline21's AGK Series. 10 January 2019
12 AGK babysits his brothers This episode is taken from 79th-81st episode of Atarster's AGK Series. 14 January 2019
13 The Horror and The Purge Story of AGK. This episode is taken from the 10th episode of 2nd AGK Series by PrinceStickFigure. 18 January 2019
14 Antic Games This episode is taken from the 14th episode in AGK Season 1 (AGK: Parody Show). 22 January 2019
15 AGK vs Zoey the Dog This episode is taken from the 13th and 14th episode of PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series. 26 January 2019
16 AGK in Hell This episode is taken from the 131th episode of Atarster, 29th episode of Adrenaline21 and 5th episode of PrinceStickFigure's 2nd AGK Series. 30 January 2019
17 Leonard Slikk's birhday Similar to the 17th episode of 1st season in Adrenaline21's Original AGK Series but this episode takes the 48th and 49th episode of Atarster's AGK Series. 3 February 2019
18 AGK's Nightmare This episode is taken from the 2nd episode in AGK Season 2 (AGK: Show) by Adrenaline21. 7 February 2019
19 AGK vs Johnny Fort Spieler's Data Replica This episode is taken from the 4th episode in Angry German Kid: Final Mix by Adrenaline21 11 February 2019
20 Happy New Year 2020 This episode is taken from the final episode in Angry German Kid: Finale Show by Adrenaline21. 15 February 2019

Angry German Kid: Remastered Show 2

No Episodes Summary Link Release Date
1 AGK and Friends are playing in the bunker Episode 1 part 2 5 July 2019
2 AGK in Asia part 1 9 July 2019
3 AGK in Asia part 2 13 July 2019
4 Case Breaker 17 July 2019
5 AGK Escapes from his jail (GBL ver.) This is the 1st episode of GeneBernardinoLawl's episodes in AGK: Remastered Show Series. 21 July 2019
6 AGK: Lost in Space part 1 (GBL ver.) 89 and 90 25 July 2019
7 AGK: Lost in Space part 2 (GBL ver.) 91 and 92 29 July 2019
8 AGK vs Max Headroom and Aladdin.exe part 1 2 August 2019
9 AGK vs Max Headroom and Aladdin.exe part 2 6 August 2019
10 AGK vs Max Headroom and Aladdin.exe part 3 10 August 2019
11 AGK, Noah, Ratchet and Dante's Excellent Adventure part 1 14 August 2019
12 AGK, Noah, Ratchet and Dante's Excellent Adventure part 2 18 August 2019
13 AGK, Noah, Ratchet and Dante's Excellent Adventure part 3 22 August 2019
14 AGK, Noah, Ratchet and Dante's Excellent Adventure part 4 26 August 2019
15 AGK vs ASK IV: Roads to the Tomorrow AGK Reloaded 30 August 2019
16 Leopold vs Harold AGK Reloaded 3 September 2019
17 The Bastard's Main Bunker AGK Reloaded 7 September 2019
18 AGK vs Mannerheim: The 1st AGK Reloaded 11 September 2019
19 AGK vs Mannerheim, The Finale This episode will be the last Jayden Montoya's episodes of AGK Remastered and taken from the episode 22 season 4. 15 September 2019
20 Final Episode After all of them ended their own requests, to be continued... 21 September 2019 (Finale)

Comparison to PrinceStickFigure and Jayden Montoya

A21 PSF Jayden Montoya
A21's has 3 series (Original, Final Mix and Remastered Show) PSF has only 2 series (Original and Rebooted). Jayden Montoya has 4 series (Adventures, Rebooted, Reloaded and Unleashed)
A21 uses Gaia Avatar Creator for his original characters. PSF uses Paint.NET for his original characters Jayden Montoya doesn't have his original characters, except Mannerheim.
When in AGK: Remastered, A21's AGK Episodes are small portion of remasters, like any parts of episodes are merge into 1, the title card being changed, etc. PrinceStickFigure's AGK Episodes are just same as A21 and Atarster because his good performance to create AGK episodes. All of Jayden Montoya's AGK Episodes are fully-remastered to celebrate his fourth anniversary (which was June 11, 2017).


Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~ (Planned at June 2019)

What Adrenaline21 Likes

  • Kingdom Hearts (since his childhood)
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (current)
  • Popeye (since his childhood)
  • 2013 version of Mickey Mouse (he likes it since he's on junior high school age)
  • YuYu Hakusho (since his childhood)
  • Hokuto no Ken (since his childhood)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! (since his childhood)
  • PrinceStickFigure
  • Atarster
  • Jayden Montoya
  • Hanging out with Alisa and Vanessa (his AGK Series)
  • Dragon Ball (since his childhood)
  • Naruto (since his childhood)
  • 1 Piece (since his childhood)
  • Bleach (since his childhood)
  • TMNT (since his childhood)
  • Disney's Party (he played it when he was a 9th grader)
  • Mario Party series
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 (he likes only SNES and GBA version)
  • Doraemon (since his childhood)
  • Crayon Shinchan (since his childhood)
  • Bima Satria Garuda
  • Kamen Rider
  • Super Sentai
  • Gintama
  • Sket Dance
  • Sonic Unleashed (since his childhood)
  • Sonic Mania
  • Boboiboy
  • Upin and Ipin
  • Tom and Jerry (since his childhood)
  • Hanging out with Jayden Montoya
  • Hitler Parodies (he usually loves Highbunker HxH version of Hitler Parodies)
  • Zootopia
  • Pixels
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Shaun the Sheep
  • The Emoji Movie
  • Captain Underpants (both Novel and Movie)
  • Alpha (Stand), Beta (Zanpakuto), Gamma (Robot) and Delta (Keyblade Master)
  • Kingdom Hearts series (best entries, include KH 1/FM, KH 2/FM, KHBBS/FM, Re: Chain of Memories, 3D, for DS games like 358/2 Days and Re: Coded... He treats this as a neutral KH game to him.)
  • Mobile Legends (his latest favorite game)
  • Annoying Orange (funny gory fruit cartoon by him)
  • DanyRoar
  • Called as prefix from his name (Al by now).
  • etc.

What Adrenaline21 Hates

  • Joey Slikk (Joey Slikk sucks by him)
  • Drugs
  • Indonesian Electronemas (Due to the story quality is garbage also the actors aren't experienced, unlike the classic electronemas like: Doel the school kid, etc.)
  • Indonesian FTVs
  • Indosiar (he hates the flying fish of doom, because the flying fish of doom gives him nightmares at his childhood.)
  • Dora the explorer
  • Barney
  • Viacom BND of Doom
  • Nova (in his series)
  • Valkyria (in his series)
  • Lags on his phone and Laptop
  • Called as his suffix from his front name by his teacher and friends in new school (this is most hated and claims to be worst. Except his family, his teacher and friends from his old school that known him before).
  • His retarded smoke abuse uncle (since his childhood).
  • Kingdom Hearts wikia (problems between Chain of Memories and Coded).
  • Japanese Alphabet (usually the dakuten-U ones, he treats as U because he just only know Bs).
  • etc.

Comparison between Adrenaline21, Atarster and PrinceStickFigure for the battle system.

Parodist's name HUD Battle System Damage
Adrenaline21 In Adrenaline21, he uses name for those who fight the opponent. Adrenaline21 uses lock-on for all characters (either player and opponent side) also he uses the auto movement in his battle system. When Leopold or any characters got damaged, the damage are based on percent of full HP.
Atarster Atarster does the same as Adrenaline21. Atarster uses the menu for Leopold (some characters are using menu) and auto-movement for Leopold's ally and opponent in his battle system. Atarster doesn't use the percent for character's damage.
PrinceStickFigure In PrinceStickFigure, he uses icons of characters for fighting scenarios instead of name like Adrenaline21 and Atarster do. PrinceStickFigure uses auto-movement only in his battle system. PrinceStickFigure doesn't use the percent just like Atarster.

Comparison to Adrenaline21 and GeneBernardinoLawl

Parodist's name Origin Applications Used Debut on other's series
A21 Indonesia Powerpoint 2013 and Filmora GBL's AGK S5 Ep4 (Episode 79)
GBL Philippines Vegas Pro A21's AGK Finale Show Ep10 (Episode 50)
Parodist's name Total Episodes Font Used Joining into AGK Community
A21 105 (Including Remastered and FM) Times New Roman and Book Antiqua (Mainly).

MS Mincho (Japanese Translation).

Kingdom Hearts Style Font (FM and FM~Movie~)

GBL 108 I don't know about the early episodes but Season 3 and later uses the Mario Style Font. 2016
Parodist's name Sprites Total Seasons Total Series
A21 Original 6 .3
GBL From Atarster, Miles the Creator, etc.

Original for 40T10.

6 3



  • Adrenaline21 is the Indonesian AGK Parodist that comes out at 2017.
  • Adrenaline21 is the only one who release the AGK Comics of his series, GeneBernardinoLawl and Jayden Montoya's AGK Reloaded Series.
  • Adrenaline21 has delayed episodes like episode 6, 7, etc. in his AGK series.
  • Formerly, he had his dad since his birth. When he was still on his childhood age, he can met him everytime at his original house and moved to Malinau/Tarakan/Tanjung Selor at 2007 as his dad went to his family's home and went work at there. Before he succeeds his national exam to his next school, he cried alot for his dad been passed away as he met him in at the graveyard with dad's parents and siblings because of his bad behavior.

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