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This is the script of the first episode of AGKandRockman2001's AGK series. It has similarities to the first episode of High School DXD and "AGK's 9th grade year" by Red Bloony.

The characters in this episode are: Leopold, Harold, Jake, Ronald, Eric, Bottleneck, Rias, Akeno, Issei & Raynare (Yuuma Amano),

The voice actors will be:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Harold as himself
  • Jake as himself
  • Ronald as himself
  • Eric as himself
  • PrinceStickFigure as Ms. Bottleneck
  • CrazyNelsonSisters as Rias Gremory
  • Thesnowfairy as Akeno Himejima
  • Alstrador as Issei Hyoudou
  • Pistacchieo as Raynare (Yuuma Amano)

Enjoy the script:

AGKandRockman2001 Productions logo

The Angry German Kid Misadventures intro

Title Card

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Super FNAF - A long time ago

Leopold: Unreal Tournament time! Alright. Open that game, right now! Hurry up, you slow-ass computer! Or else, my dad will send me to school!

Harold: Alright Leopold. Get your ass downstairs and go to school!

Leopold: Nein! I just want to stay home playing UT!

Harold: Go to school! Or else! I'll kick-

Leopold: Nice try, dad! Even if you try to threaten me, I'm still not going to this shithole!

Harold: Looks like I have to beat you up again!

Leopold: FINE!!! *leaves*

At school

Leopold: Be positive, Leopold. Everything is gonna be fine. Where are Jake, Ronald & Eric?

Jake, Ronald & Eric: *show up*

Leopold: Hi guys!

Jake: Oh hey, Leopold. Is it fun being at school?

Leopold: Nein, ist es nicht! (No, it's not!) School is just a piece of shit!

Ronald: Oh come one, school is the one we can meet. Besides parties.

Leopold: You know what sucks even more? I can't get one single goddamn girlfrriend!!!

Eric: Just try to act like a gentlemen, and maybe a girl will appreciate you.

Leopold: Whatever. Let's enter this so-called shithole!

In class

Leopold: Good morning, teacher. Hey! Move out of my way, you junk!

Bottleneck: Good morning, class. Today, we are going to talk about equations and inequations.

Leopold: Damn it. Maths sucks ass.

Bottleneck: Well young man, if you think math class, then go to Principal James's office.

Leopold: Fine. *looks at window* (What does that red-hair girl want for me? She is still staring at me.)

High School DXD - For me... Live on

???: *looks at Leopold*

???: President Rias. Are you sure you need Leopold in our team?

Rias: Yes Akeno. I want him to join us. His heart and power... It's special...

9:50 AM

school bell rings

Leopold, Jake, Ronald & Eric: *chatting*

???: Excuse me. Are you Leopold Slikk, the kid from Internet?

Leopold: Ja, I am. And who are you?

Issei: My name's Issei Hyoudou. Nice to meet you, Leopold.

Leopold: Nice to meet you, Issei.

Jake: Gueten tag, Issei. My name is Jake Randolf.

Ronald: Buenos dias, chico. Me llama Ronald Ramirez. (Hello, dude. I'm Ronald Ramirez.)

Eric: Good morning, Issei. I'm Eric Smith.

Issei: Nice to meet you, guys. Hey, can I ask you guys something?

Leopold: Sure, what is it?

Issei: Wanna spy on the girls after school?

Leopold: *laughs* This is gonna be so fun!

Jake: Alright, let's do this.

Ronald: You can count on us for that!

Eric: Um... No thanks.

Ronald: Cabrón. (Dumbass.)

In the afternoon

Leopold: Oh man, that was fun!

Issei: Yeah, it would have been fun if the girls weren't that mean.

Jake: Not to upset you, we shouldn't do that kind of thing.

Ronald: Are you fucking serious, Jake?! It was fun!

Issei: Calm down, Ronald! Maybe Jake is right.

  • Camera shows some red hair*

Leopold: !

Issei: Hey Leopold, what's the matter?

Leopold: I sense a strange energy... Something bad... Coming from upstairs...

Issei: Huh?

Rias: *goes dowstairs*

Issei: Oh... You made me worried there, buddy. That's Rias Gremory, my girlfriend.

Jake: Rias... Gremory?

Leopold: (Why does she feel so strong?)

Rias: *moves forward* *chuckles*

Leopold: *gasp* (She is smiling at me. But what does she want for me?)

school bell rings

Jake: Come on, Leopold. We need to go back to class.

Leopold: Ja ja. I'm coming.

After school

Leopold: Ah man, I got a lot of friends. I'm still wondering who is this red-hair girl. Oh well, my answers will be found someday.

