Leopold Slikk

Johnny Fort Spieler

Hermann Fegelein


At Leopold's house, Johnny joins to watch Madan Senki Ryukendo with him on his computer. After the 1st episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo ends, Leopold wants to watch more Madan Senki Ryukendo episodes and Johnny tells him about Indosiar's copyright permissions to buy Madan Senki Ryukendo films at 2008, then Leopold agrees about it.

After several episodes that Leopold and Johnny are watching, the 2007 version of Indosiar pops out from his computer screen and Leopold blames to Johnny because of his antic prank but he tells him that Fegelein from Hitler Parody Universe uses his antics at his house. So, Leopold smashes Fegelein's head due to the antic prank he uses.

Programs Used

Wondershare Filmora

Music Used

Journey through the Decade

His World (Sonic '06 Original Ver.)


This is the 2nd episode that doesn't have an own custom thumbnail when Adrenaline21 creates this episode.

This is the 1st debut of Hermann Fegelein.

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