This is the script of Episode 7 of AGKandRockman2001's AGK series. Thanks to Travrinity for helping me out on the writing of this script.

The characters in this episode will be: Leopold, Jake, Ronald, Eric, Harold, Mary, Leonard, Leonidas, Flora, Danny, Sim & Rodney

Minor characters: 3 animal control guards, Chantel, Guenther & Carter.

The voice actors will be:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Jake as himself
  • Ronald as himself
  • Eric as himself
  • Harold as himself
  • Millie Chicagho as Mary
  • Leonard as himself
  • Leonidas as himself
  • Daniels Suriano as Flora Baggy
  • Coxo Holms as Animal Control Officer 1
  • Traver as Animal Control Officer 2
  • Fabrice as Animal Control Officer 3
  • Danny as himself
  • Sim as himself
  • Rodney as himself
  • Emily Mason as Chantel Dubois
  • MS Mike as Guether Jauch
  • Noah as Carter Pewterschmidt

Enjoy reading it:

AGKandRockman2001 Productions logo

The Angry German Kid Show intro

Title Card

Narattor: A few days have passed after the Suicide Mouse incident. Leopold's troubles are now over. But, for how long?

Super FNAF - Tragedy strikes again

Jake: *reading newspaper*

Leopold: Hey there, Jake.

Jake: Hey, guys. Look at this.

Leopold: *reads newspaper* Oh scheisse! (Oh shit!)

Ronald: Mierda! (Shit!) I'm so fucking scared of tigers!

Eric: Goddamn it, Ronald! Can you stop being such a coward?

Leopold: Ja, why can't you just act like me for one second?

Jake: Just look at Leopold. He is brave enough to face a tiger.

Ronald: *laughs* Ah si, y como? (Oh yeah, and how?)

Leopold: I have this bag of Catnip, but I don't remember what it does.

Jake: Catnip is supposed to drive cats crazy. I tried it with my cat Nermal, he played with it for hours.

Leopold: Ah, thanks for reminding me. Well, I better go home. See you on Monday. *leaves*

Ronald: Motherfucker!

At home

Leopold: *gets inside* Hey there, dad!

Harold: How was school, son?

Leopold: It was good as usual. If it wasn't for the principal who keeps pissing me off.

Harold: That jackass needs to stop putting you in trouble!

Leopold: *takes out homework* Alright then. Let's do all this homework for the week.

At dinner time

Mary: So Harold, what do you think we should do about that tiger?

Harold: Maybe I should set up traps around the house.

Door creaks

Leopold: Who's there?

???: *going upstairs*

Leonard: What on earth was that?

Leopold: Must have been the wind.

Leonidas: Are you that wasn't a monster?

Leopold: A monster. Ha! I will crush it to death, your monster!

Mary: Boys, stop arguing. Let's just say there's no monster in this house.

Harold: I agree with your mom. Now, let's eat our dinner before it gets cold.

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: Recht. (Right.)

Later that night

Leopold: *puts Catnip on the floor* There. That tiger will sure have fun with that Catnip instead of eating me. *goes to bed*

???: *opens door* *closes door*

Leopold: *sleeping*

???: *crawling on the ground* Huh? Is that, Catnip? *looks at Catnip and at Leopold* *gets in bed*

Leopold: *continues sleeping*

???: *licks Leopold's face* Nyan! Tasty human flesh!

Leopold: (What the hell?) *opens eyes*

???: Nya!

Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai - Koi no shirabe

Leopold: Whoa! *falls out of bed* Easy there tiger. I'm too young to get eaten.

???: Oh do not fear. I was just giving you a recuperative lick.

Leopold: Wait, you can talk?

???: Of course. Why do you think I look humanized? Does it bother you to see an anthrofied animal for the first time?

Leopold: Not really, it's just odd. What is your name? I haven't got to greet you yet.

Flora: My name's Flora Baggy. I'm a Keidran, from another planet. What's yours?

Leopold: Leopold.

Flora: Leopold eh. Cool.

Leopold: Wait. Haven't I seen you somewhere?

Flora: Um... No?

Leopold: Then, who was that tiger I saw in one of Markiplier's vines?

Camera shows Markiplier at a convention, with some pauses revealing Flora

Flora: Oh, that! It was me. Also, I think Mark is funny, but kinda strange sometimes.

Leopold: Ja, I don't know what he's up to. But still, why are you here?

Flora: I'm trying to hide from animal control. They think of me as an escaped tiger and now they're still searching for me. You got to help me. Please!

Leopold: I guess I can do something about it.

