This is the script of Episode 18 of AGKandRockman2001's AGK series.

The characters in this episode will be: Leopold, Noah, Caillou & Fabrice.

The voice actors will be:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Noah as himself & Caillou
  • Fabrice as himself

Enjoy reading it!

AGKandRockman2001 Productions logo

The Angry Gemran Kid Show intro

Title Card

Leopold: Holy Liutgard! Me & Jake kicked those Fallen Angels' asses last night! Let's celebrate this by playing some UT!

Doorbell rings

Leopold: Who's there? *goes downstairs* *opens door*

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs - Roller Coaster

???: Hey there, Leopold!

Leopold: Who are you?

Noah: My name's Noah Jay Riegel, but you can simply call me Noah.

Leopold: Nice to meet you, Noah!

Noah: Did you know I made videos of you?

Leopold: Nein?

Noah: Well, that's too bad. You should take a look at my YouTube channel someday.

Leopold: I will someday.

Noah: I'm also working on a movie called “The Noah Movie: Sailor Moon's Revenge”.

Leopold: Wait a minute. You actually hate Sailor Moon?

Noah: Well, in my eyes, her face is weird, she always fails tests, and she's an immature crybaby.

Leopold: It's OK if you hate if you hate Sailor Moon.

Noah: I respect your opinion on Sailor Moon, Leopold.

Leopold: Mind if we go to my room?

Noah: Yeah, why not?

(Uptairs) Leopold: Alright Noah. This is my room.

Noah: Wow! It sure looks cool! But there's one thing that bothers me.

Leopold: What is it?

Noah: Well, it's because of those anime posters on the walls.

Leopold: Is there a problem with anime?

Noah: Let's just say that anime is weird.

Leopold: Whatever. Besides, I found someone even uglier than Sailor Moon!

Noah: Who?

Leopold: *shows picture of Raynare to Noah*

Noah: *screams* Oh my god, she is so ugly! Wait a second, I remember seeing that face before.


Noah: Aren't you the one that got killed by Raynare a couple of weeks ago?

Leopold: Yes, I am. I just can't believe I went out with Raynare. Now thanks to her, I don't want to hang out with girls!

Noah: Yeah, that sure has sucked. Just like my brother's death.

Leopold: How did he die?

Noah: Well, he used to work at Treasure Island wearing a Mickey Mouse costume. Once, he tried to scare his co-worker, Jake Smith. However, Jake got mad, picked a butcher knife and killed him in the head.

Leopold: *punches desk* Fuck Mickey Mouse! That pesky rat can burn in hell for scaring me!

Noah: Are you saying that because you saw that Mickey Mouse cartoon that made a lot of kids commit suicide?

Leopold: I saw that cartoon a few weeks ago. And that cartoon ruined my fucking childhood! If I ever see Mickey's ugly face once more, I'll feed him to the cats outside!

Noah: Damn, that cartoon sure has traumatized you. Say, mind if we check my DeviantArt account?

Leopold: Of course. *clicks on Noah dressed up as the Angry Video Game Nerd photo* Who's that?

Noah: That is me, dressed up as the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Leopold: I rarely watch his videos. But I find him funny because of his excessive cussing. *clicks on Noah's LEGO Angry German Kid drawings* WOAH! Am I actually a LEGO set?

Noah: Well, I planned an AGK LEGO set since I love LEGOs.

Leopold: I liked playing with those bricks when I was a kid.

Noah: I also liked playing with those bricks.

Leopold: *clicks on Noah meets the undead Chun-Li picture* *laughs* Oh mein gott, that has to be one the funniest pictures you've drawn so far!

Noah: Yeah, before I hated Serena, I hated Chun-Li.

Leopold: If I were you, I won't say that in front of her! Or my skull would be broken by her beautiful legs! *clicks on the Noah's nightmare comic*

Both: *laugh*

Leopold: This is so funny! I can't stop laughing since it's funny as heck!

Noah: I agree with you, Leopold. I made this comic strip funny because I draw in the cartoon style.

Leopold: I would be so mad if Raynare showed up in my bed!

Leopold checked Noah's favourite pictures on DeviantArt. However, he found one that surprised him.

Leopold: Excuse me, Noah. Can you explain me this?

Noah: I can explain, Leopold. It's not what you think.

Leopold: It's OK, Noah. I'll keep this picture with me, since I like Haganai.

Noah: *tummy grumbles* Man, I'm hungry.

Leopold: Same for me.

Noah: Why don't we go to Taco Bell for dinner? I like tacos.

