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AGK and the Magical Mystery Museum is the second AGK adventure created by TheCrazinessCat, beginning on 26 January 2015 and ending on 20 June 2015. It is a 6-parter series, consisting of episodes where Leopold traverses through random locations and Harold solves the many magical mishaps within the Magical Mystery Museum. These episodes are known for being really long, with the last two parts being two of TheCrazinessCat's longest videos and the shortest episode being 26 minutes long.


Harold announces that he, Leopold and Leonard will be going to the Magical Mystery Museum on Monday. When Monday arrives, the three drive to the museum and they arrive in an hour. An employee uses an amplifier to warn people to be careful with the magical stuff within the museum. Leopold goes into a room with a teleporting machine and decides to check what it does, only to find himself teleported into a random location where he finds and defeats evil silver boxes (known as Evil Silvboxes). More to be added!



Title Date Length Watch
37 AGK and the Magical Mystery Museum (Part 1) 26 January 2015 26:05
42 AGK and the Magical Mystery Museum (Part 2) 28 February 2015 27:11
44 AGK and the Magical Mystery Museum (Part 3) 21 March 2015 29:46
47 AGK and the Magical Mystery Museum (Part 4) 11 April 2015 32:09
53 AGK and the Magical Mystery Museum (Part 5) 30 May 2015 37:10
57 AGK and the Magical Mystery Museum (Part 6/Final) 20 June 2015 41:06

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