This is the script for episode 44 of Travrinity's AGK series. Not going to be used anymore because I am changing my series

The characters in this film will be: Leopold, Connor, Traver, and Red Bloony, 

Minor character: Motorcyclist

The voice actors are:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Connor Marini as himself
  • Traver as himself
  • Red Bloony as himself
  • ??? as motorcyclist

Here it is:

(Angry German Kid intro)

Leopold: Last question. Why do Sohrab and Amir go to Islamabad? Hmm. *scrolls through pages* *reads* Oh. *writes* There. Time for another walk. *leaves*


Leopold: Another refreshing day. Nothing can go bad this time. *accidentally trips on crack* *almost falls* Whoa. That was a close one. At least I am still alri- *trips on rock* Whah!

someone stopped Leopold from falling on the ground

???: *lifts Leopold back up*

Leopold: Whew. Thanks sir, I almost could have fell. It's good that it was not as bad as the banana I slipped.

???: *takes off hood* Hola Leopold

Leopold: How do you even know my name?

???: It's simple. I helped people out there who needed my support.

Leopold: *thinks* Connor?

???: Correct

Leopold: You must be that Youtuber who voices the characters

Connor: That is true. Do you know your friend named Kaeru?

Leopold: Yes

Connor: I voiced him. Sadly, I only voiced that Jap in two channels. Which are Travrinity and AGKandRockMan. As for the others...they don't really care. Speaking of which, have you seen Traver lately?

Leopold: Why yes. He lives at the east side of this town.

Connor: Can I go see him?

Leopold: You may

at Traver's house

Leopold: *knocks on door*

Traver: Guten tag Andreas. What do you need? *looks next to Leopold* Hello Mr. Marini, *looks back at Leopold* now then, *looks back at Connor*. Oh hey there. Didn't knew you dropped by. Come on in you two.

Both: *enters house*

Traver: *closes door* So, what's been going on?

Connor: Nothing. Just wanted to come visit. It's surprising that no one has ever gestured you.

Traver: Yeah. All is going fine. Are you still doing your career?

Connor: Si. This meme might be getting old, but nothing won't- *gets interrupted*

Calvin: What's this Mexican doing here?

Connor: Excuse me?

Calvin: What?

Connor: For your information, I'm no Mexican, I am Catalan. Hi ha una diferència saps (There is a difference you know).

Calvin: Sorry. I just don't know the difference. Anyways, thank you Trav for letting me borrow this little fusion laser pointer. It's funny how your friend Noah would be able to use all the lasers to create this one. Okay, I'm off to burn a cloud. *floats away*

Traver: So, do you want anything to eat?

Connor: I could go for some tacos

Traver: Taco Bell it is

at Taco Bell

Traver: And so I talked to Alex this morning. He was bringing up this Red Crucible kind of crap because he just wants me to play that game some more. Intentionally, I ignored him and said "Why play it when you could just melt it inside a kiln". That's why it's called Red Crucible, burn it until it becomes red! *chuckle*

Leopold: I don't get it

Traver: You'll find out later in your English class

motorcycle revs up

motorcyclist steals lunch

Borderlands 2 - Southern Shelf Combat

Leopold: Shit! That guy just snatched our food!

Traver: After him!

Both: *runs but stops*

Connor: No guys

Traver: What?

Connor: Let me handle this

Traver: How?

Connor: I have mutant powers. I can jump at very large heights and hit 3 times as hard as a human. *gets up and runs*

Traver: But wait!

Connor: *stops and turns head back* *smiles* Trust me. *jumps*

Traver: .......

motorcycle keeps driving

Motorcyclist: *checks mirror* *adjusts mirror*

Connor: *lands hard and jumps*

Motorcyclist: *looks back* *turns away and accelerates*

chase keeps going until the thief lost Connor in the woods

music stops

Motorcyclist: *sighs in relief*

Connor: *jumps on side of motorcycle*

Motorcyclist: *gasp*

Connor: *waves* *punches motorcyclist off his ride

Motorcyclist: *hits tree* Agh. Dammit.

Connor: *points Astra 400 pistol* Give us back our lunch

Motorcyclist: (Scared) Take it! It's yours anyways *tosses food to Connor*

Connor: Thank you. Now get your ass out of here.

Motorcyclist: I will *runs to his vehicle and drives away*

back at Taco Bell

Leopold & Trav: *sitting at outdoor table*

Connor: *lands* I got it back

Traver: Well that was easy. *takes 12 pack box* Not only did you have guts, but you also made me wait out of the fight

Connor: Oh I'm sorry

Traver: No no, it's good. No one has ever said that to me. I think you could help out.

