This is the script of the first episode of AGKandRockman2001's AGK series. It has similarities to the first episode of High School DXD and "AGK's 9th grade year" by Red Bloony.

The characters in this episode are: Leopold, Harold, Jake, Ronald, Eric, Bottleneck, Rias, Akeno, Issei & Raynare (Yuuma Amano),

The voice actors will be:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Harold as himself
  • Jake as himself
  • Ronald as himself
  • Eric as himself
  • PrinceStickFigure as Ms. Bottleneck
  • CrazyNelsonSisters as Rias Gremory
  • Thesnowfairy as Akeno Himejima
  • Alstrador as Issei Hyoudou
  • Pistacchieo as Raynare (Yuuma Amano)

Enjoy the script:

AGKandRockman2001 Productions logo

The Angry German Kid Misadventures intro

Title Card

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Super FNAF - A long time ago

Leopold: Unreal Tournament time! Alright. Open that game, right now! Hurry up, you slow-ass computer! Or else, my dad will send me to school!

Harold: Alright Leopold. Get your ass downstairs and go to school!

Leopold: Nein! I just want to stay home playing UT!

Harold: Go to school! Or else! I'll kick-

Leopold: Nice try, dad! Even if you try to threaten me, I'm still not going to this shithole!

Harold: Looks like I have to beat you up again!

Leopold: FINE!!! *leaves*

At school

Leopold: Be positive, Leopold. Everything is gonna be fine. Where are Jake, Ronald & Eric?

Jake, Ronald & Eric: *show up*

Leopold: Hi guys!

Jake: Oh hey, Leopold. Is it fun being at school?

Leopold: Nein, ist es nicht! (No, it's not!) School is just a piece of shit!

Ronald: Oh come one, school is the one we can meet. Besides parties.

Leopold: You know what sucks even more? I can't get one single goddamn girlfrriend!!!

Eric: Just try to act like a gentlemen, and maybe a girl will appreciate you.

Leopold: Whatever. Let's enter this so-called shithole!

In class

Leopold: Good morning, teacher. Hey! Move out of my way, you junk!

Bottleneck: Good morning, class. Today, we are going to talk about equations and inequations.

Leopold: Damn it. Maths sucks ass.

Bottleneck: Well young man, if you think math class, then go to Principal James's office.

Leopold: Fine. *looks at window* (What does that red-hair girl want for me? She is still staring at me.)

High School DXD - For me... Live on

???: *looks at Leopold*

???: President Rias. Are you sure you need Leopold in our team?

Rias: Yes Akeno. I want him to join us. His heart and power... It's special...

9:50 AM

school bell rings

Leopold, Jake, Ronald & Eric: *chatting*

???: Excuse me. Are you Leopold Slikk, the kid from Internet?

Leopold: Ja, I am. And who are you?

Issei: My name's Issei Hyoudou. Nice to meet you, Leopold.

Leopold: Nice to meet you, Issei.

Jake: Gueten tag, Issei. My name is Jake Randolf.

Ronald: Buenos dias, chico. Me llama Ronald Ramirez. (Hello, dude. I'm Ronald Ramirez.)

Eric: Good morning, Issei. I'm Eric Smith.

Issei: Nice to meet you, guys. Hey, can I ask you guys something?

Leopold: Sure, what is it?

Issei: Wanna spy on the girls after school?

Leopold: *laughs* This is gonna be so fun!

Jake: Alright, let's do this.

Ronald: You can count on us for that!

Eric: Um... No thanks.

Ronald: Cabrón. (Dumbass.)

In the afternoon

Leopold: Oh man, that was fun!

Issei: Yeah, it would have been fun if the girls weren't that mean.

Jake: Not to upset you, we shouldn't do that kind of thing.

Ronald: Are you fucking serious, Jake?! It was fun!

Issei: Calm down, Ronald! Maybe Jake is right.

  • Camera shows some red hair*

Leopold: !

Issei: Hey Leopold, what's the matter?

Leopold: I sense a strange energy... Something bad... Coming from upstairs...

Issei: Huh?

Rias: *goes dowstairs*

Issei: Oh... You made me worried there, buddy. That's Rias Gremory, my girlfriend.

Jake: Rias... Gremory?

Leopold: (Why does she feel so strong?)

Rias: *moves forward* *chuckles*

Leopold: *gasp* (She is smiling at me. But what does she want for me?)

school bell rings

Jake: Come on, Leopold. We need to go back to class.

Leopold: Ja ja. I'm coming.

After school

Leopold: Ah man, I got a lot of friends. I'm still wondering who is this red-hair girl. Oh well, my answers will be found someday.

???: *walks towards Leopold* Excuse me... You're Leopold Slikk from Mannheim University High School District, right? Or am I wrong?

