This is the script for the third episode of AGKandRockman2001's AGK series.

The characters in this episode are: Leopold, Rias, Issei, Akuma, Asia, Akeno, Koneko, Jake, Ronald, Eric, Mary, Harold, Leonard, Leonidas & Raynare.

The voice actors will be:

  • Leopold as himself
  • CrazyNelsonSisters as Rias & Koneko
  • Alstrador as Issei
  • Noah as Akuma
  • Jay Levi as Asia
  • Thesnowfairy as Akeno
  • Jake as himself
  • Ronald as himself
  • Eric as himself
  • Millie Chicago as Mary
  • Harold as himself
  • Leonard as himself
  • Leonidas as himself
  • Pistacchieo as Raynare

Enjoy reading it!

AGKandRockman2001 Productions logo

The Angry German Kid Misadventures intro

Title Card

Leopold: Mein gott, what happened here?

Rias: Akuma sacaged this place.

Issei: He sure has gone insane by the time.

Leopold: Where can he be?

Akuma: *lands*

Final Fantasy VII - Those Chosen by the Planet

Asia: Behind you, Leopold!

Leopold: *turns around* *screams* Akuma!

Akuma: *laughs* Well, look what we have here. Looks like the Occult Research Club got a new member.

Asia: Leopold, I'm scared! *hugs Leopold*

Leopold: Don't worry Asia, I'm here. We will defeat this demon for good.

Akuma: Worthy opponents have challenged me... And they met their demise. But Rias and her peerage somehow still managed to get out alive. But this time, you won't!

Rias: Oh yeah? Do you think so?

Leopold: If you want to kill Rias, you had to kill me first!

Akuma: *laughs* To challenge me is to respect chaos, and to respect death! I will teach you the meaning of pain!

Asia: Good luck, Leopold!

Battle start

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold - Akuma Theme

Rias: Welcome to your first battle. This is just a tutorial, so let's learn the basics. On the top left side is your health bar. This shows how much health you have. If it ever reaches 0, you will be knocked out. To regain health, you must use healing abilities or items. On the top right is the opponent's health. If you ever get your enemy's health to 0, victory is yours. On the bottom left side is your super combo gauge. By attacking the opponent, the gauge will fill up. When the gauge is completely full, the word "SUPER" will appear, and you can use your super combo move. On the left is your battle menu. There are 6 options to choose from: Attack, tactics, skills, ranged, special, and items. Select the first one to attack.

Leopold: *clicks attack* *runs to Akuma* JA!!! *hits Akuma with Keyboard Smash*

Akuma: *deals 35 damage*

Issei: Good. With that option, you can manually defeat your foes while using a weapon. Now, Akuma will make a move on you.

Akuma: *fires Gou-Hadouken at Leopold*

Leopold: Argh! *deals 65 damage*

Asia: You seem to be injured very badly. Here, use the Twilight Healing by selecting items.

Leopold: *clicks items* *selects Twilight Healing* *uses Twilight Healing* *healed 125 health*

Akuma: *uppercuts Leopold*

Leopold: *deals 75 damage* *scrolls down and selects Skills* *clicks Pencil* *runs to Akuma and stabs with pencil*

Akuma: *deals 125 damage* *uses Tetsumaki Zankukyayu on Leopold*

Leopold: *Miss*

Akuma: What the? You cheated!

Leopold: *laughs* Time for me to test my Devil form! *clicks special* *transforms* *hits Akuma with Wings slash*

Akuma: *deals 65 damage*

Issei: Excellent. Now that we've learned the basics, finish the Master of Fists.

Battle end

Akuma: How... is this... possible? I can't be beaten by a kid!

Leopold: I'm not any ordinary kid. I am The Angry German Kid! *uppercuts Akuma*

Issei: Alright Leopold, great job!

Akeno: Ara, ara. Such a turn on.

Rias: Alright. Time to go home!

All: Yes, President! *teleports*

(At the Occult Research Club) Issei: Home sweet home!

Leopold: Wow! What an epic fight it was!

Rias: Leopold, you did great on defeating Akuma.

Leopold: Thanks, Rias. I wasn't expecting to make it out alive.

Rias: And now, you're in the Occult Research Club. *marks Leopold with a magic cicle*

Leopold: Wow! Thanks for everything, Rias! What would I have become if you weren't there?

Rias: You're welcome. And here's a special gift for you. *kisses Leopold*

Leopold: *blushes*

Issei: Well, you're one of us now little bro!

Leopold: Big brother, this might be my greatest adventure ever.

Issei: Great, because me, Rias, and the others are gonna train you to be a Boosted Gear wearer like me.

Leopold: JA!!! Thanks, big brother!

Both: *bump fists*

Akeno: Hey you two cuties!

Leopold: Woah!

Issei: Ah!!! Akeno! What are you doing?!

Akeno: I just want to give Leopold a special treat for joining the club.

Leopold: Wait a minute. Do you think what I think it is?

Akeno: A delicious cake for our new member.

Leopold: Personally, I think I should do a baking challenge between you & my mom.

Akeno: *giggles*

Leopold: After that, why not opening a bakery?

Akeno: Aw you, you're such an amusing boy.

Rias: Um, Leopold. There's one thing I want to tell you.

Leopold: What is it?

High School DXD - Shinsou no, Ojousama desu

Rias: You might be a pawn or a low-class demon, but with all the strength you have, I know you can put an end to the reign of terror of Raynare.

Leopold: That's the nicest thing you ever said to me. *hugs Rias* *cries of joy*

Rias: May good luck be bestowed upon you...

Issei: Your friends.

Asia: Your family.

Akeno: And your girlfriend.

Leopold: *pushes away from Rias* How about a photo?

Koneko: It's OK as long as you don't post it online.