Connor: Really?

Traver: Sure. Come meet me at the tower

at the Caro-Tower

Traver: This is where you will be sleeping

Connor: Why underground?

Traver: Well, *clicks tongue* how do you put it this way?'s just that there can only be four major members, including me. But hey, you get to have friends down here as minors. You guys work the same as us except a teeny bit harder. I think I can trust you on this.

Connor: How come there's no windows?

Traver: There are windows that work like a submarine periscope. I gotta go now. Enjoy your new home. *leaves*

Connor: I wonder what people do down here *enters living room*

Calvin: Oh hi. It's nice to see you again. Come on, join in for some blackjack.

Connor: *sits in chair* What do you guys do down here?

Calvin: We just make videos and stuff. We also have to do some work like fixing pipes and do taxes. Mostly just taxes since we only fix pipes if they are clogged or leaking. After 30 minutes, we take a 15-minute break.

Connor: This ain't Finland so how is that relevant?

Calvin: Just be prepared. You will be helpful around here. Now let's get back to the game.


This is the script of Episode 57 of AGKandRockman2001's AGK series.

The characters in this film will be: Leopold Connor.

The voice actors are:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Connor Marini as himself

Enjoy reading it:

(AGKandRockman2001 Productions logo)

(The Angry German Kid Show intro)

(Title Card)

Astérix: The Gallic War - Gallic Strategy 2

Leopold: *chats on Hangouts*

Connor Marini wants to chat with you.

Leopold: What the hell? Who's trying to contact me? *accepts invitation* Connor Marini? That reminds of someone I heard about. *starts video call*

Hangouts ringtone

Screen shows up

Connor: Hey there, Leopold!

Leopold: What the heck? How do you know my name?

Connor: It's very simple. I voice different characters such as cops, police men, news reporters, etc.

Leopold: Cool.

Connor: Do you know your friend named Kaeru?

Leopold: Ja.

Connor: I voiced him. Sadly, I only voiced that Japanese guy in two channels. Which are Travrinity and AGKandRockman2001. As for the others... they don't really care. They use the original AJK clip.

Leopold: Damn.

Connor: There's also another why I know you. That tragic death of yours 8 months ago.

Leopold: Ja. That bitch Raynare just took my life away!

Connor: I know how you feel, Leopold. You want revenge, on the person who killed you.

Leopold: Ja! *examines Connor* Why do you look like an adult?

Connor: Are you saying that because of my beard?

Leopold: Ja.

Connor: Don't worry about that, Fabrice told me the same thing. And I wasn't offended by that. I'm actually 16. Also, someone left a comment in one of my videos saying I look like Jesus.

Leopold: Good to know. Still, are you American?

Connor: Yes, I am. Altough I have Catalan origins.

Leopold: Why is your profile picture a Minion?

Connor: Oh. You like the Minions?

Leopold: Of course, I do! They're so funny, especially when they shout “Banana”! Also, did you know that there was a character in the “Minions” named Fabrice?

Connor: I didn't notice that. Isn't he Scarlet's hairdresser?

Leopold: Ja.

Connor: OK then. It's good to know that one of my pals has his name taken for a animated movie.

Leopold: Still, how did you know about me?

Connor: I think it was before I was a teenager when I heard a voice sample on a different video.

Leopold: What video?

Connor: If I remember correctly, it was about a Sonic Adventure DX South Island stage mod on Emerald Coast. Then I watched the first episode of CDiFan237's AGK series.

Leopold: I liked that guy, especially when he made me fight Microsoft Sam.

Connor: Yeah, I liked that episode as well. Later, I asked Atarster if I could voice the police man in Episode 30 of his series.

Leopold: Atarster is a good Slikker, even if he sometimes points out the obvious.

Connor: I understand what you're trying to say. Also, have you seen his movie?

Leopold: The Noah Movie? If so, he did once. Why you asking me that?

Connor: Well, I can be seen in Parts 5 & 6, along with Fabrice and... some female clone of Tails?

Leopold: Maybe you just saw Tails's long lost sister.

Connor: *chuckles* Nice one. Well Leopold, it was nice to know you!

Leopold: It was nice to know you too, Connor!

Connor: I better leave you because someone is asking me to voice a character for his series. See you later, Leopold!

Leopold: Bye! *ends video call* Wow! That guy is really awesome! Let's check his YouTube channel. *checks Connor's YouTube page* Aooooooooohhh! That guy sure has voiced many people for many Slikkers. Let's listen to these auditions, shall we?


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