Flora: It's nice to see a human who cares. Everyone just hates me. I have no one to talk with and no one to love. But when I met you, I needed to give it a last shot. Leopold, do you like me even when I'm an animal?

Leopold: I guess so. I mean, we haven't even talked about our daily life yet.

Flora: Well... yeah, you could say that. I just want to know if you care about someone who looks different from being human.

Leopold: For me, whether you're a human or an anthrofied animal, white or black, I do care. I'm not like these people back in the beginning of the 20th century before Martin Luther King Jr. intervened in order to put an end to discrimination.

Flora: That was wery kind for you to say that, Leopold. Also, thanks for that Catnip bag. Very sweet of you.

Leopold: (Why didn't it work on her? If it worked on Jake, I don't see why it shouldn't on me!)

Flora: Hey, can I ask you something?

Leopold: Sure, what is it?

Flora: Make love to me, Leopold.

Leopold: Excuse me. WHAT?!

Flora: Por favor, enciende mi cuerpo, con tu fusible. (Please, turn my body, with your fuse.)

Leopold: (Fuck. Looks like my life has to end again, this time with rabies. Face it, Leopold. You know the deal. You save the girl's life, she wants to make love to you.) *gulp* Alright, here goes no-

Flora: *kisses Leopold*

Leopold: *breathes*

Flora: *chuckles* You can be so awkward.

Leopold: That... That was weird. I never felt this emotion before.

Flora: That's what we call love. People may have kissed you on the cheeks, but never kissed your lips.

Leopold: Do you know what I like to do to a kitty like you?

Flora: No?

Leopold: Tickling time! *starts tickling Flora*

Flora: *laughs*

Leopold: You like it, Flora? I'll give you more! *continues tickling Flora*

Flora: Stop it! *laughs* That tickles!

Leonard: *opens door* Will you shut up? People are trying to- *screams*

Leopold: Sup?

Leonard: ... *closes door*

Flora: Does your brother usually do that?

Leopold: Ja ja. And it annoys me so bad.

Flora: Oh well. It doesn't matter.

The next morning

The Fellowship of the Ring - Concerning Hobbits by Howard Shore

Leopold: *opens eyes* *yawns* Good morning, Flora.

Flora: Good morning, Leopold.

Leopold: *gets up* *cracks back*

Flora: So Leopold, what do you think we should do today?

Leopold: I was thinking that we should get some frsh air, but since the animal control is looking for you, I need to give you a disguise.

Flora: Well, I guess I can wear clothes. I don't wear them that much.

Leopold: Alright. Uhhh... I have some spare clothes in my dresser that I don't use.

Flora: Great. *gets off bed and opens drawers* *puts on tan colored jeans and grey hoodie* Will this work?

Leopold: Sure. You also need some shoes.

Flora: *looks down* You see, the problem is that my feet are too big.

Leopold: I can make you some shoes of your sizes. *measures Flora's feet's size* *grabs some shoes* Now, if you excuse me, I need to do some DIY with those shoes. *leaves*

Flora: *takes gloves and puts them on* OK then. I guess it won't take long.

A few minutes later

Flora: Leopold, are you done yet?

Leopold: Ja! *gives shoes to Flora* A mix of different shoes I cut, sticked and repainted.

Flora: Wow, you really do have talent. *puts shoes*

Leopold: Now, there's one last thing we need: the mask!

Flora: Oh. That's a clever idea. Don't want anyone to notice my true identity.

At Jake's house

Leopold: *knocks at door*

Jake: Hey Leopold!

Leopold: Yo, homie! Mind if we come in?

Jake: Sure. My parents are not here.

(In Jake's room) Jake: So, what can I do for you both?

Leopold: We need a mask.

Jake: Why do you even need one?

Leopold: For this lady. She is trying to hide from animal control and we need to hide her true self.

Jake: Animal control? She looks human.

Flora: *looks at Jake*

Jake: I spoke too soon. Wait there. *grabs mask* Here. *tosses Haruhi mask*

Leopold: Here you go. *gives mask to Flora*

Flora: Thank you so much. You do not know how long this took for me to trust. You are the best friend ever. *puts mask on* *breathes* Wow Jake, this fits me very well!

Jake: *blushes* Vielen Dank. (Thanks.)

Leopold: Looks perfect. Well, I'll think we're good to go. See you later, bud! *leaves*

Flora: Bye.

Jake: *waves goodbye*

Flora: *closes door*

Jake: Man, Leopold sure is lucky.


The Lion King (SNES) - Hakuna Matata

Flora: Your planet really is a beautiful place. I almost don't want to leave!

