“Nobody is perfect. We think we are perfect because of the animation we use, but we aren't. We just are normal people who try to be popular as AGK82. To be more popular than him, we use outstanding animation so we can be popular and have lots of subscribers. I can clearly understand it. But recently, TheAGKMisadventures said we make rip-offs of other AGK videos. Still, that doesn't mean we will stop making AGK videos. Also, take a look at me, some of my episodes might be remakes, but some are original. My series is a mix of AGK videos, games, books, movies and some original ideas. Besides, why don't you make AGK videos based on events that happened in your life? Nothing can stop us from making AGK videos. So yeah, nobody is perfect. We do stuff in a way, there's no perfect way. Just accept it.”
―Fabrice's speech about people thinking they are perfect.
“A new generation of AGK starts.”
“For some people, AGK might be an amateur project. But in order to get more views and subscribers, you need perfect voice actors.”
―Fabrice's point of view on how can a AGK Parodist/Youtuber have tons of views,likes and even subscribers.
“For me, being inspired by AGK makers is remaking episodes from these guys, but with better graphics, different characters, or other stuff. And completely stealing their videos is taking their AGK video(s) and claiming it as our own.”
―Fabrice explaining the difference between getting inspired by AGK makers and stealing their videos.


  • Leopold Andreas Slikk - Also known as the Angry German Kid. A 15-year old german teenage boy and a 9th grade student. He is the main protagonist in the series. He has epic fighting skills, which make girls fall in love with him. He might be a Low-Class Devil (Pawn), but that won't stop from foiling Raynare's plans. (Season 1 - Episode 1)
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's 48-year old hard working father. He abuses his son for certain reasons. Altough he's abusive, he tries to be calm and kind. It is also revealed he loves donuts and likes fishing. (Season 1 - Episode 1)
  • Mary Slikk - Leopold's 48-year old mother. She appears rarely in this series, like in every AGK series. However, unlike most AGK series, she has friends. (Season 1 - Episode 3)
  • Leonard Slikk - Leopold's 10-year old little brother and a 4th grade student. Leonard is usually nice to Leopold, but sometimes gets him and himself in trouble. (Season 1 - Episode 3)
  • Leonidas Slikk - Leopold's 17-year old big brother and a 11th grade student. He acts crazy after hitting his head on a wall as a kid. (Season 1 - Episode 3)
  • Barry Slikk - Leopold's 78-year old grandpa. Unlike most AGK makers, Barry doesn't want to harm his grandson after what happened in Episode 2. (Season 1 - Episode 2)
  • Gerald Slikk - Leopold's 50-year old uncle. (Season 1 - Episode 2)
  • Leopard Slikk - Leopold's 16-year old cousin. He is a spoiled brat who disrespects people's opinions. (Season 3 - Episode 59)
  • Hermann Slikk - Leopold's 105-year old great-grandpa. He hates everyone in the family. (Season 5 - Episode 88)

  • Millie "Tailsko" Prower - A 15-year old female anthrofied version of Tails and a 9th grade student. She is Leopold's girlfriend and cares a lot for him. (Season 5 - Episode 91)
  • Timothy Thompson - Tailsko's 48-year old hardworking father. He's less abusive than Harold and is a good friend to him. (Season 5 - Episode 91)
  • Rosemary Prower - Tailsko's 48-year old mother. She cares a lot about Leopold being Tailsko's boyfriend. (Season 5 - Episode 92)
  • Felix Thompson - Tailsko's 8-year old little brother, a 3rd grade student and one of Leonard's best friends. (Season 5 - Episode 92)
  • Tom Thompson - Tailsko's 18-year old big brother, a 12th grade student and Leonidas's best friend. He's smarter than Leonidas.(Season 5 - Episode 92)
  • Milo - Tailsko's 10-year old little brother and one of Leonard's best friends. (Season 5 - Episode 92)
  • Vanessa Knoxx - Tailsko's 23-year old big sister. She mostly doesn't trust Leopold. (Season 5 - Episode 92)
  • Emerald Miyamoto - Tailsko's 17-year old sister and a 11th grade student. (Season 5 - Episode 92)
  • Jaropolk Thompson - Tailsko's 82-year old grandfather. He is strong like Hermann. (Season 5 - Episode 93)
  • Mona Simpson - Tailsko's grandma from "The Simpsons". (Season 5 - Episode 93)
  • Adenoid Hynkel - Tailsko's 50-year old uncle, formerly known as the dictator of Tomania. (Season 7 - Episode 130)

  • Jakub Jarosław Randolf - A 15-year old german gunsmith and a 9th grade student. He is one of Leopold's best friends. (Season 1 - Episode 1)
  • Ronald Ramirez - Also known as the Angry Dominican Kid. A 16-year old dominican and a 9th grade student who acts the same behavior as Leopold. He is sometimes a bully. (Season 1 - Episode 1)
  • Kaeru "Arata" Otoko - Also known as the Angry Japanese Kid. A 16-year old japanese teen and a 9th grade student who moved from Japan to live in Leopold's city. He is mostly calm when around others. He is another friend of Leopold. (Season 2 - Episode 26)
  • Dimitri France - Also known as the Angry "French" Kid and a 9th grade student. He's one of Leopold's rivals. (Season 2 - Episode 35)
  • Steve Demir - A 16-year old grey cat from PrinceStickFigure. He is one of Fabrice's classmates. (Season 3 - Episode 38)
  • Logan Underwood - A 16-year old deer from PrinceStickFigure. After helping Cassie to read a text in class back in 9th grade, he spends time with her. (Season 3 - Episode 38)

  • Randy Randolf - Jake's father, he's Harold's best friend but sometimes likes to annoy the crap out of him. (Season 1 - Episode 2)
  • Don Ramirez - Ronald's father. (Season 1 - Episode 2)
  • Gouken Otoko - Kaeru's father. (Season 2 - Episode 26)
  • Jon France - Dimitri's father. (Season 2 - Episode 35)
  • Chance Roger - A chimera cat and Rachel's father. He mostly protects his family from perverts like Issei. (Season 4 - Episode 74)
  • Francis Laroche - Fabrice's 37-year old father. He sometimes acts like his son's friend. (Season 6 - Episode 103)

  • Michelle the Dingo Dog - Fabrice's 35-year old mother. She is a movie and TV commercial actress, and sometimes works as a model for magazines. (Season 1 - Episode 10)
  • Akako Otoko - Kaeru's mother. (Season 2 - Episode 26)
  • Areal Randolf - Jake's mom. (Season 2 - Episode 26)
  • Martha Demir - Steve's mom from PrinceStickFigure. (Season 3 - Episode 52)
  • Monica Roger - Rachel's 49-year old mother. (Season 4 - Episode 74)

  • Danny Randolf - Jake's little brother from AGKandvideomaker2000. He likes animals, especially tigers. (Season 1 - Episode 7)
  • Sim Von Kirk - A 2nd grade student. He is sometimes a good friend to Leonard. (Season 1 - Episode 7)
  • Leorich Laroche - Fabrice's 7-year old brother from UsefulVideos. He sometimes joins Leopold in his adventures. (Season 1 - Episode 10)
  • Rodney Ramirez - Ronald's little brother from AGKandvideomaker2000. (Season 1 - Episode 7)
  • Raesu Otoko - Kaeru's little brother from Gene Bernardino's AJK series. (Season 2 - Episode 26)