Leopold: Huh? *High School DxD - Ayashige na, Fun'iki desu* I guess you're right. (I don't remember seeing that girl in class.) So, is there anything I can help you with?

???: Maybe, I guess. I just wanted to ask you a question. Are you seeing anyone around?

Leopold: Jetzt? (Now?) Nein, only both of us.

???: That's wonderful!

Leopold: What do you want for me?

???: Well, since you're afraid of being single, do you think you'll go out with me?

Leopold: Huh? Go out with you?

???: I've been watching... You passed by here a lot and you seem so... I don't know. Gentle... And very handsome...

Leopold: (This can't be happening to me right now!)

???: You see... The thing is... I would like for you to be my boyfriend!

Leopold: *scene turns black and white* *goes nuts*

That was an out-universe joke. Leopold actually was excited and rushed home to tell the news to his dad. Let's see how will his friends react to.

Issei: You got a date with who?!

Leopold: Ja, her name is Yuuma. She seems sweet.

Issei: (Shit, Raynare's back. I must warn Rias about this.)

Jake: What's the matter, Issei?

Issei: Leopod, take this with you. *gives flyer to Leopold*

Leopold: Huh? Why?

Issei: If something happens to you, use it. Don't make the same mistake as I did. *leaves*

Leopold: Uh... Okay.

Jake: What kind of mistake did he do?

Leopold: I have no idea. Looks like I'll see by myself. *leaves*

Ronald: You fucking bastard! How could you do this to us?

Eric: Well, at least he has a girlfriend to be with.

Ronald: I don't care about girls! They are poison!

Eric: No, they aren't!

Ronald: Want me to kick your ass?

Eric: Fine! Bring it on, you jackass!

Ronald: *jumps at Eric* *beats Eric up*

Jake: *facepalm*

At night

Leopold: A date?

Yuuma: Yeah, on Sunday. Will you accept my invitation?

Leopold: Of cours I will! This is my only chance! Still, I might ask my Dad if I can.

Yuuma: That's great! Bye!

Leopold: Bis später! (See you later!)

Yuuma: I'm looking forward to our date!

Leopold: Me too! YEAH!!! *runs to home* Hi dad!

Harold: Leopold, are you fine?

Leopold: I'm going on a date with Yuuma on Sunday!

Harold: *screams* Congrats for your first date, son! You didn't disappoint me!

On Sunday...

Leopold: *looks at watch* Where is she?

Yuuma: Leopold!

Leopold: Why hello, Yuuma!

Yuuma: Sorry. Did you wait long?

Leopold: Not really. You're just on time.

High School DXD - Sawayaka na, Yasaotoko desu

Leopold & Yuuma: *enter clothes shop*

Camera shows pictures of Leopold & Yuuma testing clothes

Leopold: Hey Yuuma!

Yuuma: Yes, Leopold?

Leopold: Try this.

Yuuma: *giggles* Thank you, Leopold. I really like this gift!

Leopold: Kein problem! (No problem!)

(At the restaurant) Yuuma: *eating ice cream*

Leopold: *drinking soda* *stares at Yuuma*

Yuuma: Are you alright?

Leopold: Huh? *snaps out* Sorry, what was that? Oh, ja! You know, I find you beautiful. I just wanna spend my life with you.

Yuuma: Me too, Leopold.

Leopold: *swallows fly* *cough*

Yuuma: Oh, take this!

(At the park) Yuuma: I sure had fun today.

Leopold: Ja, this was the best date ever. (I'm getting really close to be BF & GF right now! I'm so hyped for this!)

Yuuma: *runs to foutnain*

Leopold: Huh?

Yuuma: Can I ask you a question?

Leopold: Ja.

Yuuma: *walks slowly towards Leopold* In honor of our first date, there's something I would like you to do to commemorate this special moment.

Leopold: (I'm gonna kiss her right now. I'm so gonna kiss her. This rocks!) Sure, ask me something. Anything.

Yuuma?: *smirks* Would you die for me?

Leopold: Huh? *takes keyboard out* Repeat what you just said!

Yuuma?: I want you to die for me.

Leopold: *gasp* *drops keyboard down* *High School DXD - D no Taidou* (Did she say she wants to kill me? What kind of girl would say that?)

Yuuma?: *laughs* *turns into Fallen Angel*

Leopold: (No way. Why must this happen to me? This isn't reality, this is a nightmare I'm actually living!) Woah! A Fallen Angel? *takes out keyboard* Alright, who are you? And what do you want for me?

Raynare: Call me Raynare from now on. From what I've heard, you have good fighting skills with that keyboard of yours. I suggest you drop it before you try to harm me.

Leopold: Niemals!

Raynare: Very well, if you say so. *forms Light Spear*

Leopold: Oh scheisse. (Oh shit.)

