Leopold Slikk

Harold Slikk

Johnny Fort Spieler


At morning, Harold calls Leopold for his breakfast before the time going late and soon, Leopold goes to downstairs for eat. After he eats his sausage eggs, Leopold goes to school and says "bye" to his dad. Johnny Fort Spieler introduces himself at Leopold's class and then, the setting goes to break time. At break time, Leopold eats his sausage eggs from his meal box that his father made before Leopold being awaken and Johnny tells him for playing Antic game with him after he does that.

Leopold agrees from Johnny's question that he wants to try his antics until he says finish and then, Johnny tries using Viacom BND of Doom antic to Leopold as his 1st antic. Then, he shows his Spiel-Faster antic to Leopold and he gets angry due to his voice is high also his moves are faster than usual. Next antic that Johnny has to show up to Leopold is Spiel-Reverser.

Several minutes later, Leopold smashes Johnny's head with his keyboard due to he's being afraid of Spiel-Demon, Viacom BND of Doom and Viacom Sonic.exe of Doom antics that Johnny shows up to him then he goes to home.

Programs Used

Wondershare Filmora

Music Used

Journey through the Decade

His World (Sonic '06 Original Ver.)


  • Some of subtitles don't have end sign.
  • Leopold's tantrum against keyboard scene is cropped due to Adrenaline21.
  • Alignment is in the left instead of center for credit texts.


This is the 1st episode that doesn't have an own custom thumbnail when Adrenaline21 creates this episode.

This is the 1st debut of Harold Slikk and Johnny Fort Spieler.

This is the 1st full appearance of Leopold Slikk.

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