  • Rias Gremory - The main female protagonist of "High School DxD". She's a High-Class Devil (King) and Leopold's female friend. (Season 1 - Episode 1)
  • Issei Hyoudou - The main male protagonist of "High School DxD". He's a Middle-Class Devil (Pawn) and one of Leopold's best friends. (Season 1 - Episode 1)
  • Akeno Himejima - A former Fallen Angel (Queen) and Rias's best friend. She has a crush on Jake. (Season 1 - Episode 1)
  • Koneko Toujou - The Rook of Rias's peerage. She sometimes thinks Leopold is a jerk like Issei, but can be friendly. (Season 1 - Episode 2)
  • Yuuto Kiba - A Middle-Class Devil (Knight) and one of Leopold & Jake's best friends. Like Leopold, he is the school's pretty boy who is adored by many female students and hated by other male students. (Season 1 - Episode 2)
  • Asia Argento - A girl with a very gentle heart. Leopold & Traver will help her getting revenge on Raynare for what she did to her. (Season 1 - Episode 3)

  • Fabrice Laroche - Also known as AGKandRockman2001. A 15-year old french AGK parodist and a 10th grade student. He is another friend of Leopold. (Season 1 - Episode 10)
  • Troy the Dog - Fabrice's 17-year old big brother. (Season 1 - Episode 10)
  • Traver Vincent - Also known as Travrinity. A 16-year old american AGK parodist and Youtuber, an 10th grade student and Fabrice's best friend. He rarely trusts Rias. (Season 1 - Episode 10)
  • Noah Jay Riegel - Also known as Atarster. A 19-year old american AGK parodist. He is one of Leopold and Fabrice's best friends. He loves Ren & Stimpy and wants Caillou dead. He also likes science and mechanic. (Season 2 - Episode 19)
  • Connor Marini - A Catalan dude who mostly voices news reporters, managers, etc. (Season 4 - Episode 68)

  • Flora Baggy - An anthro female tiger that lives from another planet (not sure about that). She heals people by licking their wounds. She rarely puts clothes on her. (Season 1 - Episode 7)
  • Charlotte "Charlie" Stevenson - Traver's best friend and the main character from "The Silver Eyes". Both her & Traver witnessed Tailsko's death at Freddy Fazbear's. (Season 1 - Episode 10)
  • Jade Hopper - A 15-year old rabbit from PrinceStickFigure's AGK series. She is one of Fabrice's classmates and his girlfriend. (Season 3 - Episode 38)
  • Ruby Dulcy - Jade's best friend from PrinceStickFigure. (Season 3 - Episode 38)
  • Zoey Locke Cole - One of PrinceStickFigure's characters. She was Fabrice's bully back in 6th grade, but after getting severely injured and revived by Weegee, she wants revenge on him. (Season 5 - Episode 101)
  • Melissa Palma - Tailsko's best friend and Jake's girlfriend. (Season 6 - Episode 104)

  • Ms. Bottleneck - Leopold's math teacher from PrinceStickFigure. (Season 1 - Episode 1)
  • Principal James - Leopold's former principal from Joey Slikk's universe. He tried to expel Leopold after being informed of weird actions Leopold has been doing, which are proven false. (Season 2 - Episode 21)
  • Mr. Davidson - The supervisor from Atarster. (Season 3 - Episode 55)
  • Principal Diknoz - Leopold's current principal & Fabrice's history teacher. He suspends people for ridiculous reasons. (Season 4 - Episode 74)
  • Ms. Rachel Roger - Leopold's current English teacher. She sometimes works as a model for magazine, modeling for bikini wear, underwear and outfit too. (Season 4 - Episode 74)
  • Dr. Albert Wily - The mad scientist from "Mega Man" and Leopold's science teacher. (Season 5 - Episode 92)
  • Mr. Stevenson - Leopold's former english teacher from AGK82's series. He's also Charlie's father. (Season TBA - Episode TBA)

  • Leon Smallwood - Leopold's substitue in Joey Slikk's universe and the main protagonist of "The Leon Smallwood Miadventures". (Season 6 - Episode 110)
  • Gerald Smallwood - Leon's father and Harold's substitue from Joey Slikk's universe. (Season 6 - Episode 110)
  • Linda Smallwood - Leon's mother and Mary's substitue from Joey Slikk'snuniverse.. (Season 6 - Episode 110)
  • Lester Smallwood - Leon's brother and Leonidas's substitue from Joey Slikk's universe. (Season 6 - Episode 110)
  • Hannah Smallwood - Leon's sister and Leonard's substitue from Joey Slikk's universe. (Season 6 - Episode 110)

  • Callie Briggs - Harold's boss. (Season 3 - Episode 37)
  • Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa & Maggie - The main characters of "The Simpsons". (Season 6 - Episode 124)
  • Michael Afton - The eldest in the Afton family. He got scooped at the end of "Sister Location" and decides to get revenge on William. (Season 8 - Episode 175)
  • Elizabeth Afton - The youngest of the Afton family. On her 8th birthday, she got grinded by Baby. (Season 8 - Episode 175)
  • Christopher Afton - Michael & Eliza's 9-year old brother. He sometimes acts like a coward, but tries to be brave while facing his father. (Season 8 - Episode 175)


  • Raynare (Yuuma Amano) - A Fallen Angel and the first antagonist of High School DxD. She teamed with Shadaloo after being blasted by Rias. She is the main antagonist for Seasons 1 to 7. (Season 1 - Episode 1)
  • Mickey Mouse - Walt Disney's mascot. He appears a lot in this series. He is the equivalent of Barney the Dinosaur. (Season 1 - Episode 6)
  • Kirby Loopsy - A 12-year old former GoAnimator from city of Richmond, Virginia. She is famously known for her huge fan of Vocaloid, and notorious for her hatred to Haruhi Suzumiya and a fan of Strawberry Shortcake. She hates Leopold & Harold as well. (Season 1 - Episode 10)
  • Balrog - The bodyguard of Shadaloo. He is the Capcom version of Mike Tyson. He got banned from boxing due to his violence. (Season 3 - Episode 25)
  • Vega - The assassin of Shadaloo before Raynare. He wears a mask to protect his beautiful face. (Season 2 - Episode 25)
  • M. Bison - The leader of Shadaloo. He is the main antagonist in later seasons. (Season 3 - Episode 37)
  • Sagat - The "Emperor of Muay Thai" and Ryu's arch-nemesis from Street Fighter. (Season 4 - Episode 65)
  • Cammy White - One of the 13 Dolls and Bison's female clone. (Season 4 - Episode 80)
  • Sonic.exe - Sonic's demonic clone. (Season 5 - Episode 82)
  • William Afton/Dave Miller - One of Timothy's co-workers. He is a deranged psychopath responsible for the Missing Children Incident. (Season 7 - Episode 130)
  • The Dolls - A group of teenage girls of around 16 years old, who were captured by Shadaloo and brainwashed to be M. Bison's assassins and bodyguards. (Season 9 - Episode 189)
  • The Dark Hells - A group of shadows created by Weegee who are ordered to take over the world. (Season 9 - Episode 200)

  • Akuma - The Master of Fists and the secret character from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. He is the latest enemy the Occult Research Club dealt with. (Season 1 - Episode 3)
  • Stephen Quire - Also known as the Freakout Kid. He only cares about playing World of Warcraft. He lost against Leopold back in 7th grade. (Season 1 - Episode 3)
  • Freed Sellzen - A Stray Devil who killed monsters and Devils just for the sake of his own pleasure. (Season 3 - Episode 49)
  • Arthur.exe - A Sonic.exe clone created by Atarster. (Season 6 - Episode 109)
  • Sideshow Bob - Bart Simpson's nemesis and a master of crime. (Season 6 - Episode 124)


# Title Description Watch
0 Meet the characters The episode starts off with narrating and introducing the characters involved throughout the series.
1 How it all started After a harsh day at school, Leopold goes on a date with Yuuma Amano. But he soon finds out it was a trap.