Raynare: Game over, Leopold! *transpierces Leopold with Light Spear*

Leopold: Argh! *blood comes out of Leopold's chest* *screams in pain*

Raynare: Your blood looks so wonderful.

Leopold: *grunts in pain* Y-Yuuma. *coughs up blood* *collapses to the ground* *closes eyes*

Raynare: Oh, thanks again for the lovely date. It was fun. *flies away*

Leopold: Jemand... Bitte... Hilf mir... (Somebody... Please... Help me...)

FNAF: Sister Location - Dramatic Soap Opera

red circle glows

Rias: *walks towards Leopold* Don't worry, Leopold. I will not let you die. *chuckles*

(To be continued...)

???: (repeating) You won't die. *pair of eyes open*

I didn't want to do this, but here we go. This script is the first AGK episode in Travrinity's AGK series.

It will include several characters: Leopold, Jake, Ronald, Stephen, and more

Here it is now:


Smashed Keyboard studios

Warning: We do not own any of the music, sound effects, content, etc. All of these belong to their rightful owners.

white flash

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix - Dearly Beloved

New Game has been selected

Are you sure you want to select a new game?

selected yes

screen turns white

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Opening

(AGK opening)

Narrator: This is a story. A story about a boy with a supernatural adventure. An adventure that will please your thoughts with joy, entertainment, and a spark of epic fantasy. Let's take a look, shall we.

book opens up

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Opening

(AGK opening)

Narrator: Now before we begin, let's start through where it follows

Naruto - Kakashi's theme

Narrator: The Mannheim University High School District is where we will introduce the main character to this story. This blonde sophomore is Leopold Andreas Slikk. He is a 15-year old boy with less manners but can be friendly. He focuses mostly on just video games and has a bit of a hard time on school work. He is averagely smart and strong at the same time. The student next to him is Jake Randolf. He is a friend of Leopold who creates his own firearms for protection. When fighting by hand, he would first use his fists to attack...and pull out his switchblade to finish off. The other two in front are Ronald Ramirez and Stephen Quire. Ronald here almost behaves like Leopold except more rude. Stephen here is the worst student to have. He would break stuff that piss him off and make himself look like a savage beast.

Kingdom Hearts DDD - Twister

helicoptor swoops by

???: This is the place *shoots roof floor jumps off helicoptor and smashes floor into the school Oops, did someone die here? Oh well enters classroom

Narrator: This teenage soldier right here who broke a third ceiling is Alex Park. He works as a double agent. That means he works as a US Marine soldier and a Spetsnaz. They call him the "military wizard" due to his telekinesis in battle. He is one of the best recruits on both teams.

Alex: Man, where is that guy when he should be here?

Persona 3 - Burn My Dread

???: *smokes cigarette* Alright. *puts cig out on table* Let's get this over with so I can go back home to continue on my series... *throws cigarette in trash* and my project.

Narrator: This 23 year old is known around as Noah Riegel. He is a special kind of genius who works on contraptions like his laser gun and his robots. At school, people call him names like

Teen #1: Nerd!

Narrator: Or possibly the classics

Teen #2: Dork!

Narrator: After all, he doesn't mind being insulted. Until someone calls him "Spike" or "Bradley Cooper".

school bell rings

Asterix The Game OST - Track 1

???: Good morning class

All: Good morning Mr. Diknoz

Diknoz: Today we will first focus on reading The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. It is a play that William Shakespeare wrote to get the audience's attention.

Narrator: Ugh, now we got to listen to literature. Most independent but difficult and boring class I've ever took.

Diknoz: I beg your pardon? English helps students read and write if they want to grow up to create a novel or write their own scripts. Besides, why are you even in here for?

Narrator: Oh, me? Uh...I am filming for the episode. It's very important.

Diknoz: Yeah right. Leave out through the door please.

Narrator: *leaves* *closes door* Dammit. Oh well, skipping to lunch.

fast forwarding to where Leopold hangs out with his friends

Leopold: *eating cheeseburger*

Jake: *eating stir fry*

Leopold: What are you going to do after school?

Jake: I don't know. Maybe we can get some ice cream across the street.

Leopold: Yeah! That sounds cool. Put it there.

Both: *fist bumps*

???: *wraps sandwich around* *attempts to take a bite* God. I hate being a balloon. I hate that I can't even eat when I have this face drawn in marker! *sighs* *lays head down on fork* *pops* Ah, shit. Hmm...what if. *stuffs sandwich inside himself* *inhales and returns to normal self* Mm, much better. Oohoo, I can feel that jelly inside of me.

Narrator: This abnormal floating piece of rubber is Calvin Ponleu, or most notably, Red Bloony. He is a balloon who speaks and interacts like a human. He is known for the most impossible world record to carry a house solo. When he gets popped by a sharp object, he would breathe in air and convert it to helium that sticks the pieces back on like a magnet.