???: *walks towards Leopold* Excuse me... You're Leopold Slikk from Mannheim University High School District, right? Or am I wrong?

Leopold: Huh? *High School DxD - Ayashige na, Fun'iki desu* I guess you're right. (I don't remember seeing that girl in class.) So, is there anything I can help you with?

???: Maybe, I guess. I just wanted to ask you a question. Are you seeing anyone around?

Leopold: Jetzt? (Now?) Nein, only both of us.

???: That's wonderful!

Leopold: What do you want for me?

???: Well, since you're afraid of being single, do you think you'll go out with me?

Leopold: Huh? Go out with you?

???: I've been watching... You passed by here a lot and you seem so... I don't know. Gentle... And very handsome...

Leopold: (This can't be happening to me right now!)

???: You see... The thing is... I would like for you to be my boyfriend!

Leopold: *scene turns black and white* *goes nuts*

That was an out-universe joke. Leopold actually was excited and rushed home to tell the news to his dad. Let's see how will his friends react to.

Issei: You got a date with who?!

Leopold: Ja, her name is Yuuma. She seems sweet.

Issei: (Shit, Raynare's back. I must warn Rias about this.)

Jake: What's the matter, Issei?

Issei: Leopod, take this with you. *gives flyer to Leopold*

Leopold: Huh? Why?

Issei: If something happens to you, use it. Don't make the same mistake as I did. *leaves*

Leopold: Uh... Okay.

Jake: What kind of mistake did he do?

Leopold: I have no idea. Looks like I'll see by myself. *leaves*

Ronald: You fucking bastard! How could you do this to us?

Eric: Well, at least he has a girlfriend to be with.

Ronald: I don't care about girls! They are poison!

Eric: No, they aren't!

Ronald: Want me to kick your ass?

Eric: Fine! Bring it on, you jackass!

Ronald: *jumps at Eric* *beats Eric up*

Jake: *facepalm*

At night

Leopold: A date?

Yuuma: Yeah, on Sunday. Will you accept my invitation?

Leopold: Of cours I will! This is my only chance! Still, I might ask my Dad if I can.

Yuuma: That's great! Bye!

Leopold: Bis später! (See you later!)

Yuuma: I'm looking forward to our date!

Leopold: Me too! YEAH!!! *runs to home* Hi dad!

Harold: Leopold, are you fine?

Leopold: I'm going on a date with Yuuma on Sunday!

Harold: *screams* Congrats for your first date, son! You didn't disappoint me!

On Sunday...

Leopold: *looks at watch* Where is she?

Yuuma: Leopold!

Leopold: Why hello, Yuuma!

Yuuma: Sorry. Did you wait long?

Leopold: Not really. You're just on time.

High School DXD - Sawayaka na, Yasaotoko desu

Leopold & Yuuma: *enter clothes shop*

Camera shows pictures of Leopold & Yuuma testing clothes

Leopold: Hey Yuuma!

Yuuma: Yes, Leopold?

Leopold: Try this.

Yuuma: *giggles* Thank you, Leopold. I really like this gift!

Leopold: Kein problem! (No problem!)

(At the restaurant) Yuuma: *eating ice cream*

Leopold: *drinking soda* *stares at Yuuma*

Yuuma: Are you alright?

Leopold: Huh? *snaps out* Sorry, what was that? Oh, ja! You know, I find you beautiful. I just wanna spend my life with you.

Yuuma: Me too, Leopold.

Leopold: *swallows fly* *cough*

Yuuma: Oh, take this!

(At the park) Yuuma: I sure had fun today.

Leopold: Ja, this was the best date ever. (I'm getting really close to be BF & GF right now! I'm so hyped for this!)

Yuuma: *runs to foutnain*

Leopold: Huh?

Yuuma: Can I ask you a question?

Leopold: Ja.

Yuuma: *walks slowly towards Leopold* In honor of our first date, there's something I would like you to do to commemorate this special moment.

Leopold: (I'm gonna kiss her right now. I'm so gonna kiss her. This rocks!) Sure, ask me something. Anything.

Yuuma?: *smirks* Would you die for me?

Leopold: Huh? *takes keyboard out* Repeat what you just said!

Yuuma?: I want you to die for me.

Leopold: *gasp* *drops keyboard down* *High School DXD - D no Taidou* (Did she say she wants to kill me? What kind of girl would say that?)

Yuuma?: *laughs* *turns into Fallen Angel*

Leopold: (No way. Why must this happen to me? This isn't reality, this is a nightmare I'm actually living!) Woah! A Fallen Angel? *takes out keyboard* Alright, who are you? And what do you want for me?