Inspired by Red Bloony, Tetsuya Yanagisawa & ltdtaylor1970.

Voices needed for Ms. Bottleneck, Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima, Issei Hyoudou & Raynare (Yuuma Amano).

2 Jake's new partners After finding out from Rias that Leopold died, Jake is extremely upset and swears revenge on whoever did this to his best friend. Can someone cheer him up, or will he sink into darkness?

Voices needed for Koneko Toujou & Yuuto Kiba.

3 AGK meets Rias Gremory A new life starts for our hero.

After being killed by Raynare in Episode 1, Leopold gets brought back to life and encounters the great Rias Gremory!

Inspired by Travrinity & ltdtaylor1970.

Voice needed for Asia Argento.

4 AGK VS Akuma Leopold joined the Occult Research Club. But now he has to defeat the Master of Fists to prove he can fight against evil.

Thanks to Atarster for voicing Akuma.

5 AGK and the tornado A tornado has arrived in Germany, and Leopold is alone at home. Will he survive the tornado?

Inspired by Atarster & Timotunes.

Thanks to PrinceStickFigure for voicing Ollie Williams.

6 AGK watches Suicidemouse.avi Childhood ruined!

Leopold finds a disturbing episode of Mickey Mouse called "Suicidemouse.avi".

NOTE: The "Suicidemouse.avi" video is ultra scary. Watch this episode at your own risk.

7 AGK meets Flora Baggy Our first anthrofied animal, ladies and gentlemen!

While falling asleep, Leopold gets the visit of a... tiger?! What does it want for him?

Thanks to Emily Mason for voicing Flora Baggy & Chantel DuBois.

8 AGK watches Yue Jo Leopold is bored and tries to watch some videos. He then finds a user named Yue Jo who makes FNAF animations.
9 AGK installs Windows 9 Leopold was wondering what happened to Windows 9. Someone sent him a link to install Windows 9. How will Windows 9 look like?
10 AGK meets Fabrice Laroche Oh yeah, I'm in the party!

While Leopold was taking some fresh air, he met the Only True Pair.

Inspired by Joey Slikk.

Voices needed for Michelle the Dingo Dog, Troy the Dog, Charlotte Stevenson & Kirby Loopsy.

11 AGK's grandpa After finding out that Leopold has been ressurected, Barry (Leopold's grandpa) accepts to let the family come to his house.
12 AGK babysits Leonard Harold asks Leopold to babysit Leonard while he has to take Leonidas to a hospital. And things don't turn out so well.
13 AGK watches the Top 10 creepiest commercials ever Leopold watches 10 creepy commercials. Will he get scared?

Inspired by LuigiKid.

# Title Description Watch
14 AGK’s Christmas Carol Leopold refuses to celebrate Christmas with his family because he never gets the presents he wants. Later that night, he gets the visit of 3 ghosts.

Inspied by AGK82/SkilesTV.

15 AGK takes a math test Leopold goes to school and has to take a math test.

Inspired by AGK82/SkilesTV.

16 AGK goes to McDonald's Leopold is hungry and goes to McDonald's. Will he get his order?

Inspired by Atarster.

Voice needed for Stephen Quire.

17 AGK & Jake VS Sagat While Leopold & Jake were walking outside, they encounter one of Raynare's bodyguards: Sagat. Who will win?

Inspired by Mr. Areku.

Voice needed for Sagat.

18 AGK watches BatFan96's YTPs Leopold received an e-mail from a certain BatFan96 telling him to check his channel.
19 AGK meets Noah Riegel Rock on, guys!

Leopold meets one of the greatest AGK makers, Atarster (or BatFan96)!

Thanks to Atarster for voicing Noah & Caillou.

20 AGK watches 20th Century Fox logo history Major childhood attack!

Leopold gets a mail from Fabrice telling him to watch the TCF logo history.

Inspired by Tanzim K.

21 AGK has a constipation Leopold has to go to the bathroom, but he clogged the toilet. What will happen to Leopold?

Inspired by Atarster.

22 AGK runs away After being grounded for pooping on the janitor, Leopold runs away from his family.

Inspired by Atarster.

23 AGK and the "Street Fighter 2: World Warrior" hack Leopold was about to play his favourite game until he received a copy of it via mail. But when he starts to play it, he notices something fishy.
24 AGK plays Hobo While surfing online, Leopold found a flash game he used to play back in 6th grade. Can he beat the game on Normal mode?

Inspired by AGK82/SkilesTV.

25 AGK gets revenge on his dad After being grounded for playing a violent game and insulting his dad, Leopold decides to make videos out of him. How will it turn out?

Inspired by AGK82/SkilesTV & PVMAGKVIDEOS.

26 AGK meets the Angry Japanse Kid Someone is moving to Leopold's neighbourhood. Who could it be?

Voices needed for Kaeru Otoko, Gouken Otoko & Akako Otoko.

Some scenes are from Atarster, Red Bloony & Travrinity.

27 AGK goes on a date with Flora Leopold is about to discover how it feels like to be with an anthrofied partner.
28 AGK takes an IQ test In order to make Principal James stop thinking Leopold is stupid, Harold takes him to a psychologist where he will take a test to reveal his IQ.
29 AGK takes the Stupid Quiz Leopold takes a special and quite strange test that determines his IQ. Will he pass?

Inspired by AGK82/SkilesTV.

30 AGK's dad returns Harold got bailed from jail and goes back home. Will Leopold be tough enough to fight against his own dad?

Inspired by Mitch Soh.

31 AGK sees himself on YouTube Leopold goes on YouTube and finds out that people made so many videos of him. How will he react?

Inspired by AGK82/SkilesTV.

32 AGK watches David Near Leopold received a e-mail that tells him to watch some of David Near's auditions.

Requested by Travrinity.

33 A shocking date Looks like Akeno has taken her relationship with Jake to the next level. Is Jake going to think the same thing?
34 AGK & his brothers do a burping contest Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas decided to do a burp contest. Will Mary convince them to stop this nonsense?

Inspired by Matt Groening.

35 AGK VS Angry English Kid At school, Leopold meets an old foe he hasn't seen for ages: Fergie Larson. Will Fergie still be koo-koo-krazy?

Inspired by AGK82/SkilesTV.

# Title Description Watch
36 AGK cuts school Leopold doesn't want to take tests, so he cuts school. Will he get caught?

Inspired by AGK82/SkilesTV.

37 AGK's babysitter Harold has to go to a meeting at work and hires Raynare to babysit Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas.

Inspired by AGK82/SkilesTV.