Leopold: What do you mean by almost?

Flora: The environment here is just like my planet. It makes me a little homesick.

Leopold: It might be similar to your planet, but I don't think there are vehicules in yours since they create pollution in mines.

Flora: Leopold, you're such a genius!

Leopold: I learned that in geography class.

Chrono Trigger - Lavos Theme

Animal Control Officer 1: OK, this german kid is with that tiger we've been looking for.

Animal Control Officer 2: Should we shoot them right now?

Animal Control Officer 3: No, you fool! We must follow them!

Animal Control Officer 1: I agree with Anthony. We will follow them, and then, we will shoot them.

Meanwhile, with Leonard

Super FNAF - Tragedy strikes

Danny: A real tiger, you say?

Leonard: A real anthrofied tigress! She was making love to my dumbass brother! I managed to take a photo of them doing so! *shows picture of Flora kissing Leopold to Danny, Ronny & Sim*

Sim: Wow, damn.

Rodney: *laughs* That is bullshit, dude!

Danny: Oh come on, at least, it's a real one!

Rodney: Are you guys goddamn high or something? Leonard's a goddamn liar!

Danny & Sim: *beat up Rodney*

Leonard: *facepalm*

At Pizza Hut

Flora: That looks nice here.

Leopold: Ja.

Flora: I love pizzas! They taste so good!

Leopold: I used to go to Pizza Hut a lot when I was a kid.

Waiter man: Welcome to Pizza Hut. May I take your order?

Flora: We would like to have pepperoni pizza with cheese on it, please.

Waiter man: Okay, we will serve your pizza as fast as we can.

Leopold: Did you know that there's an italian pizzeria that will open in a few months?

Flora: Nope, never. But that would be great.

Leopold: They will also have people that will speak italian.

Flora: Wow! That is amazing! But, I don't know how to speak italian.

Leopold: Me neither. It sucks that I don't learn italian at school.

Flora: Don't worry, somebody will help you speaking that language.

Leopold: That would be awesome.

A few minutes later

Leopold & Flora: *walk*

Animal Control Officers: *load guns*

Flora: Oh no! It's them!

Leopold: Oh scheisse!

Flora: They know I'm behind this costume!

Animal Control Officer 1: Alright, aim the guns at them!

Animal Control Officers: *aim AK-47 at Leopold & Flora*

Animal Control Officer 2: Now, let's wait for the signal.

Animal Control Officer 3: FIRE!!!

Animal Control Officers: *shoot Leopold & Flora*

Leopold: *Sonic 3 & Knuckles Hard Bosses - Mini-Boss Theme* RUN!!!

Both: *run away*

Animal Control Officer 1: Darn it, they got away! Everyone! Get in the van!

Leopold & Flora: *scream* *run away while being chased by the animal control*

Leopold: Verdammt. Sackgasse! (Darn it. Dead end!)

Flora: We're doomed!

Leopold: Nicht heute! (Not today!) *looks behind*

Animal Control Officer 3: Get them!

Animal Control Officers: *rush*

Leopold: *turns around* Hey you!

Animal Control Officers: *stop running*

Animal Control Officer 2: Hey kid! Move out of our way, so we can shoot that tiger!

Leopold: Nein! I won't let you kill my friend!

Animal Control Officer 1: Either you move out of our way or I'll shoot you!

Leopold: *shows middle finger to officers* Eat my shorts!

Animal Control Officer 1: Alright, you asked for it! *shoots Leopold but failed*

Leopold: *raises hand to bullet* *positions bullet* *bullet hits van* *van explodes*

Animal Control Officer 3: Our fucking van!

Animal Control Officer 1: What the? How did you do that?

Leopold: *laughs* How did you like that, fucktards? I'll teach you a lesson for trying to kill my friend!

Animal Control Officer 2: Well, if that's death that you want, kiddo. I'll make you learn a lesson that you will never forget.

Flora: Good luck, Leopold!

Battle start

The Simpsons (Arcade) - Smithers Battle (Unused)

Battle end

Leopold: *walks towards the guards*

Animal Control Officer 1: What? What just happened?

Animal Control Officer 2: I don't know what just happened, John.

Animal Control Officer 3: *looks at Leopold* What do you want for us, kid?

Leopold: You tried to kill my friend Flora!

Animal Control Officer 1: Your friend? She tried to hurt you!

Leopold: Flora would never hurt anyone! She is friendly, you sick fucktards!

Animal Control Officer 2: That tigress does have a name? What the heck?

Leopold: *gets angry*

Animal Control Officer 3: Oh, shit.