Raynare: Call me Raynare from now on. From what I've heard, you have good fighting skills with that keyboard of yours. I suggest you drop it before you try to harm me.

Leopold: Niemals!

Raynare: Very well, if you say so. *forms Light Spear*

Leopold: Oh scheisse. (Oh shit.)

Raynare: Game over, Leopold! *transpierces Leopold with Light Spear*

Leopold: Argh! *blood comes out of Leopold's chest* *screams in pain*

Raynare: Your blood looks so wonderful.

Leopold: *grunts in pain* Y-Yuuma. *coughs up blood* *collapses to the ground* *closes eyes*

Raynare: Oh, thanks again for the lovely date. It was fun. *flies away*

Leopold: Jemand... Bitte... Hilf mir... (Somebody... Please... Help me...)

FNAF: Sister Location - Dramatic Soap Opera

red circle glows

Rias: *walks towards Leopold* Don't worry, Leopold. I will not let you die. *chuckles*

(To be continued...)

???: (repeating) You won't die. *pair of eyes open*

This script is the first AGK episode in Travrinity's AGK series.

It will include several characters: Leopold, Jake, Ronald, and more

Here it is now:

outside interior of house

interior of bedroom

images show a computer, closet, and alarm clock

alarm clock blares

???: *turns it off* *closeup on eyes* *eyes open* *gets up*



???: *grabs the toothbrush* *brushes teeth* *puts his school uniform on*

plate with sausage links and a bread roll

???: *takes a bite of sausage* *walking to school* *opens door and enters classroom*

???: Good morning Leopold

Leopold: Good morning Jake. *takes a seat* Anything happening lately?

Jake: I heard that some new students will be coming here soon

Leopold: Who?

Jake: Oh don't worry you'll see them once they're here

???: Hey amigo, have you heard about the new Panzer Forces movie? It's a very great sequel!

Leopold: Yes Ron, I heard. (If there's one thing I know about tranfer students, it's that they're so excited when it comes to foreign culture)

door opens

Leopold: Hm?

screen transitions up to full body of new student

???: Germany. It feels like a new life. *finds seat* *sits down* I heard that students who go to school come here very early to finish their breakfast before class starts. *eats banana*

Ronald: Who's that other gringo? Is he from here?

Leopold: Nah, I heard he's from America. Probably a student who wanted to travel here and learn.

Jake: Go up to him

Leopold: *gets up* *walks over to student* Hello

???: Oh hey there. Say, what do you know about the formula to photosynthesis?

Leopold: What?

???: Giving the flower carbon dioxide and water is converted as glucose and oxygen, which makes the plant grow

Leopold: You're not even making any sense

???: *clears throat* I do apologize for not introducing myself, where are my manners. *gets up and faces Leopold* My name is Noah *offers for a handshake*

Leopold: *shakes Noah's hand* Leopold

Noah: It is good to humbly meet you, Leopold. Would you like to study with me after school?

Leopold: Well I wish I could, but I got some other things to do afterwards

Noah: It's alright. I'll make it short.

Leopold: Hmmmm....alright, I guess I could stay a bit longer

Noah: Splendid *sits back down*

Leopold: *goes back to seat*

Jake: That was really good

Ronald: Muy bien

Leopold: *smiles*

After school ends

Leopold: Do you know the answer to this problem?

Noah: Why yes, the answer is 0.514. By using the pythagorean theorem for this side of the triangle to find it's length, you must divide this numerator with the denominator. But the denominator has a square root, so we must get rid of that and solve. Once that's done, do the division and you will get your answer.

Leopold: Wow, thanks.

Noah: No problem. Trigonometry was really easy for me to do.

Leopold: Do you have any language classes you're taking?

Noah: Not really, but I do know a couple of them

Leopold: Can you speak German?

Noah: Certainly. Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst.

Leopold: Whoa that's really good! When did you learn that?

Noah: Online classes. But I know another language. Ageométritos mideís eisíto.

Leopold: Your also learning Greek? That's amazing! I used to learn that language before I forgot! You must be really bilingual!

Noah: It takes time to memorize words like those. Now then, I should be going. *gets up and leaves classroom*

Leopold: *walking back home*

Jake: *runs to Leopold* Leopold! Hey there man. Are you going somewhere?

Leopold: Yes, home. Why?

Jake: Do you got time to go to the store? We can go grab a bite to eat. The burger joint isn't far away. What do you say?

Leopold: Hmm *puts finger on chin* Well a burger wouldn't hurt. Sure.