38 Fabrice & Traver's new classmates At school, Fabrice & Traver meet 5 anthrofied animals that join their class. Will they become friends?

Thanks to Emily Mason for voicing Jade & Ruby, to Travrinity for voicing Logan and to PrinceStickFigure for voicing Steve.

39 AGK pranks his family After a painful day at school, Leopold tries to chill out, but gets pranked by his family. Angered, he decides to get revenge on his family.

Inspired by Atarster.

40 AGK goes camping Leopold goes camping with his family.

Inspired by AGK82/SkilesTV & Mr. Areku.

41 AGK's adventure dream Leopold goes to bed and enters into a dream. Let's see what is inside his mind.

Inspired by Mr. Areku.

Thanks to Gamer Duck for voicing Mickey Mouse.

42 AGK VS Mickey Mouse Leopold has to deal with Mickey Mouse once and for all.

Inspired by Mr. Areku.

43 AGK goes to Quick Leopold, Jake, Ronald & Kaeru are going to Quick. Guess who will be there as well.

Inspired by Mr. Areku & Atarster.

44 A bloody relationship Raynare can no longer hide her feelings for Vega and tries to tell him how much she loves him.
45 AGK reacts to Downfall parodies After being told to watch Downfall parodies, Leopold decides to take a look. However, he notices these are getting boring.

Inspired by TheKewlOne96.

46 AGK meets Professor Toothy After buying some candy, Leopold came across a living tooth who behaves like a dentist. Can Leopold handle his annoyance?

Inspired by PrinceStickFigure.

47 AGK visits work Harold decides to take Leopold to his office.

Inspired by Mr. Areku.

Thanks to Emily Mason for voicing Callie Briggs.

48 AGK plays Google Feud After watching Traver & Fabrice playing Google Feud, Leopold decides to give it a shot.

Inspired by Travrinity.

49 Traver goes out with Asia Traver's partner confesses her love to him. How will he respond to that?

Voice needed for Freed Sellzen.

50 AGK watches How to get a girlfriend as a nerd It has been a few months since the events of Episode 1, and Harold is worried about Leopold not having a girlfriend. So Randy (Jake's dad) tells him to send a video to Leopold that can help him having one.

Fun fact: I'm used to never have a girlfriend.

51 AGK tests himself Leopold found a video where he gets to know if he was a dummy when he was a kid. What will be the results?
52 AGK goes to Fabrice's party Fabrice invites Leopold to his party, along with other people. However, Raynare sent Balrog to kill Leopold.

Inspired by Mr. Areku & Atarster.

53 AGK & Fabrice VS Balrog After ruining the party, Leopold & his friends have to fight against Mike Tyson.

Inspired by Atarster.

54 AGK watches The Leon Smallwood Misadventures Leopold gets bored as usual and decides to watch a video. He finds a series about himself, but with a different character.
55 AGK gets detention Leopold refuses to do his work and plays Sonic 3. Will he get detention? If so, what will he be up to?

Inspired by AGK82/SkilesTV.

56 AGK VS Stephen Quire After being told on by Stephen, Leopold decides to get revenge on him.

Inspired by AGK82/SkilesTV & Mr. Areku.

57 AGK tries Red Bull Red Bull doesn't give you wings.

After school, Ronald dares Leopold to drink a can of Red Bull. Will Leopold listen to Jake's warnings?

Inspired by Atarster.

58 Jake's training Yuuto, Akeno & Koneko want to prepare Jake for the next battle. Will Jake suceed?
59 AGK's cousin Leopard (Leopold's cousin) is visiting Leopold for a few days. What will happen?

Inspired by Atarster.

# Title Description Watch
60 AGK VS his cousin Leopold decides to fight with his cousin. Who will win?

Inspired by Atarster.

61 AGK helps Leonard While Harold is at work, Leopold has to help Leonard for his homework. Let's see how it will turn out.
62 AGK's new teacher Mr. Stevenson (Leopold's teacher) has quit his job and is being substitued. However, the substitue is way too familiar to be trusted.
63 AGK throws a party Leopold decides to throw a party to celebrate Raynare's imprisonment.

Inspired by AGKandvideomaker2000.

64 Fabrice's date Jade got a phone call from Fabrice asking if she would like to go on a date with him. Will Jade accept? If so, will they have fun?
65 AGK VS Vega Leopold has been emailed about a new video game at the park but was ambushed by Vega who wants revenge on Leopold for imprisoning Raynare. Will he win?

Inspired by Mr. Areku.

Voice needed for Vega.

66 AGK's crazy dream After what happened at the end of the battle against Sagat, Leopold has a crazy dream while sleeping.

Inspired by Mr. Areku.

67 AGK plays Don't Whack your Teacher! It has been a few weeks since the events of Episode 62, and Leopold still feels like celebrating it. And for that, he decides to play a game called "Don't Whack your Teacher!".

Inspired by Ivan187 & LuigiKid.

68 AGK meets Connor Marini on Google Hangouts While Leopold was chatting with people, he came across one of the AGK voice actors, Connor Marini.
69 Lost at the Convention Part 1/2 While celebrating summer vacation at Freddy's Anime Convention, Fabrice passes out after drinking too much Champomy. When he wakes up, he finds himself trapped, and he is not alone.
70 Lost at the Convention Part 2/2 After finding out that Fabrice is still at the Anime Convention, Traver goes out to find him.
71 AGK babysits his brothers Part 1/3 Leopold decides to do some babysitting to get his school supplies. One Saturday night, while Harold & Mary are going to the squidport of Mannheim, Leopold has to take care of his brothers.

Inspired by Dan Greaney.

72 AGK babysits his brothers Part 2/3 Leonard & Leonidas aren't happy that Leopold is going to babysit them, and are up to make this night a living hell. However, shit goes down when the brothers make Leopold fall downstairs.

Inspired by Dan Greaney.

73 AGK babysits his brothers Part 3/3 After Leonard & Leonidas injured Leopold, our german kid is making things worst. Will his brothers be blamed?

Inspired by Dan Greaney.

74 AGK goes to a new school Leopold is going to another school since the old one burned to the ground. However, this year, he has to deal with a sexy teacher.

Voices needed for Rachel Roger, Monica Roger & Chance Roger.

75 The truth behind Raynare It had to be revealed someday...

Leopold got a call from Rias who tells him to come to the Occult Research Club. Once he gets there, Rias & Issei tell him that someone else is after him. And this someone has something to do with Raynare, Balrog, Vega & Sagat.

76 AGK meets Leon Smallwood A new student arrives at Leopold's school. Will they become friends?

Inspired by Travrinity.

77 AGK's birthday Today is Leopold's birthday, and he & his friends are going to have the best time of their life.

Inspired by many Slikkers.

78 AGK gets stuck in the old restroom Leopold has to go the bathroom, and finds an old restroom. However, someone locked him here.

Inspired by Mr. Areku.

79 AGK watches SMILE.AVI The same mysterious person who locked Leopold in the old restroom sent him a scary MLP video called SMILE.AVI.

Inspired by TheInsideFilmer.

80 AGK VS Cammy White Leopold has to face Cammy who who was sent by M. Bison who wanted to test the Dolls.

Inspired by Mr. Areku.

Voice needed for Cammy White.

# Title Description Watch
81 AGK plays Sonic.exe Part 1/4 An AGK episode, creepypasta style. You know the deal, - X - = +.

