This is the script for episode 105 in Travrinity's AGK series

The characters in this film will be: Leopold, Steve, Jade, Mr. Takahashi, Traver, Fabrice, and King Kurage. Steve and Jade do not belong to me, but to PrinceStickFigure.

The voice actors are:

  •  ??? as Leopold
  • James as Steve
  •  ??? as Jade
  •  ??? as Mr. Takahashi
  • Emily as Tailsko
  • Traver as himself
  • Fabrice as himself
  • Noah as himself
  •  ??? as King Kurage

Here it is:

school entrance

Mr. Takahashi: Before we start our lecture, we have two new students arriving here very soon so take your time to study for tomorrow's test

All: *reading books*

camera shows feet moving and a cat tail, then moves to a pair of rabbit ears and a skirt

Leopold: (Some more students attending this school. When I last saw a new student, I almost got beat up. I hope these two aren't here to cause any trouble)

door opens

Mr. Takahashi: Alright, put those book down and face this way

camera looks up at the new characters

???: ....

???: So this must be our first class. Everyone here looks very...formal.

Mr. Takahashi: Ahem

Both: *looks at the teacher*

Mr. Takahashi: Nice to meet you two, could you please introduce yourselves?

???: *walks to top center to class* *bows* Hello class, my name is Stevenson Demir, but you can call me Steve for short. I came from Snow Hill, Maryland in the United States of America and traveled here in Germany with my girlfriend to live our lives. She's about to be my fiancee.

???: *walks to where Steve is standing* Hello, my name is Jade Hopper, and just like what babe said, I am his girlfriend. He may be a cat, but at least he's not alone. What you should know is that I am willing to take on many big challenges with strength and courage. I have trained for four years in vietnamese martial arts. You do not want to mess with me.

Student: I don't believe you!

Jade: Then come right here if you dare

Student: Whatever. *gets up* It's not like a girl could even lay a single blow on-

slow motion

Jade: *performs scissor kick takedown*

Leopold: (A move like that could almost break someone's spine. I shouldn't provoke her)

Mr. Takahashi: Interesting. Hiro, go back to your seat. And you two can find yours.

Steve: *sits in front of Leopold*

Jade: *sits behind Tailsko*

Mr. Takahashi: Good, let's get started shall we. *walks up to chalkboard*

(Angry German Kid Opening)

Mr. Takahashi: *teaching*

Leopold: *looks at his head* Where did you get those ears? They seem pretty odd on you.

Steve: *whispers* I don't want to talk about it

Leopold: Okay then. (Man, this guy looks real serious. I must've blew that chance up. Scheisse)

Steve: Waaait a minute. *turns back* Aren't you that German kid with the bladed keyboard?

Leopold: How do you know this?

Steve: I've seen you on the news. You are Germany's honorable legacy, Leopold Slikk. *holds out hand* *smiles*

Leopold: *smiles* *shakes hand

Mr. Takahashi: Slikk!

Leopold: *pulls hand out* Sorry

Mr. Takahashi: *faces back at board* *teaching*

Leopold: ....

Steve: *puts a note on Leopold's desk*

Leopold: *reads it*

note is written in Japanese, so this is what is translated as: Me and Jade bought a home 2 houses away from yours. You should come visit us one day.

Leopold: *puts note in suit pocket*

school ends

Leopold: *texts his mother* *puts phone away and gets on bike* *pedals to his neighborhood* *gets off bike and walks to house, which is supposedly Steve's* *knocks on door*

Steve: *opens door* Oh hey there! Didn't expect you to show up, so come on in. You can leave your bike right there.

Leopold: *enters house* Nice interior design

Steve: Thanks. We worked hard to earn this cash for this house. It wasn't easy, but I did it. *goes to the kitchen*

Leopold: *sits on couch* *takes note out of pocket and tosses it on the table

phone rings

Leopold: *picks up* Hello?

Fabrice: Hello Leopold

Leopold: Oh hey Fab. What's going on?

Fabrice: Oh not much. Me and Noah are standing here watching this demonstration of Germany's powerful droid

Noah: The MechaPanzer-1 is a highly efficient prototype if you ask me

tank shoots


Fabrice: You should definitely come see this! 

Leopold: I wish I could, but I'm hanging out with this new guy

Fabrice: You're missing out of the fun!

Leopold: *hangs up* Mecha Panzer...

Steve: Heeeerre you go *sets down a shot glass on the table*

Leopold: Wow. This is a nice shot you're giving me

Steve: I've glass blown that myself. I made this out of a special glass that glistens in sunlight.

Leopold: ... *smiles* *slight sarcastic chuckle*  *drinks shot* Ooh, is this tequila?

Steve: You bet it is. An expensive brand. *drinks half a pint of tequila* Silver is my favorite kind.

Leopold: *eats salt and lime* I have a friend who drinks that kind out of 3 whole bottles

Steve: *almost chokes* So you say

Leopold: Yeah! And he never got heart disease from it. Can you believe that?

Steve: I'd like to meet this guy. Maybe he could help share me some in exchange for mine. But to answer that question: who is he?

Leopold: It's a surprise

at Traver's house

Leopold: *knocks on door*

Traver: *opens door* Oh, good afternoon Andreas. What's going on?

Leopold: I have a friend that you must meet. He's got the same taste in alcohol just like you! Also, he is a pretty tough guy!

Traver: Tough you say. Well bring him over because I want to honor him.

Leopold: Good. *looks to the right* You can come over here, now

Steve: *walks over to Leopold* *faces at Traver* Hello!

Traver: *shocked grunt*

Steve: *opens eyes* *short gasp*


leaves blow

Traver ..... *smiles* Again we meet

Steve: *smiles

Both: *shakes hands*

Traver: So what brings you here? 

Steve: Ha. Was about to ask you the same.

Traver: Well isn't that funny

Leopold: Wait, you two know each other?

Steve: Hell yes. We had good times didn't we Trav.

Traver: Now I told you not to curse. You know what happens if you do.

Steve: *face darkens* I thought we went over this religious talk

Leopold: Sooooo, do you want to go inside?

Steve: *shrugs* Uhh yeah, sure. Definitely.


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