Here is the script for UsefulAGKHelper's AGK Rebooted Series, Episode 1.


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Harold Slikk
  • Jake Randolf
  • and more...

The Script Plot

NOTE: The script isn't finished!

Leopold: Hello Computer.  Leopold: I want to use you for something.  Leopold: I want go online through the Internet, because i want to watch some random videos on Youtube.  Leopold: YEAH!  Leopold: Now let's grab the keyboard and then i will start the PC.  *Leopold smells the air in his room*  Leopold: But hold on!  Leopold: I wonder why the air around here smells so bad?  Leopold: I need to check inside my PC to see if the smell is coming from there, who knows if the air is coming from there or not?  *Leopold smells the air inside the PC*  Leopold: WAIT A SECOND!!  Leopold: The air is coming from my pc!  Leopold: And it smells like fire or something!  *Leopold is trying to think about something but fails*  Leopold: Whatever (x2), i am just gonna start the PC anyways.  *Leopold is pressing the Power Button*  Leopold: What is going on? Why my PC doesn't Power up?  Leopold: My PC is already plugged in!  Leopold: This can't be happening!  *Leopold is calming down*  Leopold: I guess that i will have to press the button until my PC is gonna start up properly!  *Leopold presses the Power Button too many times*  Leopold: What the fuck!?  Leopold: WHY AREN'T YOU POWERING UP YOU STUPID PIECE OF CRAP!?  Leopold: Oh my gosh...  Leopold: Please tell that i have to a buy a computer.  *Leopold is getting really angry over this*  Leopold: I TOLD YOU TO FREAKING POWER UP, NOT TO POWER OFF IMMEDIATELLY!!  Leopold: That's it!  *punches Keyboard*  Leopold: I really hate this stupid PC!  Leopold: For being useless like a freaking stupid stone!  *Leopold is calming down*  Leopold: Positive thking, let's think positive.  Leopold: Maybe i will change my PC's components with new ones.  Leopold: Now i know what to do!  *Leopold laughs*  Leopold: I am going to use my phone to watch some tutorials.  *dj scratch*  Leopold: But HOLD ON!!!!  Leopold: I forgot that Leonard destroyed my phone earlier!  Leopold: HOW I AM SUPPOSED TO FIX MY PC WITHOUT A ANOTHER FUCKING PC OR PHONE!?!?!?  *calms the fuck down*  Leopold: I have to think positive (x2).  Leopold: I think i know who can help me to fix my PC.  Leopold: I think i will borrow my dad's phone to call Jake.  Leopold: But hold on!  Leopold: Dad!  Harold: What is it? Son?  Leopold: Can i please borrow your phone for 3 minutes?  Harold: Uhmm?  Harold: Why?  Leopold: I want to discuss with Jake because Leonard destroyed my phone earlier!  Harold: Son.  Harold: You are not going to borrow my phone until you will tell me why do you want to call your friend?  Leopold: Well...  Leopold: Dad, i hope you don't get angry about this.  Leopold: But... (x2)  Leopold: My PC has a HUGE issue with the power button!  *Harold gets worried*  Harold: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?  Harold: I didn't pay attention to what you said!  Leopold: I said....  Leopold: MY PC HAS HUGE PROBLEM WITH THE POWER BUTTON!  Harold: WHAT!?  Harold: DID YOU JUST SCREW UP YOUR PC FOR THE FIRST TIME!?  Leopold: I swear,i didn't do this!  Leopold: I was asleep, you know!  *Harold tries to think*  Harold: Nevermind.  Harold: Take my phone!  Harold: AND BE CAREFUL NOT TO SCREW IT!!  Harold: I will give you only 3 minutes to call your friend, ok?  Leopold: I got it, Dad!  Harold: Good. I am going to shopping. I will be back in 10 minutes.  Leopold: Ok, dad.  *Harold goes to shopping*  Leopold: I got the phone now!

 Leopold: Time to call Jake.  *searches on contacts*  Leopold: Uh?  Leopold: Jake's number is not there. I think my dad removed it.  Leopold: I will just type Jake's number and i will call him.  *types Jake's phone number*  *the phone call begins*  Jake: Hi?  Leopold: Hello there, Jake.  Jake: Uh Leopold? Hi.  Jake: I though your dad was calling me!  Leopold: Well, i just borrowed my dad's phone for 3 minutes.  Jake: I see.  Jake: Anyways.  Jake: How is it going?  Leopold: Well...  Leopold: I have a huge problem with my computer?  Jake: Well, did something bad happened to your computer?  Jake: Tell me.  Leopold: Well... Yeah  Leopold: My PC doesn't even power up!  Leopold: It shuts down instantly when i try to power up my Computer!  Jake: Uh? Have you forgot to check if some of the components are damaged?  Leopold: Actually, i see no problems with my compontents. There is only a little expection.  Leopold: While my pc was turned on for a short, it created a bad smell that smells like FIRE!


 Leopold: Yeah, things like this are litterally happening everyday. Leopold: Anyways, i am so confused on repairing computers...  Jake: Well, i am really good at repairing my PC. Do you want me to go to your house in order to help you fix the issue?  Leopold: Of course! Why not?  Leopold: I don't wanna make my PC worse without any help!  Jake: Ok, i understand.  Jake: But now i have homework you know, i will see you later, ok?  Leopold: Ok then, bye. I will wait and i will try to find solutions.  *the phone call ends*'

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