After being left alone, Leopold decides to watch TV. But it keeps showing EAS warnings about a certain blue-spiked hair person killing people.

Inspired by JC the Hyena

82 AGK Plays Sonic.exe Part 2/4 Leopold received a mysterious game called "Sonic.exe". Leopold's worst nightmare starts.

Inspired by JC the Hyena

Thanks to Alyssa Mireles for voicing Tails and to SheyGrell for voicing Sonic.exe.

83 AGK plays Sonic.exe Part 3/4 Leopold is having a crazy battle between Knuckles & Sonic.exe. However, Leopold finds out someone has sent this game in order to destroy it.

Inspired by JC the Hyena

Voices needed for Knuckles.

84 AGK plays Sonic.exe Part 4/4 Leopold has to finish the game as Dr. Eggman in order to stop the curse. Will he save the souls of EXE's previous victims?

Inspired by JC the Hyena

Voices needed for Dr. Eggman and the Sonic.exe victims.

85 AGK's second nightmare After playing Sonic.exe, Leopold got a horrible dream. What will Leopold's nightmare be about?

Inspired by Travrinity & ZertyTV.

86 Cookie Trouble Leopold, Leonard, Leonidas & Harold are hungry for cookies. Will they avoid getting caught by Mary?
87 AGK goes to Fredbear's Family Diner Join Fredbear and his friends, to lose your frontal lobe!

It's Leonard's birthday and Leopold & his family are going to Fredbear's Family Diner. However, a terrible accident strikes: THE BITE OF '87!!!

Inspired by AGKandvideomaker2000 and Scott Cawthon.

Voices needed for Fredbear, Spring Bonnie, Ted, Betty & Clayton Warren.

88 Leonard's nightmare After the shutdown of Fredbear's Family Diner, Leonard accepted to stay at Rachel's house for the night. However, he still remembers what happened.

Inspired by Cornish Gibs.

89 AGK's great-grandfather After leaving the bar, Harold came across his grandfather who's still alive and well. He kidnaps him and he puts him to the top of a tall building. After finding out about that on the news, Leopold decides to go save his father.

Inspired by Atarster.

90 AGK and the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria incident Part 1/2 FNAF spoilers alert!

While remembering back when he played Sonic.exe, Leopold noticed there was more. So he decided to look inside of it once more, and found a documentary about a company called Fazbear Entertainment.

91 AGK and the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria incident Part 2/2 After watching the documentary, Leopold watches the testimony of a young girl and her family about their experience with Fazbear Entertainment.
92 AGK meets Tailsko Part 1/3 Your wish has finally been granted, Leopold.

Leopold meets a female variation of Tails and introduces themselves and their family. Let's see how well this will be planned.

Inspired by Travrinity.

Thanks to Emily Mason for voicing Tailsko, Vanessa Knoxx & Emerald Miyamoto and to Alyssa Mireles for voicing Rosemary Prower & Milo.

93 AGK meets Tailsko Part 2/3 Leopold is ready for his date with Tailsko.

Inspired by Travrinity.

Voice needed for Mona Simpson.

94 AGK meets Tailsko Part 3/3 After the movie, Leopold, Tailsko & their friends have to fight against Raynare who escaped from jail.

Inspired by Travrinity, Masayuki Iimura & Atarster.

95 AGK VS Fabrice Raynare has possessed Fabrice, turned him into Madrice and told him to kill Leopold. Will Leopold be brave and strong enough to save his friend from the corruption?

Inspired by Travrinity & TeenageBratwurst.

96 The disappearance of Fabrice Laroche (A.K.A. The rise of Madrice Exetior) Part 1/3 After the events of the previous episode, no one has heard of Fabrice ever since. That is, until the demonic version of him returns to cause chaos. He is after Raynare's first victims: Issei & Asia.
97 The disappearance of Fabrice Laroche (A.K.A. The rise of Madrice Exetior) Part 2/3 Madrice seeks a Round 2 against Leopold. Will the Angry German Kid be able to destroy the Rock Terminator?
98 The disappearance of Fabrice Laroche (A.K.A. The rise of Madrice Exetior) Part 3/3 After hearing that Madrice has taken over Mannheim, Traver & his friends try to find him and destroy him for once.
99 Fabrice strikes back! Trapped in Hell, our Rock Dude tries to escape and to go back to the surface.
100 Fabrice VS Madrice Part 1/3 After finding that the imposter plunged Mannheim into chaos, Fabrice has to reunite his friends to prove them he is the real Rock Man.
101 Fabrice VS Madrice Part 2/3 Fabrice and his comrades meet up and discuss how to destroy Madrice.
102 Fabrice VS Madrice Part 3/3 Yin VS Yang

Fabrice finally found the imposter and is ready to fight against him. Will he save the day?

# Title Description Watch
103 Melissa arrives in Germany Melissa Palma, Tailsko's best friend, decided to visit Germany to see her best friend once more.

Inspired by Travrinity.

Thanks to Emily Mason for voicing Melissa Palma.

104 AGK looks at random pictures Leopold is bored as usual and decides to look at random pictures online. Let's see how he'll react.

Inspired by TheCrazinessCat.

105 AGK sees a rat in his house While playing UT, Leopold found a rat. How will get rid of it?

Inspired by BlueNewton.

Voice needed for RAT.

106 AGK gets abducted by aliens While sleeping, Leopold gets taken away by UFOs.

Inspired by Mr. Areku.

Voices needed for Kang & Kodos.

107 AGK reacts to SuperFlame Leopold gets an e-mail from Fabrice telling him about SuperFlame, the guy who can imitate anything. Let's see what will Leopold think.
108 AGK takes the brevet Part 1/5 (History of Arts) At last, an AGK episode based on my life!

Leopold has to take a very important exam: the brevet! First, he has to present an artistic element.

109 Noah VS Arthur.exe Noah got a virus on his computer. It is revealed to be one of Raynare's new creations: Arthur.exe!

Thanks to Atarster for voicing Arthur.exe.

110 Leonard & his friends pull fart pranks Leonard decided to pull fart pranks with his friends. Let's see how things will turn out.
111 AGK watches FRED Leopold gets bored and decides to watch one of the most annoying YouTube stars: Fred Figglehorn.

Inspired by AGKandvideomaker2000.

112 AGK takes the brevet Part 2/5 (French) After a whole month, Leopold strikes back for the brevet. Now, it's time for him to write french stuff.
113 AGK takes the brevet Part 3/5 (History & Geography) After the french writing, Leopold has to go back through time (History) and explore the environment (Geography).
114 AGK takes the brevet Part 4/5 (Maths) Last step!

Leopold has to finish the brevet. However, he has to deal with his least favourite subject: maths!

Fun fact: I suck at maths.

115 AGK lost in space Part 1/3 Leopold, Tailsko, Jade & Melissa got sent to space. Will they find a way to go back to the Earth?

Inspired by Mr. Areku & Atarster.

Voices needed for Rosalina.

116 AGK lost in space Part 2/3 Leopold, Tailsko, Jade & Melissa are encountering some people that seem Déjà Vu.

Inspired by Mr. Areku & Atarster.

117 AGK lost in space Part 3/3 Leopold, Tailsko, Jade & Melissa have to face a giant moon.

Inspired by Mr. Areku & Atarster.