Leopold: I also like tacos, so that sounds good.

Noah: OK, Leopold.

(At Taco Bell) Noah: So Leopold, how was your taco?

Leopold: This taco sure is tasty, Noah.

Noah: I like to go to Taco Bell because they make the best tacos ever.

Leopold: I couldn't agree more.

Noah: Hey Leopold, after we eat dinner, do you want to go out for a walk with me?

Leopold: Sure.

(Outside) Leopold: What a beautiful night, Noah.

Noah: Yeah, Leopold. There is a beautiful sky, the moon and the girl.

Leopold: I just hope I can get a girlfriend.

Noah: Don't worry, Leopold. I'm sure you'll get one.

???: Sup, bitches?

Leopold & Noah: *turn around* *Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts - Castle of the Emperor* *scream*

Noah: It's Caillou!

Caillou: You guys stop right there!

Leopold: What the fuck do you want, you bald kid?

Noah: Hey Caillou, I saw your show, and it was goddamn awful, Jodl child!

Caillou: What do you mean my show is awful, nerd?

Noah: Well, did you know no one likes your goddamn bald face?!

Caillou: *bursts into tears* You're wrong! My parents love me! *cries*

Leopold: I can't stand his fucking cry anymore!

Noah: *shoots Caillou* Enough is enough, Caillou! You're so gonna get it because me & Leopold are gonna beat the fuck out of you!

Caillou: Fine then! Let's have a battle!

Battle start

Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (Sega Genesis) – Boss Battle

Caillou: That's it! I'll show you my true form! *tuns into True Caillou*

Leopold: *screams*

True Caillou: *stomps* *roars*

Leopold & Noah: *scream*

Leopold: *turns into Devil form* *hits True Caillou with Keyboard Smash*

True Caillou: *deals 35 damage*

Noah: *throws MK32A grenade at True Caillou* Eat this, bitch! *grenade explodes*

Caillou: *reverts back to normal* What?! My true form wore off in two hits?! You're gonna pay for this, you jerks!

Leopold & Noah: *laugh*

Battle end

Leopold: *walks towards Caillou* Hey you!

Caillou: What do you want, Leopold?

Leopold: *grabs Caillou's head* *takes Caillou's head off*

Noah: Oh my god, that is so gross! *covers his eyes with his hands* I can't look at what's happening!

Leopold: Hey Noah!

Noah: Yes, Leopold?

Leopold: Catch this! *throws Caillou's head at Noah*

Noah: *screams* *kicks Caillou's head* Phew. Damn, that was scary! Wait, how did you get those wings?

Leopold: Well, after Raynare killed me, I got revived by Rias Gremory. And she gave me that Devil form which looks badass.

Noah: Rias Gremory? The Princess of Destruction?

Leopold: Ja.

Noah: Well Leopold, I will be glad to meet her someday.

Fabrice: *clears throat* Hey Noah!

Noah: Huh? Who's there? *turns around*

Fabrice: *Thomas the Tank Engine - O Face* *grins* Boo!

Noah: *screams*

Fabrice: *chuckles* I got you, Noah!

Noah: *laughs* Holy crap, that was amazing!

Leopold: Wait a second. You actually know Fabrice?

Noah: Yeah, I met Fabrice on a website called “The Angry German Kid Wiki”. At first, I didn't think I could trust them. But since I found his ideas fabulous, I decided to team up with him.

Fabrice: Unlike Math Podcast did, because he plagarized americans' videos without giving credit.

Leopold: That website must be cool.

Noah: *yawns* Well, I better go back home so I can continue working on my series. I'll see you later, Leopold & Fabrice. *leaves*

Leopold & Fabrice: Bye.

Fabrice: Can you explain what the heck just happened?

Leopold: As me & Noah were walking, that bald crybaby annoyed us. So we decided to kick his ass. And to make sure he's no more, I took his head off.

Fabrice: Well, OK. Make sure the cops don't find his corpse.

Leopold: I'm on it! *grabs Caillou's corpse* *throws it in the garbage* There!

Fabrice: Well, I better leave you before my mom kills me. See you later! *leaves*

Leopold: Bye! I'm tired right now. *leaves*


IRL Noah: Sup, guys? This is Atarster. And I want to say thank you for watching this episode of Angry German Kid made by Fabrice A.K.A. AGKandRockman2001. If you want to see his channel, you can click here, so you can subscribe to him. As for me, you can subscribe by clicking here. That means a lot to us, and it will help us make more AGK videos. And I will see you later. Adios, amigos!

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