Leopold: I won't. *takes Sailor Moon selfie stick out of his pocket* *inserts cellphone* *takes photo*

Rias: I don't look that bad in that photo.

Issei: Me neither. It's nicely taken, Leopold.

Leopold: What are we waiting for? This cake isn't gonna eat himself!

After school

School bell rings

Leopold: So, I'm not allowed to read the Bible anymore, right?

Rias: Sadly, yes. It can make you suffer nasty side effects, such as headaches, immense pain, etc.

Leopold: I might try that. So I can see if I can suffer from these effects.

Rias: I don't you should do that, Leopold.

Leopold: Yeah, you're right.

Jake: Damn, it sucks that Leopold died last night.

Ronald: Estoy de acuerdo. (I agree.)

Eric: Whoever did this to Leopold will regret this big time!

Leopold: *appears behind Jake, Ronald & Eric* Yo, homies!

Jake, Ronald & Eric: *turn around* *Super FNAF - Balloons* *scream*

Jake: Leopold, we thought you were dead!

Leopold: Well, not anymore! Because I'm back to finish what I started!

Ronald: And what is this stupid costume?

Rias: It's not a costume, Ronald. *shows up*

High School DXD - Ashita mo, Ganbarimasu

Jake: Rias Gremory?

Rias: Yes, I am.

Jake: I have to admit it, you're beautiful with that red hair of yours.

Rias: Awww, thank you Jake.

Eric: Can you tell us what happened to Leopold?

Rias: Don't worry, Ronald. Leopold is fine.

Leopold: How do you like my Devil form, guys?

Jake: Teufel? (Devil?) Are you saying you've joined Satan?

Rias: Actually, it's not what you think it is. The Occult Research Club is known for exterminating any evil being that wants to cause chaos to this world, such as Stray Devils or Fallen Angels.

Jake: Now, I know what that building next to our school is about.

Akeno: Konichiwa, Jake!

Jake: Nice to see you, Akeno!

Leopold: Wait, you know Jake?

Akeno: Yes, I do know him. He was upset about that tragedy, so I came to visit him and cheer him up.

Jake: She sure is satisfying. She can relax you in a flash.

Akeno: *chuckles* Say Jake, would you like to go out with me?

Jake: Sure, I would like to. But first, can I give something to Leopold?

Akeno: If it's important, then go ahead.

Jake: Here's the list of homework you have for tomorrow. *gives list to Leopold*

Leopold: Thanks!

Akeno: Jake!

Jake: I'm coming, Akeno! *leaves*

Ronald: I better leave you guys before my dad kicks my ass again. *leaves*

Eric: Same for me. See you later, Leopold. *leaves*

Leopold: Bye.

Rias: Your friends sure are nice. I'm sure they will be useful on your quest.

Leopold: Ja, they sure will, Rias. I better go before my family pronounces me dead. *flies away*

Rias: See you later, Leopold. Aw man, this kid sure is gonna be a great servant.

At Leopold's house

Mary: Are you sure Leopold is OK? He hasn't come downstairs for about 5 minutes.

Harold: I don't know. I think I should check on him.

Leopold: *stares at window*

Harold: *opens door* Hey Leopold!

Leopold: …

Harold: Leopold, are you OK?

Klonoa: Door To Phantomile - Staff Roll

Leopold: Ich bin mensch sein getan. (I'm done being human.)

Harold: Huh?

Leopold: That Raynare sent me to my demise. How would you like if Rias never revived me?

Harold: Randy & Don told me about it at work. I didn't believe it at first, but looks like they were telling me the truth. I'm glad Rias brought you back to life.

Leopold: *turns around* I'm also glad she brought me back to life. I mean, I have to complete my life since it's not really over. But now that I have risen, my life has a brand new sense.

Harold: Was meinst du damit? (What do you mean by that?)

Leopold: Raynare is the leader of the Dark Side, and she will send different enemies in order to send me back to my grave. So, it's up to me and my friends to stop her in order to protect this world. Not to mention I will fight Raynare to avenge Asia's death.

Harold: Randy, Don & Diesel also told me about it. I felt sad and angry.

Leopold: But I know, that someday, with the help of the person who will love me with all her heart. Wir werden meine ex-freundin zu stoppen! (We will stop my ex-girlfriend!)

Harold: *bursts into tears* That was the best speech you ever said! *hugs Leopold* *cries*

Leopold: It's OK, dad. I know you're proud of me.

Harold: I'm proud of you, son!

Leonard & Leonidas: *enter Leopold's room*

Leonard: What's going on, dad? *sees Leopold*

Leonard & Leonidas: *scream*

Harold: That is correct, kids. *Super FNAF - Heaven* Leopold ist wieder zum Leben! (Leopold is back to life!)

Leonard: I thought you were dead, Big Bro! *hugs Leopold*

Leonidas: Willkommen zurück, Leopold! (Welcome back, Leopold!)

Harold: Alright, I have something to tell you. Rias will be part of our family for now on.

Leonard: What place will she have in our family?

Harold: She will be like a mother, and she will protect us from any kind of threats.

Rias: *looking at the window* *chuckles* That sure is one happy family. And that all is thanks to me.


Sonic SatAM - Robotnik Theme

Raynare: Well, well, well... Look what we have here. The german brat is now teaming up with Rias & Issei. Just wait until I show up, because I'm coming for you. *laughs*


IRL Fabrice: Hey there, guys! This is Fabrice here. And thank you for watching this 3-part episode. I've worked so hard on this one, and let's hope that the next episodes will be as good as these 3 episodes. Anyway, if you liked these episodes, don't forget to leave a like on the video, to comment down below, and don't forget to subscribe. It really helps me out. And I'll see you guys next time! Au revoir !

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