118 AGK & his brothers make faces Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas decided to make ugly faces. But Mary tells them to stop before their faces freeze away.

Inspired by Matt Groening.

119 AGK watches Noah Origins Noah told Leopold about a series of himself. What will Leopold think of this spin-off?
120 AGK meets AGK And you thought AGKandvideomaker2000's "AGK VS AGK" collab and Travrinity's "The Tale of Four Dimensions" weren't enough?

An uncouncious Leopold from Traver's universe wakes up in Fabrice's universe. Will he manage to go back to his own dimension?

Voice needed for Travrinity's Leopold.

121 AGK takes the brevet Part 5/5 (The results) About time the results are here. Let's see if Leopold suceeded.
122 AGK goes to a sleepover at Tailsko's house After Leopold got good results on his exam, Harold decided to reward him by letting him stay at Tailsko's house for the night.
123 AGK goes to Springfield Leopold, his family & Tailsko are going to Springfield.

Inspired by Atarster.

Voices needed for some characters from The Simpsons.

124 AGK listens to Harold's CDs This is for you, mom.

While the family is gone, Leopold decides to listen to his dad's favourite CDs. Will he appreciate those?

125 AGK plays Sally.exe Ready for Round 2, Leopold Slikk?

Leopold was wondering what happened to Sally, until he found a game about Sally. However, it turns out the game is the sequel of one of his nightmares: Sonic.exe.

Thanks to Alyssa Mireles for voicing Amy Rose, to game84cube for voicing Sonic,to SonicFunTime for voicing Cream & to Skaleigha for voicing Sally Acorn.

Special thanks to SuperNG for making the last cutscene.

126 AGK's lottery ticket Leopold got a lottery ticket from Fabrice. Will he get the money?

Inspired by Atarster.

127 AGK becomes a photographer Ms. Rachel Roger asked Leopold if he could help her out for the next model magazine. How will it turn out?
128 Back to school, Leopold! Leopold is ready to go back to school. How will he start his new school year?

# Title Description Watch
129 AGK’s epic dream Leopold has a dream where he became the greatest man of Gremany.
130 Tailsko's birthday It's Tailsko's birthday, and Leopold is ready to have a fabulous day with his girlfriend. Well, until William came to crash the party.

Inspired by Travrinity.

Thanks to Travrinity for voicing William Afton.

131 AGK plays Angry German Kid.exe Leopold found a game about him called Angry German Kid.exe. But what he doesn't know is that the game itself brings him back to one his worst nightmares: Sonic.exe!


Thanks to MilesTheCreator for creating this game!

132 AGK plays Fegelein.exe Leopold finds another EXE game of him called Fegelein.exe, which is similar to Sally.exe.


Thanks to MilesTheCreator for making this game!

133 AGK plays Angry German Kid.UNZIPPED Leopold finds another Creepypasta game about himself, but this one isn't like the two others he played so far.

Inspired by BlueNewton.

Thanks to MilesTheCreator for making this game!

134 AGK plays The Angry German Kid RPG Leopold finds another game about himself, but this one seems to be even more epic than those EXE games of him.

Thanks to Red Bloony for making this game!

135 AGK support Slikkers You guys deserved this episode, so here you go.

After playing Angry German Kid.exe, Fegelein.exe, Angry German Kid.UNZIPPED & The Angry German Kid RPG, Leopold realized people made these games in order to make him popular. So he decides to support all AGK makers.

136 AGK makes an AGK video After a lot of people asked Leopold to make a video of him, he decides to do it so.
137 AGK starts a fight at school At school, Leopold saw someone harassing Tailsko and when asking him to leave, the bully wants to fight Leopold.

Inspired by AGKandvideomaker2000.

138 AGK plays Happy Mouse Leopold found a game about Mickey. Seems fine at first, right? RIGHT?!
139 AGK and the robbery Harold asked Leopold to go buy candy for Leonard. But when he goes there, something goes wrong.

Inspired by Matt Groening.

Voice needed for the robber.

140 AGK goes to the abandoned Disney park Leopold, Tailsko, Flora & Melissa are going to the Disney park that was abandoned since 1999.

Inspired by Atarster.

141 AGK VS Photo-Negative Mickey Leopold, Tailsko, Flora & Melissa have to fight against a photo-negative Mickey suit that wants to take their heads off.

Inspired by Atarster.

Thanks to The Dark Reindeer for voicing Photo-Negative Mickey.

142 AGK's third nightmare Leopold is having a nightmare about being in Pirate Caverns. However, he isn't alone.
143 AGK reads Creepypastas Leopold decides to read some Creepypastas, from popular ones to just crappy ones.
144 AGK saves Christmas Oh no! Raynare stole all Christmas presents this year! Will Leopold & Tailsko get those back?

Inspired by Mr. Areku's lost project.

145 AGK plays Rouge.exe Part 1/4 Leopold received a DVD of Sonic X. However, his foolish mistake made him come back to one of his worst nightmares: Sally.exe.

Inspired by GeneBernardinoLawl.

Thanks to SonicFunTime for voicing Rouge.

146 AGK plays Rouge.exe Part 2/4 Leopold restarts the game for the 3rd time, and things are starting to get creepier as we witness the truth behind Sonic X.

Inspired by GeneBernardinoLawl.

Thanks to SheyGrell for voicing Sonic.exe and to TheDragonSuperman for voicing Shadow.

147 AGK plays Rouge.exe Part 3/4 Leopold refuses to play any further until his computer makes him do so. He then listens to a conversation that ends with a crazy nightmare.

Inspired by GeneBernardinoLawl.

148 AGK plays Rouge.exe Part 4/4 Leopold tries to reset the game for the 5th time, but when he does, things get really freaky.

Inspired by GeneBernardinoLawl.

Voice needed for Jigsaw.

149 The return of Madrice Exetior Still stuck in the Nether World, Madrice decides to return to Mannheim and find Raynare once and for all.

Inspired by Luc Besson.

Voice needed for Vinnie (A.K.A. Reverse Puppet).

150 The search for Tailsko Part 1/5 One of my old projects brought back to life.

Raynare has kidnapped Tailsko in order to kill her, so Leopold would kill himself. But Leopold & his friends won't let her do that.

Inspired by Travrinity.

151 The search for Tailsko Part 2/5 After finding Raynare's lair, Leopold & his friends have to face the demonic hedgehog & his 2 loyal servants: Sally & Rouge.

Inspired by Travrinity.

Voices needed for Sally.exe, Rouge.exe & Evil Ryu.

152 The search for Tailsko Part 3/5 After being consumed into darkness and defeating Evil Ryu, Leopold has to fight against the leader of Shadaloo who is even more powerful than Raynare.

Inspired by Travrinity.

153 The search for Tailsko Part 4/5 The ultimate battle begins!

Leopold & his friends have to fight against Freed Sellzer once more. And uh-oh, looks like Raynare has unleashed Leopold's madness. And he is not alone.

Inspired by Travrinity & Tetsuya Yanagisawa.

154 The search for Tailsko Part 5/5 Servant VS Master!

Raynare finally took control over Madrice, but Fabrice will do anything to save his body from being controlled by her.

Inspired by Travrinity & JaizKoys.

