In Youtube:

As you see in Youtube, there are some AGK Sparta Remixes on Youtube from the Angry German Kid Source.

Some of them are funny, crappy, good and entertaining.

If you don't believe this page, look here:

In any AGK Series:

There are some AGK Episodes with the Idea: AGK tries to make a Sparta Remix.

Leopold watched some Sparta Remixes on Youtube, he got entertained, he wants to make his own Sparta Remixes, he is downloading Sony Vegas Pro and is trying to make a Sparta Remix with shitty Timming, after he finished it, he is rendering it and uploading on Youtube, after he checks the comments, the Sparta Remixes complaining about his video like example: "This is the worst Sparta Remix i ever watched in my entire life!!"

Leopold got angry and he got angry and gives up.