Leopold: *smirks* *forms illusion of Raynare*

Animal Control Guards: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! *run away*

Leopold: *snaps fingers* *illusion dissappears*

Flora: W-What just happened?

Leopold: Those guards... They could have killed you!

Flora: Who was that girl that scared those guys?

Leopold: It's gonna be some story I'll tell you later. *charges beam* *fires beam at van* *blows up van* Let's get out of here before anyone sees us.

???: Poor, poor tiger. You should have never left the jungle. Now you deal with me.

Leopold & Flora: *scream*

Leopold: Oh mein gott, it's Chantel DuBois!

Chantel: Aw, it's so cute. A young boy defending this tiger. *laughs* Too bad you're too weak!

Leopold: How about this? *turns into Devil form*

Flora: If you try to mess with my friend, then I shall mess with you!

Chantel: Game on!

Battle start

The Simpsons (Arcade) - Final Boss Phase 1

The Simpsons (Arcade) - Final Boss Phase 2

Chantel: You both can't win. I will manage to throw darts at you and include you on my wall.

Flora: Are you sure about that, you animal abuser?

The Simpsons (Arcade) - Final Boss Phase 3

Chantel: Do you really think you can beat me? *laughs* What a joke.

Leopold: If you don't want us to finish you off, then fuck off!

Chantel: Never!

Leopold: Fine then.

Battle end

Chantel: Leopold. Please forgive me. You can have the tiger for yourself.

Leopold: … This is for Flora. *punches Chantel* And this is for Alex! *punches Chantel* *lifts Chantel* Now, GTFO of our sight for all eternity, you animal abuser! *throws Chantel at cliff*

Chantel: *screams* *falls into water*

Flora: Leopold? Are you OK? Is there something wrong with you?

Leopold: *breathes*

Flora: *chuckles* You're so cute when you're angry.

Leopold: ! Wirklich? (Really?)

Flora: With the powers you have, I'm sure you'll become the Great Warrior.

Leopold: *blushes* Vielen Dank. (Thanks.) Mind if I find you a home?

Flora: Oh, sure.

Leopold: *grabs Flora* *flies away*

At the Mannheim Butte

Flora: So, you're saying that you've become this after Raynare assaulted you, right?

Leopold: Ja. I can't believe it happened to me.

Flora: You know, I can help you with that. Since you helped me, I have to help you back.

Leopold: Sounds like a good deal. Here we are, your new home.

High School DxD - Tsumari, Oppai desu

Flora: Wow! It looks... Beautiful. Leopold, thank you for saving my life from those animal abusers.

Leopold: I'm glad I did that.

Flora: For your actions, I should give you this. *puts paw on Leopold's torso* *paw print glows and disappears* This is a special gift of acknowledgment for helping someone like me.

Leopold: Why thank you, Flora.

Flora: You're welcome.

Leopold: Well, I better go. See you later, Flora. *leaves*

Flora: Bye! Man, Leopold sure is a brave person. Maybe being with him won't be that bad.

Back at home

Leopold: Oh mein gott! I just got my first anthrofied friend! Seltsam! (Weird!) I'm kinda glad that I protected her from those animal abusers!

Harold: LEOPOLD!

Leopold: Ja?

Harold: The news are on!

Leopold: *goes downstairs*

TF1 News Theme

Guenther: Guenther Jauch here. Our main topic is that the animal control has failed to capture the tiger who has apparently escaped from the zoo last night. As a conclusion, the animal control service has been shut down.

Harold: Why the fuck would it shut down?

Guenther: Our News Anchor, Carter Pewterschmidt, is currently on sight.

Cyprien: Thank you, Guenther! I'm standing outside where three animal control guards have failed to capture the tiger last night. Their van has also been burned by some supernatural powers. Not only that, but the founder of this service, Chantel DuBois, has been reported missing. Wait, what's this? *grabs photo* *looks at photo* Well, looks like the tigress was trying to be a friend, as revealed in this photo. Damn, we were such idiots doing what we did back in the 16th century again.

Harold: *turns off TV* Oh my god. Was that tigress actually friendly?

Leopold: She is indeed friendly! But those fucktards didn't understand that!

Harold: I also thought you were attacked by a tiger. Because Leonard told us what happened.

Leopold: It's OK, dad. At least, I tried to protect someone who is different from us, humans.

Harold: I got to admit, I'm proud of you for doing that. I'll unground you for that.

Leopold: Thanks dad! *goes upstairs* That is great! I got ungrounded for protecting a tiger! All right then. Let's celebrate this. By playing UT.