# Title Description Watch
155 AGK’s Friday Night Movie Movie time!

Rias invites everyone to Issei's house where they will watch their favorite movies. However, Jade is sick and Fabrice & Ruby have to take care of her.

Inspired by Travrinity

156 AGK plays Angry German Kid: Story Mode Part 1/5 Fahem sent to Leopold a game called "Angry German Kid: Story Mode", a game based of Minecraft: Story Mode. He starts with himself going back to school, and things are getting confusing.
157 AGK plays Angry German Kid: Story Mode Part 2/5 Leopold continues with the game, this time he goes to the time he went camping.
158 AGK plays Angry German Kid: Story Mode Part 3/5 Leopold checks out the old version of "AGK babysits his brothers", and notices this episode has become a cliché.
159 AGK plays Angry German Kid: Story Mode Part 4/5 Going back to space, huh?

Leopold goes back to the time he went to space. Wait, why is "Barney & Friends" there?

160 AGK plays Angry German Kid: Story Mode Part 5/5 Leopold is close to finish the game. To conclude this game, he goes back to the time he dealt with Sonic.exe in Mr. Areku's series.
161 Double Trouble While looking at himself, Madrice thinks it's time for him to move on. So he decided to sticth himself up. However, this causes a problem to Rocky.

Inspired by GeneBernardinoLawl.

162 Jade's birthday It's Jade birthday and all her friends are invited. Let the fun begin!

Inspired by Travrinity.

163 AGK takes P.E. class M. Bison becomes the substitute gym coach, and Leopold isn't happy about it.

Inspired by Videoman1443.

164 AGK and the blackout As Leopold was busy doing his homework, a thunderstorm happened and it turned off the power causing a blackout. Luckily, Leopold has a flashlight.

Inspired by Atarster.

165 AGK VS Nightmare Leopold has to fight against the Master of Darkness: Nightmare!

Inspired by Atarster.

Thanks to EthGoesBOOM for voicing Nightmare.

166 AGK & Tailsko in a nightmare world Leopold & Tailsko are trapped in a world where all the scary stuff they witnessed are chasing them.

Inspired by Travrinity.

167 Fabrice and the italian students Boungiorno, ragazzi!

At school, some italian students joined Fabrice's class for the week. Let's see how Fabrice is good at italian.

168 AGK watches his father's MLP DVDs Leopold wonders why his father is so obssessed with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so he decides to take a look at this show by stealing his dad's MLP DVDs.

Inspired by Mr. Areku & Travrinity.

169 Harold takes AGK to BronyCon After catching his son watching MLP: FiM, Harold decides to take Leopold to BronyCon. What will Leopold think of the MLP fanbase?

Inspired by Mr. Areku & Travrinity.

170 AGK and the future Leopold wakes up in what appears to be his future. Is he going to be a rich man, or a miserable hobo living in the streets?
171 AGK makes his own Hotel Mario intro Remembering the good old YouTube Poops, Leopold decides to make his own Hotel Mario intros. Let's see how it will go.
172 AGK stays late at school After discovering that his dad is stuck in the trafic, Leopold will stay at school for a while. Or maybe for the entire day.

Inspired by AGKandvideomaker2000.

173 AGK plays Round2.exe While trying to chill out from last night, Leopold finds a game called "Round2.exe", the good ending of Sonic.exe.

Some scene are similar to UsefulVideos, Cornish Gibs & Mr. Areku.

174 Sonic.exe - Final Round After escaping from the "Round2.exe" game, Leopold has to face with the demonic hedgehog himself once and for all.

Inspired by Mr. Areku.

175 The search for William Afton Part 1/5 I'm going to come find you, father.

While looking to their father, Michael (Springtrap), Elizabeth (Ennard) & Chris (Fredbear Plushie) find out about Leopold & Tailsko. They then decide to kidnap them.

Voices needed for Michael, Elizabeth & Chris Afton.

176 The search for William Afton Part 2/5 After some explaining, Leopold & Tailsko accept the Afton kids' request.
177 The search for William Afton Part 3/5 Our gang made it to Afton Robotics. Now they must find William once and for all.
178 The search for William Afton Part 4/5 William escaped, but the gang is still after him.
179 The search for William Afton Part 5/5 After reaching the Afton Space Station, Leopold has to deal with William once and for all!

# Title Description Watch
180 AGK, Tailsko, Jake & Noah's excellent adventure Part 1/4 Leopold, Tailsko, Jake & Noah have heard that Bison alternated different timelines. They first need to get the King's crown back at the Medieval time.

Inspired by Atarster.

181 AGK, Tailsko, Jake & Noah's excellent adventure Part 2/4 Our heroes now head to the western timeline. What will be their mission?

Inspired by Atarster.

182 AGK, Tailsko, Jake & Noah's excellent adventure Part 3/4 After a harsh battle at the western, our gang go back to the 1930s and need to put King Kong back to his grave.

Inspired by Atarster.

183 AGK, Tailsko, Jake & Noah's excellent adventure Part 4/4 Our heroes have cleaned up the mess and must face Bison once and for all!

Inspired by Atarster.

184 AGK goes to the Internet Café After being forced to let his brother use the PC, Leopold decides to go to the Cyber café.

Inspired by AGKandvideomaker2000.

185 AGK and the Purge Night While Harold was visiting Barry, Leopold saw an EAS message announcing the purge, a night where any and all crime, including murder, is legal. Leopold is worried by this and stays home. Meanwhile, William, Robert, Snake & Raynare are hunting him down. Will he survive purge night?

Inspired by PrinceStickFigure.

186 Tailsko babysits Leonard A few days after Purge Night, Harold wanted to take his family to McDonald's after finding out Leonidas ate all the sausage eggs. But since he couldn't trust Leonard alone, he contacted Tailsko to take care of him.
187 AGK goes to a soccer match Leopold and his family are going to see a soccer match.

Inspired by Atarster.

188 AGK & the storm Due to intense raining, our family has to stay at the stadium. Will they be patient enough?

Inspired by Atarster.

189 AGK VS the Dolls Bison took advantage of the storm to start a fight at the field. Our heroes must face Bison's elite guards.

Inspired by Atarster.

Voices needed for the Dolls.

190 AGK VS M. Bison After dealing with the Dolls, Leopold & his friends have to deal with the Dictator himself.

Inspired by Atarster.

191 AGK does the Cheese Touch At school, Leopold got dared by Beavis & Butt-Head to touch the cheese at the park lot. Will he do it?

Inspired by Atarster.

Thanks to Atarster for voicing Beavis & Butt-Head.

192 AGK & Tailsko VS Beavis & Butt-Head After realizing Beavis & Butt-Head wanted Leopold to be infected with diseases, Leopold & Tailsko fight against those numbnuts.

Inspired by Atarster.

193 AGK and the fly While playing UT, Leopold got annoyed by a fly. Will he ever crush it?

Inspired by Mr. Areku.

194 AGK goes to a haunted mansion Leopold & Tailsko got an invitation from a certain "William Bonney" to come at the haunted mansion. Prepare to witness a living nightmare.

Inspired by Atarster.

Thanks to Villains Voice for voicing King Boo.

195 AGK & Tailsko VS King Boo Now trapped in the mansion, our legendary heroes have face King Boo.
196 AGK's ultimate nightmare After that battle at the haunted mansion, Leopold gets one last nightmare.
197 AGK plays Can your pet? Leopold looks for a game, so he can forget about the battle and the nightmare. He found one that, at first, seems normal and cute. Right?

