AGKINATOR2000 Is an Angry German Kid parody maker that started in March 2016. His first video (AGK tries to watch porn) was made in Windows Movie maker and only took 15 minutes to make. His other videos usually take around 1 - 5 days to make.


Leopold Slikk - A 14 year old boy who doesn't care about his parents or siblings. His favourite game is Unreal Tournament.

Harold Slikk - The father of Leopold and Leonard Slikk who likes to beat up Leopold and hates his job.

Mary Slikk - The mother of Leopold and Leonard Slikk. She is very nice to Leopold.

Ella Slikk - The sister of Leopold and Leonard Slikk. She left the Slikk family when Leopold was 5 To become a porn star.

Leonard Slikk - Leopold's 10 year old brother who loves to play Minecraft and Roblox. He is Harold's favourite son

Jake Randolf - Leopold's best friend. He helps Leopold whenever he is in trouble.


Episode Number Episode Link Alt Link
1 Angry German Kid Tries To Watch Porn TBA TBA
2 Angry German Kid Watches Funny Videos TBA TBA
3 Angry German Kid Plays Crash Bandicoot TBA TBA
4 Angry German Kid Skips School TBA TBA
5 Angry German Kid Gets a virus TBA TBA
6 Angry German Kid Spies on his dad TBA TBA
7 Angry German Kid does the spelling test TBA TBA
8 Angry German Kid makes a Youtube channel TBA TBA
9 Angry German Kid does the math test TBA TBA
10 Angry German Kid makes a viral video TBA TBA


  • His first video was supposed to be Angry German Kid watches funny videos but got taken down because he found out there was copyrighted material in the video.