Calvin: Hey Newton, did you know potatoes are a good source of electricity?

Newton: They are. I tested that theory at home and it works. *looks back at potato* Initiating protocol...*shoots a copper and galvanized nail into potato* *absorbs* *ding!* *brings nail back in* Energy absorption complete.

Jake: Neat. You two are so cool to have.

Newton: Affirmative

Calvin: Thank you. You humans are also cool as well.

Leopold: We appreciate that

Female voice on speaker: Leopold Slikk, please head to the principal's office right now

Leopold: Dammit!

Jake: It won't be that bad. Maybe you didn't do something wrong.

Leopold: I know. But I can't stand this feeling every time I have to be told to see that guy with the weirdest name of all here.

in the principal's office

Asterix The Game OST - Track 12

Leopold: So, is there something you want to talk about?

???: Why yes, it's just only a small task so you are not in trouble right now

Narrator: This is Principal Dick Winck-pfft

music stops

Narrator: Haha, Dick Win- *laughs* So sorry about this, it's too funny!

Winck?: It's alright, just continue

Narrator: Ahem, right. This is Principal Dick Winckel who runs the school. He is the one in charge of keeping students from causing a breakdown and does not even care about the slightest anger he would hear.

Winckel: You'll have to write five sentences at home on how we can make your classes a bit easier for you. Sounds like a deal?

Leopold: Yes

Winckel: Thank you *puts hand out*

Leopold: *shakes hands*

Winckel: It's nice to see you here

Leopold: Bye *leaves office*

school bell rings

Leopold: Finally, another friday paid off. Time to do more video games!

Narrator: Now that we introduced the students, let's introduce an old enemy back at a bunker in *scene switches to a bunker* Berlin

Final Fantasy 7 - Those Chosen by the Planet

scene switches to the interior of the bunker

???: So, what is our status report?

???: Our troops have took control of five cities in Syria and now the US are preventing that from happening

???: Great. That's just great. They think we are still nazis yet they still never acknowledged the fact that we stopped. This is why I should hate Americans and Muslims more than Jews.

Narrator: This dictator from the past, is Adolf Hitler, the fuhrer of the Third Reich. Ever since the surrender of Japan, he and others strangely disappeared when a portal opened and sent them to the future. Hitler knew that it was wrong to regain Germany's power and start a war, so he sent a worldwide apology and gave the Jews money as forgiveness.

???: Well it can't be that bad. What if you already developed a nuke in the first place?

Hitler: If I did then someone else would've stolen it. And if I made it right now then it'll be World War 2 all over again except new enemies!

???: Calm down old geezer. You gotta chill.

Hitler: How can I even calm down when I have an annoying pest such as you, Fegelein!

Kevin Macleod - Meatball Parade

Narrator: This man is Hermann Fegelein, and just like what Hitler said, he is Hitler's rival. He is also the master of antics, which means he plays tricks like explosives, hacking computers, and even replacing Hitler's pervitin medications. He himself was also sucked in the portal and now performs das-

Fegelein: Yeah yeah yeah, could you cut the chit-chat right now? The episode is getting boring.

Narrator: You see that present right there?

Fegelein: Yeah?

Narrator: Open it

Fegelein: *opens it* I don't know what's bad about-

???: *blows airhorn*

Fegelein: Ahhhh! Dammit Goebbels!

Goebbels: It's what you deserve! Oh! *runs away* Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity Goo!

Narrator: Did you really expect the present to be a pie in the face? Nice try.

Fegelein: *flips the bird* Fuck off, man *walks away*

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - House

Narrator: This house is where Leopold and his family lives. Let's take a peak on what's going on inside.

Leopold: *locks door* *goes upstairs* Hello Leonidas

Leonidas: *laughing*

Narrator: Yep, this is one of Leopold's brothers. His name is Leonidas and he suffered from a "tumor" that happened in some kind of incident that we will discuss later as time goes by.

Leopold: *opens his door to his room* *sets his backpack on his bed and sits on chair to computer* *turns computer on*

Leonidas: *enters in* What is ya doin'?

Leopold: I'm just going on Steam to play some Half Life. I've played this before, so now it's time to relive those memories.

Leonidas: i love fighting aliens from Mars

Leopold: That's nice. How about you do something else you like.

Leonidas: *leaves room* *comes back with a hammer* *hits himself in the crotch*

Leopold: *takes away the hammer* Tools are not for you to play with

???: *unlocks door and opens* We're home!

Narrator: Here is his family now

???: *sits on the couch and grabs the newspaper to read*

Narrator: This is Leopold's father, Harold Slikk. He is a hard-working dad with enough responsibilities around the house to make sure his kids behave well enough.

???: *goes into his room*


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