Inspired by Vannamelon.

198 AGK’s great-great-grandfather Bison revives Harold's deceased grandfather and tells him to kill the Slikks.

Requested by Sergeant22303.

199 AGK & Tailsko play MARIO While being alone at home, Leopold & Tailsko have to clean the attic. Until a strange Super Mario World cartridge distracts them.

Inspired by Cornish Gibs & Mr. Areku.

200 The rise of the Dark Hells Part 1/6 A dark clone of Leopold has been unleashed and jumped out of the game "MARIO". Will Leopold & Tailsko be able to beat him by themselves?

Inspired by Cornish Gibs, Mr. Areku, Alex Park & Travrinity.

201 The rise of the Dark Hells Part 2/6 Rias found Leopold & Tailsko severely injured and brought thme to the Occult Research Club. They eventually find out about Dark Leopold and start planning on getting revenge on him. Will they come up with a plan?

Inspired by Cornish Gibs, Mr. Areku, Alex Park & Travrinity.

202 The rise of the Dark Hells Part 3/6 After discussing about their plan, our heroes are ready for the ultimate battle! While Leopold & Tailsko are looking for upgrades, the gang are hunting the Dark Hells down.

Inspired by Cornish Gibs (cancelled), Mr. Areku, Alex Park, Travrinity & Atarster.

203 The rise of the Dark Hells Part 4/6 While our legendary heroes are testing their new abilities, the rest of the gang are struggling to deal with the Dark Hells.

Inspired by Cornish Gibs (cancelled), Mr. Areku, Alex Park, Travrinity & Atarster.

204 The rise of the Dark Hells Part 5/6 Face off!

Leopold & Tailsko fight again with Dark Leopold using their new abilities.

Inspired by Cornish Gibs (cancelled), Mr. Areku, Alex Park, Travrinity & Atarster.

205 The rise of the Dark Hells Part 6/6 Draw your final breath!

Bison is back, and he has brought everyone with him. Let the final battle begin!

Inspired by Cornish Gibs (cancelled), Mr. Areku, Alex Park, Travrinity & Atarster.

Special Episodes

  • How the Only True Pair met
  • AGK's childhood
  • The Travrinity Movie: Rise of the Fallen Angels
  • The Angry German Kid Movie: Battle for Equestria
  • The Atarster Movie
  • The Rockman Movie: Nightmare Beginning
  • The Rockman Movie: Continued Nightmare
  • The Angry German Kid Movie: The Search for William Afton

To be discussed...

AGK Gaming Episodes

  • Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning
  • Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare

To be discussed...

The many voices of Fabrice

Feel free to ask him if he can voice a character for your series:

  • Himself (duh)
  • Troy the Dog (PrinceStickFigure)
  • Aladdin.exe (GeneBernardinoLawl)
  • M. Bison
  • Security Guard (Travrinity)


Opening themes

Credits musics

Personal facts


  • His favourite DeviantArt user is AkatsukiShiranui-Fox.
  • He is a fan of Sonic, FNAF, Creepypastas, The Simpsons, LEGO, LuigiKid. But that doesn't mean he is a hardcore fan.
  • He is neutral over MS Paint but manages to make good sprites.
  • His favourite AGK makers are Atarster, PVMAGKVIDEOS, AGKandvideomaker2000.
  • His favourite FNAF games are Five Nights at Candy's, Abandoned Discovery Island, Five Nights in Anime & Five Nights at the AGK Studio.
  • He really likes to draw as he mostly draws when he has nothing to do at school.
    • Some of his drawings are used in his episodes.


  • He hates a little bit Downfall parodies because he thinks it's the same thing over and over again.
    • It's one of the main reasons why he doesn't want to include Hitler in his series.
  • He absolutely hates Kirby Loopsy because he can't stand her disrespecting people's opinions on Haruhi Suzumiya.
  • He hates the UTTP like everyone else.
  • He used to like GoAnimate, but now he hates it.

Other facts

  • Even without a YouTube account, he gave ideas to Travrinity, Red Bloony & Joey Slikk. Who said that a guy who doesn't have a YT account can't give ideas to people, huh?
    • Speaking of ideas, he gets ideas 24/7!
  • He teams up with Joey Slikk for "The Leon Smallwood Misadventures".
  • His videos will last for 15 minutes or less.
  • He will use music from Sonic, AVGN Adventures, Mega Man, High School DXD and more. He also uses sound effects from FNAF and its fan-games, Mega Man, Sonic & Dragon Ball Z.
    • Some musics and sound effects are unused tracks from these.
  • For some episodes, he gets help from Travrinity for the script.
  • Like Joey Slikk, some episodes of his series will be based on his personal life.
  • If you have a different opinion on something he likes, he will respect your opinion and won't act like a butthurt.
  • On May 14th, 2017, after uploading a screenshot of Episode 3 (a concept), BradTheCoolAnimating decided to remake this episode. This didn't make Fabrice quite happy, and tried to tell him that this isn't a good idea.

Comparison to Travrinity

AGKRM2001 Travrinity
The storyline of this series is based on High School DXD, Street Fighter & Five Nights at Freddy's. ?
The main antagonists are Raynare, M. Bison, Sonic.exe & William Afton. The main antagonists are Darkiplier & Slender Man.
Raynare wants to kill Leopold because his existence causes a problem to Shadaloo. M. Bison wants to turn Leopold into a killing machine. William wants to kill Tailsko after finding out she is still alive. Darkiplier wants to destroy man kind because he considers them as weak.
AGKRM2001 has 9 seasons. Travrinity has 3 long seasons.
AGKRM2001 has numerous assault themes. Travrinity's assault theme is Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - Face it.
Leopold understands french. Leopold understands a little bit of French and arabic.
Besides Unreal Tournament, Leopold likes to play Street Fighter 2. Besides Unreal Tournament, Leopold likes to play Kingdom Hearts & Fallout 4.
Leopold watched Suicide Mouse, got an heart attack, and destroyed all of Leonard's Mickey Mouse toys. Leopold never watched it.
Leopold meets a lot of girls in this series. Leopold only meets Tailsko.
Leopold receives prank messages from his phone. Leopold receives prank messages from his inbox.
Leonard & Leonidas managed to kick Raynare out while she was "babysitting" them. ?
Leopold met Connor on Hangouts. Leopold met Connor while Going out for a walk.
There are no robots in "AGK babysits his brothers". The robots in Travrinity are T-800 and T-X.
Leopold received the "Sonic.exe" game from a stranger (later revealed to be Tailsko). Leopold found it on Gamejolt.
This game was made by Oldum77. This game was made by Crimson the Bat.
Sonic.exe is voiced by SheyGrell (the same guy who voiced him in Version 7 by Crimson the Bat) Sonic.exe is voiced by David Near.
Leopold played the entire Sonic.exe saga. Leopold only played "Sonic.exe".
Madrice was created by Raynare to destroy Leopold because she noticed how strong he was. Madrice was created from an evil energy within Fabrice after being punched in the face by Leopold.
After he became normal again, Fabrice ran away and became even more insane. ?
In Episode 153, Leopold, Tailsko & Madrice have a final showdown with Raynare. In Episode 130, Leopold simply stabs Hitler in the back.

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